Welcome to Villa Fustera. The Lady Elizabeth School Boarding House. Handbook for Boarding Pupils and their Parents

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Welcome to Villa Fustera The Lady Elizabeth School Boarding House Handbook for Boarding Pupils and their Parents CONTENTS HOUSE PARENTS WELCOME 1 VILLA FUSTERA CONTACT DETAILS 2 BOARDING AIMS AND HOUSE
Welcome to Villa Fustera The Lady Elizabeth School Boarding House Handbook for Boarding Pupils and their Parents CONTENTS HOUSE PARENTS WELCOME 1 VILLA FUSTERA CONTACT DETAILS 2 BOARDING AIMS AND HOUSE BLOG 2 GUIDANCE FOR NEW BOARDERS 3 DAILY ROUTINES AND WEEKENDS 3 HOUSE BOUNDARIES 4 LEAVING THE HOUSE 6 VISITORS TO VILLA FUSTERA 6 SECURITY 7 VALUABLES 7 SAFETY IN THE HOUSE 8 SAFETY IN THE SWIMMING POOL 8 DOMESTIC ARRANGEMENTS 9 LAUNDRY 9 KIT LIST 9 MEALS AND SNACKS 10 PERSONAL TUTOR 10 TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS & TRANSPORT 10 FIRE PROCEDURE 11 HOUSE RULES 12 BEHAVIOUR AND SANCTIONS 13 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR PARENTS 15 Welcome from your House Parents Hola, we are Sandy and Santi Altamira and we are very pleased to welcome you to your new home in Spain. We are responsible for your wellbeing and guidance whilst here as a pupil at The Lady Elizabeth School and our aim is to ensure that you are safe, happy and supported with your education and your personal development whilst in our care. I am originally from Australia and Santi is Spanish so between us you will get quite an education in the use of new languages! We have been teachers at The Lady Elizabeth School for 8 and 14 years respectively and are hugely involved with many aspects of school life; Santi is Head of ICT and I look after the School Library, as well as editing and putting together the School Year Book our annual magazine. We both run school trips and are responsible for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which we hope you will wish to take part in during your time here. Our personal interests are in playing Padel something we can introduce you to and very unique for Spain Kayaking, BBQ s of course with the Aussie flavour! I am sure we are all going to have a great time in Villa Fustera this year and remember we are here to help you and be the link between home and School. We wish you a fantastic first term! Sandy and Santi. 1 VILLA FUSTERA DETAILS Villa Fustera is a traditional, Mediterranean-style house located on the Costa Blanca in Benissa, close to the beautiful town of Calpe. It is an individual villa, within its own secure and private area, surrounded by fencing and an entry gate. It has a lovely garden, swimming pool and outdoor area. The Villa has heating for winter periods. The accommodation is over two floors: On the ground floor is the House Parents private living area, a shared kitchen, laundry facilities with storage space and the Boarders lounge and dining room with access to the naya (outdoor veranda with dining table). Wi fi is available plus TV, and Wii games station, with table tennis in the garden area. One twin bedroom with bathroom facility is situated on the ground floor. On the second floor is the House Parents suite and a room for use by an Assistant Tutor (if on duty). In addition there are two further twin rooms with a shared bathroom facility. OFFICIAL ADDRESS Villa Fustera, Avda. La Marina 27ª, Benissa (Alicante) CONTACT NUMBERS House Parents: Sandy Santi Headmaster: Richard Wijeratne School Office: Nicole Smolders ( ) Parents - Please feel free to contact House Parents at any time between and and at any time in an emergency. If you are unable to contact them during the day, messages can be given to the School Office. Alternatively, one of the easiest ways to communicate is via if you do not need an immediate response. If you wish to talk to your son or daughter, please use their own mobile number. The best time to ring is after Prep and Dinner and before bedtime ( ) no later please. We would also appreciate it if you could avoid calling late on mobile phones as these can disturb room-mates. 2 FUSTERA AIMS Our aims in Villa Fustera are: To provide a happy, secure and friendly environment for all boarders; To encourage each student to fulfil their potential; To create a supportive work environment for their studies; To treat each student as an individual; To encourage mutual respect between staff and students; To develop an appreciation of community living; To provide an opportunity for interaction in an international environment and atmosphere for all people in the House; To help to prepare students to become confident and mature young adults for the future. HOUSE BLOG We hope that you will help us with your own contributions to the House Blog on our School Website. This shows your parents and friends what life in Villa Fustera, in The Lady Elizabeth School and in Spain is all about! 