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LINE-UP 2019 - 2020 2 3 UNIQUE BRANDS.TIMELESS SHOWS. REPRESENTING IP OWNERS AND CREATIVE PRODUCERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Original and quality content recognized worldwide Transmedia creation as a footprint First-class partners Iconic programs for kids and their family! 4 THANKS A LOT TO ALL OUR PARTNERS! 5 6 PRESCHOOL 7 8 IN PRODUCTION PRODUCED BY BENLAI 26 x 11’ CGI HD - ACTION & COMEDY TARGET: UPPER PRESCHOOL Super Builders are a spirited team of young construction vehicles, called into action to lead the renovations in the town of Sunshine Bay. Join Digga, the adventurous, fearless WORKING TOGETHER, excavator and his dynamic team, as they apply their special skills and personalities to YOU CAN’T GO the job. Meet Artie, the brawny cement-mixer; Tippi, the clever dump truck; Max & Trax, the bickering crane brothers; Beady, the rookie WRONG! bulldozer; and the lovable old-timer Old Rolly, the steam roller. Action driven ensemble comedy filled with recognisable characters and child-relatable themes. Stories developed with UK writers. Global master toy confirmed: Alpha Toys. © 2019 BENLAI Pictures & Uyoung Media Group. 9 10 Doodleboo Season 1© 2015 Moving Puppet / Planet Nemo Animation / Jimjam. Entre chiens et loups / Proximus / Pictanovo. All rights reserved. Based on the character created by Denis Dugas / A Osibo licence AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY MOVING PUPPET SEASON 1: 52 x 5’ SEASON 2: 52 x 5’ PUPPET & CGI HD - DRAWING LESSONS & COMEDY TARGET: PRESCHOOL - GENDER NEUTRAL PARTNERS: Canal + (France), ERR (Estonia), Pixel TV (Ukraine), ANI (Russia), JimJam Doodleboo Season 2 © 2019 Moving Puppet / Studio Redfrog / Pictanovo. All rights reserved. Based on the character created by Denis Dugas / A Osibo licence (Worldwide), Bonton (Czech Republic), Hop TV (Israel), Minika (Turkey), Volga (India), Al Jazeera (Middle East), Dadi Media (China), Good TV (Taiwan), EBS & DeaKyo Kids TV (South Korea), Bibi Channel (Vietnam), Tiga (Thailand), TFO (Canada), TVNZ (New Zealand), TV5 Monde (Worldwide)... Doodleboo loves to draw, and show children how to make complicated images from DRAWING BECOMES simple shapes and forms. Accompanied by Sketchy, they awaken in children a love for art in a playful way. SO EASY AND FUN ! Doodleboo leads the audiences on an adventure, making them guess at every stroke what his drawing will be. His playful way of playing whith shapes will excite children’s imagination. A booster for kids creativity thanks to its interactivity Based on a 40 year-old French TV License Hit 2nd season now available 11 12 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY UYOUNG 52 x 11’ 26 x 1’30 SHORTS: ADVENTURE HACKS 26 x 1’30: MINI ADVENTURES CGI HD - COMEDY TARGET: UPPER PRESCHOOL - GENDER NEUTRAL PARTNERS: Disney (USA, South-East Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe), CCTV (China), Netflix (Worldwide), Knowledge Network (Canada), YLE (Finland), SVT (Sweden), Canal Panda (Spain), E-Junior (Middle-East)… P.King Duckling is a dreamer. Every day, he P. KING DUCKLING IS A enthusiastically dreams up wild adventures with the help of his best friends, Wombat DUCK WITH A DREAM. and Chumpkins. AND HIS DREAM One day, he might see himself as a scientist, an architect, a pizzeria owner or even a CHANGES EVERY DAY! mountain climber! Yet, P.King Duckling soon realizes that doing those jobs is challenging work and things don’t always turn out as expected! An immediate hit! #2 Kids-show on Disney Junior USA: 18-million viewers across the country © 2016 UYoung Culture & Media Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 2 seasons available 13 14 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY MAVI BAYKUŞ SEASON 1: 26 x 11’ SEASON 2: 26 x 11’ CGI HD - COMEDY TARGET: PRESCHOOL - GENDER NEUTRAL What do all toys do when nobody is home? Have fun, of course! And that’s exactly what Oscar’s playful construction toys, Dumper and Skoop, get up to when he’s not around. Join the adventures of lazy Dumper, bossy Skoop, and their friends Whirly and Waa, as they play and learn together. Meet their mighty 3D printer called MakeM8, along with the mischievous wind-up toy mice, Plink and Plonk. TEAMWORK AND Inevitably their adventures end up making a mess, so the toy pals must quickly tidy up FRIENDSHIP CAN before Oscar’s mum tries to pack them all away into storage. Even though the toys are SOLVE ANYTHING great friends, teamwork is never as easy as it sounds! A series full of humour, fun and adventures. Let’s encourage children to develop problem solving skills, while learning about the values of friendship and teamwork. © 2017-2019 Mavi Baykuş. All Rights Reserved. 