22 present 2 Absent (Carl Krell and Michael Surgenor)

of 41
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COUN'rY COMMISSION - REGULAR SESSION AUGUST HE IT REMEMBERED THAT: COUNTY COMMISSION MET PURSUANT TO ADJOURNMENT I N REGULAR SESSION OF THE SULLIVAN COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS TIlIS MONDAY ~~ MORNING. - -~ AUGUST :OO c~'r1.ork ~.. A. M. ~~., TN -- BLOUNTVII.LE. TENNESSEE. PRESENT AND PRESIDING WAS HONORABLE CIL IIODGES, COUNTY EXECUTIVE, GAY 8. FEATHERS, COUNTY CLERK AND KEITH CARR, SHERIFF OF SAID BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, TO WIT: The Commission was called to ordcr by County Executive. Gil Hodges. Sheriff Keith Carr opened the Commission and Commissioner Tom Daniel gave the invocation. Pledge to the flag was led by County Executive, G i l Hodges. Commissioners present and answering roll call are as follows: CAROL BELCHER JAMES R. JIM BLALOCK BRYAN K. BOYD JUNE CAPPER RAYMOND C. CONKIN, JR. TOM DANIEL 0. W. FERGUSON MTKE GONCE RAIJPII P. tiarr JAMES L. KING, JR. JACK JONES DWIGHT MASON GARY MAYES WAYNE MCCONNELL PAUL MILllORN RANDY MORRELL MARK A. VANCE 22 present 2 Absent (Carl Krell and Michael Surgenor) Motion was made by Comnlihsioner Hyatt dnd seconded by Commissioner Milhorn to approve the minutes of the Regular Session of County Commission held on July 20, Motion was approved by voice vote. In the Public Comments session of County Commission, Serena Arrington, Paul Bentley and Bryant Arrington addressed the Commission regarding release time from school for teaching of Christian Education which was not approved by the School Board this year. After hearing comments from these individuals, a motion was made by Commissioner Wayne McConnell and seconded by Commissioner 0. W. Ferguson to request the school board to restudy release time, develop a release time policy and establish guidelines for release time. This motion was approved by voice vote of the Commission. Tile following pages indicates the edtion taken by the Commission on re-zoning requests, approval of notary applications and personal surety notary bonds, resolutions and other matters subject to the approval of the Board of Commissioners. .0141 RESOLUTION NUMBER -/ TO THE HONORABLE GIL HODGES, COUNTY EXECUTIVE, AND THE MEMBERS OFTHE SULLIVAN COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS I N&da SESSION THIS THE 17th DAY OF 1 9 L RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING The Sullivan Couuq Board of Commissioners to Consider Amendments to the Sullivan County Zouine Resolution as Amended - WHEREAS, TENNESSEE CODE ANNOTATED; SECTION COUNTIES TO.AUTHORIZES NOW. