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October 7 - 20, 2019 “Blood donors saved my life” - Miami Dolphins football player Kendrick Norton turning pain into purpose Buddy loves Aventura Five-year-old…
October 7 - 20, 2019 “Blood donors saved my life” - Miami Dolphins football player Kendrick Norton turning pain into purpose Buddy loves Aventura Five-year-old Buddy, a Bichon Friese Maltese, has a true appreciation for everything Aventura! He loves walking with his pet parents, Gary and Carolina Pyott, Photography by: AndrewGoldsteinPhotography.com around the Don Soffer Aventura Fitness Trail where he sees so many of Sunny Isles Beach Mayor Bud Scholl, Pres. & CEO of OneBlood; Kendrick Norton, Yves Botaba, Terry Boyton, Ricardo Louis and Joshua Marriner, his four-legged friends and their pet Miami Dolphins; AMC Chairman Gary Pyott, Association 1st and Campbell Property Management parents. Surely, it doesn't get any better than when he sits inside the Impactful and inspiring. That’s what make tourniquets to stop the bleeding. I can still talk. I can still have a life, I just Soffer Club at the JW Marriott Miami people were saying after hearing Miami Once he arrived at Jackson Memorial lost a piece of my arm,” said Norton. Dolphins football player Kendrick Norton Hospital, Norton received more than 20 He was given a second chance at life and share his story of losing his arm in a units of blood. “Blood donors saved my was determined to turn his pain into BUDDY page 4 devastating car accident and how blood life”, Norton said. purpose. See donors saved his life. Most people never think they will need a “I decided that I need to help people,” OneBlood, the local not-for-profit blood blood transfusion, but the fact is one in Norton said. Knowing the vital role blood center serving Florida and much of the three people will need a blood transfusion donors and OneBlood played in saving his southeast, was the host of the September at some point in their life. “If you had told life, he set out on a mission to inspire and Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of me a few months ago that I would be that educate people about the importance of a Commerce meeting and Norton was their one person needing blood transfusions, I ready blood supply. As the audience guest speaker. never in a million years would have listened intently to his story, Norton said, Norton’s NFL career came to an abrupt believed you,” said Norton. “OneBlood has been there for me every end the night of July 4th, when his arm was With his dreams of playing in the NFL step of the way. I want to encourage all of severed in a car crash. “I knew at the taken from him, Norton had to confront his you to go out and donate blood. You never accident that my arm was gone. It wasn’t new reality. “At first I was angry, but then know whose life you will be saving”, said attached to me”, Norton told the audience. my Mom and my girlfriend kept telling me Norton. He explained how he was losing a lot of how blessed I was to still be alive and I blood and how pedestrians were trying to began to calm down. It was then that I help by taking off their shirts and belts to realized that I’m still here. I can still walk, See DONORS page 4 Page 2 / October 7 - 20, 2019 AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 7 - 20, 2019 / Page 3 FRANKLY SPEAKING Timing is Everything BY PATRICIA C. FRANK and there is nothing more to be gained or Psy.D., L.M.H.C., F.A.P.A. enjoyed consider moving on. When there is no longer any joy or hope of joy, you There is a dilemma should move on. many people experi- Sometimes, the fair represents a dream ence in life which leads world. You are in a suspended, altered state them to question them- of existence. The fair is a break from the selves, “Have I stayed reality and responsibilities of your every- too long at the fair?” day life and it can be tempting to stay, and This is a well-known nursery rhyme. in doing so stay too long. Timing is every- The first verse of this song asks, “O dear, thing. Knowing when to stay and when to what can the matter be? which hints at a go is everything. Birds know when to universal, underlying anxiety about leave and fly south. Trees know when to whether or not you should quit while you change color and drop their leaves. Bears are ahead and while you are at the top of know when to hibernate. your game. Nothing stays the same for- It is possible to stay too long at the Fair ever, no matter how much you might want because you are mesmerized by the lights to believe that it does or that it will. Time and music it provides. Keep in mind that marches on and knowing when you should there is something next after the experi- move on is important and sometimes cru- ence of the fair. Don’t be defined by the cial to your happiness. expectations or by the, “shoulds” of life. Don’t waste your life with someone who There are opportunities and experiences doesn’t love you. Don’t waste your life at yet to be had and a different life to be lived work if someone does not appreciate you