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CONTENTS 5. Editors Block TOAST TO THE ARTS 8. Songs & Stories 10. Artist Aaron Bohrod 12. Books News & Interviews GLOBAL DESTINATIONS 15. The Bohemian…
CONTENTS 5. Editors Block TOAST TO THE ARTS 8. Songs & Stories 10. Artist Aaron Bohrod 12. Books News & Interviews GLOBAL DESTINATIONS 15. The Bohemian Vagabond 16. Exploring the Greek Isles FALL TRAVEL & EVENTS 20. Festive Fun in Yuma, AZ 24. Visit Springfield, KY 26. Fall in Natchitoches, LA 30. Visit Greeley & Weld County 32. Fall in Yerington, NV 34. California’s Sequoia Country 36. Fall Fun in Exeter, CA 38. Historic Downtown Hollister 40. Fall in Anacortes, WA EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY 42. The Flavors of Whidbey Island 50. The Tri-Valley Showcase 57. Rock Town Distillery 60. Show Me Missouri Wine 66. Chicken in Figs & White Wine 68. It’s Butternut Squash Season! PAGE 3 CONTENTS Continued… WAY BACK WHEN 71. History Comes to Life in Julian, CA 72. Unusual Sources for Family History QUALITY OF LIFE 74. Hilton Head Health 80. Atrial Fibrillation 82. Life Skills & Leadership Lessons PAGE 4 EDITORS BLOCK “Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.” Samuel Butler FRONT COVER PHOTO: Dock at Captain From the Greek Isles to the Islands of Whidbey Inn, by travel writer Hilarie Larson. Washington State, California to Colorado, and See her story on page 42. the desert Southwest to the historic Southeast, BIG BLEND MISSION STATEMENT: Big Blend is this issues explores destinations that are big on a company based on the belief that education regional flavor, seasonal in celebration and active is the most formidable weapon that can be in outdoor adventure. waged against fear, ignorance and prejudice. It is our belief that education starts at home and Big Blend Radio now streams new episodes branches outward. Education leads to travel, Sunday through Friday, and this issue covers and travel leads to understanding, acceptance, some of our latest podcast conversations about and appreciation of cultures and customs travel, new music and books, art and history, different to our own, and ultimately to world food and drink, recipes and cooking, health and peace. Our company is further based on the wellness, life skills and leadership. principle that networking, communication, and helping others to promote and market To keep up with all things Big Blend sign up for themselves leads to financial stability; thus our weekly Big Blend e-Newsletter, or follow us paving the way to better education, travel, and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. the spirit of giving back to the community. This magazine is developed by Big Blend Magazine™, Here’s to a fun and festive fall season! copyrighted since 1997. No part of it may be reproduced for any reason, without written Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith permission from Big Blend Magazine. Although Big Blend’s mother-daughter publishing, radio every effort is made to be accurate, we cannot be and travel team. held responsible for inaccuracies or plagiarized copy submitted to us by advertisers or contributors. PAGE 5 5000 THE BAND From puppets to a round of the game Spontuneous, Denver based guitar duo Meghann Jordan and Matt Youngblood, have a lively chat with Big Blend Radio about their music and music careers. Take a listen here in the YouTube player, or download / listen to the podcast on Meghann Jordan came up in the Athens, Georgia of starting an original rock band, and have been music scene. Surrounded by such influences as gigging locally in Colorado, as well as nationally, R.E.M. and Vic Chesnutt, and other local as a duo (and sometimes a 4-piece rock band) musicians, she started playing guitar at age 13 for the past 2.5 years. Their music sounds like and writing songs at 18. Matt spent the 2000’s in Minneapolis-meets-Athens Alterna-Punk with a Minneapolis. Fronting his three-piece rock band, strong 90’s influence. Their full-length album Chunky Jackson, he was heavily influenced by with Todd Divel of Silo Sound, is set to release local bands such as Hüsker Dü and the this winter. Replacements. Meghann and Matt met through longtime musical cohorts Dave Schools and Jerry Joseph. They moved to Denver with the intention PAGE 8 GUITARIST TODD MOSBY Renown guitarist Todd Mosby talks with Big Blend Radio about his fifth album, "Open Waters," creating the innovative Imrat Guitar, and the local St. Louis music scene. Take a listen here in the YouTube player or download / listen to the podcast on Todd Mosby invites us into his realm, one in student, Mosby began studying Indian music which creativity knows no bounds nor borders. (namely classical North Indian music), which led Like a master chef hunting for the best to the genre’s incorporation into his music. It ingredients to cook a delectable meal, maestro sparked his creation of the Imrat guitar (a 20 Mosby has no compunction selecting