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AU pied des murs # 2 City of Lure 2017 Artists catalog Artists catalog retrospective AU pied des murs # 2 Street art event organized in Lure from 19th to 25th of…
AU pied des murs # 2 City of Lure 2017 Artists catalog Artists catalog retrospective AU pied des murs # 2 Street art event organized in Lure from 19th to 25th of June 2017 Au Pied des Murs, Street art for everyone ! Getting closer to the citizens, stimulating exchanges and The realized works are ephemeral, they are not planned to cross thus strengthening the social bond in the city are some of the the time. They reflect a time, a visual art movement, original and objectives that drive Au Pied des Murs , a biennale dedicated to popular, developed in public spaces. urban art initiated in Lure in spring 2015 . Conceived in the form of a course that is enriched edition after The practice of Street Art must be considered as an artistic edition, the selection of walls, spaces and movable elements practice in its own right. It remains readily accessible and more which mark out it, attaches at the same time to the coherence of readable than art in museums. Au Pied des Murs offers the the sites according to the situation of the previous editions and opportunity for everyone to come and see the artists work, meet the interest of the walls in their environment. them and exchange with them in the context of an event that aims to be both festive, unifying, educational and especially artistic. We invite you to revisit our city, if not in the form of a walk This event is also part of the appropriation of places of life and the in the open air at least flipping through this catalog of artists, redefinition of urban space by the inhabitants themselves. retrospective of the edition of Au Pied des Murs #2. The city of Lure wants to facilitate access to contemporary art by Isabelle ARNOULD proposing innovative actions close to the citizen. Au Pied des Murs First advisor to the mayor of Lure is related to the work carried out by the residents of Les Écuries 3 rd Vice-President of the County Council of Haute-Saone Artists Workshops both from an individual point of view, through their creative approach, and from a collective point of view, by their commitment in the device at the scale of the territory. A program of cultural action to raise awareness of Contemporary Art is conducted throughout the year by the municipal cultural service in connection with the artists of Les Écuries . Au Pied des Murs, the genesis In 2004, in order to meet the emerging demands of visual artists, The first edition of Au Pied des Murs will take place in Spring 2015. to benefit from workspaces adapted to their practice, the city of For four days, four urban artists, POES (France), Jo Ber (France), Lure decided to make available the former stables of the barracks Cani’s celti (Italy) and Bati Banzet (Germany) accompanied by the of the Regiment of Dragons. Initially intended to accommodate Collectif d Resident artists intervene on the façades of the stables the horses of the cavalry luronne, six spaces of these former to discover and share with the greatest number the creative stables are proposed to the visual artist in the form of workshops wealth and the aesthetic diversity of their world. allowing the reception of artists in residence. Since then, this event has been included in Lure’s cultural action Rehabilitation works carried by the city, financially supported by program every two years, in Spring. the Regional Council of Franche-Comté and the General Council of Haute-Saone are scheduled. A call for projects is launched in For its second edition, the city of Lure and the collective of order to collect on file the candidacy of the volunteers. So, Les Stables invited ten urban artists of international renown to invest Ecuries - A teliers d’ A rtistes, creation aid plan initiated by the city the walls of the city. Built in the form of a course, larger than of Lure was born. the original edition of Au Pied des Murs #2 allowed the Lurons or visitors to confront the works created live, to exchange with the Four regular spaces, a temporary space and a collective space / artists and to discover or rediscover under a new look the city of showroom are available to five visual artists for short, medium the Sapeur Camember. and long term residencies. Since 2004, nearly 20 visual artists have benefited from these artists’ workshops ( A teliers d’ A rtistes). This catalog is the modest testimony of the ephemeral works conceived and realized in June 2017 and the expression of our This planto help creation encourages the multidisciplinarity of warm thanks to the artists who worked for Lure in the realization the artists hosted. Beyond their personal research and creative of Au Pied des Murs #2. process, these five residents, formed collectively, promote interaction with the public in the form of meetings, exhibitions, open houses, one-off workshops and workshops. outreach to all