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AFRICAN AMERICAN HITORY Education nal Materials Center Bibliography eries / Phone: Website: BOOK Ad k Ba
AFRICAN AMERICAN HITORY Education nal Materials Center Bibliography eries / Phone: Website: BOOK Ad k Ba 299 Ra Cl Fi Fr He In PANIH Ro ok t We Enc t La 323 Ki Ch Literaturee Connections to American History, 7-12: Resources to Enhance and Entice. kills for life: Information Literacy for Grades K-6. The Black Experience in Children's Books. lave Religion: The Invisible Institution in the Antebellum outh. The Black BC s. The Black American: A Documentary History. Racism: A hort History. ons of Mississippi: A tory of Race and Its Legacy.. In the teps of Esteban: Tucson's Africann American Heritage : Lesson and Idea. Cultura Afroamerica ana de Esclavos a Ciudadanos. There Goes My Everything: White outherners in the Age of Civil Rights, By the Color of Our kin: The Illusion of Integration and the Reality of Race. elma, Lord, elma: Girlhood Memories of the Civil Rights Days. Encyclopedia of Free Blacks & People of Color in the Americas. tatistical Record of Black America. Cultures of Color in America: A Guide to Family, Religion, and Health. The Martin Luther King, Jr., Companion. In the pirit of Martin: The Living Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1 Ko Ro Ba mi Tu Ri Fa Ki Wi Ye Wil 344 Kl Ir Ma m he Would Not be Moved: How We Tell the tory off Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Witnesses to Freedom: Young People Who Fought for Civil Rights. Like a Mighty tream: The March on Washington August 28, Freedom Facts and Firsts: 4000 Years of the African American Civil rights Experience. The Civil Rights Movement for Kids: A History with 21 Activities. Ripples of Hope: Great American Civil Rights peeches. elma, 1965: The March That Changed the outh. A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings of Martin Luther King. Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rightss years, Washington and Two Marches: 1963 andd Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs. imple Justice: The History of Brown v. Board of Education and Black America's truggle for Equality. Jim Crow s Children: The Broken Promise of the Brown Decision. Celebrating Diversity: Multicultural Education in Middle Level chools. Enhancing Cultural Understanding Through Historical Fiction: A Multicultural Bibliography for Grades Five Through Eight We A Chance to Learn: The History of Race and Education in the United tates Wo Ma Le Ri Cov Mo The Education of the Negro Prior to The Theme Immersion Compendium for ocial tudies Teaching. Doing History: Investigating with Childrenn in Elementary and Middle chools. The Complete Kwanzaa: Celebrating Our Cultural Harvest. What the laves Ate; Recollections of African American Foods and Foodways from the lave Narratives. The History of the Negro in Medicine. 2 Dar poonbread & trawberry Wine Me The African-American Kitchen: Cooking from Our Heritage. 704 Ha 704 Ho Harlem Renaissanc e: Art of Black America. Harlem Renaissanc e Ma pirits of the Cloth: Contemporary African-Americann Quilts Mar Fe 760 Art Da Gio Ca Gi Mar Ha Pe Mary Leee Bendolph, Gee s Bend Quilts, and Beyond. The Middle Passage. Art for Obama: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change. The History of the Blues. On My Journey Now: Looking at African-American History Through the pirituals. We hall Overcome!: ongs of the outhern Freedom Movement. ongs and tories of Afro-Americans. ongs of Freedom: A Journey on the Underground Railroad. Black Dance in America: A History Throught its People. African-American Concert Dance: Harlem Renasissance and Beyond He The Black Athlete: Emergencee and Arrival Br Te Cr Re Al Ab 811 Jo 812 Me The tory of Negro League Baseball. Teaching Multicultural Literature in Grades 9-12: Moving Beyond the Canon. Crossing the Danger Water: Three Hundred Years of African-American Writing. A Renaissance in Harlem. Imaging the African American West. Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance. Who Look at Me. Harriet Tubman. 3 a 92 Ban PANIH 92 Kin PANIH 92 Kin 92 Par 92 Poo PANIH 92 Tub 92 Yor ay it Plain: A Century of Great African American peeches. A Chief Lieutenant of the Tuskegee Machine: Charles Banks of Mississippi. Martin Luther King, Jr.: El Gran Lider de la No Violencia en EEE UU Que Murio. Un Libro Ilustrado obre Martin Luther King, Hijo. The Autobiography of Rosa Parks. Cecil Poole: A Life in the Law. Harriet Tubman y el Tren ubterraneo. York s Adventures with Lewis and Clark: An African-American s Part in the Great Expedition. 920 Eu Unsung Memories: Arizona. A crapbook of the African American Community in Tucson, 920 Ga The African-American Century: How Black Americans Have haped Our Country. 920 Ga laves Who Dared: The tories of Ten African-American Heroes. 920 Go 920 Me 920 No 920 Ro 920 l Bl African American Frontiers: lave Narratives and Oral Histories. Come This Far to Freedom: A History of African Americans. Notable Black American Women. Historical Afro-American Biographies. lave Narratives. Black Women in America: A Historical Encyclopedia. 929 Wo Finding a Place Called Home: Historical Identity. A Guide too African-American Genealogy and Co 973 Af 973 Af Blood for Dignity: The History of the First Integrated Combat Unit in the U... Army. African American Breakthroughs: 500 Years of Black Firsts. African American Culture and History. 4 973 Af 973 As 973 As African-American Times: A Chronological Record. : A Journey of Liberation. Historical and Cultural Atlas of African Americans. 973 Be lavery: An Interaction Unit Detailing the Emotional Turmoil of lavery. 973 Bl 973 Bl 973 Bl 973 Bl 973 Ca The Black Americans: A History in Their Own Words, The Black Experience. Black History Month Resource Book. Blacks in the Military: Essential Documents. Historic Landmarks of Black America. 973 Ch 973 Co Chronology of African-American History: the Present. Americans, a Collision of Histories. ignificantt Events and People from 1619 too 973 Do 973 Dr 973 Es 973 Fa 973 Ha 973 Hi 973 Hi 973 Hu 973 Jo 973 Ki 973 La Jubilee: The Emergence of African-American Culture. Dreamseekers: Creative Approaches to the African American Heritage. African America: Portrait of a People. The Face of Our Past: Images of Black Women From Colonial America to the Present. Roots. A History of the African American People.. Historical tatistics of Black America. : Four Centuriess of Black Life. Labor of Love, Labor of orrow: Black Women, Work, and the Family from lavery to the Present. Kids Explore America's African-American Heritage. This Will Never Be ubmitted To.. Without a Civil War : Congress Debates lavery, 973 Le 973 Lo 973 Mc 973 Mu 973 My 973 Na 973 Ne 973 Pe Bearing Witness: A Photographic Chronicle of American Life, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong. The Civil Rights Movement in America from 1865 to the Present. Blacks in Vietnam. America's Wars: The hift in Attitudes from the Revolutionary War to One More River to Cross: An African American Photograph Album. trength for the Fight: A History of Black Americans in the Military. The Negro in American History. Peopling of America: A Timeline of Events that Helped hape Our Nation. 