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Book 1 ANA, THE MARTIAN ´¨) ¸.ã´¸.ã´¨) ¸.ã¨) (¸.ã´ (¸.ã` Part 1 It was the night, on the extensive plains, with crops, of the Provincia…
Book 1 ANA, THE MARTIAN ´¨) ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•` Part 1 It was the night, on the extensive plains, with crops, of the "Provincia de Buenos Aires", where with its pavement the provincial road extended across such an extensively uniform horizon. Darting at high speeds against the almost non existent traffic of that road, at the steering wheel of a black racing Honda, which had been brought imported to Argentina directly from Japan, his owner Daniel Cordoba was chanting with the music, that was coming out of the powerful speakers inside the car's cockpit, from the radio "Mega", with its permanent broadcast of old argentine hits. While at that time the song was of the "GIT" rock band, Daniel only distracted from it, to comment remembering by the way: "My River Plate will be playing in Caracas, tomorrow wednesday... I just really hope they come back in one piece!... from that violent country, I mean...". At Daniel Cordoba's right, in the passenger seat, was travelling his life long friend Manuel Harriott. The two men were of an average height, and as young as twenty both. Much more thin than Daniel though, Manuel was about to speak something, although the third friend traveling there, Ana Arce, from the back seat perfectly anticipated his intentions, with her uttering: "Yeah! It would be great, to be there instead... in the Caribbean, I mean... With the yachts, the sun, and the palms... and everything like that". Manuel laughed out loudly, and stretched his left arm, to tease the skinny naked thigh of Ana, under her tiny skirt of a thin white fabric, with Manuel then remarking: "Ditto, to that, Ana!... That's exactly, what I was thinking!", and then with a gloating smile Manuel turned back his palid face of black hair, with his also black eyes on the way barely staring left, at Daniel. Sitting well again, Manuel finally muttered: "You don't surprise me anymore, Anita!". Right behind him, one year younger than the two gentlemen, with her age of twenty years, Ana Arce giggled. Ana really was an uncommon human being though, with her skinny body, her extra pale skin without blemishes, her milky irises, and an equally white hair, that she always kept short, resorting to the most expensive coiffeurs in town. Both Ana and Manuel were common 'portenio' people of the city of Buenos Aires, anyhow, from the neighborhood of Belgrano. There, Ana had an old, very expensive manor of her property, near the Cramer avenue, and Manuel lived in an apartment, similarly of him, on the third floor of an ultra sophisticated building, on the Olazabal street, in the corner of Moldes. Furthermore, Daniel Cordoba was an authentic aristocratic youngster of a distinguished family, even with ties with the argentine military, and so it always felt like condescending with Danielito, when treating with others. Anyhow, the three of them were affluent overall, dedicating their time to study things only for some occasional leisure interest, and so Daniel Cordoba was dedicated, studying his career of architecture, for example. Daniel also had a humongous farm in Lujan, to where the three friends precisely were heading on that night, and so Ana asked casually: "It's two in the morning, people!... Could we be there, at your farmstate, Daniel, in time for our fucking asado?... I mean, really in time at noon?". Daniel blew a giggle, and said quite confidently: "With this new car of me, at two hundred kilometers per hour, certainly we'll reach there as expected! We'll have time to play Battlefront with our laptops, and everything... You'll see!". Manuel Harriott then commented: "Let's hope there's good internet connectivity from these farms... My Luke Skywalker will do just like in the movies!". Ana Arce laid her thin hand on his left shoulder, and she teased then: "Manuelito, my love... You won't escape even here from the might of my Emperor Palpatine...", to which Daniel Cordoba then added: "And his loyal henchman Dart Vader...". Even at those high speeds on board the racing japanese car, Daniel then raised his right muscular hand, to which Ana immediately reacted with her own thin left hand slapping his, on behalf of the Imperial team, they usually shared, playing "Star Wars". Ana then stretched back over her seat, and so distracted she examined inside her coat, of a thin, red fabric, and short sleeves, over her white blouse, examining the tiny screen of a mp3 player, which was playing then an audio book of the "American Psycho" novel, her favorite literature of all times. With the popular novel being read into her ears, Ana Arce couldn't help then with her unpigmented milky eyes to examine at the skies of the province