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Packaging Solutions Contents Industry 4.0......................................... 4 Solutions by Industry Food.................................................. 9…
Packaging Solutions Contents Industry 4.0......................................... 4 Solutions by Industry Food.................................................. 9 Beverage.........................................15 Consumer Packaged Goods......23 Pharmaceutical..............................29 Remote Monitoring.......................35 Products............................................39 Industry 4.0 What IIoT Means for Manufacturing immediately, regardless of whether a machine operator is physically present to see the visual indicator. IIoT is perhaps the biggest buzzword in factory automation today, and it is a key aspect of Industry 4.0. IIoT already impacts the way factories operate An additional benefit of wireless indicators is data logging for use in OEE today, and it will increasingly impact businesses in the future. (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) calculations. Not only can operators respond to alerts quickly as they occur, but a history of alerts can also Industry 4.0, IoT, and IIoT be stored and analyzed offline. This historical data can be used to track Industry 4.0 describes the current wave of technological innovation as an machine uptime, production volume, rejected parts, and other key metrics to era in history characterized by interconnectivity enabled by the internet and make more informed decisions over time. wirelessly-connected devices. While digital technologies enable the collection Predictive Maintenance Increases Machine Uptime and Availability of large amounts of valuable data, this data primarily exists in silos that are In addition to real-time status monitoring, IIoT technologies can also be used not easily accessible for analysis and actionable insights. to help avoid machine failures thanks to predictive maintenance. The technologies of Industry 4.0 make By monitoring machine components in real- data readily available and automate the time for increases in vibration and temperature, communication between industrial automation problems can be detected and resolved before equipment and systems. This enables they become too severe and cause additional predictive analysis for machines as well as damage or result in unplanned downtime. Over process optimization across the factory floor. time, the historical data creates a valuable The Internet of Things (IoT) describes machine performance log that can be used to the technologies that connect objects— make more informed maintenance decisions from consumer electronics to industrial down the line. components—to the internet. The Industrial Interconnectivity Streamlines Factory Internet of Things (or IIoT) refers specifically Communications to the impact of this innovation on industrial Wireless technologies also enable seamless applications. interaction among human workers, and can have The key benefits of IIoT technologies for a significant impact on the efficiency of manual factory automation include: production lines. For example, instead of requiring machine operators • Visibility and Remote Access to the operational status of machine to walk over to the manager area for assistance with a technical issue, a components (both historically and in real-time) wireless system utilizing connected pushbuttons or switches and tower lights can be used to alert managers when assistance is needed on the line. • Predictive Analytics for more accurate planning of machine maintenance • Interconnectivity for seamless communication among machines, Is Your Business IIoT-Ready? components, and people From keeping machines running smoothly to enabling seamless communication among machines, components, and people, the benefits of What Does IIoT Mean For Factories? IIoT technologies are tangible. However, it can be challenging knowing where Following are three practical examples of how visibility, predictive analytics, to start and how to use these technologies to their fullest advantage. and interconnectivity are impacting factories today. Below are three questions to help manufacturers prepare for a move from Visibility and Remote Access Increase Efficiency digital to IIoT: In order to ensure efficient processes throughout the factory, machine • What are the inefficiencies in your operations? operators must quickly and easily determine the status of machines. The • What kind of data would help you overcome these inefficiencies? greater the visibility, the easier it is to identify and resolve problems and keep operations running smoothly. • What communication processes need to be in place in order to utilize data in a meaningful way? Traditional tower lights provide visibility wherever they can be physically seen. However, tower lights equipped with wireless communication capabilities Answering these questions can help manufacturing facilities identify