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED bv the Board of Countv Commissioners of ~ullivan County, Tennessee, assembled in ~eiular Session on the i7th day of hg& 19% THAT W HEREA S, T he a tt ac h ed r e z onlna ' ~etitions have been dulv initiated, have been before the Piannina Commission [recommendations enclosed), and have received a gvblic hearina as reauired: and WHEREAS. Such rezonina oetitions will reauire an amendment to the Sullivan County Zonina Resolution: NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Sullivan Countv Board of Commissioners mnsider tne attached rezon na ~etitions ana vote Joon the Rro~osed amendments. _n-d v dva lu or otherwise at tne d scr~tion of tne Comm ssion. bv roll call vate and tham vote be vao an0 bindina and that anv necessarv amenaments to the ofiicial zoninm All resolutions in conflict herewith be and the same rescinded insofar as such conflict exist., is resolution shall become effective on, 19, the public welfare requiring it. m v e d this xtbay of Cavnly C!ch, l9_ 98 &I; - \ Date;-{ Count7 Exccutirr INTIIODUCED BY COMMISSIONER Belcher ESTIMA'1T.D COSr. - SEC0NI)ED BY COMMISSIONER Fereusol~ FUND: Administrative ~~~-~ Budget Executive Committee Action Approved Disapproved Deferred I I I I 11 Commission Action I Ave I Nav I Pass I Absent I Total 11 COMMENTS: Motion by Comm. Harr and seconded by Comm. TO APPROVE APPROVED 811'1198 'v'ixte VOTE Hyatt cp,$ao SULLIVAN COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Augusl17,1998 Consider Ute lollowing: 1 File # A rcquerl by Picrcr E. hfa5scy to reone the popcrty described below from R-1 lo R-3A: 1IEQIIT:S'l' AFPHOVED 8/17/98 R0I.L CALI, 18 Aye, 4 Nily, 2 Abscnt liking a tract ol ku~d lvcated in thc chi1 ilistricl the north side of Lnke Point Dr. ;ipproximstcly,1800 ice1 soulll of ila intcrscclioli wilh ILingcwnod Rd.u~d furlher dc5cribscl a7 puce1 7.0U map 140 of the Sulliv,~ County Tax Mi~ps. ?he Plwning Commission sok IXe fouow'mg actiun: Plercr E. MYSCY rrquc~ledthaz stnclcll~ d luwndinihc2wcivbd'~lt~nonihcnanh ridhallakcpokiur. ypn~li~nrlcly 18Mircl louulofil*mlcnu?ion wilh RwipcwaodKd. brezonrdlmni R-l la R-3htop.rm1llhr lacntion of8 rrridcntxrl duplcr. ih.app1,cant wu yrra.,,,. Mr Rorr an.1 Jcvl Wntfonl spore inapp.i,iun no,,ng Uia,!hc mad r~.nala&q a,ofoi incrcarcd lidfic in hc n~ighbohvod. Slallstud &e harcrylcst runot campntibl~ wiih rxinmg midcnuiu' dcvctopmr and zanng paucmr and reromxlmdcd I, br denied. (2) File # A request by ClarenceOtiver to rezone lhepropcny dcscribcd below from R-l lo K-2 : REQUEST APPROVED 8/17/98 ROLI, CALL 22 Aye, 2 Abscnt Bcing a Wac1 of land localcd in the 5th Civil District on ~e east side of Isley Rd. apprurimsrely 3200 Iect soillh of ils intersection wiitc I skd Rd and funher described as parcel 5.00 map 50 of the Sullivan County Tau Maps. 'fie Plaruiing Commission look the following.nctinn: F~IEN . 7, JR 1,Ctaencc Ol,vrrKequrll ClirrnrcOlivcir~gucr~rdlhuairnnaf lnndlncucdmhr Sd Gvll Disttiil onu erasi~idr of lrlcy Rd, sppmrimucly 32M fca rouoi 01 itr in~mmior, rilh Island Rd. be rrroned from RI to R-2 lo smut Uir ladon of aringb-w~&mohll~ honic. Ihc appt~cnnl war pr~seiif. No o~orilion wmr prcseacd. Sbfinffuui lhe rcliurrl was mmwlbtc wid zomg and lrndusc pn,mmr and re'onunrnded sppruvll. Mollon Mull,,!l..rcond ~rk~nloi;y.orch.