Applied And Interdisciplinary Physics

Anatomi gigi

3 pages
Anatomi gigi Secara Makroskopis Secara makroskopis, gigi manusia terdiri dari mahkota atau korona, akar atau radiks, garis servical atau cemento enamel junction,…

15 Simple Harmonic Motion | Oscillation | Force

4 pages
Experiment Simple Harmonic Motion 15 Lots of things vibrate or oscillate. A vibrating tuning fork, a moving child’s playground swing, and the loudspeaker in a…


5 pages
1 MICRO TEACHING 2 BAB 1 orang.bentuk pengajaran Dilihat dari aspek historis a. Menghargai siswa PENDAHULUAN di sederhanakan, guru bahwa Pengajaran mikro sebagai…

Flow Notes | Flow Measurement | Fluid Dynamics

2 pages
Orifice plate: An orifice plate is a plate with a hole through it, placed in the flow; it constricts the flow, and measuring the pressure differential across the…

jurnal 3

12 pages
Jurnal Natur Indonesia 6(2): 122-126 (2004) ISSN 1410-9379 Penerapan Metode Geolistrik Konfigurasi Schlumberger untuk Penentuan Tahanan Jenis Batubara Azhar1,…

An Nano Patterning Engine for CrossBeam Workstation | Scanning Electron Microscope | Image Scanner

4 pages
CrossBeam® Workstations (FIB-SEM) from Carl Zeiss NanoPatterning Engine for CrossBeam ® Workstation Author: Dr. Michael Rauscher Date: July 2009 I Real-time…
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