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BOOKLIST September 2019 CONTENTS A -- GENERAL WORKS B -- PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY. RELIGION C – AUXILIARY SCIENCES OF HISTORY D -- WORLD HISTORY AND HISTORY OF EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, ETC. E /F -- HISTORY OF THE AMERICAS G -- GEOGRAPHY. ANTHROPOLOGY. RECREATION H -- SOCIAL SCIENCES J -- POLITICAL SCIENCE K -- LAW L -- EDUCATION M -- MUSIC AND BOOKS ON MUSIC P -- LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Q -- SCIENCE T -- TECHNOLOGY U – MILITARY SCIENCE Z -- BIBLIOGRAPHY. LIBRARY SCIENCE. INFORMATION RESOURCES (GENERAL) A -- GENERAL WORKS Boyer, Crispin Why? B -- PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY. RELIGION Purves, Dale Why we see what we do redux Tallis, Frank The incurable romantic and other tales of madness and desire Adu, Philip A step-by-step guide to qualitative data coding Emoto, Masaru The secret life of water Lyon, Dawn What is Rhythmanalysis? Brox, Jane Silence Sidky, H. The origins of shamanism, spirit beliefs, and religiosity Haught, John F. The new cosmic story Gingras, Yves Science and religion White, Christopher G. Other worlds The warfare between science and religion Asian American religious cultures Asian American religious cultures Religion and popular culture in America Balibar, Etienne Secularism and cosmopolitanism Houk, James T. The illusion of certainty Smith, Christian Religion Miracles End of days Schewel, Benjamin Seven ways of looking at religion Onishi, Bradley B. The sacrality of the secular Champion, Craige B. The peace of the gods Religious freedom in modern Russia Denny, Frederick An introduction to Islam Mathewson Cole, Juan Muhammad Anzali, Ata "Mysticism" in Iran King, Matthew W. Ocean of milk, ocean of blood Вебер, Макс Протестантская этика и дух капитализма Smith, Steven D. Pagans and Christians in the city Drenner, Karla Impacts of faith-based decision making on the individual-level legislative process Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels Atwill, Joseph Caesar's messiah Keel, Terence Divine variations Леонтьева, Т.Г. Вера и прогресс McConnell, David L. Nature and the environment in Amish life C – AUXILIARY SCIENCES OF HISTORY Харари, Юваль Ной Homo deus Lost city, found pyramid Smith, Martin Mortal wounds D -- WORLD HISTORY AND HISTORY OF EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, ETC. Edelstein, David M. Over the horizon Aleksievich, Svetlana The unwomanly face of war Hill, Stephen M. Taking sides Полиевктов, М.А. Николай I Ascher, Abraham P. A. Stolypin The memoirs of Count Witte Beer, Daniel The house of the dead Gessen, Masha Where the Jews aren't Лайас, Годфри Великий исход казахов Kazakhstan and the Soviet legacy Monterescu, Daniel Twilight nationalism Marek, Christian In the land of a thousand gods Wang, Jinping In the wake of the Mongols Wolff, David To the Harbin Station Inter-Korean relations Holcombe, Sarah E. Remote freedoms E / F-- HISTORY OF THE AMERICAS Ryan, Erica J. When the world broke in two Gosnell, Jonathan K. Franco-America in the making Minian, Ana Raquel Undocumented lives Weatherford, Carole Boston Moses Escott, Paul D. Rethinking the Civil War era Kagan, Robert The jungle grows back Bernstein, David How the West was drawn Hartfield, Claire A few red drops G -- GEOGRAPHY. ANTHROPOLOGY. RECREATION Lovelace, Robin Geocomputation with R Selcer, Perrin The postwar origins of the global environment Exploring apocalyptica Kawa, Nicholas C. Amazonia in the anthropocene Govorushko, Sergey Human impact on the environment Human origins Turner, Victor The anthropology of performance The politics of custom Borneo studies in history, society and culture Aldhouse-Green, Miranda Bog bodies uncovered Бейсеновб А.З. Сарыарқаның көне жәдігерлері Folktales and fairy tales Folktales and fairy tales Folktales and fairy tales Folktales and fairy tales Greenberg, Jan Ballet for Martha Gooley, Tristan The nature instinct Разум чемпионов H -- SOCIAL SCIENCES Stockemer, Daniel Quantitative methods for the social sciences Philosophy and public policy Corbin, Juliet M. Basics of qualitative research Privitera, Gregory J. Student study guide with IBM® SPSS® workbook for Essential statistics for the behavioral sciences Schwartz, Beth M. An easyguide to research design and SPSS Field, Andy Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics Movement, power and place in Central Asia and beyond Currid-Halkett, Elizabeth The sum of small things Nichol, Gene R. The faces of poverty in North Carolina Entrepreneurship and the sustainable development goals Грациози, Андреа Великая крестьянская война в СССР Meglio, Olimpia Strategic decisions and sustainability choices Hodosi, Georg Risks, relationships and success factors in it outsourcing The