By BILL ROBERTSON. The union is asking for increased wages for its member>, whose numbers include University electricians, plumbers and craftsmen.

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New Vexca DALY Frday, September The Lobos wll meet the Unversty of Nevada, Las Veg{ls at ther frst home game Saturday at 7:30p.m. Unon agr ement sought by UN CHADWCK PHOTO Custodan Mchael Sanchez
New Vexca DALY Frday, September The Lobos wll meet the Unversty of Nevada, Las Veg{ls at ther frst home game Saturday at 7:30p.m. Unon agr ement sought by UN CHADWCK PHOTO Custodan Mchael Sanchez sweeps up n the Bology buldng. UNM prortes lsted by Davs By BLL ROBERTSON Negotators are meetng today n an attempt to reach an agreement n the four-month-long dspute between UNM and the Com muncatons Workers of Amerca {CWA), whch represent~ 45 per cent of the unverstys 524 food servce and physcal plant workers. The unon s askng for ncreased wages for ts member , whose numbers nclude Unversty electrcans, plumbers and craftsmen. Because of a gentlemans agreement between representatves of the opposng sdes, detals of the negotatons arc not beng dsclosed. The LOBO has learned, however, that Unversty offcals have prevously rejected a unonproposed 10 per cent wage ncrease, offerng nstead of 6.5 per cent ra.l;je, Unon offcals cte August costof-lvng fgures, whch ndcate a 7.7 per cent. ncrease, as a ratonale for ther demands..joe Gardner, a unon spokesman, sad, The workers arc upset Theyre workng, n effect, wthout a wage contract. The pre.~ent contract between he CWA and the Unversty took effect on July, 1976, and cxpre.l on.tunc 30, UNM Personnel Drector Phlp Alard sad, t s our hope and our expectaton that the negotatons wll; be completed very soon~ Unver. ty employees, beng also state employees, are prevented by law from strkng. Though offcals stress that Conference set ndan healng technques s the scheduled topc for dscusson at todays free noontme conference sponsored by the UNM School of Medcne. The dscusson wll be led by Dr. Robert L. Bergman, assstant professor n the medcal schools department of psychatry. Bergman has wrtten several artcles about the Navajos use of peyote (a hallucnogenc drug obtaned from the peyote cactus) as a healng ade. The conference, part of the seres, Controversy and Challenge n Medcne, s open to the publc and the medcal communty on the thrd noor lecture hall of the Famly Practce/Psychatry buldng, 620 Camnd do Salud, N.E. ncgotwttom revolve cxclm1vcly around wage demands, worker cte problem wth.1ck lc~ve und tnrdnc as beng sore potnt.s they feel the unon should address. The present unon Unvcrsty contract states that employees must present a doctor\ ccrtlcatc when they arc absent from work because of llness. Employes nrc accordctl u certan number of pad sck leave days per month, determned by ther Cllorty. Wtlrkc employed Jc than one year arc allowed seven hours per month of pad skk leave; those whove worked between ouc and two years at the Unversty may be pad for 10 hours of sck tme; and employee wt.h over 2 years wth the unversty arc accorded 14 hours of pad sck tme per month. The contract state~, napproprate use of any pad absences may be cause for dscplnary ac ton, ncludng dsmssal One UNM employee complaned of beng docked one hours pay for beng fve mnutes late. Ned Ross, assstant drector of the physcal plant sad, f that was the case, t must nave been a mstake. Our polcy s that the. employee. s docked accordng to how late he ts. f someone who s makng $5 an hour s sx mnutes late, he s docked one-tenth of an hours pay, or 50 cents. Recrutment and enrollment of freshmen at UNM should be gven hgh prorty, sad Presdent Wllam Davs.... Davs, speakng at a UNM faculty meeung Thursday, srud there was a 1.5 per cent ncrease n freshmen enrollment at UNM ths year. However, Davs sad, The Unversty s losng a sgnfcant number of students after ther freshmen! year. Thrty-eght per cent of these students are not returnng, and we would lke to brng that fgure down to 25 per cent. The presdent added that the