3 GUIDANCE FOR NEW BOARDERS Welcome to Villa Fustera. We hope you ll be happy here and see this as your home whilst you are at The Lady Elizabeth School. Please read this carefully and ask if you are unsure about anything. The House notice board inside the Boarders Lounge has information about the daily routine, weekly notices and other items just to remind you! The white board as you come into the House will tell you who is on duty each day and any important messages. DAILY ROUTINES The House daily routine follows the School routine until and then includes the following evening routine for Boarders: Monday to Friday Wake up bell at with self-service Breakfast at Leave for School with House Parents at From you will follow the normal school daily timetable. Leave School for home at (unless you have any Extra Curricular activity or at school prep) together with House parents. Relaxing at the Villa (tea and biscuits provided or helping yourself to a snack from your own Tuck Box) Prep at the Villa (your study time!) Supper at followed by kitchen duties. After supper there may be an activity or time to relax play games, watch TV etc., before bed. Monday Thursday and Sunday: Bed no later than with lights out and security checks at Normally on Friday and Saturday bed at security checks at Please note the following: Kitchen duty must be completed by (There will be a rota for assisting with this.) Showers should be finished by Lights out means: Boarders in their bedclothes. No music playing. Telephone conversations to be finished. Laptops switched off. Boarders are expected to remain in their rooms from lights out unless there is an emergency. When non-resident House staff leave duty after lights out, either Sandy or Santi will be on call throughout the night. Saturday and Sunday Wake up bell is a little later at the weekend! (Saturday and Sunday 09.00) At the weekends there will be a balanced mix of free time, activities, some study and some relaxation. You will be expected to take part in at least one activity on a Saturday morning and there will be a number choices from which you can choose something to suit your interests and which you will enjoy. There will also be excursions and cultural visits planned during each term. Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme will be encouraged, which will strengthen your student profile for University application. (A Boarders Monthly Planner setting out the programme for each day, including the menu, is provided in a separate booklet.) 5 HOUSE BOUNDARIES The area within the fenced surrounding, entrance gate and garden gate are the House Boundaries. You may NOT go outside these boundaries without permission from House Parents. LEAVING THE HOUSE All boarders are allowed out at the weekend with the permission of House Parents, this includes Friday evening when there is no Prep, if invited to stay with other friends from School. However, Boarders may NOT got out alone. They must be accompanied by at least one other student (of a similar age or older) or with House Parents or other duty staff. A strict signing out and signing in process must be followed with recognised due back times being respected. You must ask permission from House Parents before you go and you must sign out in the book in the foyer ( town leave ) and sign in on your return. If you are away on a weekend exeat you must have written permission from your parents/guardians, and a letter from the family with whom you are going to stay. This should be in by Thursday lunchtime. (This can be in the form of an .) On return, report to House staff on duty to let them know of your return. VISITORS TO VILLA FUSTERA You are welcome to invite pupils from School (one guest per boarder). Please sign them in in the book in the foyer. You are responsible for your guest s behaviour in the House. If your parents/guardians/friends are coming to stay in the area and will be visiting you or taking you out, you need to let House Parents know. No guests should enter the boarding bedroom areas. The exception to this is the beginning and end of term to help with luggage. Under no circumstances should you let in people you do not know (delivery men/workmen). Ask them to wait and ask the duty staff to speak to them. There is an entrance phone at the main gate and an intercom system in the House. You do not need to go to the gate or open it. A person who is not a member of the Lady Elizabeth School Community may not be invited into the House without prior arrangement and permission from House Parents. 6 SECURITY The main Entrance Gate is on a buzzer entry for visitors and car access. Boarders will use the Garden Gate to enter and exit with their own key. Boarders are provided with a key to lock away their personal belongings in a storage unit under their beds. They are responsible for their own key and expected to return it at the end of your stay. In activity time and at weekends the House is supervised by a member of House staff at all times. (24 hr cover 7 days per week). VALUABLES Personal monies and articles of considerable value pose security problems. Members of the House are free to bring personal stereos and MP3 players, though personal televisions are not allowed. Laptop computers are also a major part of everyday equipment, as are mobile phones; while members of the House are free to bring them, borrowing and lending is strongly discouraged and the owner must be entirely responsible for their own property. Every Boarder has a lockable space in the storage unit under their beds and they are encouraged to use it for valuables. Boarders are asked to hand in air tickets, passports and larger sums of money etc. for safekeeping with House Parents. We recommend that all Boarders have access to a bank account in their own country which they use in Spain using their normal debit card. (Parents you will be able to control funds into this account directly.) 