audiences. Its influence extends beyond the communal boundaries. In 2014, at the initiative of this group of artists and the city of Lure, a new direction is impelled towards urban art (or Street Art). The works made in Lure 2SHY « AVALON » - Sports facilities « Péquegnot » - 19, boulevard du Général Brosset Basila « Robin Bobbin » - Cultural Center Square F. Mitterrand Benjamin LAADING « Cardios » - Sports facilities « Péquegnot » - 19, boulevard du Général Brosset Gargameli & MelN « Submarine city » - Cultural Center Square F. Mitterrand Jo Ber & Poes « Epic of Gilgamesh - The End of the Road » - 36, rue de la Gare OMP, AweR & PIN « Maïa’s dream » -Parking of the railway station OMP & AweR « Fatcap Jungle » - Espace Cotin - rond-point de la Gare Samuel MOUGEY (sans titre) - Square du centre culturel F. Mitterrand Samuel MOUGEY (sans titre) - Square du centre culturel F. Mitterrand Thibaud TCHERTCHIAN « Le Sphinx de Lure » - 6, Esplanade Charles De Gaulle Les œuvres exposées à Lure Jacques Verdier « Bleu, Blanc, Rouge » Ilhem Ellouze (sans titre) Emmanuel Bourgois (sans titre) 2SHY A generation spirit ro raffiti to 2 SHY transposes the heritage of his street art culture to the media of the digital era through a visual language now. His powerful imagery is often mixed with a typography influenced by his childhood culture, street art and the that is expressed through illustrations, digital revolution. Far from immobile, the graphic creations and hand-made features of his imagery and his universe typography. reinvent themselves every year in He travels from one environment to both personal and collective painting another, collaborates with different projects. artists and works on a variety of After tagging countless trains and materials. 2SHY is a self-made artist while occupying art galleries, the whose path keeps unveiling his nature artist is now gaining access to a more as an illustrator in his own right. institutionalised practice thanks to His every work is imprinted by his orders that imply monumental painting worldwide explorations and encounters and creating visual content for artists that form the genesis of an immediately or special events. Through his various recognisable signature. projects, 2SHY keeps drawing the mark 2SHY is a passionate activist exploring of his generation; a style that is devoid a maze of several paths. His vibrant, of any complex and expresses an spontaneous and colourful universe has unwavering ambition to innovate. been unfolding for more than a decade Is there a title to the artwork(s) that you have created in Lure ? « AVALON ». Could you please explain your artistic approach? Why did you choose street art ? I started tagging in 1992 and spontaneously grew to develop my own style made of geometrical forms coloured by spray paint. In which places and/or environment do you prefer working ? I feel at ease working on big building gables and unoccupied warehouses. What are your artistic influences (in any domain) ? Maurits Cornelis Escher’s impossible perspectives, works by Todd James (aka REAS), who started off as a street painter and Nathalie du Pasquier’s shapes, which I have recently discovered. SKP WALL - Beijing- CHina - 2016 Sac - Fabrik Medicom - Japan Fresco- Liège - Belgium Learn more about 2SHY Basila Positive impressions Ornamental stylization Iwas born in Moscow and I graduated from a fine arts university named the « Stroganov impressions, though I do not omit the serious and structured aspect of typography and painting. I Moscow State University of Arts am also well-versed in glass- and Industry ». I currently workmaking, illustration, painting and both in France and Russia. Street art, which I work on with the same enthusiasm and use of My work focuses on nature colours, but I greatly appreciate and ornamental stylization. the temporality and ephemeral Using sharp contrasts, my aim facet of street art. is to evoke the fundamental oppositions one finds in nature in order to convey positive Is there a title to the artwork(s) that you have created in Lure ? « Robin Bobbin ». Could you please explain your artistic approach? Why did you choose street art ? « Robin the Bobbin, the big-bellied Ben He ate more meat than fourscore men He ate a cow, he ate a calf He ate a butcher and a half He ate a church, he ate a steeple He ate the priest and all the people ! A cow and a calf An ox and a half A church and a steeple And all the good people And yet he complained that his stomach wasn’t full ». (The Nursery Rhyme Book, Andrew Lang, 1897) The story of Robin the Bobbin had a particular impact on me as a child. It is very famous in Russia and was translated, as many others, by Samouil Iakovlevitch Marchak. This poem is very funny and metaphorical. It tells the story of an enormous child who complains that he is not given enough food though he has devoured everything on his path. In France, of course, this story reminds you of the life of Gargantua and Festival Mister Freeze - Toulouse Pantagruel, by