of Buenos Aires, as up there it was all sprinkled with a mantle of shinning silver stars. Ana so mumbled: "Humph... too much calm, around here, though...". Precisely at that moment, the left front wheel of the Honda racing car of Daniel, with an explosive sound unexpectedly suffered a puncture blowout, for which, for an emergency procedure, Daniel quite dexterously released the speed pedal, totally ignoring the brakes, and held the steering wheel the most firmly he could, with his well built arms, attempting to keep control. At its very high speed, the car pulled sharply to the left though, and soon it began to spin, with three of its wheels screeching over the pavement. After being traveling well over one hundred kilometers per hour, the Honda of Daniel whirled out of control five times completely roundly, with the rubber of the three surviving Bridgestone tires shrieking, striving to keep gripping the pavement. The imported car ended up over the hard shoulder of the opposite side of the road, with the front fallen in a road ditch with water. Once being totally stopped, Daniel blew air from his mouth, and Manuel Harriott mumbled: "phew!". Behind, Ana Arce stopped clawing to her seat, to be the first to speak: "Are we still alive?". The four portenio friends didn't take long unbuckling their safety belts, and getting out of the car. Manuel Harriott was the first one assessing the situation: "Well... We'll have to wait for a crane, before anything else". Daniel Cordoba had his cellphone on his hand already, checking out its GPS, to mumble pensively: "Hmm... the closest Automovil Club is 35 km from here", after which he got the phone connection he had been expecting, and began to talk. Besides, the skinny Manuel Harriott distracted his head from him, discovering then, that in the middle of the dark night Ana Arce was totally absorbed, staring with her milky eyes at the skies to the west. Manuel Harriott walked slowly close to Ana, and then embraced her from behind of her equally white short hairdo. Manuel then discovered, that Ana was unusually tense. Intrigued, Manuel wondered: "What's going on?", to which he got no answer, and so he attempted following the direction of her eye sight, to the skies. Up there, Manuel effectively discovered the unusual occurrence, as there was a blinking light, of changing colors, slightly bigger than the rest of the stars, moving in a line exactly in the direction of the two portenio friends. Like somehow expecting an explanation from her, Manuel extremely surprised mumbled: "Tell me, Ana... What is that thing?", to which he got no response from her part, though. At that moment, with his black eyes paying attention only to the LCD screen of his Kodak cell phone Daniel Cordoba aproached to them, mumbling: "We'll have a rented car, coming for us in some minutes, from "Tres Sargentos", fifteen kilometers from here". At that point, Manuel was as absorted as Ana, in total silence, staring at the heavens, in those first hours of the day. Puzzled, Daniel then mumbled: "Kids?", to which he ended up raising his head too, quickly finding the uncommon phenomena, occurring in the starred skies. Anyhow, like reacting to the arrival of Daniel Cordoba, in the upper atmosphere the flickering, colorful luminosity suddenly hastened gaining a shooting speed, in just a second, and so it finally disappeared. On the ground, stranded in the middle of nowhere, Manuel, Ana, and Daniel were left literally open mouthed, and after some seconds of silence an audible explosion also came powerfully down from the skies, distantly upwards. It was Ana Arce, who reacted turning around, and squeezing the left arm of Manuel, she said: "I'm really scared, about being here tonight, my love...". ´¨) ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•` Book 1 Part 2 At breakfast time, the dining room of the sumptuous motel, in the small town at distant roads in the Provincia de Buenos Aires, was really warm on that winter morning, even with powerful sun beams invading the place inside, through the glass windows. On the wooden table, there was a floral arrangement, beside a glossy with caramel strawberry pie, over which a fly had just lied down its six microscopic paws. Daniel Cordoba distracted his hand waving it over there, just to bring it back to the screen of his cell phone, while commenting: "...overall, everything is working fine, Ana. Yeah! Much better than before. Our clients are making queues daily, to get all our imports, that you and Manuelito got for my company. I'll be getting back to Buenos Aires just to take care of all that". Wearing a thick, red bathrobe over her skinny body, Ana Arce got closer to her steaming capuccino, getting her elbows over the table, to comment: "See, Daniel? See? Friendship loyalty always pays off... It's an ancestral rule!". Ana made a gesture with her white