-iqurll vnrc i hvori.ilu mouonunln,mo,,, (3) File # Arcqr~csl by Elizabeth Wild lorezone the properly described below from R-1 ro REQUEST APPROVED 8/17/98 ROLL CLAL 20 Aye.? Nay, 1 Absent Beins a tract of land locavd in the 14th Civil District on the north side of E. Shipley Ferry Rd. approximately I000 feet ex1 of ils intersection with Fon Henry Dr and funher described as pace group C map 92M of the Sullivan County Tnt Maps. The Planning Commission took the following action: Eliubnh Wlld we%ed hu nurr of land lead in ha I4h Ciril I)lnriom(hr nod lidr of. Shiplcy F w Rd. wwwmueb IWOfeaculofit- intcn&an wiul Fon H q Dr. bc mzonedfrmr-l topbd lo pimit thc lowion of bumcu drvdapnenl Filr No E.J. Wild Rquclt El. Wild rquwlrd Mr. lnrtof laad iocald in he 14ul Civil DilVlclon hcnonh aide ofe.shiplry Fcny Rd. appmxurulrly IIOO feu rut ofita inirncolimwiul~~n~~~, nr.brmumtdfmm R-L ~OPBD lapcnnithc IOC~~OO ~~bu~inn. dcvclopntnl Filr No Rogrr Beverly Rcquul Ro~WBWC~Y IEVwld ChltStP1dof IMd 10C.LLdin he 14h Civil hlfrid onhr nonh sidc of E Shipley Few Rd. npproximdely IZW IcrlcasLdirhlcacolm wiulfonhcnr/ Drh; rcrantd CromR-ltoPBD bpdtulriaruion of busuusr drvelopncnl Fiic No.l,9%-7.EhrL.H.mmond Jr.Rcqucrt Elmcr L. U-ond it. mquesledata ma ofllnd loc~d in ha 14h Civil Dialria on hananh Cdc ofe. Shipley Frny Rd wprarim.ieb 13mfm rutof ilsinlcnrction wiulfonh&niy DrbrrzmrdfromR-1 bpbd lap.mirthebcltii~f bu.w%%& +!opnonl Molion Huold Barno.. lrmnd Beichor lo deny thc foul. rcqulru. Volt infauordhr motion: Hsmld Ban. Bclshsr. opposed: Bmm, Hi&. Mullin%. Thmlim faildl b3. (4) Filc # A request by.i. Wild lo rezone the propmy described below from R-1 to PBD ' REQUEST APPROVED 8/17/98 ROLL CALL 20 Aye, 2 Nay, 2 Absent neerog a Wac1 of land loc~l d m the 14lhCncl D%nncl on thc nunh slde of E Shrplcy Fc'crr) Rd nppror~mllcly 1100 ice1 eacl of nu rnlerrccrtun unlc Fon Henry Dr and funher dcsnnul ar par. [ I I W groupc map92l of the Sullnan Colrniy Tau hhps The Planning Commission look the followigg action: 7hc following 4 rand rcqual~ wen conridsn;djoinuy: Fihmrmbcn ,7iP snd Ale No ,Eliukh WildRqur~l Eli~.bcUI Wild rcqucsd huam of b d ldvlsd in hc I4h Clvil Dirtria on ulr nonh ddc ofe, shipley Few Rd. ~pmximlu=ly lm0frecemofiu~~~aionuiulfonhcwdrbcrcl~ncdfmmr-i WPBD topcmut hr las~~onor hlrin.3r dweiopnrn Filc No E.J. Wild Rqurat E.J.Wildrquertdhlt~mof lrndlocycdin hr IW CivilDb~tonfhanonhsidaafE. Shipley FciryRd..pprnrimslrly 1 IWf~cl rul of its hlcnrction wiulhn HqDrbaremdfmmR-I lopbdto pimil!htl~donaf bwhcrr dnrlapn~ Filc No Rqcr Bevlrly Rcqucsr ~lnler~. ~nmmond ir r~qwadhrcrtra~ orimdiucucd u,*r 14Ul~ivcl ~irmctrn~lt~vnh sidcof~. shiplry FCTR~. wpmrh~cly Ilmf=lsasr of its inrenramn wiihfon iicw Dr. krczoncdfmrnr~i topud lop~rmit Ulr lacuianoc burvlerx drrclopmrn~ llc ~~rnnlll~on a$~eedto ~ondld~r~p~~l~m~ons 7,98.4,5.6 and7joindy nr adjrcrnl pmpcniss. (hc appllcatc5 wrrr pncnt. Itnndy WXd rnd Unid Uercrly a civil rnbwcr rtuc6ihi llic propscd zoning would not be de?itnmenul Lo Be neiphlarfiuud l.