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BBA Bachelor of Business Administration 2019-2020 C O N T E N T S Why 4 IPAG The school for the jobs of today… IPAG? and tomorrow! THE PROGRAMME 6 A…
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration 2019-2020 C O N T E N T S Why 4 IPAG The school for the jobs of today… IPAG? and tomorrow! THE PROGRAMME 6 A State-recognised Up and running in three years school 8 An international curriculum A nonprofit institution, we are EESPIG- accredited. This accreditation ensures “Managers fit to evolve in multicultural our programmes adhere to the priorities 10 contexts” of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. OUR APPROACH 12 Top-tier professors Cutting-edge Boost your research 14 Our instruction is grounded in top-tier résumé research. Since 2017, we have been the 3rd-ranked French business school “Setting career goals for research in economics and finance 16 that will help you thrive” according to the Shanghai rankings. OUR CAMPUSES Personalised 18 Life at IPAG support We’re a school on a human scale. Our OUTCOMES instructional and administrative teams are attentive to students’ needs and ensure 24 After your BBA their educational trajectories run smoothly. Our Career Center helps students find their “At IPAG, no one gets path and develop their professional goals. 26 left behind” “My goal? An international 28 To stay mobile” outlook International experiences occur daily at IPAG. 30 JOIN IPAG Our campuses welcome students and professors of over 80 different nationalities. All our students may complete an international internship each year and study at least two modern languages during their programme. 2 I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 We’re after a single goal: to give you the keys you need to reveal your full potential E D I T O R I A L Helping you discover the world and yourself In a world in constant evolution, companies need agile orientation and international outlook. This programme managers who can think beyond existing frameworks also encompasses a double degree in partnership and inspire productive interchange among existing with two prestigious U.K. institutions: the Nottingham disciplines. Business School and the University of South Wales. As a member of the Conference of Grandes Écoles, When you choose IPAG, you aren’t just choosing an IPAG offers a range of exceptional programmes to help exceptional education. You’re preparing to experience students from diverse backgrounds become just such unforgettable moments that will be decisive for your high-potential managers. future. That’s why we devote all our energy to supporting you throughout your programme — demanding but For students who want to be ready for the job caring, and determined to help you succeed. I wish market in three years, our school offers a diploma you all the best in your future endeavors. built after the Anglo-Saxon model: the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), a degree particularly Guillaume BIGOT appreciated by recruiters for its professionalising Executive Director of the IPAG Group I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 3 I P A G The school for the jobs of today… and tomorrow! You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. IPAG is helping by training a new generation of creative, open-minded, and socially responsible leaders. Our ambition How do you thrive in a continually Excel in the role of your choice Innovate, evolving professional world? At IPAG, while helping to create the commit to your we believe you can chart your course roles of tomorrow; goals, and push confidently through fields in constant beyond your limits. transformation. By taking part in Think beyond existing formative professional, personal and frameworks, disciplines and At IPAG, we prepare the professio- volunteering experiences from the boundaries; nals of tomorrow. Agile men and get-go, you’ll be ready to: women who are able to reinvent Forge teams and bring out themselves throughout their careers. their best; Leaders who are open-minded and culturally aware, and who are Take on unexpected well aware that all success is team challenges; success. Our values Agility Responsibility Excellence Open- Because in a continually Because today, a Because many mindedness evolving professional business cannot students have Because managers’ environment, a good disregard social and greater potential decisions must be manager must demonstrate environmental issues, than they know, at globally oriented, agility, at IPAG, you will learn at IPAG, we prioritise IPAG, we help you at IPAG, we value how to adapt yourself to any the responsibility discover the best in difference and situation. we all share for the yourself. prioritise the collective good. discovery of other cultures. 