brows, over her eyes of similarly milky irises, smiled funnily at his friend, and finally with her skinny right hand she brought the humongous, hot mug to her delicate lips. Daniel Cordoba then commented: "All in all, it now gives me more time to practice polo with my team of Coronel Suarez... You and Manuelito will so see me shine on the Campo Argentino!". Daniel Cordoba also was a star of argentine polo, in that squad, and so Manuel and Ana often went together attending those games of their friend, at Palermo. With her white eyes checking his mug, Ana Arce left it over its little plate to whisper: "I really like those weekends in Palermo... One of the best places to take out my Mercedes, with Manuel...". Daniel Cordoba brought his two hands over the back of his head to say distractedly: "I'm just enjoying all the extra autographs, I'm handing to the little girls after each event!... You've got no idea, Ana!". "...while keeping up the prestige of my own family!" Wearing a yellow inflatable coat, Manuel Harriott surprised with such commentary, returning then to the table from the parking lot, outside. Also, Manuel surprisingly had picked a bottle of imported "Chivas Regal" whiskey from the bar there, even being then the early hours of the morning. Manuel kissed Ana Arce, and then he sat at her right. While Manuel was pouring a generous amount of the scottish alcoholic beverage into his very thin glass, Ana hastened, and she held his hand with her thin right one, like anticipating, what their friend was about to utter, from the other side of the wooden table. Then, Daniel Cordoba didn't care to add: "Oh, well... Your grandfather is my idol of all time, in Polo. Yeah! His team fellows are, who taught me all I know of the game". Manuel's grandfather had been one of the champions of Polo in Argentina, in the year 1969, whereas he also had been an argentine naval officer, perishing in the war of 1982, in the sinking of the cruiser General Belgrano. Manuel indeed had ever been really touchy about the subject, so he then reacted promptly drinking the whole of his glass of whiskey, and in the end he made a "Mmm" sound of alcoholic delight. Disregarding, quite coldly Daniel Cordoba just raised his black eyebrows, to demand aloud: "So? How's my car, Manuel, there in the Automovil Club?". Nonetheless, Manuel Harriott reacted equally manly then, to talk to his friend. Firstly, Manuel extended his left arm over the back of the chair of Ana, and so he finally said: "Oh, yeah... Your car has suffered nothing else, but some bruises, beside the flat tire. It's gonna be ready this afternoon". As Manuel filled his glass with whiskey again, Daniel, with his mouth full of honey covered cake, disregarding raised his two thumbs, acknowledging aloud: "That's great! The Automovil Club is so awesome...". With his whiskey in his right hand, and with a smile on his face, Manuel turned to his left, asking: "Are you better from your headache, love?". After examining him with her white eyes, Ana Arce leant fully back on his thin arm, and putting her white head on his neck, she whispered: "Not, unfortunately... I'm still stressed, and I've got no idea why...". Daniel Cordoba brought together his two hands, mingling all his fingers pensively over the wooden table, to suggest: "You should rest, then, girl... We have enough time to get ready, until my Honda is ready to go again". Ana Arce snorted soundly over the neck of Manuel, and then she smiled with her white teeth, to open wide her equally milky eyes, and voiced: "Yeah, you're right, Danielito. I'm going to lay down in my hotel room...". Ana Arce kissed the mouth of Manuel Harriott, who promptly attempted to stand up, although Ana reposed her thin hand on his left shoulder, with her adding: "Oh, don't worry, Manuel... I'm perfectly fine. I need some calm right now. I better walk lonely there. I'll just wait for you, ok?". Ana Arce smiled, and Manuel nodded in agreement. As Ana was leaving the table, Daniel, with his head of a black hair of a "taper fade" cut, approached confidently to his friend. Daniel Cordoba, then, finally commented in a discreetly low voice: "...and this is how another of the mysteries of Ana Arce begins!". Disregarding, Ana Arce then left the dinette of the motel of the isolated town, in the Provincia de Buenos Aires, stepping with her leather flip flops, and with a blue topaz anklet in her right foot, over the gravel parking lot, covered with dead leaves and sticks. Each single porch of the over dozen hovels, in a row, of the hotel, was occupied by a vehicle, each of a different size, including a large bus at the extreme of the small park. Below that big passenger vehicle in particular, there were ten children playing football, with piles of clothes for goals. Ana Arce barely distracted with them, as she was tranquilly crossing back to her cottage