François Rabelais. It was very important for me to adapt to the wall, which is part of a nursery school, and do a very joyous and colourful painting for the children while telling them a universal story about the temporality of life. In which places and/or environment do you prefer working ? I love working with good equipment. Every need was covered, which allowed me to complete this project in the best conditions possible. What are your artistic influences (in any domain) ? I am influenced by anything that has to do with the world of glass-making, light and volumes. Modern life, with its very vivid aspect is a constant motivation for me. Canvas Learn more about Basila Benjamin Laading Between sensible and rational Experience the fatcap A fter ten years of alternative painting, Benjamin Laading is allowed to enrol in the art college cap that allows the artist to cover a wide surface in very little time. It has become a trend in the street art of Nice and graduates in 2008. His culture. The concept of the fatcap is works are exhibited as early as exaggerated, its lines an oversized 2009 in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, performance. This graphic process Marrakech. His works question demands so much patience that the ambiguity of a counter-culture it has become the antithesis of within an established system the quick, explicit, crude form it by analysing the core of illegal expresses. Laading thus highlights expression; the tag. Benjamin the contradiction of wanting to Laading has been focusing his study reproduce the illegal process of on the fatcap, a large spray paint tagging in a legal, economic context. Is there a title to the artwork(s) that you have created in Lure ? Yes, Cardios! Could you please explain your artistic approach? Why did you choose street art ? First of all, painting in the street is an easy way to reach the public because the work exists in the spectator’s eye. What I find interesting about artistic expression in the street it to be able to display something sensible and personal in a functional landscape. Furthermore, the ephemeral aspect of outside paintings motivates me to paint different, original, spontaneous and free forms. Something that may be specifically important to me is how the « Nightlife » space and context influence the line in the painting, makes it more vivid.. In which places and/or environment do you prefer working ? Any industrial facilities, functional platforms, non-places. Places where no artistic nor plastic decision are made. Grey, monotonous landscapes. What are your artistic influences (in any domain) ? That is hard question. Every “-ism” since Manet! And illegal painting. « Atome » Triptyque « Origine » Learn more about Benjamin Laading Gargameli Graphic design on moving supports Graphic artist and tattooist I have had a passion for drawing and painting since I was a child. I have obtained a Visual drawing and painting in my spare time for my own pleasure as well as the others’. I have always Communication BTS at Estienne preferred « mobile » materials School (Paris) and spent 3 years (clothing, vehicles, objects) to at the Decorative Arts School, in traditional ones, such as canvas. Strasbourg and obtained a DNSEP so I could be a graphic designer. Few years ago, I have fulfilled my I loved my profession but did not ultimate dream: « drawing » on like sitting in front of a computer the most noble (and mobile) of for hours. During my studies materials : skin. I have become a and professional life, I have kept tattoo artist. Is there a title to the artwork(s) that you have created in Lure ? « Submarine city ». Could you please explain your artistic approach? Why did you choose street art ? I like my creations to meet the public’s eye rather than to stay « motionless » in art galleries. I love art in our everyday life. Art that meets the eye, the people, the reactions. That initiates contact instead of just relying on people’s curiosity. In which places and/or environment do you prefer working ? I like painting in street art festivals because we all are in a creative process, all gathered to give our best, question each other’s approach, techniques, points of view. I also like painting while listening to music. Therefore, I like painting at music festivals, which allows me to meet people and feel their reactions in person. What are your artistic influences (in any domain) ? I am influenced by so many things. I feed off everything! That may be a phrase, a picture in a magazine, somebody else’s drawing. It may be some form inspired by an architectural or ironwork detail I came across during one of my frequent walks, the design of some piece of jewellery, some detail on a piece of clothing, some scenery in a movie. Itt can be anything at any time. I am constantly on the watch, stimulated and inspired by me everyday life. Dessin Vaudou Tatoo Dessin Learn more about Gargameli MELN Fascinating universes Fantastic creatures M elN is a French plastic artist from Haute-Saône and