10M00221A Issue 1 September, G3MA Data Transfer Option for CAS for Windows

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10M00221A Issue 1 September, 1995 G3MA Data Transfer Option for CAS for Windows Graphics AT&T for CAS for Windows G3-MA is a Windows application used to administer up to 100 DEFINITY G3 switches.
10M00221A Issue 1 September, 1995 G3MA Data Transfer Option for CAS for Windows Graphics AT&T 1988 for CAS for Windows G3-MA is a Windows application used to administer up to 100 DEFINITY G3 switches. It has a transfer option called G3-MA Call Accounting Transfer designed to provide daily downloads of switch information for use by CAS. This document describes the CAS - G3-MA interface and provides detailed instructions to help you set it up. It is organized as follows: Overview describes the data transfer option in general terms. Network Requirements summarizes the network setup for establishing the interface. Synchronize Common Fields describes how to prepare CAS for receiving G3-MA data transfers. Installation and Setup describes the loading and configuration of the data transfer option on the CAS side. Ready to Go describes how to prepare newly downloaded information for proper costing and reporting on CAS. 10M00221A September 1995 Page 1 Overview The G3-MA application, without a database of its own, uses commands to write and read the DEFINITY G3 switch database. Its data transfer option is designed to automate data entry of CAS trunk and organization information. G3-MA data files are placed in a user-specified directory under the name(s) switch_id.g3m and contain the following information: Each G3-MA file provides this information... CAS translates it to... Header Record switch ID site ID (reference) extension extension Station Record user last name + user last name separator + first name user first name room (option) cost center (option) Trunk Group Line Record group name (TAC ref.) facility name (trunk ref.) Trunk Circuit Line Record TAC + port number trunk Upon enabling G3-MA processing on the CAS side, a search schedule for these files is initiated as soon as the interface is enabled, then every 60 minutes thereafter. If the files exist, CAS checks for matches in the Organization and Trunk databases for the named site. Existing records are left untouched. New records and/or associations are added or updated: New facilities are associated with default Carrier Services. Organization entries without association to higher levels, are associated to the default parent organization. Records omitted in the download, are marked for deletion at the end of the accounting period. If a site does not exist in CAS or there are other problems reading the data transfer files, an error message will appear on the Message Log. Page 2 Network Requirements The G3-MA to CAS for Windows data transfers require linking both the CAS and the G3-MA PCs by user-supplied LAN hardware and software: NIC card (such as Intel's EtherExpress TP) Network cabling twisted pair or coaxial connection Windows for Workgroups 3.11 or Novell Netware 3.xx or higher Configurations may range from a simple PC-to-PC* arrangement (illustrated below) to a complex network of workstations and server. Server CAS PC G3-MA PC * A PC-to-PC twisted pair connection requires a special cable: Pin side to port on Intel's EtherExpress RJ45 cable Pin side to port on Intel's EtherExpress The first task after installing the equipment, network, and the G3-MA and CAS applications, is to configure shared file systems. The following pages provide examples using Windows for Workgroups and Novell Netware. Page 3 Windows for Workgroups Setup At the G3-MA PC: Consult the G3-MA Call Accounting Transfer manual to set up the data transfer directory i.e., CATDATA under C:\G3-MA. Make it fully accessible to CAS i.e., using File Manager, find and select CATDATA, then click on the SHARE icon. When the dialog box appears, select [x] Reshare at Startup and Full access without passwords: Novell Netware Setup Novell newtorks have a more complicated setup, which should be performed by installers following the product's documentation. Specifically, the G3-MA data transfers to CAS require the following functionality: Mount the data transfer directory on the Server PC for example, as F:\CATDATA Make this directory fully accessible to both the CAS and G3-MA applications, without the use of passwords To verify that shared access is enabled, check that the data transfer directory in our example, F:\CATDATA appears in the File Manager of both the CAS and G3-MA Pcs. Page 4 Synchronize Common Fields After sharing of G3-MA data files in your network is enabled, you must synchronize common fields for the proper integration of these products. For each DG3 switch enabled in the G3-MA Call Accounting Transfer application, there must exist a corresponding site in CAS. That is, if you ar planning to enable multiple DG3 switches, the CAS MULTI-SITE OPTION AND ALL SITES MUST BE INSTALLED BEFORE ENABLING THE G3-MA INTERFACE. 1. At the G3-MA PC: a. Note the character used as separator of an extension user's last and first name (to be entered later in CAS as name delimiter ). b. In a multi-site system (that is, there are multiple G3 switches as sources of call records for CAS), obtain a listing of the different switch ID's. (These will be entered under their CAS site ID names in step 2). 2. At the CAS PC: a. In a single-site system, no further preparation is required. You may proceed to Installation and Setup, next. b. In a multi-site system, access Site Maintenance under the Utilities menu and make certain to rename each Site ID as the corresponding switch ID from the G3-MA listing. In new CAS installations do NOT enable call rating until the data transfer setup is complete. Keep the check on this box. Page 5 Installation and Setup 1. From the CAS Utility menu, select Upgrades. Select a drive, insert the G3-MA data transfer option diskette, and click OK. When complete, remember to remove the diskette from the drive. 2. Select Data Transfer from the Utility menu and complete the dialog box. Path to G3-MA Directory. Enter the full network path to the data transfer directory (we show \\G3MAPC\ CATDATA from our Windows for Workgroup example; if we had used the Novell Network example, it would be F:\CATDATA ). Name Delimiter. Enter the character set by the G3-MA application to separate an extension user's last name from the first name. Use Room Field as Cost Center. Check [x] only if the G3-MA designation for room is to be used as cost center in CAS. Enable G3-MA Processing. Check [x] to enable this interface. 3. If you enabled the interface, CAS will look for these files as soon as you click OK. If the files exist, CAS will process the switch information. At this time, and every time G3-MA files are downloaded, a progress bar window for the download appears on your screen. Please proceed to the last section Ready to Go. Page 6 Ready to Go From the moment CAS incorporates G3-MA data, administration of the Trunk and Facility table as well as of the Organization table will be minimal. However, you should pay particular attention to the following issues: Trunk and Facility table. For proper costing, associate newlydownloaded facilities with the appropriate Carrier Services. For example: Organization table. For proper reporting of newly-downloaded extensions and/or cost centers, associate them to the appropriate parent organization. For example: For new CAS installations: After costing edits are in place, access Call Processing Status and enable call rating. That is, remove the check off this box. Page 7 New Product Documentation Your CAS for Windows 2.1 will include a complete, new on-line help system which you can access through the CAS Help menu or by pressing the F1 key, just as you do in your other Windows products. In addition, the new Installation and User's Guide (AT&T ) documents all new features in detail. Contact your AT&T service representative if you would like to order one or more copies. Page 8
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