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L I G H T I N G T R A C K S Y S T E M S 2 CIRCUIT / 2 NEUTRAL Architectural grade ISO 9001 quality JIT availability Open architecture ready for your fixtures now! Your lighting track source. Nordic Aluminium
L I G H T I N G T R A C K S Y S T E M S 2 CIRCUIT / 2 NEUTRAL Architectural grade ISO 9001 quality JIT availability Open architecture ready for your fixtures now! Your lighting track source. Nordic Aluminium is the world's leading independent supplier of lighting tracks. Our lighting track products are well accepted, and sold in over 70 countries today. We are market share leader in Europe, and have a growing presence in North America, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and Japan. Nordic track products are increasingly the choice for lighting professionals worldwide, and hence carry the GLOBAL trac brand name. Nordic Aluminium is founded on the core principles of: 1) supplying our customers with a superior quality product, and: 2) staying at the technological forefront of the industries that we serve. With regard to quality, we have invested significant resources in vertical integration. Our level of integration ensures the highest level of quality on the market today. We tightly control the manufacturing process all the way from molten aluminum in the foundry to finished product. Moreover, each and every product that leaves our door has been quality checked. Nordic's ISO 9001 quality certification is certainly deserved and hard earned. Like quality, technological innovation is paramount at Nordic. We constantly strive to develop leading edge products to better serve our client s future needs and expectations... Nordic was the first on the market worldwide with a 3-circuit track system. Nordic offers a complete selection of track systems to meet different market requirements. Nordic introduced the lighting industry s first smart lighting track system, GLOBAL control, which incorporates low-voltage conductors with the traditional lighting track conductors, enabling individual fixture control. In choosing Nordic Aluminium as a lighting track supplier, rest assured that you are selecting a reliable, advanced, and highly proven partner. GLOBAL trac is a registered trademark of Nordic Aluminium Plc. Lighting Track Systems High quality, UL listed 2-cct/2-neutral lighting track systems Low profile, easy & flexible installation Open architecture ready for any of your fixtures now! Superior performance for dimmed lighting, low life-cycle cost, and high power handling capability make Global trac tek lighting track an excellent choice. Global trac tek 2-cct/2-neutral track is ideal for dimming intensive applications. The independent neutrals guarantee that the two circuits are completely isolated. Cross-circuit interference and neutral harmonics 5 are completely eliminated, essential for trouble free dimming. The lack of harmonics ensures superior fixture performance and longer equipment life. Independent neutrals also offer twice the power handling capacity of ordinary common neutral track. GLOBAL trac lighting track is engineered to be a durable, dependable, and simple-to-install lighting solution. The track's extruded aluminum construction and continuously crimped conductor ensure mechanical CCT 1 CCT 2 20A 20A Switch or dimmer N 1 N 2 strength and electrical reliability. The integral suspension rail and predrilled mounting holes of the track simplify installations Independent Neutrals - enable greater power capacity (2 x 20A); Dimming capability-dim on two independent circuits without harmonics or interference on the neutral conductor GLOBALtrac tek 2-circuit / 2-neutral track Track Ordering Information Lengths* -, 8, 12 Color Codes - White (-3), Black (-2), Natural (-1) Nominal Lgth Actual Lgth Two Circuit # -feet -feet TEK -(color) 8-feet 8-feet TEK 8-(color) 12-feet 12-feet TEK 12-(color) Example: 8-foot track section in black: TEK 8-2 Recessed Track Jacket Ordering Information Lengths* - 3.5, 8 3.5, Color Codes - White (-3), Black (-2) Nominal Lgth Actual Lgth Jacket # -feet 3.5 FTP -(color) 8-feet FTP 8-(color) 12-feet FTP 12-(color) Example: 8-foot jacket section in black: FTP 2.2 Oversized Conductors - for higher operating safety and reduced overload potential. Secure Bus Bar Insulation - firmly crimped insulation secures both conductors and insulation for the life of product Separate Mechanical Suspension Points - provides superior weight bearing capacity; ensures electrical contact integrity and reduces likelihood of arcing. Polarity Ridge - takes the guesswork out of connector and track alignment during installation. Color choice Track available in White, Black or Natural Finish Components available in White or Black Finish Track Configurations, Components, Dimensions & Ordering Informatio 1 1 Actual 8, 96, 1 inches* or field cut to length No dimension ed with linear coupler (2) 2 1 Actual 8, 96, 1 inches* or field cut to length 3 Actual 8, 96, 1 inches* or field cut to length Feedpoint-to-feedpoint + : 5 to actual length 2 3 Live End Feed 2. TEK 11 (-2,-3) Mirror image. TEK 12 (-2,13) Add 2. per feedpoint Linear Coupler TEK 21 (-2,-3) 2. Live Middle Feed TEK 1 (-2,-3) Add 2. per feedpoint Add 2. per feedpoint Actual dimensions* or field cut to length TEK track is polarized and is manufactured with identifying ridge (green 6 6 line on 6 6 diagrams). Refer to these diagrams to ensure proper connector selection 2. 3 Recessed End Cap FTP 1, natural galvanized steel Feedable L-Connector a - Adjustable polarity. TEK 3 (-2,-3) Product Ordering Codes: Color - White (-3), Black (-2) Feedable T-Connector - Adjustable right polarity. TEK 39 (-2,-3) - Adjustable left polarity. TEK 0 (-2,-3) Secure recessed mounting Track Jacket for safe flush mounting applications. Feedable X-Connector TEK 38 (-2,-3) Easy suspension mounting Track Mounting Clips for GWB and T-bar ceilings, and easy connection to cable and threaded rod. SKBX12 SKBT12 SKB12 n Feeds & Track Accessories Outlet Box Cover GES15 (-2,-3) Track Adapters Adjustable Connector TEK 2 (-2,-3) Mounting Track Length & Field Cutting Tool All-in-one hand tool bends conductors to manufacturer specifications and includes gauge to verify correct length. XTSV12 Dead Ends Must be ordered separately. TEK 1 (-2,-3) Adapter Non-switchable. Includes built in strain relief. Max. 20lbs / 600W. TEK 67 (-2,-3) Length Stem Kits Includes stem & canopy. Available in 12, 18, 2, 8 inch lengths. SPUS (length) (-2,-3) Adapter Switchable between circuits & on/off. Max.10lbs / 1200W. TEK 69 (-2,-3) Universal Stem Suspension Point Also works with cable & threaded rod suspension. Includes bracket & cover. (Stem not included) SPP (-2,-3) End Feed Stem Suspension Point Also works with cable & threaded rod suspension. Includes bracket & cover. (Stem not included) SPE (-2,-3) Also available: specify SPL, SPT, or SPX FOR L,T, or X configurations. Adapter Switchable between circuits & on/off. Includes rotation lock. Max.20lbs / 1200W. TEK 68 (-2,-3) Cable Mount Ceiling Cup - SKB30 (-2,-3) Cable (available in 5 or 9 lengths, or custom lengths as spcial order) - SKB 3 Mounting Clip - SKB12 (-2,-3) Threaded Rod Mount Ceiling Cup - SKB30 (-2,-3) Threaded rod furnished by others Mounting Clip - SKB12 (-2,-3) Plastic Covering Tube for threaded rod in 65 rolls - SKB32 (-2,-3) Product Ordering Codes: Color - White (-3), Black (-2) For more information please contact: NORDIC ALUMINIUM, Inc. 300 C Bankers Circle Doraville, GA Phone: Fax:
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