15 16 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY TOONBOX SEASON 1: 52 x 5’ SEASON 2: 52 x 5’ 2D ANIMATION HD - EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURES TARGET: PRESCHOOL - GENDER NEUTRAL PARTNERS: Disney (Australia & NZ), Knowledge Network (Canada), Kids Central (USA), RAI (Italy), RTVE (Spain), Carousel, Tiji & Multimania (Russia, CIS), JimJam (Eastern Europe, Africa & MENA), ERR (Estonia), YLE (Finland), Dadi (China), EBS & DeaKyo Kids (South Korea), RTHK (Hong Kong), Kid Zone (MENA)... Upstairs in the kitties house is Kit & Kate’s (very special) playroom. NOW WE KNOW, When they jump into their magical box, filled with costumes and toys, the 2 little kittens SO BACK WE GO! embark for wonderful worlds where adventure awaits them. Along their adventures, Kit & Kate learn how to make good choices in order to find a happy ending to their journey. Educational adventures to help kids make choices A top performing brand: #1 series for 0-4 y.o. on Disney Australia & 40% of © 2014 - 2019 KNK Films Ltd., Toonbox Ltd. All rights reserved. market share on EBS Korea. New season now available 17 18 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY NIPPON ANIMATION & PLANET NEMO ANIMATION 26 X 5’ OR 52’ (THEATRICAL FORMAT) 2D ANIMATION HD - COMEDY TARGET: 5-8 Y.O. - BOYS & GIRLS PARTNERS: France Télévisions (France), VRT (Belgium), RTV (Slovenia), Samanyolu (Turkey), RTP (Portugal), YLE (Finland), Once TV (Mexico), RTVC (Colombia), Educar (Argentina),RTHK (Hong-Kong), Al Jazeera (Middle East), Télé Québec (Canada)… Rita is a little girl with a big personality. Whatsit is a dog without a name. HUMOR These two make an irresistible cheeky and & hilarious new pair, combining humorous situations with witty dialogue. The minimalist COMPLICITY! artwork full makes for a strong and original graphic identity. Based on “Rita & Machin” successful series of books, authored by Rita & Machin by Jean-Philippe Arrou Vignod and Olivier Tallec © GALLIMARD Jeunesse. JP. Arrou-Vignod and O.Tallec. Published by Gallimard and sold in © Nippon Animation / Planet Nemo Animation / NEP / Colombia. All rights reserved. the US (Chronicle Books), Japan, Korea, Spain, Germany, Slovenia and others. A unique and highly recognisable graphic design Theatrical format aslo available (released in French theaters in 2019) 19 20 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY FOOL MOON SERIES: 13 x 7’ & 26’ SPECIAL: MIMI & LISA, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS MYSTERY 2D ANIMATION HD - SOCIAL SKILLS IMPROVEMENT TARGET: PRESCHOOL - GENDER NEUTRAL PARTNERS: RTV Slovakia (Slovakia), RTV (Slovenia), CPF (France), Le Parc (Belgium), TV Escola (Brazil), RTHK (Hong Kong)... In their adventures, two friends, Mimi & A WORLD BEHING Lisa, reveal secrets hidden in their close neighbourhood while helping each other to recognize and accept not only their CLOSED EYES different perceptions of the world, but also reality itself. Reaching out to disabled kids Feature version released in movie © Fool Moon s.r.o, Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska, ekran s.r.o 2013-2018 theaters in France, Belgium and Luxembourg Chritsmas Special also available 21 22 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY ANIMA POL 26 x 11’ 2D ANIMATION HD - COMEDY TARGET: PRESCHOOL PARTNERS: JimJam, TVP (Poland), Pack Magic (Spain), JYA (China)… Florka writes all about her life in a little notebook that her dad offered. Come and follow her as she discovers WRITING YOUR various aspects of life such as shyness, friendship, or sisterhood. © 