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Meet us in Fr ankf ur t Foreign Rights Catalogue Frankfurt 2019 Hall 5.1 C51 About Us Syllabes Agency is a rights agency based in Lyon (France) representing…
Meet us in Fr ankf ur t Foreign Rights Catalogue Frankfurt 2019 Hall 5.1 C51 About Us Syllabes Agency is a rights agency based in Lyon (France) representing publishers specialised in children’s books. In the present catalogue you’ll find new and forthcomig titles by the publishers we represent. BELIN JEUNESSE has been a French MAZURKA is a small independent publishing educational publisher since 1777. Its main house from France created by children’s ambition has always been the transmission of books lovers. Its goal is simple: to make readers travel to the knowledge, by the publication of textbooks at all levels as well world of books (and why not off-road?). The books by Mazurka as non-scholastic titles in many elds such as popular science, are tender, poetic and joyful; the books that make stars sparkle history, geography and philosophy. The young reader’s list by in the eyes of the young readers! Belin Jeunesse comprises both fiction and non-fiction titles - foreign rights calatogue from picture books to novels - for children aged from 5 to 12. foreign rights calatogue LA TOPERA is an independent publisher from Spain based in Barcelona and specialised in HONGFEI CULTURES is a French publisher original picture books published in Catalan specialised on books for children and develops a and Castilian languages. foreign rights calatogue unique editorial line that highlights empathy notably through the link with China and cross-cultural aspect. LE DIPLODOCUS is an independent children’s This is why many of the titles by HongFei represent texts by books publisher established in 2015. Le classic or contemporary Chinese and Taiwanese authors Diplodocus has published about 20 titles. illustrated by western artists. These texts - fables, wonderful foreign rights calatogue stories, fairy tales, poetry - reveal ancient but timeless literary tradition, vibrant and rich in humanism. In the BLUEDOT EDITIONS is an independent children’s catalogue of HongFei Cultures, readers will also find titles not books publisher specialised in bilingual (French / linked to Chinese culture and exploring various subjects such English) picture books for the children of 2-6 years. as travelling, interest to the unknown and relations with the All books are printed in France by eco-friendly others. printers (label ImprimVert). Bluedot’s picture books often have foreign rights calatogue a focus on nature and invironment. LE GRAND JARDIN is an independant book CÉPAGES ÉDITIONS (cépage means publisher situated in the South of France. It is “grape variety” in French) specializes in specialized in children’s books that question children’s books. Cultivating quality and about the society, human nature and the world variety in their publications, Cépages’ harvest consists of we live in today. foreign rights calatogue Come to see us in Frankfurt! original collections and innovative picture books for all those who love reading, discovering and dreaming… Drink it in to GENÉVRIER is an independent children’s books Hall 5.1 - D90 your heart’s content! publisher based in Paris region. Genévrier publish foreign rights calatogue both translated and original picture books and tales. 2 2+ years Picture books Jules The Rabbit’s Strawberry Pie by Donatienne Ranc & Ann Dieryck Jules The Rabbit’s Strawberry Pie is the first book in a series of stories about Jules The Rabbit and his family. Ecology and family relations are the focal themes. Today, Jules Lapin will celebrate his 5th birthday. He wants to bake a birthday cake: a strawberry pie! Flour, an egg, milk and strawberries, there you go! A large basket on his arm, Jules goes find his ingredients across the countryside. Along the way, many encounters will make him think and grow a little more. A story with ecological overtones for all nature lovers! 20 x 20 cm – 48 pages – 14,90€ - Bluedot 3 2+ years Picture books Who’s the best doctor? A frog’s Life by Nicole Amram & Lucie Albon by Aline Albon & Lucie Albon In my room, there is a real parade! Doctor A board book to learn the names of Horse, Doctor Marmot, doctor Snake, various birds in seven languages : Doctor Monkey, Doctor Caiman... Will French, English, Spanish, Japanese, one of them cure me? The answer to this Chinese, Arab and Esperanto. Today, question is sure to be approved by children more and more families come from all over the world! mixed cultures and wish to have picture books that show early on the richness of our world! Qui est le meilleur docteur? - 20 x 20 cm – 48 pages – 14,90€ - Bluedot Une vie de grenouille - 20 x 20 cm – 48 pages – 14,90€ - hard cover - Bluedot bilingual edition (French - English) Lucie Albon (illustrator) Lucie Albon graduated from Beaux-Arts in Angoulême and Arts Décos in Strasburg. She illustrates children’s picture books as well as graphic novels for adults. She also works for the press and experiments with various art formats such as installations and giant collages. Several of her books have been published in Germany by Gerstenberg. This is Lucie’s second book for Éditions Bluedot. 