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Fundamental Skills and Rules in Badminton By Michele M Howard, eHow Contributor y y y y Print this article 1. o Badminton is a quick game to learn and play. Badminton, like many sports, is played at many levels of skill and ability. The recreational version of this game is easy to learn. The rules are not complicated. Badminton does not even require a lot of equipment. With a few rackets, a shuttle and a net with supports, you are ready to go. 2.Skills Needed o To play recreational badmin
  Fundamental Skills and Rules inBadminton By Michele M Howard, eHow Contributor    y   y   y   y   P rint this article 1.   o   Badminton is a quick game to learn and play.   Badminton, like many sports, is played at many levels of skill and ability.The recreational version of this game is easy to learn. The rules are notcomplicated. Badminton does not even require a lot of equipment. With afew rackets, a shuttle and a net with supports, you are ready to go. 2.   Skills Needed o   To play recreational badminton you only need a few basic skills--aforehand, a backhand and a serve. At the professional level, there areseveral variations and ways to hit these shots. The pros even have arepertoire of trick shots during match play. However, at the recreationallevel, you do need to be able to start a point with a serve, hitting theshuttle, or birdie over the net and into the proper area of the opponent'scourt. Being able to maintain a rally of hitting the shuttle back and forthover the net with either a forehand stroke or a backhand stroke until apoint is awarded is necessary. Basic Serves o   Two fundamental serves used are the low and high serve. The low serveis gently hit low over the net and designed to land at the front of thereceiver's service court. This serve is used more in doubles play. The  high serve is hit with a lot of force, high over the net so that it fallsdownward and vertically in the back of the opponent's service court. Thisserve is used more in singles play. Basic Strokes o   One of the most important fundamental strokes to learn is the clear. Thisshot can be hit with either the forehand or backhand. The underhandclear is used to return a low shuttle. The overhead clear is probably usedmore than any other stroke in badminton. With this stroke, the shuttletravels high and deep and keeps your opponent in the back of the court.Being able to hit a smash shot is also useful. This is when you hit theshuttle in a downward direction over the net in an attempt to end thepoint quickly. Rules for Serving o    According to the Badminton World Federation (BWF), a server must startthe serve standing behind the baseline and some part of both feet mustbe in contact with the court until the racket hits the shuttle. The deliveryof the serve must be an underhand stoke, and the shuttle and rackethead must be below the server's waist at contact. The serve can be hitwith a forehand or a backhand. Only one attempt of a serve is allowed.The serve is hit diagonally cross-court from right to left when the server'sscore is even and from left to right when the server's score is odd. If thereceiver loses the point, the server continues to serve. If the receiver wins the point, he becomes the new server. The shuttle cannot touch thenet on the serve. Rules of Play  o   During match play, at no time can a player break the plane of the net tohit the shuttle. The rules state that no part of the player's racket, body or clothing can touch the net during a point. If the shuttle lands on the lineduring play, it is considered to be in bounds. The shuttle is not allowed totouch the ceiling or walls if playing indoors. During play, once the shuttletouches the court within the lines, if is no longer in play and a point isawarded to the player who just hit it.  Scoring o   Typically, a badminton match is the best of two-out-of-three games andplayed until one side has won 21 points. A game that is tied at 20continues to play until one side has scored two consecutive points. If thescore is tied at 29, only one more point will be played to determine whichside wins the game. Unlike tennis, a point is scored on every serve. Read more:Fundamental Skills and Rules in Badminton |eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6497262_fundamental-skills-rules- badminton.html#ixzz1XeLYLL2K     Use the basic grip on both sides of the body, forehand andbackhand. For forehands you hit with the front of the hand leading,whereas for backhands you hit with the back of the hand leading.Forehands feel like hitting with your palm, and backhands feel likehitting with your knuckles.A common mistake in coaching is to teach one forehand grip (thebasic grip) and onebackhand grip (thethumb grip). This is incorrect.   For backhands at the side of your body, use the basic grip.You may think of forehands as hitting with the front face of theracket, and backhands as hitting with the back face.When you use the basic grip for backhands, make sure the thumbremains extended (straight) throughout the hitting action. Thisprovides support. If you let the thumb curl instead, your hold on theracket will not be stable enough: you will have a floppy backhand. Learning the basic grip The V-shape, marked in red   Hold the badminton racket as though you are lightly shaking handswith the handle, or as though you are lightly holding a blade, suchas a knife, a sword, or an axe.Look at the gap between your thumb and first finger; it should forma shape like the letter V. The bottom point of this V-shape shouldnot be exactly on top of the badminton racket handle: it should beplaced towards the diagonal bevel on the left, bevel 2.   Y our hold on the badminton racket should be relaxed (nottight).   y   L eft   y   R  ight  y     Above  y   B elow  y   S how all  B asic grip photographs
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