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APPLYING FOR COLLEGE AND REQUESTING TRANSCRIPTS PLEASE NOTE: Electronic versions of all instructional Naviance packets can be found in the DOCUMENT LIBRARY INSTRUCTIONS FOLDER on the right-hand side of
APPLYING FOR COLLEGE AND REQUESTING TRANSCRIPTS PLEASE NOTE: Electronic versions of all instructional Naviance packets can be found in the DOCUMENT LIBRARY INSTRUCTIONS FOLDER on the right-hand side of the Naviance Welcome Page and on the Lakota East website under the STUDENT SERVICES tab. All requests to Students Services for processing application and scholarship materials should be submitted at least 10 school days prior to the published deadlines. Naviance Family Connection is your portal to the sites you need for the college application process. Naviance can link you to all college websites, the Common Application, ACT/SAT, and scholarship information. Start with Naviance to simplify your process. Applying to College General Information Approximately 4,000 colleges exist in the United States. With few exceptions, these colleges want your application and your high school records to be submitted electronically. Lakota East uses Naviance Family Connection as our main source of communication and electronic submission. Students apply to colleges online at either the college websites or at the Common Application site. Once the applications are submitted at these sites, students notify their counselors/teachers through Naviance that the high school records and, if required, the recommendation letter(s) should be submitted to the colleges. The Common Application is accepted by approximately 500 colleges. Many of those 500 schools will accept ONLY the Common Application for admission. A few schools will accept either the Common Application or their own school-designed application. All of the other schools have their own, school-designed, schoolspecific application to complete. When you visit the school s website and access the admissions section, you will: 1. Be directed to the Common Application site if that school accepts ONLY the Common Application. 2. Be directed to the school-specific application if that school is not part of the Common Application. 3. Be directed to a page that requires you to choose whether you will apply through the school-specific application or if you will apply through the Common Application. Deadlines set by the colleges are very important. When a college states an application or scholarship deadline, the admissions office must have all parts of a complete college application by that date. A complete college application includes: Student s application and application fee. ACT or SAT scores sent directly from the testing company to the college. Transcript, current schedule, and Lakota East School Profile sent from the high school. If required: o Student essay(s) o Letter(s) of recommendation o College prep form/secondary school report/counselor page completed by the counselor 1 9/3/2014 FERPA Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Waiver of Access ALL EAST STUDENTS APPLYING TO COLLEGE MUST COMPLETE THE FERPA. How and where you complete the FERPA depends on the colleges to which you are applying. You only need to fill out one of the following: 1. If you are applying to at least one Common App school, you will complete your FERPA waiver in the Common App site as part of your application process. 2. If you are not applying to any Common App schools, you will complete your FERPA waiver by visiting the ABOUT ME tab in Naviance and clicking on the FERPA WAIVER link under Surveys to Take. Please Note: The following FERPA waiver explanation is provided by the Common Application. Under the terms of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you can review letters of recommendation and accompanying forms after you enroll at a postsecondary institution and only if that institution saves the documents post-enrollment. Why should you consider waiving your right of access? Waiving your right lets colleges know that you will never try to read your recommendations. That in turn reassures colleges that your recommenders have provided support that is candid and truthful. While you are free to respond as you wish, if you choose not to waive your right, some recommenders may decline your request, and some colleges may disregard letters submitted on your behalf. Remember, even if you retain your right of access, you still won't be able to view any recommendations until after you have been admitted to and enrolled in a college. In other words, FERPA does not give you the right to inspect recommendations before they are sent to your colleges. Setting up Your Common Application Account Only students who are applying to Common App schools should set up a Common App account. 1. Go to or link to the Common App site from the HOME screen of your Naviance Family Connection account. 2. Go to the GO button next to Create an Account. 3. Follow the steps to register and set up your account. 4. Remember the address you use to create your Common App account. You will need to reenter this address in your Naviance account under COLLEGES COLLEGES I M APPLYING TO in order for your Common App and Naviance accounts to talk to one another. 2 9/3/2014 5. Next, go to Naviance Family Connection. Want to know whether a college accepts the Common Application? Type the college name here. Go to and select the STUDENT SERVICES tab. 6. Choose NAVIANCE from the menu, and log in to your account. 