the both display a visual indication of an event and transmit wireless alerts. best technologies to meet their immediate business needs and start taking This helps ensure that operational problems are identified and addressed advantage of the long-term benefits of IIoT. 4 | Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet PLANT CONTROL Master Fieldbus Master Master Hub DEVICE EZ-ARRAY TL50 Q4X QS18 LTF LE DF-G1, 2, 3 QS30 What is IO-Link? IO-Link (IEC61131-9) is an open standard serial communication protocol that allows for the bi-directional exchange of data from sensors and devices that support IO-Link and are connected to a master. The IO-Link master can transmit this data over various networks, fieldbuses, or backplane buses, making the data accessible for immediate action or long-term analysis via an industrial information system (PLC, HMI, etc.). Each IO-Link sensor has an IODD (IO Device Description) file that describes the device and its IO-Link capabilities. 5 Advantages of IO-Link In addition, the ability to monitor sensor outputs, receive real-time status alerts, and adjust settings from virtually anywhere allows users to identify 1. Standardized and Reduced Wiring and resolve problems that arise on the sensor level in a timely manner. IO-Link devices do not require any special or complicated wiring, but can This capability reduces costly downtime and improves overall efficiencies. be connected using the same cost-effective standard unshielded 3-wire 4. Simple Device Replacement cables as conventional discrete I/O. In addition, IO-Link also eliminates the need for analog sensors and reduces the variety of cord sets required In addition to the ability to remotely adjust sensor settings, IO-Link’s data for sensors, which saves inventory costs. IO-Link also supports a master- storage capability also allows for automated parameter reassignment in slave configuration with passive connection points, which further reduces case of device replacement (also known as Auto-Device Replacement wiring requirements. or ADR). Users can import existing sensor parameter values into a replacement sensor for seamless replacement, getting the new device up 2. Increased Data Availability and running as quickly as possible. Access to sensor-level data helps ensure the smooth operation of system 5. Extended Diagnostics components, streamlines device replacement, and enables optimized machine maintenance schedules—all of which save costs and reduce the IO-Link provides users with visibility into errors and health status from risk of machine downtime. each device. This means that users can see not only what the sensor is doing but also how well it is performing—a valuable insight into a This wealth of valuable data made available through IO-Link is integral for machine’s efficiency. In addition, extended diagnostics allow users to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 initiatives. easily identify when a sensor is malfunctioning and diagnose the problem 3. Remote Configuration and Monitoring without shutting down the line or machine. With IO-Link, users can read and change device parameters through the The combination of real-time and historic data not only reduces control system software, enabling fast configuration and commissioning troubleshooting efforts as issues arise but also allows for optimization of that saves time and resources. In addition, IO-Link allows operators to machine maintenance schedules, saving costs and increasing efficiency in dynamically change the sensor parameters from the control system as the long term needed—such as in the case of product changeover—which reduces downtime and allows machines to accommodate greater product diversity. 5 Industry Challenges • Unplanned Downtime • Safeguarding Complex machines • Wash Down Enviornment • Predictive Maintenance • Frequent Product Changeover • Data and Analytics • Machine Troubleshooting • Food Safety Regulations • Detecting Challenging Packaging material • Track and Trace Banner Engineering is Developing Products to meet these Challenges: IO-Link Communication IO-Link is an open standard serial communication protocol that allows for the bi-directional exchange of data from sensors and devices that support IO-Link and are connected to a master. The IO-Link master can transmit this data over various networks, fieldbuses, or backplane buses, making the data accessible for immediate action or long-term analysis via an industrial information system (PLC, HMI, etc). Banner IO-Link products reduce wiring, increase data availability, enable remote configuration and monitoring, simplify device replacement, and provide extended diagnostics. Safety Products that meet Cat 4 PLe Protecting employees at your work place is a high priority and that is why Banner designs our safety components to the highest safety ratings in the market. 