the most stringed hybrid sitar-guitar musical bridge ripened ideas and seasoned artists, to feature on instrument that allows Western musicians to “Open Waters.” The 13 track album is a Will access Eastern melodies, and Eastern musicians Ackerman/Tom Eaton production featuring to access Western harmonies for the first time). Michael Manring, Charlie Bisharat, and Jeff After 13 years of study with Imrat Khan, Mosby Haynes (among others). became the only guitarist ever admitted into the Imdhad Khani Gharana, India’s most prestigious “Open Waters” is a concept album depicting an family of musicians. archetype voyage from the floodwaters of Atlantis to a New Land. This album traverses With more than several accolades and genres including, New Age, Jazz, Pop, and Folk. It collaborations during his very active career, also features the acoustic and electric Imrat Mosby has either shared the stage with, or Guitar, the only instrument of its kind in the opened up for such luminaries as Michael world (co-invented by Mosby, Shwartz & Khan), Manring, Imrat Khan, Foreplay, Spyro Gyra, and and highlighted in a number of musical settings. several others. He has performed around the world including, Kravis Center (West Palm Beach, Mosby states: “This album crosses the full FL), The Harris Center (Modesto, CA), Soka spectrum of the music I have performed and University (Aliso Vieja, CA), and many others. know intimately…from Indian Rag to traditional Jazz to the Police. It’s a concept album based Speaking again on the conceptual nature of the project, Mosby says: “This is what I consider an upon the story of Atlantis (Plato’s story about the archetype model as well, for anyone journeying destruction of the ancient civilization), and what survivors may have felt as they escaped from the from one country to another, one city to another, deluge in ships heading westward.” or even leaving planet earth to journey into interstellar space for colonization on new worlds. Coming from a family of inventors, Mosby’s early My mission as an artist is to connect with musical DNA was formed from his love of audiences at the spiritual, emotional and Bluegrass and Folk music, which eventually physical levels, and as such, change lives.” expanded into Fusion and Jazz. While a college PAGE 9 THE LIFE OF ARTIST AARON BOHROD (1907 – 1992) By Victoria Chick, contemporary figurative artist and early 19th & 20th Century Print Collector When you discover things in retrospect, it can be surprising, amazing, and often times humbling, because you can’t believe you missed it earlier. This is exactly how I felt about Aaron Bohrod when I bought one of his prints a few years ago. Listen to this Big Blend Radio interview podcast here in the I first read his name in a short YouTube player, or download / listen to it on art review, while an art major in college in 1964. Fifty three years later, I was now acquire, and researched the artist. By the time I a print collector attracted to a lithograph on became a print collector, I had studied a lot of eBay. It was by Aaron Bohrod. The name was art history and had taught art history and art vaguely familiar. I bid on the print and won! appreciation classes; so I had developed a habit When I received the print, “Reflections in a Shop of mentally placing each print in its historical Window,” I did what I do with all the prints I context and trying to see how each piece related PAGE 10 to what art came before and after it. Aaron association. Bohrod was primarily a painter Bohrod was interesting to me because he whose palette tended toward earth colors. He combined the influences of several trends of also did a number of lithographs where the early 20th century visual art, as well as Dutch range of tonal contrasts - black through white - 17th century Vanitas painting. Historians classify was suited to his interest in carefully constructed his art as Urban Realism. His work was also realist drawing. Aaron Bohrod was 57 years old placed in the category of Social Realism, when I first became aware of him. By that time, primarily, I think, because one of his instructors his accomplishments were many. at the Art Students League had been John Sloan, a prominent Social Realist painter. He had been an artist for the Corps of Engineers in the Pacific theatre of WWII, and later as a war But most of his work seems more personal and correspondent, he had done murals for three introspective to me, than the typical Social post offices in Illinois. At the recommendation of Realist art that depicts classes of people. Being Grant Wood, he replaced John Steuart Curry as from Chicago and New York, city settings were Artist-in-Residence at the University of an obvious subject as it was the type of Wisconsin. He was elected to membership in the environment Bohrod saw every day. Although he National Academy of Design, had won numerous did travel, many paintings of buildings in small awards in National Art shows, and