7. Click on the COLLEGES tab. 8. Under MY COLLEGES, click on the COLLEGES I M APPLYING TO link. 9. Match your Common App account with your Naviance account by typing your address and date of birth in the box. (This box will only appear the first time you log in.) Click NOT NEEDED if you are not applying to any Common App schools. Type in the address that you used when creating your Common App account and your date of birth. These must match exactly in order for the Common App site and Naviance to talk. 3 9/3/2014 Naviance in the College Application Process The first step in applying to a college is to go to your desired college s website and follow the steps to apply online. Remember: You can link to all college websites and the Common Application directly from Naviance Family Connection. Some schools use their own applications, some use the Common Application, and others give you the option to use either the Common App or the school s own app. Once you have applied at the college s website, return to your Naviance Family Connection account to indicate that you have completed your portion of the application and to request transcripts be sent from the Student Services Office to the college. In your Naviance account: 1. Add colleges by going to the COLLEGES tab and clicking on COLLEGES I M APPLYING TO. 2. Click + ADD TO THE LIST. 3. Use the college LOOKUP (in blue, to the right) to choose a college you have applied to. The COLLEGE PICKER window will pop-up where you can search for and choose a college. 4. Complete the following sections for each college: Choose the APPLICATION TYPE from the drop down menu. (** See next page for definitions.) Check the box I HAVE SUBMITTED MY APPLICATION. Check the box REQUEST TRANSCRIPT. Do not click any of the other boxes or options at this time. 5. Repeat these steps for every college you have already applied to. 6. Then click ADD COLLEGES at the bottom of the screen. IMPORTANT NOTE COLLEGE PREP FORM SECONDARY SCHOOL REPORT COUNSELOR PAGE CURRICULUM PAGE These are all terms used to refer to the form that your counselor may need to complete as part of your college applications. If the college is a Common App school, do NOT print out the Secondary School Report. That form is built into Naviance and will be processed electronically. If the college is NOT a Common App school, print the college prep form/secondary school report and bring it to your Student Services office. Your counselor will electronically upload and send that form through Naviance. Some schools do not require this form; however, the schools that do require it will consider your application incomplete until they receive the completed form from your school. 4 9/3/2014 Types of Admission Decisions ALWAYS indicate in Naviance which type of application you are submitting and which type of admission decision you are seeking. Student Services processes your applications based on how you code the admission decision. Some of these options may not be available for the colleges to which you are applying. Please take special note of the EARLY DECISION definition and restrictions. REGULAR DECISION You are applying by the normal date set by the college and will receive notification of admission based on how that college processes applications. You have until May 1 st to make your admission decision and deposit. ROLLING ADMISSION This college will process your application as soon as it is complete. They will send you your admission status results, usually within 2-4 weeks of the application completion at the college. You have until May 1 st to make a decision and deposit. PRIORITY ADMISSION Colleges will often have a priority date for scholarships and other benefits, similar to early action, but may have a later notification date. You have until May 1 st to make a decision and deposit. EARLY DECISION This is a contract between you and the college to which you are applying. This college is your first and only choice for Early Decision. You must have your materials in by an early deadline (generally November 1 st ). Colleges will respond by Jan 1 st -15 th. If accepted, you must deposit at that college immediately. The contract is binding and the college must also agree. EARLY DECISION II This is the same as Early Decision, but with later deadlines. EARLY ACTION This is an early application deadline similar to Early Decision; however, it is not a binding contract. If accepted, you can deposit at that college immediately or wait until May 1 st to decide and deposit. RESTRICTIVE EARLY ACTION This is an early application deadline, and you agree not to apply to any other private colleges under Early Decision, Early Action, etc. You may still apply to public colleges and to all colleges under regular, non-binding admission. OTHER - Any other admission method a college may offer. Remember, your counselor will NOT know to send your transcripts and other information unless you do all of the following: 1. add colleges to your list in Naviance under Colleges I m Applying to 2. click the box to indicate that you have submitted your application 3. click the box to request your transcript 5 9/3/2014 ACT and/or SAT scores should be sent from the testing companies directly to the colleges. When you initially register for a test, you may send the scores to up to 4 colleges as part of the registration fee. Student Services recommends that you take advantage of the 4 free options during the registration process. After the test, sending scores from the websites has an additional fee. To send scores after the test date, log onto or and select SEND SCORES. Follow the steps to have scores sent to additional colleges. Scholarship Searches Use your Naviance Family Connection account to search for scholarships. 1. Visit the COLLEGES tab and scroll down to the SCHOLARSHIPS & MONEY section. 2. Click on the NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH link to build a profile and search for scholarships that may be applicable. 3. Click on the SCHOLARSHIP LIST and SCHOLARSHIP MATCH links to search for other local, state, and national scholarships that may be applicable. 