%m Uxllov: md revrral oarr acljriraproirny omrrs rpkc in opporir~onnulii~g ru6acacr vwzidninaec pdlrmr. stslalrd Ulu ihe prnnorcdzon ng wsicm~niulr u?lh zoning and ihd urc pancrnr mil rtianunrnlld rppmvd. (5) File # A request by Roger Bcvcily to rezone Ute property described below irom R-l lo PBD: IIEQIJEST APPROVED 8/17/98 ROLL CALL 20 Aye, 2 Nay, 2 Absent The Planning Comnlission look the fullowing achon: D~smnonUlnnorih x~dc ore. Shiplry FIT Rd. LI~T.*EIII Wilil reyiio~led ihninliil~~ of lmd lomejlnulc l~uioluil apl~rox~'lcly lu*l frcl clii ~I~L~inlrlscnionvilhFon HCW Ur, bc rclond IcornRLtoPBO lapcmuibciocat~on of bvrvleirdev.,opcnl Flls No. 7A8-5.E.J. Wild INcqurzf L'f. wild rqarstid~iitr lrnnof luld 1acutd;n he 14Ui ~~vi~~utdtonhcno~i si&=of~.shipty rrny Rd. qpmxhncly I loq -1 of sir hlcnri lon ivih Ton limy Dr. k rcioncd fmrn R-i lo FED 80 ps-l llis lordion of bua\ncrx *cvc,opmani Hls No. lfi8-7. Elmer L. Hanunoud lr. Rcquess Elmcr L. Ilammond Ir.irqm?a~led,hats uanof lrnd luclcd ui rhc llul Clril Dul.m oo Ui. onh ridc afe SUplry Fsv Rd approranse~y 1302 reci cut of its in~enc~noavi~l~uniic~ m, bc rrzonrd fro,,,^.^ to PBD xu pmu~ ihc localon b sinr3r drvclopnmr The ro~~in:iscron~~rerdlo cunrid~rnypl1rrlicns7i'ly-i.l.6 nr a~ljarca pru~nlrs. llicappliranis wcrr pnrcnt. Rmii) U'lld uidlldvld UiYEily a~lliiencincer1ldl1il II~aIth~pr~pled mnmg rouldno~budelnnvnm1iohcnei~~~ood. I.arn Ihlluw. andrcv~mlarhrr~jrccniprqx~ownrn iplkcinopya%hnon ciol rlg ~rifscs wiiardwnagr problems. SUff smfed hai Om pmpvred u,wng war cornpu blcvnh lnnhg and land urc pnilcn~r and rtiammcndedappmud. Lllollvn Hirol~iUamrr,r~cond Bslihcrto~c$yUlcIw~irequels. Volc mfavorof dxr nlollon. Hmld 0ur.t~. Weicliir. uppscd: Bmm. BirXnm. Mullms. The motion fdld 2 La 3. Morion MuUmr, acrand Hickrnl lo approve ihr luurrrqutucnl. Vatrn favorof Ulr motion: Muilmr. Hick. Brow. Gwnc D L mallah to approic ngursls 7j98~ md 7 camcd 4 lo 2. (6) File # A request by Elmer L. Hammotrd Ir. lo rezone!he property described below from R-l to PBD : WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT 8/17/98 Being a tact of land located in the 14th Civil Disfrict on h e north side of E. Shipley Ferry Rd. approximately 1300 feet east of its intersection withfort Henry Dr and funher described as parccl11.00 group C map 92M of the Sullivan County Tax Maps. The Planning Commission took the following action: The following 4 zoning rrquull were comiderrdjninfly; Fiknm&r.i7/98-4.7/98-1.7/98~6~d 7.98'1 File No. 7/V&4, Elizabeth WiidRqunt Elinbrlh W~ld rcquesld bn amof lmdlouucd in!he 14th Civil Diltna onthr nanh side ofe. Shidry Fcm Rd. approrimusly