4 I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 A socially responsible vision of management IPAG promotes a socially responsible vision of management. All of our activities — from our teaching to our research policies and our own internal programmes — place a premium on corporate social responsibility and on the pursuit of meaningful projects that bring lasting benefits for businesses and society as a whole. Our programmes aim to raise awareness. They stimulate students’ ethical sensibility, along with their ability to think critically and their awareness of the world around them. Our goal is to impart in our students a consciousness of their responsibilities as citizens and as budding professionals. Thanks to its values and the efficacy of its social mission, IPAG joined the United Nations’ PRME programme (Principles for Responsible Management Education) in 2019, alongside more than 500 business and management schools from 80 countries. We are honoured to be a member. Maria Giuseppina BRUNA Ph.D., tenured Management professor, director of Ethics, CSR and Social Research at IPAG Over 50 years of independence IPAG has been a registered nonprofit for over fifty years. Founded in 1965, it does not answer to shareholders, and its financial resources are derived exclusively from tuition fees and corporate partnerships. T H E P R O G R A M M E Up and running in three years IPAG’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year degree programme that professionalises you while equipping you with an international outlook. Highly valued by recruiters, it enables you to develop a well-rounded managerial profile in just three years. 1st year 2nd year SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 Introduction to Introduction to Accounting Financial Organisations Management Principles Analysis Financial Microeconomics Cross-Cultural International Mathematics Introduction to Management Business Introduction to Statistics International Environment Cross-Cultural Mix Marketing Economics International Communications and Market Research Negotiation Principles of Communication Human Resource Innovation Marketing Comparative Management and Digital Accounting Contracts Law Marketing Introduction to Principles Business IT Business Law Using Social Introduction to Tools (TOSA Media in Research Business Law level 1) Business Methods Economic Academic Research Advanced Conditions Presentations Methods Statistics Business IT Tools Introduction to Financial Business IT Tools Geopolitics Accounting Academic Writing Geopolitical Project Business Game Future Internship Foreign Career Group + Each in France Foreign Language 2: counselling volunteer or abroad Language 1: German, Spanish, (see pages project year (option, see French Italian, Chinese, or 15, and (optional for pages 14-15) Russian (option) 16-17) the 2nd year) 6 I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 Career opportunities International Business Executive Business Developer Sales Executive Marketing Project Manager Product Manager Web Project Manager 3rd year SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 Business Ethics and + 2 electives of your choice 4 to 6-month internship, in France Corporate Social Responsibility or abroad Purchasing and Advertising and International (see pages 14-15) Supply Chain Promotion Management Management Advanced Business Strategy International Marketing Business Game Tourism Business Law Career counselling Strategic International HR (see pages 15 and Marketing Management 16-17) Planning Financial Treasury and Management International Geopolitics Risk Business English Management Advanced Economic Analysis or Double degree with the University of South Wales or Nottingham Business School (see page 9) I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 7 T H E P R O G R A M M E An international curriculum Utterly international, IPAG’s BBA programme immerses you in a 100% English-language, multicultural environment beginning in the very first year. An all-English A multicultural curriculum environment Instruction in the BBA programme takes place entirely in Each class in the BBA programme brings together stu- English. The courses are led by bilingual professors with dents from over 30 countries, a cultural mix that perfec- extensive international experience. To develop your in- tly reflects our international outlook. Taken all together, tercultural competencies, you can also learn up to two of the programmes on IPAG’s Paris and Nice campuses the modern languages taught at IPAG: French, Spanish, boast students and professors from over 80 countries. German, Italian, Russian, or Chinese. 