4 2+ years Picture books Transport A surprise for Nicolo by Motomitsu Maehara by Clyv Plane, scooter, subway, ship, race car, bicycle, Nicolo likes lazing in his bed before getting truck, helicopter, motorbike, sail boat, rocket, up. Then, like every other day, he gets washed bus... Intended for little ones from 2 to 3 and dressed. But this morning, a mysterious years and up, this picture book allows them envelope awaits him at the front door. A new to discover these means of transport, as well day full of chance meetings awaits Nicolo. as others, with captions for each one in three Join him on his surprising adventure! languages: French, English and Japanese. Une surprise pour Nicolo - 20 x 20 cm – 48 pages – 14,90€ - Bluedot bilingual edition (French - English) Transports - 23 x 23 cm – 48 pages – 13€ - hard cover - Genévrier Motomitsu Maehara An artist of Japanese origin, Motomitsu Maehara, now living in Paris, is at once a designer, a musician and a poet. very appreciated abroad, has already been the object of numerous publications, espe- cially in Korea. He has been published in England (Button Books) as well as in Switzerland, where two of his picture books have appeared with Notari. In France, his books has been also published by Balivernes. 5 3+ years Picture books And the monkeys do the same Honoré takes his time by Pog & Cédric Abt by Bérangère Mariller-Gobber One hot summer night, Hiro, a young street ven- Take your time, dawdle, daydream... while dor, falls asleep under a tree, next to his merchan- everyone is running and dashing, Honoré is dise, a cart full of beautiful hats. Unfortunately, in slow. But life is sometimes complicated, when the morning, these have disappeared! Monkeys you have opted for contemplation: «Nobody stole them! Hiro screams. And so do the mon- really lets you do anything! «So the little boy keys! He throws rocks at them and the mon- tries to adapt to the pace of others. All are keys… do the same! satisfied, but he feels unhappy. One day, he receives a camera. A snapshot? What an odd Et les singes en font de même ! gift for «Honoré- the-hurried-step»! What on 19 x 26 cm – 32 pages – 13 € - hardback - Cépages Earth is he going to do with it? Honoré n’est pas pressé - 22,5 x 30 cm – 32 pages – 14 € - hardback - Cépages 6 3+ years Picture books My grandmother is a Hoel child... like me! by Marie Tibi & Baptistine Mésange by Alaine Agirre & Ainara Azpiazu To shelter from his fellow citizens’ taunting, Hoel Is it possible to talk to the youngest has taken refuge on a desert island, far from the children of the (damned) Alzheimer’s world and its people. He sometimes dreams of in a tender, sensitive and even funny leaving but remains alone on the shore. Until one way? Alaine Agirre, winner of the day the tide lands there a little starfish fisherman. Lazarillo Award 2015 and Ainara How will Hoel handle this unexpected compa- Azpiazu bring us an emotional story nion? about a grandmother and her grandson and about love and understanding beyond the Hoel - 19 x 26 cm – 32 pages – 13 € - hardback - Cépages codes established by adults. “My tender leaves” series (six more titles available, Mi abuela es como yo... un niño - 18 x 23 cm – 32 pages – 14 € - hardback - La Topera (Spanigh language) Korean & Chinese languages rights sold on Korean language rights sold selected titles) 7 3+ years 5+ years Picture books Keep out! Private beach! by Sophie Lescaut A large family of platypus with touching personalities set off for the beach. Once arrived, the little troop was refused entry on grounds of a ban on beaked animals. They fell back to another beach where they were denied access for equally absurd reasons. Yet, they always kept their peckers up... A sparkling album, combining comics and storytelling, packed with The Tree Told me humour and emotion. by Sophie Lescaut & Thanh Portal Plage réservée - 26 x 19 cm – 32 pages – 14,50 € - hardback - Le Grand Jardin Korean language rights sold Undeniably very successful and for quite a while. A short text, presented as a poem with always the same starting point: “The tree told me”. A magnificent and intense text that speaks to all – young and old – about life; about what life is like, what it is like to grow up and grow, echoing many emotions and different life-events... L’arbre m’a dit - 24 x 32 cm – 32 pages – 15,50 € - hardback - Le Grand Jardin Korean and simplified Chinese language rights sold 8 3+ years Picture books When I grow up... by Séverine Vidal & Audrey Calleja When I grow up... by Laurie Cohen & Mathias Friman When you’re little, you often dream big. So, until we can make our life-size dreams come true, we adapt and fulfil them on our own scale. We become a candle fireman, A cat chases a ladybug. He would like to catch her, play with her, keep her in