had work in towns and rural locations still reflect his the permanent collections of the Pennsylvania attachment to an architectural environment. Academy of Fine Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Whitney Museum of As in Georgio DeChirico’s Surrealist paintings of American Art, Baltimore Museum of Art, Walker deserted or near deserted streets of the 1920s, Art Center, Cranbrook Academy, Art Institute of Aaron Bohrod’s urban scenes are often void of Chicago, and others. human figures, or have a solitary figure or two small figures creating a mood, rather than a The Wisconsin State Legislature in 1992 voted to Social Realist statement. Additionally, Surrealism honor his memory by naming the Art Gallery at also seems to have influenced him, as many of the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, after his artworks produce their effect through a Aaron Bohrod. dreamlike juxtaposition of objects. He continued to teach until the mid-1970s and to His paintings reflecting his experiences in WWII make art until his later years. Aaron Bohrod express a somewhat dark remembrance through passed away at age 95. arrangements of Trompe l’oeil painted photos Victoria Chick is the founder of the Cow Trail Art and war souvenirs. He later expanded this type Studio in southwest New Mexico. She received a B.A. of work to include humorous objects that in Art from the University of Missouri at Kansas City expressed his own sense of wittiness and his and awarded an M.F.A. in Painting from Kent State enjoyment of double meanings. University in Ohio. Visit her website at Bohrod’s ability to render visual texture was highly developed, with reflective surfaces being his forte. In this interest, he was a harbinger of the Photo Realists. But Photo Realists had For More Articles by technology in the form of slide projectors to help them compose large canvases and their subjects Victoria Chick were modern and shiny. Please visit Bohrod often painted worn surfaces and objects such as old toys that had a warm, human PAGE 11 BOOK NEWS & INTERVIEWS BRIAN BIRNBAUM: EMERALD CITY Author Brian Birnbaum joins Big Blend Radio to discuss his debut novel, “Emerald City.” Listen to the interview podcast here in the YouTube player, or download / listen to it on With his gritty look at the modern crime syndicate, Brian Birnbaum delves into corporate fraud, drug gangs, and the Deaf community, in his literary fiction title, “Emerald City.” Drawing inspiration from his experience as a Jonathan Lee Kay to found a press based in Child of Deaf Adults (CODA) and the Video Relay cultivating a creative and supportive community: Service fraud that ran rampant throughout the Dead Rabbits. Starting out as a successful early 2000s, Birnbaum dissects the impact of reading series, Birnbaum, Rainey, and Kay crime, addiction, and psychological trauma continue the spirit of innovation and acceptance through interconnecting storylines. built within the reading series, to the publishing industry where they strive to support authors Brian worked on “Emerald City” for six years, and their works. querying countless agents, eager to get his book out into the world. After earning a high-powered agent at Writers House — only to watch that agent slip from the industry altogether — Birnbaum teamed up with Katie Rainey and PAGE 12 DIANNE ROMAIN: THE TRUMPET LESSON Author Dianne Romain joins Big Blend Radio to discuss her debut novel, “The Trumpet Lesson.” Listen to the interview podcast here in the YouTube player, or download / listen to it on A breathtaking look at the impact of a life-long secret occasioned by 1960’s attitudes toward teenage pregnancy and race, Dianne Romain’s debut novel, “The Trumpet Lesson,” cross-examines music, family, adoption more than thirty years before. Callie and friendship in recovery from a lifetime of learns the value of playing and speaking from hidden longing, shame, and grief. the heart. Yet, having convinced herself that she must remain silent for her daughter’s sake, Callie Fascinated by a young woman’s performance of uses denial, dark humor, and evasion to guard “The Lost Child” in Guanajuato’s central plaza, her secret. She risks abandoning everyone she painfully shy expatriate Callie Quinn asks the dares to love. But to speak, Callie must confront woman for a trumpet lesson — and ends up the deepest reasons for her silence, the ones confronting her longing to speak of her own lost she conceals from herself. child, the biracial daughter she gave up for JOAN COHEN: LAND OF LAST CHANCES Author Joan Cohen joins Big Blend Radio to discuss her illuminating new novel “Land of Last Chances.” Listen to the interview podcast here in the YouTube player, or download/ listen to it on When an unmarried 48-year-old executive discovers she’s pregnant and doesn’t know which of the two men in her life is the father, she realizes her professional risk management skills don’t extend to her personal life. Worse yet, she