973 Ro I Too Am America: Documents from to the Present. 973 a 973 t 973 t 973 Te 973 Te 973 Un 973 We 973 We 973 Wr Yo Af Di Hu Me A Kid's Guide to. tereotypes, Distortions and Omissions inn U.. History Textbooks. The tate of Afro-American History: Past, Present, and Future. Teaching ocial tudies with the Internet: : Grades Teaching with Documents: Using Primaryy ources from the National Archives. Unequal isters: A Multicultural Reader in U.. Women s History. In Freedom's Footsteps: From the Africann Background to the Civil War. The Quest for Equality: From Civil War too Civil Rights. Twelve Million Black Voices. The Young Reader's Companion to American History. The African-American Almanac. Natives and trangers: Ethnic Groups and the Building of America. A Pictorial History of Blackamericans. Time of Trial, Time of Hope: Being Black in America. 6 Ne Ta Ad Be Cl Co Pa an Wh Ev Me Th Jo Qu Fr Ha Vi Ca We Ci Ci The Negro Almanac: A Reference Work on the Afro-American. A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America. Glory Days: 365 Inspired Moments in African-American History. Generations of Captivity: A History of African-American alves. Atlas of African-Ame erican History. Timelines of African-American History: 500 Years off Black Achievement. Creating Present. Readers Theatre for. The ounds of lavery: Discovering Through ongs, ermons, and peech. The laves. In Their Own Words: A History of the American Negro. Lest We Forget: The Passage fro Africa to alvery and Emancipation. Daily Life in Colonial New England. Patriots of Color: A Peculiar Beauty and Merit : African Americans and Native Americans at Battle Road & Bunker Hill. Freedom's Unfinished Revolution: An Inquiry into the Civil War and Reconstruction. Everydayy Life: The Civil War. The Port 12. Black Americans: African-American History and its Meanings, 1619 to the Royal Experiment, Forty Acres and a Mule??: A Unit of tudy for Grades 8- The Underground Railroad for Kids: From lavery to Freedom with 21 Activities. Negro Americans in the Civil War: From lavery to Citizenship. Civil Rights. (Voices in African American History) Civil Rights in the United tates. Projects About Plantation Life. 7 978 Af 978 Ca 978 Du 978 Ka 978 Ka 978 Le 978 Vo 978 Wo Lu Ha La m R Re African Americans in the U.. West. Buffalo oldiers West. The Adventures of the Negro Cowboys. Black Women of the Old West. The Black West. The Buffalo oldiers: A Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West. Voices of the Buffalo oldier: Records, Reports, and Recollections of Military Life and ervice in the West. Women s Diaries of the Westward Journey. Children of the West: Family Life on the Frontier. The First Hundred Years: A History of Arizona Blacks. The History of African Americans in Tucson: An Afrocentric Perspective. Black Americana in Arizona. REFERENCEE Reference Library of Black America. R 909 Af Africana: The Encyclopedia of the Africann and African American Experience. R 920 We R 973 Ho African American Firsts in cience and Technology. African American Chronology. 