his a singer in the shower or a plush toy hairdresser. Buoyed by Audrey Calleja’s poetic claws but she is fast... With great simplicity and accuracy, Laurie Cohen and Mathias trait, Séverine Vidal’s text encourages children to embrace their adult desires. With Friman succeed in pulling us into this crazy pursuit where we become cats chasing a little imagination, they are within reach, really... their prey... Until the unexpected final twist where the formidable predator finds Plus tard - 17 x 21 cm – 32 pages – 11,90 € - hardback - Le Diplodocus himself dressed in a carnival costume. Has the cloak-and-dagger ball started? Le chat et la coccinelle - 25,6 x 15 cm – 32 pages – 13,90 € - hardback - Le Diplodocus 9 5+ years Picture books Marcel super cat by Joanna Wiejak (text and illustrations) «My cat Marcel is an exceptional cat. He helps Papi cross the road, does mechanics, supports the firemen and sometimes even flies into the stars to pick up some comets! Yes, he does, take my word for it! The author Joanna Wiejak gives pride of place to little poetic lies. With her mischievous writing and always inventive drawing, she gently transports us to where fibs are a little too much to believe. Yet, just for fun, we’re willing to pretend! Marcel Super Chat - 21 x 13 cm – 48 pages – 12,90 € - hardback - Le Diplodocus Korean language rights sold 10 5+ years Picture books Can’t sit still by Aude Brisson & Perrine Joe Basil and his father have just moved into a new home, and made the most amazing discovery: their home is moving out every day! With it, they gratefully discover a new landscape every morning: deserts, skyscrapers, an old volcano, wild beaches, a lake full of pelicans... When the house ends up lingering in a small village, the adventure seems to be over. Not so, actually: it has only just begun! Bougeotte - 18 x 24 cm – 40 pages – 13,50 € - hardback - Le Diplodocus 11 5+ years Picture books The Duck Hunt The Giraffe by Florence Jenner-Metz & Marina Rouzé by Véronique Cauchy & Valérie Michel Two hunters are ambushed by the pond. They are waiting for the wild ducks and already dreaming of a sumptuous meal! But a cloud of One morning, when Dad ope- young mosquitoes disrupts them... ned the closet under the stairs, he The two buddies spray them with insecticide and ward them off. found a giraffe. “This is no place for Then, «the mosquitoes, in close rows, leave the pond without more a giraffe, Dad thought. I’m gonna ado»... kick her out”. When he tried to pull No more mosquitoes to feed the hungry dragonflies? So these in her out of the closet, the giraffe would not budge. First Dad whispered friendly words, turn vanish. Then the frogs and fish have nothing left to eat. In the end, this pond proves very disap- and then he got angry, and hurled war words at her. A simple, humorous and very acces- pointing for the two hunters, who come home completely empty-handed. The pond is deserted but, sible text on a major theme: the acceptance of change, the ability to let go. sometime later, bugs and other wildlife finally come back to revive this small pond. A very dynamic comic-style story that humorously addresses very current issues of biodiversity and the La Girafe - 25 x 18 cm – 32 pages – 14,50 € - hardback - Le Grand Jardin food chain with some popularizing scientific facts at the end of the album. La chasse aux canards... et aux moustiques - 24 x 32 cm – 32 pages – 15,50 € - hardback - Le Grand Jardin 12 5+ years Picture books Such a Tiny King by Alice Brière-Haquet & Julie Guillem «Living the Moment» - a little lesson in wisdom for children about time and the experience of life. One day, a great and very wise king died. His son will succeed him of course, but he is so young! He dispatched his advisors to bring back all the knowledge in the world. Ten years later, they did bring back so many things! The little king would never have time to see all this! He had to get a life too... “Bring me a synthesis”, he asked. After 10 years, he was presented with many The carrot is back books. “But how do I find the time to read all this?” He was Fang Yiqun, Véronique Massenot, illustrated by Clémence Pollet supposed to govern too, wasn’t he?... Another 10 years and it all was shrunk into only one encyclopaedia. But the little king would It’s winter. Little rabbit was feeling cold.... And hungry! He went in search of food never have time to learn all this! He had to enjoy his family too... and found two carrots under the snow. What a joy! But it’s one too many. Then it He needed one simple sentence. 