percentage of mnorty freshmen enrolled ut UNM remaned the same as last year, between 36 and 38 per cent. Overall there are 200 more females ths year than males n the student populaton, he sad. 111 other matters, Davs spoke of askng the State legslature for $10 mllon to buld a basc medcal research center on the North Campus, to renovate Johnson Gym and to expand Mesa Vsta HalL Davs sad, The expanson (of Mesa Vsta Hall) \Vould house students servces, would elmnate students runnng around and would have student servces n one complex. Also n hs speech: -Oavs commented on sgnfcant developments n the affrmatve acton program ncludng hrng of mnortes and women faculty members. -He spoke of Upgradng classfed employees salares and salary fundng n the future.. ~Davs told the faculty there was a three-year net gatt n the budget of 59.7 per cent. Undergrad enrollment n Arts and Scences declnes 7 per cent Craft capstzes By ERN ROSS A recently publshed report from UNMs Offce M Admssons and Records shows enrollment. n the College of Arts and Scences droppng faster than the post-baby-boom declne n undergraduate enrollmertt. Campus statstcart Catherne Furman sad t \Vas too early to judge a trend because sprng enrollment hasnt been determned, but snce last fall UNM has experenced only a seven-tenth of one per cent drop n total undergraduate ertrollntent whle experencng a much hgher 7 per cent drop tt enrollment n the College of Arts md Scences. ~---;. _ -~ --,: :.., FSHER PHOTO Ths boat was capszed yesterday n the Johnson Gym pool by students n Laur Wggns small craft safety course. Contacted about the declne, Arts and Scences Assocate Dean Ralph Norman sad he thought there were two major reasons: ) fhe poltcal and socal makeup of the student body has. changed n the past few years, and 2) As a hedge aganst nflaton, students are lookng for a good vocatonal pay-off for tme and money Spent n college. Consequently, students are chbosng courses that lead to marketable degrees. Norman sad enrollment s droppng all over the country and s expected to fall Untll980. ( on page 31 \aw 2. ~ \1 xwo.! hulv J. B . S j l lllwl :12, l!j7h Vance sways Saud stance. 1 by an apnarent the letter~ to the Saudt tn ht RYAJ, Saudt Arabw (Ull) Jree band to enter peace l~tll\\ Wtlh con.lp t: ate . h u. d Sec~t tary ol Slle Cyru; Vance 1\rac\ md l!;\ypt would be the dsagreement between 1 Thursday l e mtc mcc mgs h. d leg of hs St t and srael about the exact Vance, on t c secon \ound understandng hur;day, d maxmumtl1at Vance could expect. c;.,. cnt reached mddle east trp to sell the Camp ll ll on111glll support, lor the Camp Jordan, the frst stor on the wordlng ol th~ agrcc;n. r [) d a~reements to moderate llav1d JlLaL c KLords n Saud Vauce m on, also gave the ad.. on a moratonum. dj ne:v.srae 1 Aa vb atons spent 30 mnutes n a A 1. elllcmcnt tn occuptc terntoncs. ra n 1,. rn 11a.. nun1strauon n 11oncommnu answer... f.. tl. t y call on alng J ng J ha.ld, Amcrkan ollka; sad r hursday hut cxpresed wllngness to hold 1 he two dtf eru;r vtc~s on!. 1 e co~rl~s. two hours and 15 mnutes Jll) alter nearly three hour of further wlks. settlements, as we as. crusa c~, a~tl 1 ~rown Prnce Fa~d, the Wlk between Vance utd Suud We came to fnd frst un- were to be handled tn separa e Wt 1.. d the day Jcadc r they arc actvely nvolved dcrstanung, and then out of. that 1.etter w h h were to have been deputy prme mtntster an - 1 ... f tl d gudng power ol-rch 111 ll a da.loguc that can rc;jcll un- could come support, Hoddng t.s.sued Monday. Be~:ause o le t.o- J.Y A b dc t lnndng. ( arlcr sad. contnung dspute over the exact Sau ra m. lloddnv Cartc r ll, Vances Van~:e selng msson s agreement, Vance could not present Pokc:\man1 ~ad we cun cqntnue to beleve that Saud Araba s a oree for moderaton and Sl lb.lty n the Mddle h~;t. The Camp Davd accords had tngcred some hardlnc Arnb state.; so much th;ll ra lcal Palestnan.; threatened Thursday to b.low up U.S. ol mtn.llatons n the Mddle Fast.! (ppcared that the neutm.l Saud ;tnncc, apparently gvng Jordan a TEl. AVV (UP!) - srael