8 GF Afr GF Afr GF Blu GF Ema GF Ku GF la GF tr E 35 Drawer 46 GOLD FILE African American/ Black Culture Awarenesss through Postage tamps. African American tudies History. Blues in America: A ocial History. (Jackdaw) Emancipation Proclamation. (Jackdaw) Ku Klux Klan. (Focus Jackdaw) lavery in the United tates. Jackdaw) truggle for Black Voting Rights. (Jackdaw) EXHIBIT Little Rock Nine, (Poster) E 36 Drawer 46 E 106 Row 9 helf 19 chool Desegregati ion, lavery and Abolition. (Poster) E 1804 Row 8 helf 2 E 1806 Row 9 helf 4 E 1866 Row 8 helf 2 E 1867 Row 8 helf 3 E 5092 Drawer 48 E 5101 Drawer 48 E 7066 Row 7 helf 12 E 7067 Row 7 helf 5 E 7076 Row 7 helf 12 E 7980 Drawer 47 Avavista 1 Anonymous 8 Portrait of an Enslaved Woman. Harriet Tubman. Mary McLeod Bethune. Frederick Douglass. truggle for Civil Rights. (Jackdaws Photoo Collection) egregation: Beforee Civil Rights. (Jackdaws Photo Collection) Flight to Freedom. Kwanzaa. Buffalo oldier. African Americans. (Posters) FINE ART PRINT Barack Obama. Home on the Mississippi. 9 Barnes 4 Beaton 1 Bearden 2 Bearden 4 Bearden 6 Currier 7 Currier 16 Currier 23 Denmark 1 Douglas 1 Green 1 Healy 1 Huntington 1 Johnson, W. H. 2 Johnston 1 Lawrence, J. 2 Mavruk 1 Mavruk 2 Mavruk 3 Mavruk 4 Mavruk 5 Mavruk 6 Motley 1 Motley 2 The tory Tellers. Cotton Pickers Georgia. Early Carolina Morning. Jammin at the avoy. Out Chorus. Battle of Chickamauga. Cotton Plantation. Capture of Atlanta, Georgia. Black Odyssey. Building More tately Mansions. Tales. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln. treet Musicians. Benjaminn Franklin Yoe & on. Migration eries. Afro-American Leaders. Malcolm X. Four M's: Muhammad, Malcolm, Martin, and Marcus. Martin Luther King. Three Generations. Buffalo oldier. Blues Casey and Mae in the treet, Motley 3 Ringgold 2 Rockwell 1 Rockwell 2 Wilson 3 Woodruff 1 LP 2 LP 39 Nightlife, The unflowers Quilting Bee at Arles. Moving In. The Problem We All Live With.. Field Workers. Poor Man s Cotton. LIBRARY PANEL Harlem Renaissance. outh Park. LP 88 Women of Hope: African Americans Who Made a Difference. LP 102 Early Military in Arizona. LP 104 Arizona History. Panel 6. Call Number MP 667 VH VIDEO AND DVD Title Black History: Lost, tolen, or trayed. Level Time 54 Min.. MP 3205 VH Black Heritage. I- 27 Min.. MP 3524 VH The Black West. 28 Min.. MP 4094 VH Booker T. Washington. I- 23 Min.. MP 4328 VH Frederick Douglass, an American Life. I- 31 Min.. MP 4403 VH The Boyhood of Martin Luther King, Jr. P-I 14 Min.. MP 4553 VH Black on White. (The tory of English) MP 4659 VH Fighting Fair: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for Kids. 18 Min.. MP 4820 VH Eyes on the Prize: Awakenings, ( ). MP 4821 VH Eyes on the Prize: Fightingg Back, ( ). MP 4822 VH Eyes on the Prize: Ain't cared of Your Jails, ( ). 11 MP 4823 VH Eyes on the Prize: No Easy Walk, ( ). MP 4824 VH Eyes on the Prize: Mississippi, Is Thiss America? ( ). MP 4825 VH Eyes on the Prize: Bridge to Freedom, (1965). MP 4828 VH Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream peech. MP 4964 VH Eyes on the Prize II: The Time Has Come ( ). MP 4965 VH Eyes on the Prize II: Two ocieties ( ). MP 4966 VH Eyes on the Prize II: Power! ( ). MP 4967 VH Eyes on the Prize II: The Promised Land ( ). MP 4968 VH Eyes on the Prize II: Ain't Gonna huffle No More ( ). MP 4969 VH Eyes of the Prize II: A Nation of Law?? MP 4970 VH Eyes on the Prize II: The Keys to the Kingdom. MP 4971 VH Eyes on the Prize II: Back to the Movement ( ). MP 4997 VH Ethnic Notions. PRO 57 Min.. MP 5040 VH Martin: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MP 5081 VH Fighter for Freedom: The Frederick Douglass tory. 19 Min.. MP 5108 VH Martin Luther King, Jr.: Portrait of an American. 28 Min.. MP 5109 VH Malcolm X: Black American Militant Leader. 25 Min.. MP 5472 VH Martin Luther King Day. P 10 Min.. MP 5594 VH ojourner Truth. MP 5595 VH Madam C. J. Walker. MP 5596 VH Harriet Tubman. MP 5783 VH Follow the Drinking Gourd. (Reading Rainbow) P-I 29 Min.. MP 5839 VH The Massachuse etts 54th Colored Infantry. 