6 | Ecolab Certified Many manufactures use a mixture of cleaning chemicals to prevent the growth of bacteria on their equipment. Banner takes this into consideration when selecting housing and window materials for our products for food and beverage industries. Ecolab Certification means the Banner product is robust when exposed to cleaning chemicals and will hold up well to regular cleaning. FDA FDA Compliant Materials In the manufacturing process it is possible for food or beverages to come in contact with components on the line during the processing, packaging, or storage process. Banner understands this concern and is developing products with housings made of FDA compliant materials. FOOD GRADE IP69K Products There is an increasing need in the market to develop sensors that can hold up to washdown areas and therefore Banner is developing more sensors that meet and exceed the IP69K test requirements. The IP69K rating refers to the product's ability to resist ingress of dust as well as high temperature high pressure water. Hygienic Design Food safety is a high priority for manufacturers today. When developing new products for the food and beverage industry, Banner takes into consideration the shape of the sensor housing. It is important for the housing shape to be self-draining to remove residues of products and chemicals during the cleaning process. The housing should also be smooth and free from crevices, sharp corners, protrusions, and shadow zones. 7 8 | Packaging in the Food Industry The food industry is the largest industry on the planet. As economies around the world continue to evolve and develop, so do the lifestyles and demands of consumers. In this highly competitive market, a company’s ability to respond and adapt to these changes is critical. Changing consumer demands quickly translates to changes in products, production processes and packaging. Banner has developed products specifically designed for the food industry. Our industry knowledge and expertise in sensors and vision sensors, LED lights and indicators, wireless networks and safety control allow us to offer solutions that address these challenges. Products and solutions from Banner help food manufacturers around the world reduce expenses, improve quality and efficiency, and increase product output and profits without compromising worker safety. 9 Solutions for Packaging in the Food Industry Clear Tray Detection for Fill Trigger Challenge Featured Solution • Reliably sense transparent containers Q4X • Suitable for harsh washdown environments Other Solutions QM26 Clear Object Detection QS18 Clear Object Detection Key Features Key Benefits • Algorithm uses distance and intensity • Reliably detects transparent containers no matter for clear object detection what shape or surface • FDA grade stainless steel and • Holds up to chemicals used to clean equipment Ecolab certified which reduces downtime • IP69K • Holds up to temperature cycling which occurs in • No reflector required high temperature and high pressure washdown • Quick installation and the reflector is not a see page 43 concern for maintenance Roll Diameter Challenge Featured Solution • Accurately measure roll diameter LE250 • Targets often contain vibrant, multi-colored, Other Solutions graphics of varying reflectivity LE550 LTF Q4X Key Features Key Benefits • Sub-millimeter repeatability regardless • Stable measurement minimizes waste of color, reflectivity, or angle left on core • Factory calibrated for full scale • Easily deployable without need to teach measurement out of box specific range or empty core • Two-line, eight-character display • Visual feedback for easy adjustment and troubleshooting see page 40 Hopper Fill Level Monitoring Challenge Featured Solution • Variable target size, texture, color and LTF reflectivity Other Sslutions • Measuring hopper fill level while avoiding LE550 false readings from side walls QT50U Key Features Key Benefits • Best in class linearity, repeatability and • Accurate readings regardless of color, texture, resolution or angle of target • Visible red laser spot • Laser spot allows for easy alignment • Two-line, eight-character display • Visual feedback for quick adjustment and • 12 m and 24 m range troubleshooting • Long range allows sensor to be out of the way of operators or for washdown see page 41 10 | Clear Object Detection Challenge Featured Solution • Sense leading edge of clear PET trays QS18 Clear Object and clamshell packaging Detection • Food powder on reflector creates false Other Solutions outputs Q4X • Complicated sensor set up Key Features Key Benefits • Polarized coaxial optical design • Reliably detects clear and mirror-like surfaces • 400 µs ON/OFF response time • Precise leading-edge detection • ClearTracking Algorithm • Ability to compensate for dust build-up and • Single push teach method ensure consistent detection • Single push teach method makes for quick and easy installation see page 45 Carton Verification Challenge Featured Solution • Ensuring the product is correctly placed iVu GEN II BCR in the appropriate carton • Changeover between different products Other Solutions can increase downtime PresencePlus