if you wish. and what you do. Ask yourself, if the Be alert and aware so you don’t stay too sparkle has started to wear off? Has the long at the fair. merry-go- round started to slow down? Is ——————————— the magic gone? When the music has Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychother- dimmed and you have heard all the jokes apist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864. Page 4 / October 7 - 20, 2019 AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 DONORS from front page Sunny Isles Beach Mayor Bud Scholl, the Ft. Lauderdale Airport mass shooting who is also the President and CEO of and the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando. OneBlood also spoke to the audience. He Scholl stressed the need for people to be thanked the blood donors in the room and proactive about donating blood and not provided an eye-opening view into the need waiting for a tragedy. “Blood donations for a ready blood supply for the must be done in advance. What most community. people don’t realize is it’s the people who “Ensuring a ready blood supply is a donated the week before a tragedy who are massive, around-the-clock effort. Every ensuring blood is available when it is day we deploy more than 200 of our needed”, Scholl said. signature Big Red Buses throughout the Kendrick Norton is living proof of the southeast for blood drives. We make more power blood donors have to save lives. than 1,500 deliveries of blood a day to more “You never know how much you can than 250 hospital partners and distribute impact someone’s life. I encourage you to more than one million blood products donate blood and do whatever you can to annually,” said Scholl. help make this world a better place”, said OneBlood has been at the helm of Norton. ensuring blood was available for national For more information on how you can host tragedies, including the Marjory Stoneman a blood drive with OneBlood visit Douglas High School tragedy in Parkland, https://www.oneblood.org/host-a-blood-drive/ BUDDY from front page Turnberry Resort & Spa, where he feasts places in Aventura, and there's so many on carrots and blueberries. The servers all Starbucks to choose from! Driving down know Buddy, and as soon as they see him, NE 213th Street and passing the new Don they start preparing his snack tray, Soffer Aventura High School, Buddy’s sometimes surprising him with strawberries head is out the window to capture a cool and apples. breeze on the way to the Starbucks at The Aventura Mall is another one of Aventura ParkSquare. Some of his Buddy's favorite places...oh, the interesting favorite restaurants are Corsair at the JW pet families you can see there! Relaxing in Marriott Miami, 800 degrees Woodfired his pet stroller, Buddy is entranced by all Kitchen, Serafina, La Boulangerie, the people, many of whom stop to greet Genuine Pizza and International Smoke him and tell him how adorable he is. When where a doggy menu is featured. he sniffs the aroma of coffee, he knows that Buddy has his own little 'office' inside his pet parents will sit down for a while and the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber he is treated with more snacks...healthy, of of Commerce, where he naps, eats organic course! carrots and thinks he owns the office. Starbucks is one of Buddy's favorite Check us out online at www.AventuraNews.com AVENTURA NEWS 6796 SW 62 Avenue, South Miami, FL 33143 • Phone 305-669-7355 www.communitynewspapers.com PUBLISHER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grant Miller EXECUTIVE EDITOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael Miller WRITERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bari Auerbach, Linda Rodriguez-Bernfeld, Gary Alan Ruse, Lee Stephens, Richard Yager ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES . . . . . . . . . Albie Barnes, Jose Bowles, Denise Caligiuri, Amy Donner, Denzil Miles, Ann Robbins-Udel, Fara Sax, Diane Sedona Schiller, Karina Soave, Georgia Tait, Jesus Toledo GRAPHIC ARTISTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Denise Cebrero, Isabel Ortega, Isabel Vavrek PUBLISHER EMERITUS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ron Miller ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER EMERITUS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dan Palmer Aventura News • Brickell Tribune • Coral Gables News • Cutler Bay News Doral Tribune • Kendall Gazette • Miami Beach News • Palmetto Bay News Pinecrest Tribune • South Miami News • Sunny Isles Beach Sun For more information, contact Michael Miller at 305-669-7030 or michael@communitynewspapers.com AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 7 - 20, 2019 / Page 5 Page 6 / October 7 - 20, 2019 AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 A NETWORK AS STRONG AS THE PARTNERSHIP BEHIND IT AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 7 - 20, 2019 / Page 7 HISTORICALLY YOURS THE FEAR OF FAILURE severe critics, he built “the Panama Canal, bust corporate trusts, waved the ‘big stick’ BY HON. BOB DIAMOND Teddy Roosevelt left of America’s growing military might, and a most important turned the historically weak president into message to all of us the ‘bully pulpit.’ TR was the only president about overcoming the to earn the Medal of Honor for valor in war fear of failure. It is a – and the first to win the Nobel Peace message for us to give Prize.” to our children and TR urged all of us to get into the “arena grandchildren. A very of life in whatever venture we may take – dear friend once confided that all of his life and never to be afraid of failure: he wanted to be a doctor, however, he never “It is not the critic who counts; nor the qualified, fearing he would fail in the man who points out how the strong man required courses of chemistry and physics. stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could I wish he had read the message of TR. have done better. The credit belongs to the Teddy, our youngest president who man who is actually in the arena, whose overcame an early life filled with emotional face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; and physical failure and “through the sheer who strives valiantly; who errs, and comes force of his extraordinary will, turned up short again and again, because there is America into a modern world power.” As a no effort without error or shortcoming; who child, Teddy was so sick with asthma that knows the great enthusiasms, the great he was frightened to leave the home devotions, who spends himself in a worthy because of the threat of neighborhood cause; who at the best knows in the end of toughies. He had to depend upon his the triumph of high achievement, and who younger brother Elliot for physical at worst, if he fails, at least fails while protection. His parents brought a boxing daring greatly, so that his place shall never instructor to their home to teach the frail be with those timid souls who know neither Teddy to defend himself. For years victory nor defeat.” thereafter, it looked like a failed project, but eventually the frail young man developed, Sources: Teddy Roosevelt, Fear of physically and mentally, to become an Failure, “What we can learn from Teddy inspiration to all of us. According to Roosevelt,”: AZ Quotes, “Theodore historian James M. Strock (Theodore Roosevelt Quotes About Overcoming,”: Roosevelt on Leadership), Teddy used his Good reads, “Theodore Roosevelt – courage during the Spanish-American War Quotes,”: The Startup, “Theodore by personally, under fire, leading the charge Roosevelt: How to Become The Best up San Juan Hill. Over the objections of Version of Yourself.” Page 8 / October 7 - 20, 2019 AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 Around Town in Aventura Aventura ParkSquare update hosted by Aloft Hotel At a recent Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting at Aloft Hotel located in Aventura ParkSquare, Board members received an update on this rapidly-expanding ‘town center’ on NE 207th Street. Comprised of a little over three acres, Aventura ParkSquare is fast becoming known as a place that offers multiple dining options all within walking distance, an amenity that is already being enjoyed by the residents of The Plaza at ParkSquare, Aloft Hotel guests, BanescoUSA bank, Starbucks, businesses that own condos and residents who live there. Michael Sadov, Director of Sales & Marketing for Integra, developer of Aventura ParkSquare, spoke about the new restaurants that are opening within the next month, including Casa d’Angelo, Graziano’s, BarTaco and DeliciousRaw. Liza Hernandez, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said, “We are delighted to have this opportunity to speak with the Anthony Damato, VIP Sales & Community Engagement, Toyota of North Miami Andy Lewis, Partner, Law Firm of Eisinger Brown business leaders of our community about all Lewis Rey Ramirez, Regional Director, AC Hotel and Aloft Hotel Sheril Henney, Director of Sales & Marketing, LEVEL THREE Venue; the exciting things going on here at Aventura Michael Sadov, Integra; Gary Pyott, AMC Chairman of the Board; CEO of Association 1st; Charlene Welker, Senior VP, Mount Sinai ParkSquare.” Medical Center; Ben Launerts, Region VP, Park1 An evening at International Smoke, Aventura Mall It was a perfect September evening. The breeze was blowing ever so gently as members of the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails on the beautiful patio of International Smoke in the Aventura Mall. Located next to the twin Aventura Slides in the new wing of the Mall, International Smoke is owned and operated by Alysha Curry, wife of basketball legend Stefan Curry and Michael Mina, owner/chef extraordinaire. General Manager Rafael Vasquez welcomed the guests as many of them recognized him as the former Assistant General Manager of Bourbon Steak inside the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, another Michael Mina spectacular restaurant. AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 7 - 20, 2019 / Page 9 “Blood donors saved my life” - Miami Dolphins football player Kendrick Norton turning