Though the story is fictional, Cohen draws from may carry a rare hereditary gene for early-onset her decades as a sales and marketing Alzheimer’s. Whose needs should prevail – hers professional––a career she balanced with raising or the next generation’s? her family in Massachusetts. And because of her experience both with her own family and as a In her new novel, “Land of Last Chances, ”author member of the advisory board for Boston Joan Cohen shines light on the silent but sizable University’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Cohen struggles faced by real-life career women. And also sought to illuminate the challenges of those those challenges become even more suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. complicated when a woman facing a possible at- risk pregnancy learns about the pervasive, incurable disease that could change the Continued on Next Page… trajectory of her life. PAGE 13 PAM WEBBER: MOON WATER Acclaimed author Pam Webber joins Big Blend Radio to discuss her Southern fiction novel “Moon Water,” a captivating standalone sequel to her bestselling novel “The Wiregrass.” Listen to the interview podcast here in the YouTube player, or download / listen to it on Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains during the summer of 1969, “Moon Water” follows Nettie, a gritty sixteen-year-old who is reeling from sucker punches coming from woman for the Monacan Indians gives her a all directions. Her boyfriend since grade school cryptic message about a coming darkness: a wants to break up just as they were beginning to blood moon whose veiled danger threatens figure out the sex thing, her life-long nemesis is Nettie and those she loves. To survive, Nettie jabbing her with perfectly polished nails, and her and her best friend, Win, have to build a hell’s fire and brimstone preacher refuses to mysterious dreamcatcher―one that requires baptize her. them to scour the perilous mountains for Nature’s ancient but perfect elements. In the middle of this turmoil, an old medicine ANTOINETTE CLARK: KINDNESS MATTERS Author Antoinette Clark and beekeeper Dr. Holt join Big Blend Radio to discuss Antoinette’s debut children’s book, “Kindness Matters: Sharing Bees.” Listen to the interview podcast here in the YouTube player, or download / listen to it on Author Antoinette Clark’s debut in children’s literature, “Kindness Matters: Sharing Bees,” teaches young kids the importance of spreading kindness. With a strong returns to the hive where the Queen Bee praises focus on sharing, Clark’s book proves that her selfless leadership and bravery. anyone can be a hero, even the buzzing bees. “Kindness Matters” not only shows young In Honeycomb City, Sadie and her friends children examples of selfless kindness, but also happily buzz from flower to flower, collecting teach kids the important role of bees in helping nectar and pollen to bring back to the spring flowers come to life each year. honeycomb. When they suddenly spot storm clouds in the distance, Sadie suggests that everyone share the heavy load so they can fly back to the hive before the rain starts. Sadie PAGE 14 On this episode of Big Blend Radio, Jacki Ueng "Bohemian Vagabond" discusses her global adventures and travel writing career focused on solo female travel around the world. Listen to her interview podcast here in the YouTube player, or download / listen to it on Having visited over 50 countries, Jacki approaches travel as an anthropologist, documenting traditions, ethnic food and culture. She’s on a mission to inspire young women to travel more, and through her blog and print articles, shares travel safety and budget tips, along with the various destinations she visits around the world, and in Los Angeles where she’s based. Keep up with Jacki’s travels at PAGE 15 EXPLORING THE GREEK ISLES A PortoVino with a View Adventure By Marisa Hammerbeck, co-owner of PortoVino Paros Ahhh the Greek Isles…. My husband Gunnar and I were fortunate enough to take my PortoVino(s), and our family to a few of the Cycladic Greek Islands this summer and it did not disappoint. The iconic white washed buildings with royal blue trim to go along with the crystal blue/green shades of the Aegean Sea paired perfectly with the PortoVino With A View - and boy Listen to Marisa’s Big Blend Radio interview podcast here in did it have a view! As we traveled the YouTube player, or download / listen to it on from the various islands, we switched up the PortoVinos and the beverages that flowed out of them. Here is a little snippet of our itinerary, along with buildings, and there are some great beaches for some PortoVino with a view photos. windsurfing. Mykonos was a pretty little island with windmills Naxos is the largest of the Cycladic islands but and meandering streets along the water known still has all the charm. The main town is defined as little Venice. It is known as the pa
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