technology fallacy Improving forecasts with integrated business planning Miller, James D. Game theory at work Adner, Ron The wide lens Anthony, Scott D. The little black book of innovation Hicks, Donna Leading with dignity When innovation moves at digital speed Besen-Cassino, Yasemin The cost of being a girl Brown, Monica Side by side Atkinson, Robert Big is beautiful Learning factories Fawzy, Camelia The inclusive management strategy Martinez, Luis The violence of petro-dollar regimes Cortada, James W. IBM Kocienda, Ken Creative selection Bockstoce, John R. White fox and icy seas in the western Arctic Batat, Wided The new luxury experience Abu-Lughod, Lila Dramas of nationhood Michaels, Kevin Aerodynamic The Belt and Road strategy in international business and administration Soule, Oumar The Muslim entrepreneur Smart city Sachs, Jonah Winning the story wars Sarstedt, Marko A concise guide to market research Browne, John The glass closet Reshaping accounting and management control systems Lanen, William N. Fundamentals of cost accounting Wells, April The tech professional's guide to communicating in a global workplace Koch, Timothy W. Bank management Vaneetvelde, Kenny Ethereum projects for beginners Kiyosaki, Robert T. Rich dad poor dad Brandl, Michael W. Money, banking, financial markets & institutions Heise, Michael Inflation targeting and financial stability Principles of business Smart, Scott B. Fundamentals of investing Taleb, Nassim Nicholas Fooled by randomness Strumeyer, Gary The capital markets Colin, Andrew Mastering attribution in finance Prisman, Eliezer Z. Lecture notes in fixed income fundamentals Petitt, Barbara S. Fixed income analysis Choudhry, Moorad Fixed-income securities and derivatives handbook Handbook of fixed-income securities Fabozzi, Frank J. Bond markets, analysis, and strategies Schultz, Glenn M. Investing in mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities Brockhaus, Oliver Equity derivatives and hybrids Denzin, Norman K. Interpretive interactionism Erikson, Kai The sociologist's eye Singer, P. W. Likewar Hai-Jew, Shalin Social media data extraction and content analysis Reagle, Joseph M. Hacking life Who wins in a digital world? Cox, Laurence Why social movements matter Greer, John Michael The retro future Solnit, Rebecca Hope in the dark Global issues Using community informatics to transform regions Service provision and rural sustainability Richardson-Self, Louise Justifying same-sex marriage Tisdale, Sallie Advice for future corpses * and those who love them Meadow, Tey Trans kids Decolonizing feminism We rise to resist Misogyny in American culture Voss, Kimberly Wilmot Women politicking politely Misogyny in American culture Stites, Richard The women's liberation movement in Russia Gino, Alex George Wheeler, Leigh Ann How sex became a civil liberty Katz, Jonathan The invention of heterosexuality Irvine, Janice M. Disorders of desire Meeker, Meg Strong fathers, strong daughters Meeker, Meg The 10 habits of happy mothers Кусаин, Динара Salem, родители! Stryker, Susan Transgender history Herzberg, Caspar Smart cities, digital nations Gehl, Jan How to study public life Gehl, Jan Life between buildings Gehl, Jan Cities for people Hill, Joseph C. Sign languages Gessen, Masha The brothers Bushnell, Prudence Terrorism, betrayal and resilience Synergy of community policing and technology Lopez-Aguado, Patrick Stick together and come back home Rustemov, Bakhyt The earth is our common home Bregman, Rutger Utopia for realists J -- POLITICAL SCIENCE Strauss, Leo Leo Strauss on political philosophy Comparative politics Fukuyama, Francis Political order and political decay McCormick, John P. Reading Machiavelli Thaler, Mathias Naming violence Fradera, Josep M. The imperial nation Iversen, Torben Democracy and prosperity Eichengreen, Barry The populist temptation Нозик, Роберт Анархия, государство и утопия Sandel, Michael J. Justice Ролз, Джон Теория справедливости Kok, Ayse Proliferation of open government initiatives and systems Molnar, Andreea Strategic management and innovative applications of e-government Manoharan, Aroon Innovative perspectives on public administration in the digital age Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca Change and continuity management in the public sector Ethical issues and citizen rights in the era of digital government surveillance Public service excellence in the 21st century Rosenbluth, Frances McCall Responsible parties Political organization in Central Asia and Azerbaijan Democratic dynasties Paul, T. V. Restraining great powers Harf, James E. Taking sides Toktomushev, Kemel Kyrgyzstan - regime security and foreign policy Pearlman, Wendy Triadic coercion K-- LAW Achieving open justice through citizen participation and transparency Kelly, Erin The limits of blame Hernández, Tanya