BCR • Need easy-to-use solution Key Features Key Benefits • Reads a variety of linear and 2D barcodes • Robust barcode decoding • Ethernet communications • Barcode data can be stored in PLC or set • Up to 30 stored inspections for simple pass fail • Configured via touchscreen • Reduce downtime with saved inspections for different products • No complex software minimizes necessary training for setup see page 64 Cabinet Lighting Challenge Featured Solution • Limited space inside panel WLS15 • Dark control panel makes it difficult to Other Solutions troubleshoot problems WLB32 Key Features Key Benefits • 15 mm profile • Low profile fits in tight spaces • Completely sealed with an IP67 rating •W ill hold up and last a long time in for use in wet or dusty environments tough environments see page 65 11 Sensors for Wash Down Areas Challenge Featured Solution • High pressure high temperature washdown T18-2 • Harsh cleaning agents degrade housing Other Solutions • Thermal cycling causes condensation Q4X Key Features Key Benefits • IP69K-rated • Tested to withstand 1200 PSI and • Ecolab certified 180 °F washdown • Ultrasonically welded joints • Chemically compatible with washdown chemicals • Epoxy encapsulated • Ultrasonically welded joints create one piece housing • Epoxy-filled housing reduces potential for condensation see page 47 Machine Illumination—Washdown Challenge Featured Solution • Machine illumination in close contact WLS27 with food Other Solutions • Wash down area WLS15 • Food contamination hazards Key Features Key Benefits • Brilliant LED illumination in hygienic • 50,000 hours lifetime, easy-to-clean light cylindrical design • Specifically designed to withstand food and • Rugged ultrasonically welded, IP69K beverage industry applications construction and Ecolab certified • No secondary enclosure needed to protect • Shatterproof copolyester housing against broken lights see page 66 Wash Down Touch Buttons Challenge Featured Solution • Control panel located in washdown area S22 Touch • Workers use thick rubber gloves • Food area Key Features Key Benefits • Rugged IP69K construction • Built for high-pressure washdown environments • Smart electric field sensing technology • Easily actuated with bare hands or work gloves • FDA-grade models available • FDA-grade models for use in food environments see page 77 12 | Safety Light Curtain— E-Stop Safety— Wash Down Area see page 56 Wash Down Area see page 58 Safety Monitoring see page 60 Challenge Challenge Challenge • Safeguard food processing machine • Holding up to a harsh environment • Safeguard machine with varying safety • Wash down area with harsh chemicals • Ability to identify which E-Stop was pressed add-ons depending on customer needs • Temperature cycling • Assembling components is time consuming • Complex logic or multiple safety scenarios • Communicate with HMI to display machine Key Features Key Features status • End-to-end zone protection with no • IP69K rated FDA Grade Silicon cover Key Features dip switches • Ecolab certified • Free, easy-to-use software using drag and • IP69K enclosure with 316L stainless steel • Preassembled for fast installation drop function blocks end caps • Simulation mode • Green/Red lighted base • Hydrophobically vented • Expandable I/O modules • 8-pin Quick-Disconnect • Industrial Ethernet communications and Featured Solution Featured Solution Profinet communications EZ-SCREEN LS 30 mm Mount (IP69K) E-Stop (IP69K) Featured Solution XS26-2 Other Solutions SC26-2 Key Benefits Key Benefits • Intuitive, easy-to-use • Withstands high pressure and high Key Benefits • Build to withstand high pressure, high temperature washdown • Configure safety program in minutes temperature washdown • Certified to withstand cleaning chemicals • Test configuration without need to wire or • Air vents with vapor barriers prevent used in the food processing industry even own safety controller condensation during thermal cycling • 360° visible indication of E-Stop actuation • Base controller with 26 inputs and two • Easy installation with no assembly or wiring dual-channel safety outputs can be required expanded to fit machine requirements • Ethernet-enabled models allows for easy communications with PLC or HMI 13 14 | Packaging in the Beverage Industry Beverage production offers some of the biggest challenges in factory automation. From severe conditions and harsh cleaning processes that can quickly degrade system components to safeguarding palletizers, conveyors, and other equipment that pose a safety hazard to personnel, each challenge works against total Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and the overall profitability of an organization. Banner understands these challenges. Our industry knowledge, expertise in sensors, safety control, LED lights and indicators is combined the most comprehensive product catalogs in the industry. We are able to provide products and solutions that solve the unique challenges faced b
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