troops foug~t.and nterested n a YEARBOOK? contact Senator Maro Ortz Troops evct Jewsh radcals evcted kckng and punchng Jewsh rehgtotts radcals from an llegal mountan. top settle~enl n the West Bank Thursday and another 100 rom a l jwn ncar flcbron. Both settlements were attempts to protest the Camp Davd peac~ accords. More than 100 settlers from the Jewtsh town of Kryat Arba ncar Hebron who tred to sett17on a nearby bll were forced down by 111 the evenng and at.least one person was llljured, srael televson sad, Ths followed a three-day sege on.a rocky, foot mountantop ncar Nablus whtch ended \~hen ATTENTON! ATHLETES AND OTHERS WTH ATHLETES FOOT the solders forccjully evcted members. of the Gush Emunm movement from the sttc, f our examnaton confrms that you have a fungous nfecton of the skn of your feet, you can: 1. Advance medcal knowledge 2. Maybe get rd of your nfecton 3. Earn a vo.lunteer fee The Dvson of Dermatology of the Unversty of N~w Mexco School of Medcne needs 75 volunteers wtth athletes foot to help us test the effectveness of a new antfungal agent. Patents who are pregnant or under 18 years of age wll not be elgble for the study. To determne f you qualfy, report to the UNM Student Health Center between 9:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, 30 September For further nformaton, call Dr. Becker or Mrs. Macnns at The UNVERSTY OF SAN DEGO, n cooperaton Natrona! Center for Paralegal Tranng, offers an 1nt.~ ns,~e 12 or 24 week LAWYERS ASSSTANT PROGRAM.. Thts Program wll enable you to put your educaton to work as a sklled member of the legal team. Specaltes offered n the followng flel~s: Ltgaton.. Employee Benefts. Corporatons & Real. Estate. Estates, Trusts & W1lls Generalst (Evenngs only) ABA Approved Clncal nternshp Employment Assstance For a free brochure about ths caree,r opportunty call (714) E:xt or ma1l the coupon below to:..j. l!j so UNVERSTY OF SAN DEGO Lawyers Assstant Program Name ~--~----- Address Sprng 1979~Day Feb. 12-May 4, 1979 State ---ZP-~ --- Phone D 0 Summer 1979-Day June 11-Aug, 24,!979 Future declared an H ega! selllement by the cabnet. n Jerusalem, a po.lce spokesman sad a bomb apparently placed by Arab guerrllas exploded n the Arab secton of the cty, causng no njures but some damage to an empty tourst bus. Seven solders and seven squatters suffered njures n the fst fghts and scufflng that broke out when the modern zealots kept ther vow and ressted the frst evcton of ts knd carred out by the government of Prme Mnster Menachem Begn. Dsturbances erupted among Arab students throughout the West Bank for the second successve day and troops enforced a curfew on the town of Kalkhul. Death toll n ran up to 25,000 TABAS, ran (UP!) - Rescue offcals sad Thursday after checkng populaton records that the death toll n last Saturdays earthquake n ths devastated desert town and nearby vllages has rsen to 25,000. The death count mentoned by offcals earler was 16,000. Offcals of the Red Lon and Sun Socety, rans equvalent of the Red Cross, told UP! only 1,800 resdents of Tabas survved the earthquake. That would account for 15,200 deaths n the cty accordng to a 1975 census count of 17,000 resdents. We must a.lso take nto account vstors from Mashad, the nearest m. aj or ctv plus a populaton ncrease (snce. the.last census ), offcals sad. Another 10,000 peop.le ded n 100 vllages ht by the earthquake, the offcals sad. The rescue effort was beng hampered by the overwhelmng stench from some 0,000 bodes stll rottng under debrs. New Yorkers bol off bactera NEW YORK (UP) - Thousands of resdents of Manhattans mdtown Murray Hll dstrct Thursday were forced to bol ther drnkng and cookng water because of an outbreak of bacteral contamnaton. However, the health department sad the problem appeared to be clearng up. A department spokesman sad of 35 buldngs on the East Sde where water had been found wth hgh bactera levels, the water n 19 was descrbed as acceptable. n the remanng 16 bu.ldngs, the bacteral level had been drastcally reduced. Ths s an ndcaton that the stuaton s clearng