2014-2019 ANIMA-POL. All rights reserved. Based on the character created by Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel MEMORIES Florka is very curious so she asks a lot of questions about the world and learns a lot thanks to her adventures. A series about kids’ daily life to help them understand their emotions New season in production 23 24 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY STUDIO TREFL 39 x 8’30 AVAILABLE 13 x 8’30 NEW EPS. IN PRODUCTION PUPPET ANIMATION HD - SOCIAL SKILLS IMPROVEMENT TARGET: PRESCHOOL - GENDER NEUTRAL PARTNERS: TVP (Poland), Nick Jr (Czech Rep. & Romania), MTVA (Hungary), Ceska TV (Czech Republic), E-Junior (Middle-East), Volga (India) Treflik and his sister Treflinkalive together with their parents in a little house. Their ordinary life changes when they encounter a mysterious newcomer: Little Uncle, who has magical powers and remains invisible to everyone except the children. BREATHTAKING He will take Treflik and Treflinkaon adventures and help children get familiar with important PUPPET ANIMATION values, such as friendship, respect, support, honesty or tolerance. Promoting open attitude, empathy and interest for surrounding world Stop-motion by the team behind award winning Short «Peter & The Wolf» #1 for kids 4+ in Poland Produced by Trefl Studio, part of the TreflGroup: European leading company producing puzzles and boardgamessold in more than 50 countries New season in production © 2016 - 2019 Studio Trefl SA. All rights reserved. 25 26 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY GRAFIZIX 78 x 11’ 2D CUT-OUT ANIMATION HD - COMEDY TARGET: PRESCHOOL - GENDER NEUTRAL PARTNERS: EBS (Korea) FrienZoo tells the tale of four common farm animals who join a zoo: Jack the donkey, Dave the dog, Sheila the cat and Calvin the rooster. Unlike the exotic animals of the world who attract visitors to the zoo because of their LET’S MAKE NEW unusual natures, these four friends become popular due to their love of their audience. FRIENDS! Together, they will learn how to adapt to their new life and how to make new friends. Discover a unique sitcom about four farm-yard friends seeking acceptance and friendship in their new home, zoo. A unique combination of cut- out silhouettes and colourful backgrounds! © Grafizix Co, LTD. All rights reserved © Grafizix Co, LTD. All rights reserved 27 28 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY INFINITE STUDIOS 66 x 11’ CGI ANIMATION HD - COMEDY & ADVENTURES TARGET: PRESCHOOL - GENDER NEUTRAL PARTNER: MEDIACORP (SINGAPORE) WELCOME TO Through colorful song and dance segments OLLIPOLIS, in an animated Oktopolis, Ollie and his pals will help kids discover amazing facts A FANTASTIC WORLD about shapes like triangles and squares, and also have some fun creating their own WHERE SHAPES whimsical shapes! COME TO LIFE! A series to help kids explore the world through different shapes, develop social skills by solving problems together. © Infinite studios. All rights reserved. 29 30 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY EGOFILM 13 x 11’ CGI ANIMATION HD - COMEDY & ADVENTURES TARGET: UPPER PRESCHOOL - BOYS & GIRLS PARTNER: TVP (POLAND) In a great, magical Whispering Forest stretching over the banks of the Icy Bay lives a Viking named Tappi. He isn’t a real Viking as flourishing the sword never seemed to come into his mind. His best weapons are: smile, friendliness and ALWAYS READY ingeniousness. TO HELP! Because Tappi is a guardian of the Whispering Forest and all the creatures living there. He won’t any harm happen to anyone and is ready to help anyone in trouble. Meet Tappi the viking of Whisperring © 2018 EGoFILM Ewelina Gordziejuk - Paris+Hendzel Co - PRL studio Forest 31 32 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY FOOL MOON, RTV SLOVAKIA AND STUDIO MINIATUR FILMOWYCH 13 x 12’ / 52’ (THEATRICAL FORMAT) CGI ANIMATION HD - COMEDY & ADVENTURES TARGET: UPPER PRESCHOOL - BOYS & GIRLS The Websters are a spider family living in a corner of a lift machine room. Their world is wide, created to the smallest detail : friends, school, the distribution centrefor canned flies, the shopping mall, their eating habits and history events ... THE STRONGEST NET The stories are built around the main IS YOUR FAMILY character – Lili, but all members of this family have their own topics to solve. Just like in any human family – the life in this spider family is also full of mistakes and wrong expectations. Discover the daily adventures of the Websters family © 2016 Fool Moon, Rozhlas A Televizia Slovenska, Studio Miniatur Filmowych. A series to help kids to find understanding and forgiveness and to offer them right models for expressing their feelings and emotions. 