room, walking over the macadam. At that moment, though, one of the kids, wearing the green shirt of the Ferrocarril Oeste club, hit the ball really hard, and it just scored, sneaking through the two extended arms of the goalkeeper, with the shirt of the Racing Club, white, and with vertical blue stripes. All the children of that team yelled "Goooal!" in unison, while the ball kept flying at a high speed, and passed in the air right in front of the tiny, round nose of Ana Arce, who barely managed to pull back her entirely white head, of milky eyes. The ball so ended up fully hitting the side of a red Fiat Argo, also there nearby, causing its alarm to go off loudly. With her hands in the big pockets of her red bathrobe, Ana Arce smiled at the kiddos, and she animatedly headed to that place, where she crouched down with her skinny arms extended, to get the ball. Ana in fact grasped it, yet getting up again she noticed very weird luminosities, reflected in the rear window of the Fiat. Intuitively, Ana Arce quickly turned her white head towards that direction, at the distance, in which it actually was the big entrance of the parking lot of the motel. There was nothing there, and at that precise instant the car alarm stopped wailing, aparently by itself. Despite being very confused, Ana somehow relaxed from the jolt, and then she mumbled: "Oh, well...". Nonetheless, a child voice interrupted her thoughts then: "Can I have my ball, miss?". With the ball still in her two thin hands, Ana turned around, and she barely stared down at a little kid, who was wearing a shirt of the national team of Paraguay, white, and with red vertical stripes. Disregarding, Ana Arce nervously turned her head back again to the Fiat, parked there, checking its windows. Then, with her white eyes she discovered more clearly, the shadow of a tall humanoid figure, looking like two meters tall, whose head also could be distinguished, surrounded by a halo of a curious orange luminosity. Ana quickly stepped back on her leather flip flops, with her skinny right arm protectively dragging the little kid with her. Always in her red bathrobe, Ana Arce then yelled: "As you've already noticed, I can read minds! Get out of here, now!". The little kid then wondered aloud: "Who your are talking to, miss?". Nonetheless, Ana kept her milky eyes affixed upon the entrance, although still there was nothing there. However, then, from the sheer nothingness in the entrance gate, it got apparent a 1.95 meter tall quite slender humanoid figure, with a big head, humongous ocular appendages, not a nose, a light grey skin, and a mouth of pyramidal teeth, from which the creature started hissing, in a phantasmal way. The biped living thing, there, was almost completely nude, just with an orange robe, coming down from his right shoulder, and fitting all around his waist. With its two long hands, the creature also was holding an elongated contraption, which looked just like a motorcycle handlebar, of an orange surface, and with visible luminous distortions, in the middle of it. Also, the creature had a golden armband, clasped to its left arm, near its shoulder, with more phantasmagoric luminosities, coming out of some bizarre figures, engraved on its surface, looking just like a big "H" letter with a smaller "x" in the middle of it. Ana Arce kept stepping back more quickly, while warning: "Don't you dare...". Disregarding, the orange handlebar held by the creature started shaking for just a second, and so the whole of his towering body vanished, jumping like an orange luminosity from its original place, to reappear one second later beside the little kid, of the Paraguay shirt. Then, the creature indeed managed yanking the kid away of Ana, and it also laid the elongated orange contraption over the chest of the child, who started to resist, violently, with all his energies. Ana Arce extended forward her two arms, in her red bathrobe, with her claiming: "Don't do nothing to him, monster! You'll certainly regret it! The authorities here will chase you down, and kill you...". With its long legs and paws, the creature forcibly pulled back the kid, while hissing a creepy and whimsical sound, from its big mouth of pyramidal teeth, which also echoed phantasmagorically in the minds of all the other people there. Anticipatedly then, Ana screamed: "Not, my god!", as the long orange gizmo vibrated again, and the kid got as stiff as a wooden board. With Ana Arce without daring to get any closer, the almost 2 meter tall creature pulled, and so the small petrified kid was dragged by the force, while leaving marks on the gravel, with the black "Puma" football sneakers of his feet. All the other kids of the parking lot were thronging then, behind Ana Arce, who desperately told to them: "Do not get any closer to that thing!"
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