10 more years elapsed; the little king, now old, was presented with will be for his friend, Little Monkey, who must be feeling cold, too... And hungry, these few words: «Live the moment». Then the king smiled and died quietly. Her daughter succee- as well. Knock! Knock! Since Little Monkey was not at home, Little Rabbit left ded him, but she felt so young... the carrot on the table. In fact, Little Monkey had just found three peanuts and eaten them. On arriving home, he found the carrot, probably his friend’s gift. “It Le Si Petit Roi - 15 x 28 cm – 48 pages – 14,90 € - hardback - HongFei Cultures will be for Little Deer who must be feeling cold... and hungry as well”. Knock! Knock! Same thing, he’s not here.... From Little Deer to Little Bear, the carrot finally ended up back to Little Rabbit’s table. «Probably a gift from a friend!» Croc Croc la Carotte - 30 x 16,5 cm – 36 pages – 13,90 € - hardback - HongFei Cultures 13 5+ years 7+ years Picture books Winner of Lazarillo prize granted by the Spanish Organization for the Children and Youth Book (OEPLI) Martin by Alaine Agirre & Maite Gurrutxaga Where did he go, the grandfather? by Alaine Agirre & Maite Gurrutxaga «Martín is my best friend. But he is not like the others. Or that’s what others say. He likes to eat strawberries, but through the nose. He loves to wear shirts, but with all buttons well tied. «I don’t understand anything when my grandma says that the grandfather got damaged And catch the bugs in the yard, to keep them in your pocket. And the croquettes from nine over years. At school, one day we learned that stones, over time, can be damaged by ero- to nine, neither one more nor one less». sion. But my grandfather is not a stone. Or is he? Sometimes he almost looks like one. For Winning work of the prestigious Lazarillo prize granted by the Spanish Organization for the example, when he sleeps because he doesn’t move a millimeter» Children and Youth Book (OEPLI) The winning tandem of the 2015 Lazarillo Award winners for Best Enlightened Album returns Martin - 21,5 x 27,5 cm – 32 pages – 13,5 € - hardback - La Topera (Spanish language) to offer us a tender and moving story about the passage of time, beauty and death from the Korean language rights sold eyes of a child. A unique story to approach and work with the youngest in a realistic, warm and sincere way the absence of a loved one. ¿DÓNDE HA IDO EL ABUELO? - 19 x 14,5 cm – 40 pages – 13,5 € - hardback - La Topera (Spanish language) 14 6+ years Picture books Summer Bubble by Florian Pigé (text and illustrations) «By the pool, time stopped for a young boy who is finishing his breakfast with his feet in the water. Summer vacations are almost over. Left on his own, with his parents always busy, the child with a rich imagination fills his days with thousands of little activities. In the afternoon, he puts on his cape and hops on a bike, he feeds all the street cats and sometimes, when he’s lucky, meets Lily... he just knows her name. She’s is beautiful. He is shy. Tomorrow is the first day at school. But there still so much things to do: to draw, to build a tree house, to watch the stars, to smile at Lily... Today is a big day. Not a single familiar face in the classroom. The year will be long. But maybe there are still some nice surprises in stock? Bulle d’Été - 18,5 x 26,7 cm – 48 pages – 14,90 € - hardback - HongFei Cultures 15 3+ years Picture books Winter soon... Shucks! by Voutch by Voutch It’s autumn. The leaves are falling, the In search of tranquility, a young girl leaves her friends days are getting shorter and the nights to go travel the world. On foot in the country, but cooler and cooler. Winter is coming. the crows are cawing. In a boat on a lake, but the The squirrel knows and it worries him a fish come to say hello. In the forest, the owl hoots. little... Further, in the African savanna, the giraffes are really Ten years after The Little Frog that had too curious. And even on a desert island, solitude is an earache, this picture book with hu- no longer what it was. Happily, here are the Saharan mour accesible to young ones and sand dunes... their elders alike marks the great return For the first time in his picture books for children, of Voutch in publications for children. Voutch puts forth a little girl whom he makes the We find again the keen feeling of the narration that takes up the form of a trek leading to heroine of his story. Endearing and non-conformist like many of his characters. Depicted, its humorous ending. The opaque water- colour drawings, of a ciseled precision, alternate of course, with the humour that makes the microcosm of each page unique, while also between large and close-up designs. And the flat tint of colours offers a rainbow of winter punctuating the end of the story with an outcome that both little ones and their elders will tones.... appreciate. Bientôt l’hiver - 20 x 20 cm – 40 pages – 12 € - hardback - Genévrier Zut! - 20 x 29 cm – 40 pages – 13 € - hardback - Genévrier 16 6+ years Picture books Ulysses’s other journey Night-time car park by Bruno Heitz by Bruno Heitz Multiform artist, Bruno Heitz offers here, Bruno Heitz here renews with his style of scenes addressing children from 6 to 7 years old, made up of cut-out silhouettes which create the a new glimpse of technical mastery placed illusion of depth. at the service of a consummate art of In the nighttime car park, at ground level, on le- narration. vel 1, level
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