she has been part of « Les Écuries » has recently started assembling various objects she had been collecting, like puppets, animal from the Artists’ workshops since skulls, feathers and other animal 2007. remains to create, or rather give birth to fantasy creatures, She is mainly a painter and works sometimes half-human, half- on a variety of materials. She animal. first started painting on ordinary canvas, then made collages with In 2015, she was also initiated different papers and soon, she to street art and did her first started using recycled materials, wall paintings in Milan, Italy and such as old planks, skate boards, Heilbronn, Germany. In 2017, she draughts game boards, violin did spray painting for the first cases and then, lately, she has time and created a fresco in Lure been painting on photographs. and two others in the vicinity of Berlin. In 2015, she created her first series of little sculptures made out of gas bottle stoppers. She Is there a title to the artwork(s) that you have created in Lure ? « Submarine city ». Could you please explain your artistic approach? Why did you choose street art ? I mainly work with a paintbrush on a variety of materials and I also assemble recycled materials to make sculptures. I like working with materials and objects that are imprinted with life, that have a story that is often obvious, sometimes more mysterious. Like street art to a certain extent ; depending on the spot where one paints, there may be ideas to defend, places to promote, a story to remind or bring colour, smiles, feelings into the inhabitants and passers-by’s lives. In which places and/or environment do you prefer working ? As for the objects that I collect for my paintings and sculptures, I like the action of time! Whether it is urban or not, the spot I will choose for an artistic intervention will first and foremost have to be a place that inspires me, that refers to personal or collective memories, a spot that bears the mark of the passing of time (in any possible way). What are your artistic influences (in any Wall - Ateliers d’Artistes - Les Écuries - domain) ? My work has a lot to do with illustration, comics and fantasy. The characters I create are often in action or expressing feelings. More often than not, I am trying to tell a little story or, at least, to seize a « moment » and then the spectator can imagine what’s to follow. Sculpture Installation Learn more about MelN jO ber r ori inal raffiti ctic lin s J o Ber was born in 1983 in the banlieue of Paris. As a big fan of comics and hip hop, he Lisbon’s and Timisoara’s train stations, constituting some sort of on-site travel diary. soon became a compulsive drawer. The Jo Ber’s original intention is to give life to Défense district, where he grew up, soon the mischievous lines of his joyful mood. ca his pla fi l i his first is il t pr cis lin s lin r on so paintings in early 2000. many details spread in every corner that Street art, canvas, comics, sculpture Jo the wondering eye can hardly recover. Ber learns the basics in different forms. Jo Ber takes us on a trip along the avenue Coincidentally or not, the European of his fi urati art a l of cl an lin s frontiers open up thanks to the railroad a underground comics, Neo-Sumerians and little while before he feels the impulse for the theory of relativity, with a special a change of scenery, stopping at Berlin’s, interest for urban mythology and ancient Brussels’, Belgrade’s, Naples’, Oslo’s, ghettos, see you at the next train station. Is there a title to the artwork(s) that you have created in Lure ? « Gilgamesh, the end of the road » Could you please explain your artistic approach ? Why did you choose street art ? My artistic approach is quite narrative. I like telling stories: to me they are both a phantasmagorical loophole and an allegory of the real world. In which places and/or environment do you prefer working ? To me, painting outside is one of the most efficient ways to reach out to as many people as possible and invite them into my universe. Moreover, the diversity of contexts allows an almost infinite creativity! Artists Workshop - Ateliers d’Artistes - Les Écuries - Au pied des murs - Lure 2015 What are your artistic influences (in any domain) ? I am influenced by lots of things and people. I like history, sculpture, ancient patterns and Mesopotamian, Persian, Greek, Egyptian and pre- Columbian paintings. Os Gemeos, Blublu, DiRosa, Combas and some of the artists whose work I highly admire and I am inspired by them. I am also a fan of comics, some of my favourite authors being Crumb, Will Eisner, Blain, David B., Franck Miller and Tezuka. Atutorail - Festival Mister Freeze - Toulouse 2017 Lyderic et Phinærtis - Lille 2017 Lear more about Jo Ber ber/?hl=fr pOes Figurative imagination Surreal and funny P OES was born in 1983 in Paris, when the Hip-Hop culture made its first steps in Europe. He lives classic influences of New York tags and flops with
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