4. Sort the scholarship list or view new scholarships with these tools. Also visit the Welcome Page of Naviance and use the additional tools posted in the SCHOLARSHIP SEARCHES link on the left-hand side. Financial Aid General Information The financial aid process begins with filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Apply for your electronic FAFSA pin number in the fall of your senior year at The FAFSA will be available online in January of your senior year. The earlier you fill it out, the better. Many colleges have a priority aid deadline in February (often Feb. 15), and your FAFSA must be filed by that date in order to be considered for institutional aid. Your FAFSA results from the government are called the Student Aid Report (SAR). These results are sent to you and the colleges of your choice. Colleges review the SAR and then compile a comprehensive package of aid for you. Your college aid package indicates all grants, scholarships, subsidized loans, and work study for which you qualify. Visit the FAFSA website and the other Financial Aid links located on the Welcome Page of Naviance for more information. Apply to colleges and scholarships early! Allow a minimum of 10 school days for the Student Services staff to process any requests. 6 9/3/2014 Requesting Transcripts Through the Transcript Link In order for students to request transcripts, log in to the Naviance Family Connection website. Go to and select the STUDENT SERVICES tab. Choose NAVIANCE from the menu. Click on the COLLEGES tab. Next, click on TRANSCRIPTS on the left-hand side of the page. The menu below will appear. Choose the line for college applications/ncaa OR scholarships and athletics. If you have already added colleges to your COLLEGES I M APPLYING TO list but have not requested transcripts, those colleges will appear on the screen under CURRENT APPLICATIONS. Check the appropriate boxes for what you need for these colleges. If you need a transcript for a college that you have not added to your COLLEGES I M APPLYING TO list, scroll down to NEW APPLICATIONS. Use the college LOOKUP (in blue, to the right) to chose a college you are applying to. The COLLEGE PICKER window will pop-up where you can search for and choose a college. Once you click on a college, the college name will appear back in your list. Choose the APPLICATION TYPE from the drop down menu. (** See Page 5 for definitions.) 7 9/3/2014 Student Services strongly recommends that you have all test scores sent directly from the testing agency as many schools will not accept scores from any other source. If you wish to request more transcripts, follow the same procedure in each of the fields available. When you are ready to order transcripts, simply click the REQUEST TRANSCRIPTS button at the bottom of the page. You will then see this screen: When you return to the COLLEGES I M APPLYING TO menu, you will be able to check on the status of your application. The date it was sent electronically is the transmission date. You should give some time for the colleges to process the transcript within their systems (generally 1-3 weeks). Apply to colleges and scholarships early! Allow a minimum of 10 school days for the Student Services staff to process any requests. 8 9/3/2014 Student Services Staff to process any requests. For all other transcript requests, such as for scholarships, personal use or coaches: 1. Click the REQUEST TRANSCRIPTS FOR SCHOLARSHIPS AND ATHLETICS link in the transcripts menu. 2. Completely fill out all information for each transcript. 3. If you are requesting an unofficial transcript for your personal use, select PERSONAL from the REASON menu and list yourself as the recipient. You will then go to your Student Services office 24 hours after the request to pick up your transcript copy. 4. Click ADD TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS at the bottom of the screen. Check the status of your transcript requests by clicking VIEW STATUS OF ALL MY TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS under the TRANSCRIPTS link. Use Naviance to access other important information about your colleges! Access the website and apply. Visit the COLLEGES tab, search for your college and begin your research. the admissions office with questions. View graphs showing East student acceptance rates. See how your GPA and scores compare to the average student. Use these tabs to find out the cost, size, and setting of the school. Learn whether the school is a Common App school. Discover the majors available to students and the admission requirements for the college. Explore the types of financial aid available and the campus activities. 9 9/3/2014 FINAL STEPS FOR REQUESTING TRANSCRIPTS Check your screen to make sure all information is submitted. This is how your screen should look so that the Student Services staff has COMPLETE information on how to process your requests. Until all steps are complete, no applications and transcripts will be processed. In the TYPE column, indicate the admission decision type for each college on the application list. Please see Page 5 of this packet for detailed descriptions of each admission decision type. In the APPLYING VIA COMMON APP? Column, indicate YES or NO to using the Common App (CA). If this column says UNKNOWN you need to click and select either YES or NO. Many colleges only accept the CA. Make sure you say YES to any school that only accepts the CA. The TRANSCRIPT column should indicate that you have REQUESTED. Until the transcript is REQUESTED, no records will be sent to the colleges. If this column says NO REQUEST, follow the instructions in the packet to request your transcript. The MY APP column should say APP SUBMITTED in order to have Student Services send your transcript and other documentation. If this column says HAVE YOU APPLIED?, click and indicate the status of your application as SUBMITTED. The OFFICE STATUS column indicates whether transcripts have been sent from the Student Services office. PENDING means nothing has been sent for that college. When the status changes to SENT or MATERIALS SUBMITTED, your transcript, school profile and (when applicable) college prep/secondary school report has been sent for that college. In the RESULTS column, click on the pencil icon to indicate the college s decision on your admission accepted, denied, deferred, etc. 10 9/3/2014
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