pain into purpose Susan Forbes, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Sunny Isles Beach Mayor Bud Scholl, President & CEO of OneBlood and Public Relations of OneBlood Featured speaker Kendrick Norton, Miami Dolphins Cesar Arguelles, Vi at Aventura and David Feigenbaum, Jewish Ray Crittenden, NFL PA South FL. Chapter; Kendrick Norton; Kristoffer Community Services Doura, Former NFL; Ray Shipman, Memorial Healthcare System Aventura Mayor Enid Weisman and Hon. Billy Joel Miami- Dade Comm. Sally Heyman; Aventura City Manager Ron Jeff Levinson, Bank OZK; Aventura Police Major Michael Bentolila; Hon. Wasson; Aletha Player Billy Joel; Allan German, RDS Team; Charles Orvieto, Orvieto’s Awards Fara Sax, Community News and Alexis Moseley, Ofc. of Comm. Sally Heyman Maria Kafetzis, Douglas Elliman; Judge Stephanie Silver; Sunny Isles Beach Comm. Dana Goldman Young Star Cameron Wheeler; Phil Fender, Transformation media; Ibis Major Bentolila; Peter Caspari and Rebecca Heinl, ESGR; Ofc. Freeman Wheeler and Ofc. Williams Photography by AndrewGoldsteinPhotography.com Page 10 / October 7 - 20, 2019 AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 “Blood donors saved my life” - Miami Dolphins football player Kendrick Norton turning pain into purpose Sunny Isles Beach Mayor Bud Scholl, OneBlood; Aventura Mayor Enid AMC Chairman Gary Pyott, Association 1st and Campbell Property Weisman; Susan Forbes, OneBlood; Alexis Moseley, Ofc. of Comm. Miami- Dade Comm. Sally Heyman Management Sally Heyman Dimitry Shaposhnikov, Ds Xpress and FrandMe; Aventura Police Major Anthony Damato, Toyota of North Miami VIP Sales; Hon. Billy Joel; Michael Bentolila; Hon. Billy Joel; Ben Launerts, ParkOne Hon. Joe Gibbons and Kendrick Norton, Miami Dolphins Sunny Isles Beach Police Chief Dwight Snyder Jeff Levinson, Bank OZK; Andy Lewis, Eisinger Brown Lewis Michael Krop Senior High Principal Dr. Adam Kosnitzsky and Comm. Lucy Weinkoff, Firmeza; Kendrick Norton; Aletha Player Sally Heyman Gulcan Unal, DoubleTree by Hilton; Max Fleischer, SendOutCards; Kat Torre, International Smoke Trish Hyman, Kent Services; Dogoberto Castex; Assisting Hands Miami AMC Members networking Photography by AndrewGoldsteinPhotography.com Beach; Veronica Strauss, Mass Mutual AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 7 - 20, 2019 / Page 11 “Blood donors saved my life” - Miami Dolphins football player Kendrick Norton turning pain into purpose Aventura Officers of the Month Ofc. Jason Williams and Ofc. Angel Melendez (accepted by Ofc. Brian Freeman with Anthony Damato, Toyota of North Miami VIP Sales; Aventura Police Chief Bryan Pegues; New Chairman’s Roundtable member AMC Chairman Gary Pyott, Hon. Billy Joel; Aventura Comm. Gladys Mezrahi; Miami-Dade Comm. Sunny Isles Beach Mayor Bud Scholl, OneBlood accepts sponsor Campbell Property Management with Hon. Wilbert “T” Holloway; Sally Heyman; Aventura Mayor Enid Weisman plaque from Fara Sax, Community News Sen. Ron Silver; Mayor Weisman; Hon. Joe Gibbons; Mayor Scholl New general member Angela Brown and Kristine Webb, Palm Gardens of Aventura; Dr. Daniel Dawkins, Golson Spine Rehabilitation Center; New Chairman’s Roundtable member Paul DeMeza, Alfredo Cedeño New general members Lucky Weinkoff, Firmeza; Mark Benzaquen and Dr. Gyongyi Kocscine, Attila Kocsis, Michael Leitman, I-QRS Research and Vanessa Lindhol, Divieto Ristorante with VIPs Shelly Czaikowski, Active Home Care with VIPs & Development with VIPs Door prize winner Hon Joe Gibbons with Mayor Scholl; Kendrick Steve Goitia, IT Doctors; Jeff Levinson, Bank OZK; Pedro Alvarez, All Floyd Raglin, Warren Henry Automotive Group; Kat Torre, International Norton; AMC Chairman Gary Pyott Florida Pest Control Smoke; Ray Crittenden, NFL PA South FL. Chapter Dogoberto Castex; Assisting Hands Miami Beach; Larry Goldenberg, Dr. Safety Bars; Michelle Desjardins, Allstate Ben Kovacs, Michael Leitman and Dr. Gyongyi Kocscine, I-QRS AMC members networking Research & Development Photography by AndrewGoldsteinPhotography.com Page 12 / October 7 - 20, 2019 AVENTURANEWS.COM / 305-669-7355 Professional Women’s Council meets at CIRC Hotel in Hollywood Memorial Healthcare System and Joe great networking and having an DiMaggio Children’s Hospital recently opportunity to hear Philomena Doliny, hosted a luncheon for the Professional Nurse Director for the Breast Cancer Women’s Council of the Aventura Infusion Center at Memorial West, speak Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce about the topic. With one in eight at Hollywood’s CIRC Hotel. Dressed in a diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S., variety of shades of pink in honor of the there were many questions directed to upcoming October Breast Cancer Doliny and Ana Espinosa from Memorial. Awareness Month, the women enjoyed Birthday celebrants share their whipped cream birthday cake Jaqueline Aramboles, Waste Management; Fara Sax, Community News; Annette Winkler, JW Marriott Turnberry Resort & Spa; Catalina Estela-Bore
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