12 MP 5844 VH Buffalo oldiers. I- 47 Min.. MP 5853 VH Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. 46 Min.. MP 5868 VH imple Justice. 133 Min. MP 5904 VH Follow the Drinking Gourd. P-I 12 Min.. MP 5906 VH Words by Heart. 116 Min. MP 5922 VH House of Dies Drear. 116 Min. MP 5968 VH Jessee Jackson. I- MP 6035 VH Malcolm X. I- MP 6042 VH You Must Remember This. 102 Min. MP 6043 VH The Era of egregation: A Personal Perspective. I- MP 6056 VH Tryin to Get Home: A History of African American ong. 55 Min.. MP 6070 VH And the Children hall Lead. 58 Min.. MP 6071 VH Brother Future. I- 116 Min. MP 6084 VH Family Across the ea. 58 Min.. MP 6132 VH Langston Hughes MP 6171 VH A History of the Civil Rights Movement. I- MP 6180 VH The hadow of Hate: A History of Intolerance in America. 40 Min.. MP 6198 VH Pride and Prejudice: A History of Black Culture in America. M 28 Min.. MP 6394 VH/DVD A Time for Justice: America's Civil Rights Movement. 38 Min.. MP 6445 VH Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years,, ( ). (Condensed Version) 112 Min. MP 6567 VH Jessee Owens. I- MP 6568 VH Marcus Garvey. I- MP 6569 VH Mary McLeod Bethune. I- 13 MP 6571 VH Elijah Muhammad. I- MP 6572 VH W.E.B. DuBois. I- MP 6623 VH A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. P-I 10 Min.. MP 6745 VH Threee Worlds Meet (Origins 1620). I- 35 Min.. MP 6760 VH Almost Free: A History of the Black Experience in Arizona. 48 Min.. MP 6900 VH Pink and ay. P- MP 7015 VH Heritage of the Black West. 25 Min.. MP 7602 VH Only the Ball was White. 29 Min.. MP 7655 VH Langston Hughes 29 Min.. MP 7716 VH Ruby Bridges. 90 Min.. MP 7723 VH The till Family. 17 Min.. MP 7750 VH Causes of the Civil War. I- 35 Min.. MP 7777 VH Harreit and the Promised Land. P-I- 8 Min. MP 7778 VH Harlem. I- 10 Min.. MP 7965 VH Against the Odds: Artists of the Harlem Renaissance. PANIH MP 7997 VH Harriet Tubman. MP 8002 VH Black Indians: An American tory. MP 8005 VH Free at Last: Civil Rights Heroes Partt 1: Emmittt Till/Medgar Evers. MP 8006 VH Free at Last: Civil Rights Heroes Partt 2: The Birmingham Four/ chwerner/ Chaney/Goodman. MP 8007 VH Free at Last: Civil Rights Heroes Partt 3: Viola Liuzzo/Rev. James Reeb/Jimmy Lee Jackson/Vernon Dahmer. MP 8016 VH/DVD lavery & Freedom. I- 35 Min.. 14 PANIH MP 8066 VH M L King, Jr. Day: Black History Month. P- 15 Min.. MP 8067 VH Paul Robeson: Here I stand. 117 Min. MP 8103 VH/DVD Civil Rights. I- 23 Min.. MP 8138 VH Ordinary Americans: The Civil Rights Movement. 33 Min.. MP 8143 VH Our Friend Martin. MP 8238 VH Nightfighters. 52 Min.. MP 8325 VH elma, Lord, elma. P- 88 Min.. MP 8367 VH lave hip. I- 52 Min.. MP 8377 VH George Washington Carver. 23 Min.. MP 8406 VH Harriet Tubman. P-I 23 Min.. MP 8426 VH Great Black Innovators. I- 32 Min.. MP 8430 VH Promises Betrayed, (Thee Rise and Fall of Jim Crow) 57 Min.. MP 8431 VH Fighting Back, (The Risee and Fall of Jim Crow) 57 Min.. MP 8432 VH Don t hout Tooo oon, ( The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow) 57 Min.. MP 8433 VH Terror and Triumph, (Thee Rise and Fall of Jim Crow) 57 Min.. MP 8455 VH cottsboro: An American Tragedy. 90 Min.. MP 8457 VH trange Fruit. 58 Min.. FRENCH MP 8643 VH Amistad. 148 Min. MP 8651 VH Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks. I- 40 Min.. MP 8774 VH Coretta cott King (First Lady of Civil Rights) P- 25 Min.. 15 MP 9052 DVD Freedon s ong: 100 Years of African-American truggle and Triumph. 250 min. MP 9144 DVD The African American Journey. 20 Min.. MP 9162 DVD Freedom Riders. 120 Min. 16
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