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Dear traveller, imagine being seated on one of the wooden seats in a flight of yesteryear. You don’t need neither bulky luggage nor compasses for the route, not…
Dear traveller, imagine being seated on one of the wooden seats in a flight of yesteryear. You don’t need neither bulky luggage nor compasses for the route, not even maps, but just a window. So this book resembles a window seat on a plane: postcards follow one another inspiring your next travel. Or merely your desire to go, even with just your eyes. I have chosen incredible places and I have mixed them to let you travel around. No one looks like the other even if they are similar because they show our dynamic and wonderful change about our feelings and desires. Everyone is an explorer in a personal and precious way. You can look around mysterious places, other locations from “Once upon a time” or from the pages of novels or around so wild places to turn us into fearless adventurers. Every journey, more or less real, must be unpredictable to push us to know what we do not know and be what we usually are not. It looks like this book: an unpredictable collection of places to leaf through as much as you like and to which you can add your personal discoveries. Contents AS IN A BOOK Snæfellsjökull, Iceland, A Journey to the Center of Earth, Jules Verne, 8 The Parisian Sewers, Paris, Les Misérables, Victor Hugo, 10 Black Forest, Germany, Grimms’ Fairy Tales, 12 Prince Edward Island, Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery, 14 Tokyo, Murakami, 16 Central Park, The Catcher in the Rye, Salinger, 18 Seeonee Jungle, The Jungle Book, Kipling, 20 Corfu, My Family and Other Animals, Durrell, 22 ONCE UPON A TIME Samarkand, Uzbekistan, 24 Cappadocia, Turkey, 26 Chefchaouen, Morocco, 28 Guilin, China, 30 Himeji Castle, Japan 32 The Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, 34 Dark Hedges, Ireland, the Eerie Tree Tunnel, 36 4 WILD ADVENTURES Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, 38 Rainbow Mountain, Peru, 40 Transfagasaran, Romania, 42 Port Royal, The wickedest city on Earth, Jamaica, 44 Drake Passage, Islands of Antarctica, 48 Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar, The stone forest, 50 Cape Reinga, New Zealand, the end of the world, 52 MYSTERY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER Lake Natron, Tanzania, 54 Museum of Alchemy, Prague, 56 Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal, 58 Coconut Island, Pacific Ocean, 60 Paha Koli, Finland, 62 Park of the Monsters, Bomarzo, Italy, 64 Lalibela, Ethiopia, 66 The Nazca Lines, Peru, 68 5 Lake TANZANIA the lake that Natron turns animals into statues of salt S hocking beauty and hidden horror. As though in this stretch of water, Medusa and her petrifying eyes had been meeting with Narcissus. To make it live forever. We are in the extreme North of Tanzania, near Kenya, in the African Rift Valley. Behind the volcano ‘Oldoinyo Leng’ai, Mountain of God for the Masai, the lake hides a destiny in the name. Natron, the Egyptian word used for salt and divine. The waters, rich in sodium carbonate hydrate (natron), are similar to ammonia. When the heat rises, the waters kill. The animals turn into stone mummies if they dive. Except for the flamingos that, thanks to a protective layer on legs and beak, advance undisturbed. 6 A secret to reveal You don’t arrive to Lake Natron by chance. You have to be hungry for safaris, those that push you to be reckless just to see the sky reflected bloody red. It’s not magic: it is the bacteria that hide beneath the floating salt crusts. Here you live on contrasts: becoming a stone promises a kind of eternal life. It is not magic: it is the same natron used by the Egyptians to embalm the pharaohs for the afterlife. 7 UZBEKISTAN the city that you Samarcanda imagine when you daydream, nevertheless, on the silk road I f dreams had a substance, that of Samarkand would be a dazzling turquoise. As mythical as Atlantis, as ancient as Rome, as bewitching as one of Sherazad’s infinite nights, it is unexpectedly more beautiful than the imagination has dreamed. It is exotic already by its name, that has linked thousand and more trips: that of Alexander the Great towards a place so fantastic to doubt was true, that of merchants, like Marco Polo, who chased 8 A thousand and one history Samarkand resembles one of the stories that Princess Sherazad tells the sultan to avoid death. It is the East: it enchants and seduces. It promises the dream to travelers who leave in the moment when they imagine the goal. And they never cease to dream on the sacred road of Shah-i-Zinda, where the dearest people of Tamerlane rest in dozens of sanctuaries, or at the observatory of Ulugh Beg, the astronomer sultan who counted the 365 days of the year chasing the stars. He was a romantic dreamer too. treasures on the Silk Road. Among thousand destinies, the one of Tamerlano has counted more than the others. The fierce hero, a Turkish-Mongolian leader who became sultan, made Samarkand the centre of his reign. Registan is its heart, the square were embraced by two Koranic schools where people gathered to listen to the real proclamations, prayed and studied languages and cultures of the world. Blue dominates, inflamed with green and gold. 9 An atlas for adventurous travellers of every age who will discover, page by page, some of the most spectacular places around the globe. Each exploration is perfect for a specific mood: are you looking for an endless adventure? It is time for the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines, or for the largest salt flat around the world, in Bolivia. Are you looking for mysteries? We will go to Lake Natron, in Tanzania, which has been petrifying animals for hundreds of years, or to the Island of Coconut looking for the mythical hidden treasure. Moreover, there will be places that have been scenarios of incredible books, others are so magical and enchanted that they seem to come from a fairy tale.
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