33 34 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY PLANET NEMO ANIMATION, CYBER GROUP STUDIOS AND SARDINE PRODUCTIONS 52 x 7’ CGI ANIMATION HD - COMEDY TARGET: PRESCHOOL - GENDER NEUTRAL PARTNERS: France Télévision & Tiji (France), TV2 (Norway), Canal Panda (Spain), RTP Portugal, RTS (Switzerland), TG4 (Ireland), Ceska TV (Czech Republic), RTP (Portugal), VME (USA), Radio-Canada (Canada), RTHK (Hong Kong), Al Jazeera (Middle East), MultiRio (Brazil), TRT (Turkey), IRIB (Iran), NHK (Japan), ABC (Australia), Thai PBS (Thailand), Bibi Channel (Vietnam), EBS (South Korea), Yoyo TV (Taiwan)... Meet Manon the little queen of animals who lives on a farm and shares some funny adventures with all her friends: Bingo the dog, Melba the cat, Baz the Donkey and many others. ENJOY AND RESPECT Full of humor, refinement and poetry, the whimsical daily life of Manon, appeals to the ALL DELIGHTS sensibility and imagination of young children everywhere from 2 to 6 years old, and illustrates how it is worth living simply by enjoying and OF NATURE respecting all the delights of nature. All the Kids and their parents will love to follow the adventures of Manon an independent, mischievous little dreamer who will become their friend. © Planet Nemo Animation -Cyber Group Studio – Sardine Productions 2007 A poetic series about animals, nature… and friendship! Nominated at Canadian Prize Of Excellence Sold in 100 territories © 2002, Editions MILAN. All rights reserved. 35 36 KIDS 37 38 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY ANKAMA ANIMATIONS & BELVISION WITH FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS 26 HALF HOURS 2D ANIMATION HD - COMEDY & MAGIC TARGET : 5-8 Y.O. - BOYS & GIRLS ONCE UPON A TIME... Discover the funny and amazing adventures of a geeky tween boy Firmin who forms an unlikely duo with Abraca, an impulsive ABRACA AND FIRMIN... vigilante 12 y.o. girl coming from Imagin to Earth to study magic. A MAGICAL DUO... Together, they will help fairy tale characters A UNIQUE FAMILY! visiting Earth solve their problems. And they have many!!! © 2019 ANKAMA ANIMATIONS / BELVISION / PLANET NEMO ANIMATION. All rights reserved. ANKAMA new offbeat and quirky series appealing to boys & girls. A strong mix of comedy, sitcom and magic. Re-discover the fabulous magic of tales & legends, integrated into kids’ daily lives. 39 40 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY ANKAMA ANIMATIONS WITH FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS SEASON 1: 26 HALF HOURS SEASON 2: 26 HALF HOURS SEASON 3: 13 HALF HOURS 4 SPECIALS OF 45’ & 1 SPECIAL OF 26’ 2D ANIMATION HD - COMEDY & ADVENTURE TARGET: 6+ PARTNERS: FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS, NETFLIX, TURNER FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN & ASIA PACIFIC, RTL2 GERMANY, RTBF BELGIUM, NOGA ISRAEL, CZECH TV, MULTIMANIA RUSSIA, C+ POLAND, D-SMART TURKEY, DISNEY JAPAN, ELEVEN AUSTRALIA, SIC PORTUGAL, ABS-CBN PHILIPPINES, NTV7 MALAYSIA, TV5 WORLDWIDE… It is the age of Wakfu. Amid the devastating chaos caused by Ogrest the ogre, follow the adventures of Yugo, an orphan of magical powers on a journey to discover his origins MORE THAN JUST A TV and his real family. SERIES, A UNIVERSE! Accompagnied by his loyal and extravagant companions, it’s the start of an fantastic epic BE PART OF THE LEGEND! for Yugo, but he and his friends will soon discover that the fate of the World of Twelve rests on their shoulders. An epic adventure and a mind- blowing quest Based on the n°1 European online game Sold over 100 countries Season 3 Netflix Original © ANKAMA ANIMATIONS. All rights reserved. 