8 I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 100% of courses taught in English 2 international double degrees in your 3rd year 30+ nationalities represented Two double degrees to unlock Take advantage of the BBA to earn a degree from an elite British school. Beginning in the 3rd year, two double degree options allow you to earn a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Business Management along with IPAG’s BBA. South Wales Track (Nice campus) Earn a double degree without leaving France! Through the South Wales track offered on the Nice campus, you Nottingham Track can become an “expat” without leaving home. Offered in partnership with the University of South Wales — Take to the international stage before you even graduate! the United Kingdom’s 6th largest university — this pro- The Nottingham track offers a full year of study on the gramme is led by professors who give their courses in campus of the Nottingham Business School. EQUIS and person at IPAG. During the second semester, you will also AACSB accredited, Nottingham Business School is one of benefit from one-on-one coaching to prepare you for the U.K.’s most prestigious schools: 94% of its students your end-of-studies internship. find a job within six months of graduation. That’s fini- shing on a high note! COURSEWORK COURSEWORK Business Strategy Global Business in a Changing World International Business International Strategic Management International Human Resource Management Leadership and Employability International Issues in Accounting Research Project International Strategic Marketing Business Information Communication Ethics and Sustainability and Learning 4 to 6-month internship, + 2 electives of your choice + in France or abroad I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 9 Can you say more about the double degrees? E. C. For the students who are most comfortable in English, we offer admission to a double curri- culum in the 3rd year. They can opt to study for a year at the Nottingham Business School, one of the top-ranked business schools in the U.K., or even take courses offered by professors from the University of South Wales directly on IPAG grounds if they choose the Nice campus. Whatever their choice, these advanced students will have earned a four-year degree by the end of the programme, which gives them the opportunity to apply directly Managers fit to 2nd year British Master’s courses. What are the admissions prerequisites for IPAG’s BBA? to evolve in E. C. Special attention is of course paid to stu- dents’ levels in English. Given the programme’s multicultural goals, we also try to recruit students who are looking to develop an international career. More than 30 nationalities are represented in each contexts class of the BBA, a level of diversity which contri- butes greatly to IPAG’s reputation abroad: in 2017, we were the 3rd-ranked French business school for research in economy and finance according to the Shanghai rankings. What are the programme’s strengths? H er career took her from E. C. By experience, I know that classic lecture Milan to London, then from hall courses no longer appeal to the younger London to Nice and Monaco. generations. Increasingly, students need to be Raised in Italy and trained stimulated in different ways. We therefore en- as an economist, Elisa Conti has been courage students to take ownership of their own director of IPAG’s BBA Programme since trajectories, by prioritizing the flipped classroom 2017. In its international outlook, it’s a approach, for example. By making pedagogical programme that mirrors her trajectory. resources available on special course platforms, we free students up to study course material What can you tell us about independently. That way, time in the classroom the BBA Programme? can focus on role-playing and discussion with professors. That makes it possible to offer a Elisa CONTI IPAG’s BBA is a three-year programme more concrete learning experience and work on offered on our Paris and Nice campuses. It is cross-cutting skills like public speaking. grounded in the fundamentals of law, finance, marketing, and sales. The courses are given A final word of advice entirely in English. The goal of the programme for prospective students? is to train future managers who are fit to evolve in multicultural contexts. Incidentally, it can lead E. C. Be active participants in your courses, work to a double degree in partnership with British hard from the very first day, and use all the re- universities. sources the school puts at your disposal! 1 0 I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 CV 2009 Doctorate in economics at the Università IULM (Italy) 2012 Joins London & Partners as an economist (U.K.) 2015 Joins IPAG as economics professor 2017 Becomes director of the BBA Programme at IPAG I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 1 1 O U R A P P R O A C H Top-tier professors The IPAG faculty numbers close to 300 professors. Men and women from varied backgrounds, recognised for their expertise in their fields and their talents as teachers. Active Distinguished professionals researchers Close to 200 business professionals participate in IPAG’s faculty comprises more than 80 instructor- IPAG’s programmes each year. They include lawyers, researchers, three-quarters of whom have a doctorate bankers, executives, division directors, start-up in their area of instruction. Well-respected by their creators, consultants, and more. They come to share peers, they publish in the best international specialist their experiences on the ground and impart their journals each year. Thanks to their excellence, know-how. Their contributions are indispensable in in 2017, we became the 3rd-ranked French business shaping skilled professionals who are able to adapt school for research in economics and finance to businesses’ current and future needs. according to the Shanghai rankings. 