Kateri Multiracials and civil rights L—EDUCATION Russakoff, Dale The prize Harris, Bryan Battling boredom International education Early childhood education Challenging perceptions in primary education Constructivist teacher education Structuring the thesis Hozien, Wafa Elementary school principals in action Agassi, Martine Hands are not for hitting Ross, Lawrence C. Blackballed Teaching, affirming, and recognizing trans* and gender creative youth : Nicolazzo, Z. Trans* in college Lickona, Thomas Educating for character Values education and quality teaching Lambert, Wallace E. Bilingual education of children M -- MUSIC AND BOOKS ON MUSIC 100 songs for kids Purves, Dale Music as biology Kimmelman, Leslie Write on, Irving Berlin Wood, Susan Esquivel! P -- LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Towards post-native-speakerism Circulation, writing, and rhetoric Cameron, Deborah Working with spoken discourse Baxter, Judith Positioning gender in discourse Wang, Penglin Linguistic mysteries of ethnonyms in Inner Asia Assessing ethnolinguistic vitality Blommaert, Jan Durkheim and the Internet Abducting writing studies Jaworski, Adam The power of silence Elliott, Jane The microeconomic mode Balme, Maurice Oxford Latin course Language, literature and the construction of a Dutch national identity (1780-1830) / Paperno, Irina Stories of the Soviet experience Юзефович, Леонид Зимняя дорога Степанова, Мария Spolia Водолазкин, Евгений Совсем другое время Водолазкин, Евгений Соловьев и Ларионов Lewis, Franklin D. Rumi Feldman, Leah On the threshold of Eurasia Shoolbraid, G. M. H. The oral epic of Siberia and Central Asia Harry Potter Higher learning Philadelphia Milk Bruner, Jerome Making stories Caldwell, Gail Let's take the long way home Literature and politics today Pullman, Philip Daemon voices Taleb, Nassim Nicholas The bed of Procrustes Comparative literature for the new century Beauvoir, Simone de She came to stay Camus, Albert The outsider Foerster, Maxime The politics of love Лаферьер, Дани Почти забытое искусство праздности Desire in Dante and the middle ages A history of early modern women's writing Atwill, Joseph Shakespeare's secret messiah May, Peter The Lewis man May, Peter The Blackhouse Peter, May The Chessmen Pratchett, Terry The Wee Free Men Pratchett, Terry Wintersmith Pratchett, Terry I shall wear midnight Pratchett, Terry The shepherd's grown Byers, Sam Perfidious Albion Feeney, Alice Sometimes I lie Key, Amy Isn't forever Setterfield, Diane Once upon a river Dery, Mark Born to be posthumous Lansdale, Joe R. The thicket Lansdale, Joe R. The elephant of surprise Martin, George R. R. Fire and blood Roberts, Nora Year one Duchovny, David Holy Cow Groff, Lauren Florida Hendricks, Greer The wife between us Jemisin, N. K. How long 'til black future month? Mather, Matthew Darknet Moning, Karen Marie High voltage Rosoff, Meg Jonathan Unleashed Summers, Courtney Sadie Toro, Guillermo del The shape of water Ward, Catriona Little Eve Worthington, Marjorie The story of "me" Lande, Joel B. Persistence of folly Winter, Jeanette The librarian of Basra Locke, Kevin Dawn flight Lopez Avila, Pilar Ayobami and the names of the animals Johnson, Varian The Parker inheritance Applegate, Katherine Wishtree Arena, Jen Marta! Auxier, Jonathan The night gardener Auxier, Jonathan Sweep Best, Cari Sally Jean, the bicycle queen Brown, Peter The wild robot escapes Brown, Peter The wild robot Bunting, Eve One green apple Jones, Diana Wynne Howl's moving castle Kacer, Kathy The sound of freedom Oliver, Lauren Liesl & Po Ruzzier, Sergio The party and other stories Smothers, Ethel Footman The hard-times jar Stewart, Sarah The gardener Zusman, Evelyn The Passover parrot Fogliano, Julie Old dog baby baby Q -- SCIENCE Ignotofsky, Rachel Women in science Harrison, Guy P. At least know this Intelligent systems technologies and applications Tegmark, Max Life 3.0 Dompere, Kofi K. The theory of info-statics Taleb, Nassim Nicholas The black swan Taleb, Nassim Nicholas Antifragile Oakley, Barbara A. A mind for numbers The mathematics of data Sakurai, Susumu Wasan Zhang, Lan Copulas and their applications in water resources engineering Markov chains Beckerman, Andrew P. Getting started with R Freeman, Michael Programming skills for data science MacInnes, John An introduction to secondary data analysis with IBM SPSS statistics Bergner, Julia E. The homotopy theory of ([infinity symbol],1)- categories An introductory guide to Raspberry Pi Antennas and propagation for body-centric wireless communications Raschka, Sebastian Python machine learning Мартин, Роберт Чистый код Fowler, Frederik M. Navigating hybrid scrum environments Barr, Adam The problem with software Bendor, Roy Interactive media for sustainability Selected readings in cybersecurity Cases on immersive virtual