41 42 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY ANKAMA ANIMATIONS WITH FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS 52 X 13’ 2D ANIMATION HD - COMEDY & ADVENTURE TARGET: 6+ PARTNERS: FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS, DISCOVERY KIDS ITALY, RTBF BELGIUM, D-SMART TURKEY, SIC PORTUGAL, C+ POLAND, CZECH TV, PAKA PAKA ARGENTINA, ELEVEN AUSTRALIA, HUNGAMA INDIA, TV5 WORLDWIDE… Kerub Crispin’s bazaar is a real treasure cave! With only the light of a Moss-liver oil lamp, you’ll discover antiques of all kinds: weapons, amulets, talismans… Each has its own story, and each story has its own episode! BE PART OF This is the old Ecaflip’s chance to tell little THE LEGEND! Joris, whom he has taken under his wing, all about his life, his acquaintances and his extraordinary adventures. A transmedia property based on the hugely sucessful online game The origin of the Krosmoz universe Feature Film also available © 2013 ANKAMA ANIMATIONS. All rights reserved. 43 44 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY PLANET NEMO ANIMATION & CUBE 52 x1’ CGI ANIMATION HD - NON-VOICED COMEDY TARGET: KIDS & FAMILY PARTNERS: Cartoon Network (South East Asia), Gulli (France), Pebble TV (Netherlands), Discovery (Italy), VRT (Belgium), YLE (Finland), D-Smart (Turkey), Bell Media (Canada), C4U (South Korea), Educar(Argentina), MBC (MENA)… Chicky is cute and deeply naive. Its life is full of difficulties, always finding itself in the wrong place at the wrong time, which unfortunately don’t always end well! WHERE IS CHICKY? Fortunately Chicky is immortal and after every real blow, Chicky is back again for another adventure. A worldwide success and a YouTube Phenomemon with 3-billion views worldwide Appealing to the whole family © 2012 Planet Nemo Animation /Cube Creative Productions. 45 TM 46 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY PLANET NEMO ANIMATION SERIES: 52 x 7’ 2D ANIMATION HD - COMEDY TARGET: 5-8 Y.O. - BOYS & GIRLS PARTNERS: France Télévisions & Canal + (France), VRT & RTBF (Belgium), RAI (Italy), RTP & Canal Panda (Portugal), TV Catalunya (Spain), RUV (Iceland), RTCG (Montenegro), NRK (Norway), SVT (Sweden), Ceska TV (Czech Republic), YLE (Finland), TVP (Poland), Mediacorp (Singapore), EBS & Kids1 TV (South Korea), Volga (India), MBC (Mauritius), Gloob (Brazil), RTVC (Colombia)... Join Mila, laugh at the zany dailogs and fresh art in the innovative series which explore traditional tales and timeless stories with thoroughly modern make-over in Missy Mila’s Twisted Tales. CLASSIC TALES WITH Mila’s stories are peppered with spicy anachronisms and offbeat re-interpretations. A TWIST Audience participation is triggered by Mila’s direct-to-camera asides all along the episodes. Her questions and games bring kids right into the story. Re-discover traditional stories from all over the world, in a funny an © 2008 Planet Nemo Animation - Piwi - Fleurus Presse. All rights reserved. interactive storytelling approach A unique graphic style combining 2D digital cut-outs, fabric designs, real textures, photo montage background and props. 47 48 AVAILABLE PRODUCED BY PLANET NEMO ANIMATION 26 HALF HOURS HYBRID: LIVE ACTION & ANIMATION HD - COMEDY & SITCOM TARGET: KIDS - BOYS & GIRLS PARTNERS: Disney (France, UK, Spain, Italy, Australia & NZ), Nickelodeon (Germany, Benelux, Nordics & Baltics), Discovery (Italy), PBS Malta (Malta), Canal + (Poland), TV Balapan (Kazakhstan), D-Smart (Turkey), Noga (Israel), MBC & E-Junior (MENA), Knowledge Network (Canada), Televisa (Mexico)... Tom and Zoe are our tour guides into Groove High, the most elite performing arts boarding school in the country, where they had been accepted a few years ago. At the time, they had to prove to themselves and to the rest of the world that they had what WELCOME TO OUR it takes to make their dreams come true. Let’s follow them, beneath their costumes, PERFORMING SCHOOL! drama classes and auditions, as they © 2012 Planet Nemo Animation / Telegael / PAGI / Nexus Factory / Jetoon Animation. All rights reserved. experience along with
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