7 SAFETY IN THE HOUSE Take care when using the electrical appliances in the House oven/washing machine/tumble drier and especially irons. PLEASE ASK A MEMBER OF STAFF FOR GUIDANCE BEFORE YOU USE THEM. No kettles/cooking appliances or irons allowed in the bedrooms. Any personal electrical appliances such as hairdryers, tongs, musical equipment, will be subjected to a safety test. (This will be carried out during the first few days of arrival.) Turn off any appliance after use. SAFETY WITH THE SWIMMING POOL Boarders may only use the Swimming Pool in the hours set out in the POOL RULES set out below. NO BOARDER MAY SWIM OR USE THE POOL UNLESS THERE IS A MEMBER OF STAFF SUPERVISING. POOL RULES You must observe and follow the signs in the garden and pool area. No one may use the swimming pool alone. Use the outdoor shower before entering the pool. No running. No diving. No acrobatics (standing on shoulders etc.) Appropriate swim wear must be worn. No food or drink to be consumed whilst in the pool. No glassware around the pool area only plastic cups, bottles etc. Towels to be hung up to dry not left on sunbeds. Please ensure you use high factor sun protection creams and wear sun hats during hot weather. For your general security and well-being in the Villa, please note that House Parents are fully trained in, First Aid, Fire Protection and Food Hygiene. Tutors who attend for evening or weekend duties will also have undergone similar training. 8 DOMESTIC ARRANGEMENTS It is advisable for all your possessions, including School and casual clothes to be clearly marked. It is helpful for Boarders to have an extra stock of labels for new garments that are purchased from the School Uniform Shop (Boarders in Years only; Sixth Formers follow a separate Dress Code.) LAUNDRY Boarders will have access to the laundry facilities in the House for personal clothing. Towels and bedding will be washed separately for Boarders by Laundry/Cleaning assistants. Two sets of bedding will be provided together with sufficient towels. (Beach towels will be the responsibility of Boarders. These can be brought with personal belongings or purchased locally.) KIT LIST A detailed Kit List will have been provided by the Head of Admissions & Marketing (Pepa Ivars) prior to arrival. Large suitcases and personal belongings may be left at Villa Fustera in holiday periods and will be locked away and stored safely until Boarders return. This includes Summer holidays. 9 MEALS and SNACKS Breakfast is provided in the House each day including the weekends. Boarders will have lunch at School from Monday to Friday and at the Villa at weekends, or out if on an activity or town leave. At School, there are vending machines for drinks and snacks as well as a School Café where other snacks and drinks can be purchased at break times. After School, at the Villa, Boarders will be provided with homemade biscuits or cakes and tea or may choose to use their own snacks from their Tuck Box. Supper will be prepared and cooked freshly at the Villa each evening, with some participation from Boarders and an expectation to assist with clearing and tidying, on a rota basis. The Villa kitchen can be used for preparing snacks as required either from House supplies, with the permission of the House Parents or from personal tuck boxes. All meals and snacks should be eaten in the kitchen, at the dining table in the House Common Room or outside in the naya area. (Outside covered veranda). NO FOOD OR SNACKS CAN BE EATEN IN THE BEDROOMS. PERSONAL TUTOR Boarders - at School, you are assigned a personal tutor. He or she is responsible for your pastoral and academic welfare. You may, of course, talk to any member of the House staff at any time. We are all here to help you. TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS An electronic Travel Arrangement Form is provided by the Head of Admissions & Marketing (Pepa Ivars) to enable Parents or Guardians to indicate travel arrangement details for each Half Term and Full Term Holiday. It is very helpful to receive these details by the dates given. (Your parents will be provided with this information.) TRANSPORT Boarders will be taken between the Villa and the School by car, with the House Parents. 10 FIRE PROCEDURE There is a fire practice at the beginning of each term to keep you familiar with the procedure in the Villa. On discovering a fire: 1. Sound the alarm. 2. Inform staff as soon as possible. 