tmic~lcrn of its int.ncnion wi!hfon Ilmry Dr. berezondfmn R-l lo PBD 10 psmutw IocaYond buruu,* devdopmmr File No E.I. Wild ~eiuua E.I. Wild rrgue~t~dthstrmn of lad lorurd hthr 14thCivil Disttic~mthcnonh ride of. Shipley Few Rd appmrim.lrh 1100 lee, urt of iuhlcncdionwihfon Havy h be ruoncdfm 8-1 mpbd topmitthe 1oc;uion ofbinru drvrlqmml Fila No. 7iP8-6.bpcr Bcvccly Rcqcq! b~er~evady nqmstcdih~ LM ofiadlo-d in he 14h civil Bnna onhe nod lid. o i shipby ~ ~eny R& appmzimurly lmfm business deuclcpnml file No. 7/9&7.ELmciL. Hvnmrmd I,. Rqvu, cut of ik vltcninirm wih Fon Hmry Dr. k rczmcdimmr.1 mpbd mpmut k bulirmof ELnrrL.Hunmmdir.nqulnlrdUucsulndlmdlocdrd inhc 14hC~vil Dh!ictmhrnod 'idcafe. Shiplcy FemRd appmxirnucly 1300 fel cssl of ir, inlrnrrtion vihfon Havy Dr. bc rrzoncdfmr-l lo PBDto pcmitw location of bu,inc,, dcrclopnml n~ C O ~ ~ ~ S ~ O ~ to ~ ~,ide,.pp~iu~rml 7~8.4.~. 6 md 7joinay.djoscnapmpniei. ha ~ ~ i we=. ~ p~unt. u hdy Wld ad David Bevwly.civil rngiorrr ndd lh.llhc p~opolrd zoning would not bcdurimlnw to the ncighbahoad. L y nllow: mdwd obcrndjaan~propcny~rnem spk in oprillonnoting iudm mlrrdmhqe pmblrrnl. SlnIf %uleduulthcpmprrdzo~c~ng wrnpdiblawihmningmdlmdurcpnerm mdrrsomnddip~aovd. (7) File # 7/98-13 A request by Ralph Blizard to rezone Ule property described below fmm A-2 to R-1 : REQUEST APPROVED 8/17/98 ROLL CALL 22 Aye, 2 Absent Being a tract of land locaed in the 5th Civil Disviclon the north side of Red BudLane approximately 2000 feet west of its intersection with S.R. 37 and kther described as lots land 2 of Redbud Escues Subdivision being pan ofparcel 54 map 50 of Ihe Sullivan County Tax Maps. Thc Planning Commission took the fouowing action: Thc follovvlg 3 Laoing reqmc3u uen=anridrrrdfiy: P'iknmbcbclD md7/98-15 Fib No. 7/98-13 Mph Bliu~dllr~ucl Ralph BLlurd rrqucsted hu amt~f lmdlocuad inhc 5th Civil Diluinon thenod ride ofrsdbudlrnc.p~aoxim.tely 2WOfm wclf atill inkncaion*h S.R 37 bcrrzonrd fmm A-2 to R-1 to pcd thr lodon ofringkfmily icsidm~c. File No. 7D8.14 RdphBbrd Rqvut Ralph BltzArdmqurrtcd(ha ava~ioflandlocvcdin U1sSihCivll mrmnonihrnonhli&ufrcd8udimc appmxhucly 16Wlecl rrrlofio bccncdian ri!hs.r3ikrczoncdfrum A-2toR-1 topmilu1eloutbnof ringlclamiiy rcridenos. FdcNo?BB-l5 Raph BlimdRcgral Ralyll Ullnlrd mqllrsicdihaialnc$oclnndl~~y~dhlllrib Ciwl Disi Sion ihcnonhridc ofredbudl.me qqrnrkndely l w loci v'rrtoficsinuncnio~~wlhs.r 37bcrnonedlian hlor1 iopcmil(hclorationof3inglr family lrcldmcc. lhr innlaililorl nprrcd locoiilidernppl~wlionr 7 R-ti. I4 and lsjnintly as ndjrccalpmpc~lln ihr imlirrilt wispicienc mid ilrl rrprcrrl!ad h ~oim Lllzc uhospkr in roi,wn of tllr rcqucst. ~ooplr riuun wrc pmrrntcd. staff%=v~d~h~rrqc~t us* iolll,aulrli arch *olllnei.d,.id,,rop*,e,n, *#a rrcois icn0:d n,,pmiitl. ~u:,on i~rlil~ei, rocolld f~~rkrm lo q!mur ole rupcrr vaa in mar lnvtimunarurnou~. (8) I;ile # 7/98-14 A request by Rdph lilizard lo rezone tl~e prapeny described bclow from A-2 lo R-I: REQUEST APPROVED 8/17/98 ROLL CALL 22 Aye, 2 Absent ''ntinp a uact of laid located in h e 5th Civil Diswicton henonh side of Red BudLane appruximately 1600 feel west of its ulli.zsczlion wiur S.R. 37 and Iunher dcscnbed as low 5 and 6 ol Redbull Eswles Subdivision being pait of parcel 54 map 50 of he Sullivan County Tax Maps. 