1 2 I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 180+ business professionals 80+ instructor- researchers An international Exceptional faculty interlocutors Half of our instructor-researchers are foreign-born. With degrees from the world’s greatest universities, they come from North America, Asia, Europe, the Writers, essayists, or politicians Maghreb, and the Middle East. Complementing speak on our campuses each this permanent faculty are our visiting professors year. They come to IPAG to debate who practice with IPAG’s partner universities. About the great contemporary issues forty of them are active each year on with you. our campuses. Aquilino Bérénice Mathieu Arnaud Pascal MORELLE LEVET BOCK-CÔTÉ MONTEBOURG BRUCKNER Senior official, Philosopher, Sociologist, Former minister Novelist, former special essayist essayist, of the Economy, essayist advisor to the columnist politician, president of the entrepreneur Republic I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 1 3 O U R A P P R O A C H Boost your résumé With IPAG’s BBA Programme, you can accumulate up to twelve months of professional experience. An internship each year IPAG’s BBA programme enables you to complete up to three work internships: two- to three-month-long optio- nal internships twice in the 1st and 2nd years, and a longer-term internship (from four to six months) in your 3rd year. Through experience in the field, you’ll be able to apply what you know, gain new skills, and hone your professional trajectory. Business challenges From the 1st to the 3rd year, the BBA programme is punctuated by a variety Up to 12 months of business games. Created with the help of major corporations, these of professional simulations challenge you to take experience on business case studies under real-life conditions. It’s a fun way to apply what you’ve learned under the friendly supervision of our partner companies. 1 business game in the 1st and 3rd years 1 4 I P A G / / / B B A 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 Personalised guidance TThroughout the programme, you will Whether you’re looking for an benefit from the guidance of your internship, a job, or career advi- programme advisor and their team. sing, our Career Center is there to Their goal is to orient and advise you help you. Business forums, résumé at each step of your studies. From your advice, interview prep, personal arrival at IPAG to your first interview, you development workshops — every can count on them to help you narrow year, a multitude of events and your goals and meet your professional workshops are organised to help targets with confidence. you polish your self-presentation, discover new ways to get recruited IPAG’s human resources specialists offer or use social media to network, individual coaching and skills tests prepare for study abroad, or learn that will help you learn your strengths. how to negotiate your first salary. These coaches will help you find your path and develop a professional track tailored to your abilities. Opportunities in France and abroad Ghofrane Danlin OUEGHLISSI OU Trainee at Trainee at Silversea Wildmoka MONACO FRANCE Alvit Hanna Manashi BABI CENTERSKOG DAS Trainee at Trainee at Trainee at Too Good to Go the Swedish Société ESPAGNE embassy des bains QATAR MONACO 1 5 IPAG Booster Days for the Master’s students in the Grande École Programme. At these events, students can choose the workshops they want to attend: stress management, public speaking, job search and networking strategies, and so on. We prioritise interactive, informal formats to encourage back-and-forth between the students Setting and the visitors. In addition, interactive resources like corporate career goals videos, guidance in the form of examples of CVs and cover letters, as well as job and internship opportunities are regularly posted on the Career that will help Center site online. You really emphasise students’ personal development. you thrive How do you facilitate that? I. I. In addition to the workshops, each student benefits from personalised counseling that enables A them to evaluate their skills regularly. Twice a year, A corporate relations expert, the students meet with a human resources expert Iwona Ivanov has more than one that they choose themselves. It’s an opportunity talent up her sleeve. After earning for them to take skills and personality tests as her stripes at business schools in well as to talk through their first professional France and the United States, she joined experiences. The goal is to locate their strengths IPAG in 2015 as director of the Career and their real sources of motivation as they find Center. Her mission: to advise students their way into their careers as managers. throughout their trajectory and contribute to their professional success. You invite a number of companies to participate. What is the Career Center’s mission? I. I. Our network is one of our strengths. Almost Iwona IVANOV IPAG’s Career Center supports stu- 300 companies — CAC 40 corporations,
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