up. Stll resdents of the 60-block area were asked to contn~ebol~g ther water as a precauton whle the department kept look~g for the cause of the bactena contamnaton. Test results were ex pected today. The cty found water contamnated wth B col - ntestnal bactera- n samples form 35 of 55 buldngs taken Monday and Tuesday. The resdents of the East Sde dstrct were told of the contamnaton on Wednesday, Mchael McAullfe, a wrte: who lves n a hgh-rse apartment m the area sad he and hs artst wfe, Gnny, started bolng. water as soon as they heard about the PREPARE FOR: ~ MCAT OAT LSAT GRE GMAT OCAT VAT SAT NMB,, TC ECFMGFLEXVUE NATL DENTAL BOARDS NURSNG BOARDS Flexble Programs & Hour s J h.ere S ~a dlff~- r-tu!!j (r.~~ toucatlonal CENTER Test Preo~rauon SpecalSts Slnc.e Jgja For lnfonn:~tlon Please Call! Jeflersoh N.E. r. r Lc~.,!1tJns Hl Other C.1t1e~. C,lll TOLL FREE: CMt ~ ;of!M.tlllfLl!;tlh P.tlh Pt~~ P.1t al\ lv~~~~c ,;,..tnr..\r d contamnaton. went and got a bunch of pans and boled t and put t nto a bunch of jars Gnny had fortunately saved. McAullffe sad. But ths mornng was brushng my teeth wth the tap water after takng all these precautons. You have to remember to go to the frdge and get the jarred water. McAulffe.lke others, feared the ntestnal bactera came from human wastes. suspect a sewer man s broken, he sad. The cty sad Thursday t had no reports of anyone beng strcken by bacteral nfectons. Several supermarkets and smat.l groceres reported Thursday they had run out of bottled water. The manager of one supermarket sad he had ordered dozens of addtonal cases. FDA ssues new controls over det food promoton WASH!.NGTON (UP) - Callng obesty a major publc health problem n the Unted States, the Food and Drug Admnstraton (FDA) Thursday ssued rules desgned to elmnate consumer confuson about low and reduced calore foods. Under the rules effectve next July 1, foods promoted as low calore must contan no more than 400 calores per servng, and those labe.led reduced calore must have at least one-thrd fewer. than the product to whch they are beng compared.. An excepton to the reduced calore rule was proposed for whte bread, because bakers sad a one thrd reducton would result n a product that would nether look nor taste good. The desgnaton could be used t calores were 25 per cent lower than regular bread. The FDA also acted to prevent foods whch arc naturally low n calores from beng promoted n such a way that consumers mght New Mexco DALY LOBO Vol. 83 No. 25 The New AffX~ :\Jl~ Lob s ~)llbl.~hcd Monday through Frday c\lc_ry rcglllar week of the OnYCnty year and weekly dlltl1g the summer s! son- by tbc Board of Student lubl lllons of lhe On\Crsty or New Me-xco, and s_ not HnahtlaHy l!;. ;oclatcd wth UNM. SCOnd clll5s pos_hlgc pad at Alhuqtrerque, New Mexco Suhl;c(!pton rac s SlO.OO for thc acndcm~year, The t;plno~ cxpt~scd ol th~ edtoral Jlllgcs Q{ Ttrc Dafly ~obo arc those of thr1 aut1o ~oldy. V!sl~nttOjllnlon ~ lhal t)f tlu ~dtor!a board of The bally Lobo. Nothng,,tntcd 11 1ht. Dally.uho _ tlctc.!.:~l.rll~ r~nts lfu! \llw! o[ the Un\venlty of New Mex(c l. thnk they have been reduced even more.. For example, the desgnaton low calore could not be used mmedately n front of the name of such foods as celery whch have few calores to begn wth. But the phrase could be used after t~e name, such as celery, a low calone load . Commssoner Donald Kennedy sad under the new ru.les, Consumers who boy foods ntended for weght control wll have a better U!Jderstandng of what they are buyng and labels wll be more unform so consumers can more easly comparson shop. . Under the rules, foods clatmed to be of low or reduced calores w.o~ld have!o carry a complete nutnuon label, lstng calores per servng as we! as vtamn, fat and other contents.. For foods clamed to be.lower tn calores than campantblc products, the label would have to carry specfc percentages.., And the rules would requtre that any food blled as t\s~ful. for dabetcs would have to hve up to that clanl, ChURCh C.\ntetmuR.y chc\pel 425 lt11v 1~Sty 11. :1. Sunday Ser\ces-8d0;5 (W !. of AnlltroJXllO!