'nlc Planning Cormnission took lhe following action:?hcfollaving 3 wllrng rrqurlil YErC cnwidc~idjainrly: Fllrnunbcn?D8.i3,1.98~14 and7b8-is 1.d~ No. 7B8~13 RalphBliiard Ryucrl Ralph ullzard rcquerrcd M a trac, olland lar*ld in thssd civil nrinci an he ~nh of~ed B U ~ I. qqrnrun~ely ~ C 2M0 lie8 veil of its intinellion wiul5.r 37 hc rczonrdlrom A-2 la Rl to yrnnil loution of avlgle fvnily rr9idcncc. Fllr So7N8~15 lwyh ilbad Rcqursl oiimli lo~lled h Ulc Jcbcivil a%l cianme nonh a& drrd nudi.mc wmzknairl) niilph ulirsrd IE~UEI~CO chat L ICI ilw hu wcs, or,rs hccrrcaian ulrh SR 17 Pe nlondfrom A-2 CoR-I Lo yrmit(hr lauuanof ainglc family irrrdmcr. Motion Bclclrr, r~co~d~x&am ~o appmva ihr rcqurrt. Vow inf~vor of mc rno monunmiwus (91 fiile ft 7/98-15 A request by Ralph Blizsrd tolezulir the propeny described below from A-2 to R.1 : REQUEST APPROVED 8/17/98 ROLL CALL 22 Aye. 2 Absetn Being a Wac1 I land located in the SUI Civil District on the no* sideof Red Bud Lane apprurimatcly 1200 feel west of ils irlterscction wiih S.R. 37 and funher described as lots 7 and 8 of Redbud Estates Subdivioo beiq part of parcel 54 map 50 of he Sullivan County Tax Maps. The Planning Commission Cook the fouuwhlg action: lik No. 7N8.14 ~ d& phlizanl~q~~t nd& ihu amor t~d~orsed in ihr ~ ihci~i~ ~i.rti~v on hc ~idc af~cd~ud L ~ rpprorimar~y E 1600frrt west of iu inknciihon wiih S.R. 31bc rrronrd from A-1 tor-l lo pmit Uir loollonor single fmih rcsidcncr. Kle N ndph s l i d nqursl Ralph BliracdrrqucsudUiu itranof lmdloraicdinihe5uicivili)lntilonuienonh ri&ofrcdbudl.nclpproimuely 12W 1111 WS*LO~ its inlrncnimn wiih S.R 31bc rezoned from A-ltoR-1 lo wmu! Uir lootion of rinalcfmily rcsi&ncc. Marion Bclchcr,suand firkmto wmue Ihcrqrrl Votc in favor d hcmtionunmimaur 1 = 800' Scale Lot Size: 200ft. x 200ft. Civil District: 20 REZONING REQUEST Sullivan County, Tennessee From R-1 To R-3A NORTH May 19, 1998 File # 1 = 800' Scale Lot Size: 160 x 160 feet Civil Distict: 5 REZONING REQUEST Sullivan County, Tennessee From R-1 To R-2 NORTH July File # .' & &L' I = 800' Scale Lot Size: 110 x 150 fect Clvil Uist~i~t: 14 RfCZONING REQUEST Sullivan County, Tennessee From R- 1 To PBD July 21, 1998 Pile # OlSO 015,l 1 = 800' Scale Lot Size: 100 x 150 feet Civil District: 14 REZONING REQUEST Sullivar~ County, Tennessee From R-1 To PBD NOKTH July 21, 1998 File # REZONIlVG REVUE= Sullivan County, Tennessee.