3. Do not attempt to deal with the fire yourself. Only Fire Safety Trained staff may tackle the fire if the appropriate equipment is available and it is safe to do so. On hearing the fire alarm: 1. Alert room-mates if necessary. 2. Leave calmly from your nearest and most appropriate exit. (From the first floor, there is an escape ladder to use from the bedroom balcony.) 3. Don t stop to collect belongings. Take suitable clothing and footwear if possible. DO NOT TAKE YOUR DUVET. 4. Go to assembly point near to the front entrance gate. 11 HOUSE RULES In addition to the School Community Code, the following rules are specific to Villa Fustera to help with the smooth running of the House in a harmonious manner. 1. All Boarders are expected to behave with good sense, good manners and good will at all times. 2. Friendliness, helpfulness and sensitivity to others is expected of everyone. 3. All Boarders are expected to co-operate with staff in their duties. 4. During Prep, Boarders are expected to work silently and the use of a personal stereo is only permitted in consultation with House staff. 5. Visitors from School are welcome as long as they follow the guidelines set out in the Guest Signing-In Book. 6. Boarders must observe the times to be back in the House, in their bedrooms and should be quiet after lights out. Nobody should be out of bed after lights out, except to visit the toilet or in an emergency. 7. Boy Boarders will never visit the bedrooms of Girl Boarders. 8. Girl Boarders will never visit the bedrooms of Boy Boarders. 9. Each Boarder is responsible for doing their own washing up after making any snacks or drinks; there is a washing up rota where everyone takes it in turn throughout the week to make sure the kitchen is clean at the end of the evening. 10. Food should always be eaten from a plate (or bowl). You will be expected to make good any damage to soft furnishings due to negligent behaviour. 11. Everyone should ensure that rubbish is put in bins. 12. Each Boarder is responsible for making their own bed in the morning and keeping their area of the bedroom tidy. 13. Each Boarder is responsible for taking care of the furniture and fittings in the Villa, including in their own bedroom. 14. Each Boarder must remove personal belongings from the communal areas at the end of each day certificate (X-rated) films are not to be shown in the House. Other videos/dvds may be played, but permission must first be given by the member of staff on duty. 16. Applications for weekend exeats, together with accompanying letters, must be made by the Thursday lunchtime prior to the relevant weekend. 17. Visits to other locations outside of the immediate area of Fustera should only be made at the appropriate times and each Boarder must sign out and in with the member of staff on duty. Permission for such visits must be sought beforehand. Boarders must be accompanied by at least one other student. 18. Boarders must not receive calls after bedtime. 12 HOUSE RULES cont. 19. Mobile phones and laptop computers should not be used after lights out. 20. Valuables and sums of money over 30 should be deposited with the House Parents. 21. Boarders are expected to support School events and activities. 22. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, bring alcohol or drugs into the House. Being out of the House after hours is considered a very serious breach of trust, and will be dealt with accordingly. BEHAVIOUR AND SANCTIONS These are put in place so the community can live together following acceptable, kind and courteous behaviour. The following levels of misdemeanour reflect the school s view on courtesy, behaviour, respect and trust. If sensitivity and maturity prevails, the following would be rendered unnecessary. Level 1 Persistent incorrect or untidy wearing of School uniform or Dress Code (Sixth Form) whilst at School. Persistent untidiness of bedrooms and communal house areas. Mis-treating of furniture or equipment in the Villa. Level 2 Being disrespectful to House Parents or Tutors. Being unkind or disrespectful to other students (at the Villa or at School), as per School policy for all pupils. Level 3 Second reporting of unkindness/bullying. Being absent from the Villa without permission. Persistently ignoring House Rules. Breaching the trust of House Parents or Tutors particularly in respect of House Rule 22. Sanctions Applied: Level 1 privileges will be taken away for a specified time (decided by the House Parents) and with the possibility of some free time being replaced by study periods. Level 2 privileges will be taken away - no town leave at the weekend, reported to Headmaster. 13 Level 3 reported to Headmaster and a meeting required with parents. (Possible suspension or expulsion from School.) NOTE: Should a Boarder be suspended, it will be the responsibility of the parent to either collect them, or make alternative arrangements during their time of suspension. (For example, staying with a Host Family or Guardian.) All misdemeanours and punishments (Sanctions) are recorded in a House Log Book which is reviewed by the Headmaster on a termly basis and will be reported to Parents. 14 ADDITION
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