-\) llldg.)....a... j ~ 1 \ UNM charters 11 new groups By KARN STANGL There are 226 chartered organzatons ths year on campus whch ncludng honorary, cultural, mltary, poltcal, graduate, professonal, re.lgous, sports, and servce organzatons as well as fraterntes and sorortes. Ths year the eleven new chartered organzatons on campus arc UNM Chess Club, UNM Womens Rugby Football Club, Skydvng Club, Albuquerque Mens Resource Group and Femnst Allance, Anderson Schools of Management Undergraduate Student Assocaton, UNM Student Amnesty nternatonal, Unted... A&S enrollment (contlnuadlmmpage1) f you count 18 years after every major wa~, you can spot the peaks n college enrollment. We ht our hgh about , he sad. EnroUment fgures may be ndcatve of a contnung declne n Arts and Scence enroumcnt for years to come, sad Norman. Whle student enrollment falls, deans of the departments of engneerng and busness bot~ expect ncreases n enrollment next year, and posstbly the followng years. But as Busness Dean Robert R~hd~; ponted out, .ts too to tell beyond that potnt. Student enro.llment 111 career-onented courses and enrollment n broader Arts and Scences currcula s a cyclcal thng sad Rehder. Some years students are drawn to careers, other years they shy away. Both Rehder and Engneerng Dean Wlla,ll Gro~s sad part of the ncrease n enrollment 111 t.hetr departments may be due to the. nun:erous )Obs avalable to both busness and engmeermg majors. The two deans also beleved ther departments were offerng better and broader majors programs. Gross sad the CoUege of Engneerng. has made. a concerted effort to attract women and racml Haley off hook NEW YORK (UP!) - A federal judge ruled Thursday that Roots author Alex Haley nether coped nor nadvertently reproduced any part of an earler book, Jublee, when he wrote hs best-seller. Judge Marvn Frankel sad Magaret Walker Alexander of Jackson, Mss., at\thor. of Jublee publshed n 1966,. faled to establsh that certam smlartes between the two books represented copyrght nfrngement... n dsmssng the complamt fled n U.S. Dstrct Court n Aprl 1977 Frankel sad: The revew of the alleged smlartes ponts unmstakably to the concluson that no actonable smlartes exst bewteen the works. Nobody wrtes books o( purely orgnal content. Mss Walker, drector of Black Studes at Jackson State Co.llege, alleged that Baley coped. from Jublee, a tale about the. lfe of her great grandmother durmg the cvl war era. She had asked for an njuncton aganst fllrther sale of Roots and a percentage of the profts. Wynette wns NASflVLLE, 1enn. (UP.!) -A judge Thursday ordered country snger George Jones arrested for contempt of court f he enters Tennessee for allegedly beng $36,000 behnd n chd stjpport payment to hs ex-wfe, snger Tammy Wynette. Crcut Court J ttdge Hamlton Gayden Jr. sad he cted Jones for Jon the PEACE CORPS Mnstres, Natve Amercan Newspaper, Sanda Rfles, Tralblazers, and Graduate Students n Medca.\ Scences (GSMS). Assocate Dean of Students Karen Abraham sad, Students who actvely partcpate n campus organzatons gan a feelng of nvolvement tha.t s just as mportant as learnng n regular classroom stuatons. Abraham sad clubs that become chartered through the Unversty receve prvleges to post. announcements n the SUB, a mat. box n the Student Actvtes Center, the ablty to rent or use UNM facltes, and may become elgble to receve ASUNM funds. Some organzatons arc chartered only temporarly, Abraham sad, especally poltcal organzatons lke the Toney Anaya for Senate group on camplls whch wh exst untl the November electon. Organzatons that want to become chartered must have a faculty advsor and at least 10 members. The group must apply for a charter by fllng out a form mnortes. Four years ago 1 set a ten-year goal of reachng ethnc party n engneerng, he sad, a.nd w?le ~he Engneerng Co.llege has yet to reach ethn1c panty wtth the total student body, were on schedule. Rehder sad a busness major s encouraged to pursue a broad feld of study. We want t
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