- From R-1 To PBD '-4L' 1 = 800 Scale Lot Size: I00 n 150 fcct Civil District: 14 L &ti3 REZONING REQUEST Sullivan County, Tennessee From K-1 To PBD 1 = 800' Scale 'July 21, 1998 Lot Size: 150 x 175 feet Fie # Civil Dishict: 14 -- 1 = 800' Scale Rl3ZONPIWG REQUEST Sullivan County, Tennessee From A-2 To R-1 I F July 21, 1998 Lot Size: 1 acre Civil District: 5 File #7/98-13 NORTH REZONING REQUEST Sullivan County, Tennessee From A-2 To R-1 1 = 800' Scale July 21, 1998 Lot Size: 1.4 acre File # 7/98-14 Civil District: 5 NO'ITH 1 = 800' Scale Lot Slze 1 4 acre Clvll D~su~cr 5 - REZONING REQUEST Sullivan Counly, Tennessee From 4 -TO 2R- 1 NO1:'I'H July Fiie # 7/98-15 STATE OF TENNESSEE COUNTY OF SULLIVAN ELECTION OF NOTARIES JULY 20, 1998 Sharon W. Bailey Sky Knuth Margaret K. Baker Donna M. Largent Margaret C. Bear Teresa R. Laws M. Faye Beverly Roy E. Blair Tina R. Danny M. Shaw Leamon Ledford Constance L. Blanton George W. Leonard Angela K. Blevins Michael D. Moore Tina M. Bowen Linda Norris Russell M. Brogden Martha B. Ollis Crystal Burnette Wendy R. Ramsey Tammie Jean Burrell Catherine S. Rhinehart Michael D. Carico Nancy Stallard Judith T. Carrier Peggy F. Stout Cathy L. Childress Kim D. Thai Robin Cleary Carolyn W. Thomasson ~udy A. Coleman Sandie Tolbert Sandra Compton Pam R. Watkins Ken Dillow Kenneth T. Yates Herman H. Graveman Sue T. Hatcher Sharon B. Hutchinson Sarah L. Jessee Jennifer A. Johnson Norma J. Kelly Upon motion made by Commissioner Ralph Harr and seconded by Commissioner Marvin Hyatt to approve the Notary Applicants listed hereon, said motion was approved by roll call vote of the Commission. 22 Aye, 2 Absent Linda Kirtz STATE Of TENw EE COUNTY OF SLfk~db APPROVAL OF NOTARY PUBLIC SURETY BONDS AUGUST L7, 1998 Peqgy,I. C.irnpbel1 Tina L. Edna A. Godsey Heglar Robert E. Kerns. I1 Lois A. McKenzie C. David Rosenbaum George Surgenor, Jr. Lisa C. Swanner Frances W. Thozn,?s Sue U. Tyner Fortis D. Morse Debbie Sorrel1 Upon motion made by Commissioner Ralph Harr and seconded by Cornrnissioner Marvin Hyatt to approve the Notary Bonds of the above nanled individuals, said rnotioil was approved by roll call vote of the Commission. 22 Aye, Z Absent molution No. s $2 TO THE HONORABLE GIL HODGES, COUNTY EXECUTIVE, AND THE MEMBERS OF THE SULLIVAN COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS IN REGULAR SESSION THIS THE 19Lh DAY OF -January_, RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING Salaw Increase for Sullivan Countv Ernolovees WIEREAS, TENNESSEE CODE ANNOTATED; SECTION COlJNTIES TO AUTHORIZES NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED bv the Board of Countv Commissioners of Sullivan County, Tennessee assembled in &&g Session on the 19th day of lanuan, ; THAT. WTIEREAS. The Ern~lovees of Sullivan CounW are dedicated: and WHEREAS. Tl~emolovees are deselvine of additional corn~ensation: and -- Yo\{'. TIICR!;I:Q!&UE IT RESOLVED Salaries of ~ he Sulltvan Countv Em~I~vsej be irarcascd I), l\rcn!v C\e (251 cents ncr hour
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