12th grade Advisor Advisee Activities for Wednesday, October 26, 2016 See end of document for computer lab schedule

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12th grade Advisor Advisee Activities for Wednesday, October 26, 2016 See end of document for computer lab schedule Below is a list of activities recommend for AA while the 10 th grade AA s are taking
12th grade Advisor Advisee Activities for Wednesday, October 26, 2016 See end of document for computer lab schedule Below is a list of activities recommend for AA while the 10 th grade AA s are taking the Pre-SAT. (If students are unsure of how to login to each of the platforms, see poster at the end of this document.) ACTIVITIES that require individual computer access are labeled. Please plan your time according to computer availability. Activity 1: WorkKeys Kick-off! (partial computer required) 1- You can do this step before you get to a lab to save time. Share WorkKeys PowerPoint with students (attached to this ). Encourage students. Be positive. Etc. 2- When your class has computer access, your students should login to PLATO (see poster below if unsure of login procedures). 3- Students will have a WorkKeys assignment set up for them in PLATO. They should start with the Locating Information test and work as long as time allows. Activity 2: EProve Survey for Students (15 minutes) Students should complete the survey. It will serve as a comparison for the required end of- year survey. Activity 3: CFNC ACCOUNT SET UP (computer required) (10 minutes max) 1- Have students go to cfnc.org and click on create account on the left. 2- Student should follow the prompts on the screen and use the instructions below for setting up their account. ACCOUNT NAME: POWERSCHOOL (LUNCH)# PASSWORD: BIRTHDATE IN REVERSE ORDER (YYYYMMDD) EXAMPLE: ( ) SECURITY QUESTION: Any question that you know the answer will ALWAYS be the same. EXAMPLES: What is your high school mascot? What is your favorite color? What is your mother s maiden name? Activity 4: GRAD Project Requirements Seniors should turn into you the following items this week: 2 copies of their corrected, proofread Letter to Judges-please check these letters 2 copies of the Parent Release/Ethical Commitment form 1 Sign of Commitment Send Mrs. Farney the updated spreadsheet reflecting who has turned in items by the end of the week. Also, give her 1 copy of the LtoJ and PR/EC form from each of your seniors for the school files. (You keep the other copy given to you by the senior) Turn in class sets of items, not single papers. Activity 5: VOTING Each student will watch the Candidate Bio power point and then vote using the link to the ballot on a designated computer. You probably won t get to this activity while in the lab. Please set up a computer in your room for students to use for voting. 1. Teachers shows whole class this Power Point. https://onslowcountyschoolsmy.sharepoint.com/personal/debra_coleman_onslow_k12_nc_us/_layouts/15/wopiframe.aspx?sourcedoc=%7 B9a1b4b10-481e-4c0e-8c1e-c %7D&action=view 2. Now the students will use this link to vote for their candidates. Write out the URL to the voting link on the white board or project it for the class. Have students type the URL OR go to Debra Coleman s WOHS webpage and click the link there. goo.gl/lxgidb Activity 6: Grade Check and Reflection 1. Assist students with looking at grades (usual AA procedure) 2. Guide students through the following reflective questions. They should complete the questions on paper or in a Word document so they can access them later for reflection. *Where are you being most successful? Why? What are you doing to ensure your success? How is your teacher helping you be successful? *Where are you struggling? Why? Are you doing anything to sabotage yourself? Could your teacher be doing something different to help? Have you asked for help? Are there any behaviors that are impacting your performance? *Set a realistic goal for yourself. This goal can be behavioral or academic or both. How will you know that you are being successful? *Share your reflection and your goal with someone today. It can be a friend, teacher, counselor, AP, principal, parent, etc. Sharing your goal will make it real and will help you identify someone who will hold you accountable. Activity 7: Team Building Feel free to use any of these team building activities during Super AA. They might be used to break up the routine and give your students a chance to spend some time actively engaged with peers. Truth and Lies Time: minutes Number of Participants: Five or more people Tools Needed: None Rules: Sit everyone in a circle facing each other. Have each person come up with three facts about themselves and one lie. The lie should be realistic instead of extravagant. Go around the circle and have each person state the three facts and a lie in a random order, without revealing which is the lie. After someone shares, the others must guess which is the lie. Objective: This is a great ice breaker game, especially for new teams. Helps eliminate snap judgements of colleagues, and gives introverts an equal chance to share some facts about themselves. Blind Drawing Time: minutes Number of Participants: Two or more people Tools Needed: A picture, pen, and paper Rules: Divide everyone into groups of two. Have the two individuals sitting back-to-back. Give one person the pen and paper and the other person the picture. The person with the picture describes the picture to their teammate without actually saying what it is. For example, if the image is a worm in an apple, do not say, Draw an apple with a worm in it. The person with the pen and paper draws what they think the picture depicts, based on the verbal description. Set a time limit for minutes. Objective: This is an activity that focuses on interpretation and communication. Once the drawing is finished, it s always interesting to see how the drawer interprets their partner s description. This is Better Than That Time: minutes Number of Participants: Any Tools Needed: Four or more objects Rules: Pick four or more objects that are different (or the same objects that look different). Split all your participants into even teams. Describe a scenario where each team has to solve a problem using only those objects. This can be anything from You re stranded on a desert island to You re saving the world from Godzilla! Have each team rank the objects based on their usefulness in that specific scenario, along with their reasoning. Objective: This exercise inspires team creativity in problem solving. The idea is to not make the scenarios too easy so it becomes obvious which objects are most useful. Human Knot Time: minutes Number of Participants: 8 20 people Tools Needed: None Rules: Have everyone stand in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. Instruct everyone to put their right hand out and grab a random hand of someone across from them. Then, tell them to put their left hand out and grab another random hand from a different person across the circle. Within a set time limit, the group needs to untangle the knot of arms without releasing their hands. If the group is too large, make multiple smaller circles and have the separate groups compete. Objective: This game for team building relies heavily on good communication and teamwork. It also results in a lot of great stories for the water cooler chat in the workplace. Game of Possibilities Time: 5-6 minutes Number of Participants: One or multiple small groups Tools Needed: Any random objects Rules: This is a great 5-minute team building game. Give an object to one person in each group. One at a time, someone has to go up in front of the group and demonstrate a use for that object. The rest of the team must guess what the player is demonstrating. The demonstrator cannot speak, and demonstrations must be original, possibly wacky, ideas. Objective: This team building exercise inspires creativity and individual innovation. Activity 8: CNN News Watch CNN News and discuss (usual AA lesson format) Rotation Schedule for Computer Usage ROOM 120 Moehrke as soon as you can get there- 9:30 T. Larose 9:30- end of testing Room 134 Baker As soon as you can get there- 9:30 Stewart 9:30- end of testing Room 129 Bond As soon as you get there- 8:45 Vinson 8:45-10:00 Davis 10:00- end of testing Room 133 Marshal Smith- start of period 9:30 (Go to room 124 when Mrs. Smith arrives) Mer. Smith 9:30- end of testing Media Center Kissick start of testing- 9:30 (Go to room 507 when Cline arrives) Cline 9:30- end of testing Kauffman (11 th grade AA who will use area to the side due to relocation) Room 132 M. Larose Start of period 9:30 (Go to room 605 when Faircloth arrives) Faircloth 9:30- end of testing
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