reality techniques Turkish natural language processing Sauro, Jeff Quantifying the user experience Hellman, Geoffrey Varieties of continua Kaxiras, Efthimios Quantum theory of materials North, Ryan How to invent everything Vanderbilt, David Berry phases in electronic structure theory Interdisciplinary approaches for sustainable development goals Quantitative methods in environmental and climate research Nelson, David L. Lehninger principles of biochemistry Speight, James G. Reaction mechanisms in environmental engineering Dubrovkin, Joseph Mathematical processing of spectral data in analytical chemistry Lyell, Charles Principles of geology Global change and future earth Kisku, Dakshina Ranjan Design and implementation of healthcare biometric systems Quammen, David The tangled tree Hildrew, Alan Freshwater acidification Sidman, Joyce The girl who drew butterflies Dee, Tim Landfill Handbook of brain microcircuits Purves, Dale Brains Quantitative models for microscopic to macroscopic biological macromolecules and tissues Bioengineering and biophysical aspects of electromagnetic fields George, Rose Nine pints S-- AGRICULTURE Nickel in soils and plants Carter, Martin R. Conservation tillage in temperate agroecosystems T -- TECHNOLOGY Herrick, James A. Visions of technological transcendence Bridle, James New dark age Thimmesh, Catherine Girls think of everything Jones, Alan R. Best fit lines and curves, and some mathe-magical transformations Designing better engineering education through assessment Schramm, Laurier L. Innovation technology Parraman, Carinna 2.5D printing Winchester, Simon The perfectionists Brannon, R. M. Rotation, reflection, and frame changes Kovacic, Ivana Mechanical vibration Georgantopoulou, Christina Fluid mechanics in channel, pipe and aerodynamic G. design geometries 2 Maymon, Giora Stochastic crack propagation Nanomaterials in architecture and art conservation Advanced nanostructured materials for environmental remediation Kumar, Prabhat Strength and deformation of statically indeterminate structures Guidelines for failure investigation Wu, Zhishen Fiber-optic sensors for infrastructure health monitoring Bates, Albert Burn Kuterbekov, Kairat Environmental monitoring at a former uranium milling site Bon-Gang, Hwang Performance and improvement of green construction projects Klaene, Bernard J. Structural firefighting Sensors for mechatronics Haslwanter, Thomas 3d kinematics Yin, Yaobao High speed pneumatic theory and technology Yu, Wen PID control with intelligent compensation for exoskeleton robots Yin, Yaobao Electro hydraulic control theory and its applications under extreme environment The energy internet Kohler, Michael Mobile microspies Cohen, Leon Time-frequency analysis Murshid, Syed H. Optical fiber multiplexing and emerging techniques Banafa, Ahmed Secure and smart Internet of Things (IOT) RFID protocol design, optimization, and security for the Internet of things / Pressman, Abraham I. Switching power supply design Antennas for small mobile terminals Developments in antenna analysis and design Microstrip antenna design handbook Zhang, ZhiLiang High frequency MOSFET Gate drivers Pease, Robert A. Troubleshooting analog circuits Gakh, Andrei A. Molecular devices Li, Francis F. Digital signal processing in audio and acoustical engineering Advanced characterization, diagnostics, and evaluation in heritage science Borgeest, Kai EMC and functional safety of automotive electronics Testing large ultra-lightweight spacecraft Practical nanotechnology for petroleum engineers Nichols, Gary D. Process analyzer systems project engineering and management Centanni, John M. Biotechnology operations Davis, Tenney L. The chemistry of powder and explosives Logan, Jason Make ink Franklin, Kate Radical matter Robust Quality Analysis and design of discrete part production lines Analysis and modeling of manufacturing systems Stochastic modeling of manufacturing systems Multisensory packaging Huggins-Cooper, Lynn Leatherwork and tanning Pink Figuring fibers Bowen, Sarah Pressure cooker Always at the carlyle Langert, Bob The battle to do good U – MILITARY SCIENCE Pollack, Jonathan D. No exit V – NAVAL SCIENCE Pollack, Jonathan D. No exit Z -- BIBLIOGRAPHY. LIBRARY SCIENCE. INFORMATION RESOURCES (GENERAL) Seddon, Tony Essential type Joe, Jennifer Social media for communication and instruction in academic libraries Putting assessment into action Kohn, Karen C. Collection evaluation in academic libraries Miller, Robin Making surveys work for your library The library assessment cookbook Learke, Dale Public libraries in the smart city Cowick, Carmen Crash course in disaster preparedness Maybee, Clarence Impact learning Public policies in media and information literacy in Europe Information literacy
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