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ROOF GARDENS DESIGN | ENGINEERING | CONSTRUCTION | MAINTENANCE Exclusive by TRADITION The Living Green Path into 1 Hanging Gardens of Babylon CONTINUED Sustainable…
ROOF GARDENS DESIGN | ENGINEERING | CONSTRUCTION | MAINTENANCE Exclusive by TRADITION The Living Green Path into 1 Hanging Gardens of Babylon CONTINUED Sustainable Future 2 Living Bridge Stuttgart Urban Forest Darmstadt About Water Wealth We offer innovative and efficient solutions for sustainable land- scaping in breathtaking designs that will turn every green dream into a lasting flourishing garden. With our partners we are constantly striving to unveil creative methods and pioneering products which are eco-friendly, distinctive and easy to maintain. We are proud collaborating with Green Roof TechnologyTM, the world leader in ground remote living systems or so called Green Roof Systems. Green Roof Technology has the most experience in designing, engineering, installing and maintaining biophilic systems in any climate zone on Earth. 3 Sustainability Pavilion Dubai Our Partner TM Green Roof Technology (GRT) is the world leader in designing, engineering and construction of ground remote or ground discon- nected gardens, green roofs, vertical forest, ecologic green walls, and natural swimming pools. Green Roof TechnologyTM, provided value engineering, advisory, hands-on training, and maintenance support for uncountable proj- ects since 1980 what translates to over 1,500,000 square meter of Green Roofs in the last 40 years. With 4 decades of experience, Jörg Breuning, CEO GRT, introduced many innovations for Green Roofs. He combines traditional horti- cultural knowledge with scientific research, German accuracy and common sense for award-winning projects in multiple countries and in all climate zones. Jörg Breuning - Green Roof Technology: “I offer governance expertise for living green systems with environmental stewardship, sustainability, and water security on any human-made structure or ground remote location.” 4 GREEN ROOFS The Corner Stone of advanced Green Infrastructure with the C O2most Benefits Morgan University Baltimore Carbon capture and the long-term storage O2 Produces Oxygen equivalent CO2 of atmospheric carbon dioxide (as long as Increases property value and or more than parks the building lasts) increases usable property area and additional amenity space Green Infrastructure with the lowest opera- Replacement or gain of envi- tional costs and artisan irrigation to limit loss Reduces Heat Island ronmental habitats. Step stone of water effect,traps dust and filters air environments Green Roofs increase biodiversity within cit- Reduces significantly cooling Use of grey water or water ies, increase the amount of trees and create costs. Best ROI in industry treatment of urban water dis- living green recreational space charge. Recycling of water. Protects the roof and increases Green Roofs by Green Roof Technology are lifetime by 2-3 times engineered with the most sensible use of Green Infrastructure with the natural and local resources. Materials can lowest operational costs and be reused for the same purpose over and Protects against electric smog artisan irrigation to limit loss of over again. Cradle to Cradle and electronic ration water Green Roof Technology systems are eligible Buffers heavy rain events and Muffles noise pollution and for up to 15 LEED points. More in combina- 5 absorbs sounds tion with Solar/PV and GRT roofing products reduces flooding GREEN ROOFS The most versatile and sustainable greening option for man-made structures 6 Architect Association Stuttgart NATURE Naturally Integrated with engineered natural components Temperate Climate Tropical Climate Arid Climate Soil Profiles In each climate zone on Earth we find distinguish Soil Profiles. These profiles are categorized in ho- rizons where each horizon has specific properties which are essential for plants to grow sustainable and healthy. On ground remote locations we engineer every ho- rizon precisely to the needs of the intended vegeta- Extensive Green Roofs Garden Ponds Intensive Green Roofs Roof Decks, Terraces and Walkways Accessibility tion with high performance materials. These envi- In arid climate zones Extensive Green Roofs Ponds can be seamless integrated into all types Supporting a large variety of plants including The flexibility of our ultra-lightweight systems is Especially on public accessible Green Roofs, on range from simple, lightweight, 5 – 6 inch deep of Green Roofs in any shape and size. trees, Intensive Green Roofs open the world for endless and there are no limits for your imagina- parking garages or entrance ways it might be im- systems supporting a blanket of succulents and Any pond provides an eye-catching visual landscaping on roofs. The roof can completely tion. Whether you imagine a place for entertain- portant that emergency vehicles, tourist buses or ronmentally friendly materials guarantee lush and desert herbs. Extensive Green Roofs can be upgraded with deeper assemblies, partially or en- element, a place where birds can drink, a sup- portive habitat for fish, and a relaxing element disappear under terraces, contrasting beds of colorful perennials, lush lawns, stylish shrubs, ing friends, a hidden escape room from a work- ing day or a play ground for children. residents are able to enter the location. Our pressure resistant environmentally friendly healthy vegetation with no drop of water wasted tirely, for more biodiversity with meadow grasses for people. and shading trees. All is possible and all merges together smoothly components precisely match with our Green Roof 7 and perennials. Carefully engineered layers with lightweight me- Typically the lightweight systems are deeper than 14 inch and equipped with a base-level irrigation with sustainable materials, naturally. system and avoid over-engineering. and the lowest maintenance possible. dia provide for a strong plant growth and reduce water management. where plants regulate water supply naturally. This is the most efficient irrigation in the industry and minimizes maintenance. Green Roofs are Living Machines with 40 Years of Continues Improvement and Scientific Research Plants to suit the location Green Roof Technology – Growing media Manufactured to GRT specifications and based on locally-available raw materials. The main ingredients may include: lava, pumice, expanded shale (slate), expanded clay, brick, certified organic matter, and biological amendments. Green Roof Technology – Filter Fabric Engineered root-permeable textile Green Roof Technology – Drainage layer Granular mineral material (e.g. lava or expanded shale) with drainage sheets made of recycled plastic. Water level Automatically adjusted by the plants Green Roof Technology – Water control system For rapid water distribution & discharge. Functional layers of a typical Green Roof Technology Green Roof Technology – Root barrier * system. The green roof engineer may combine or omit individual functional layers based on the requirements Green Roof Technology – Protective fabric layer of the project. Waterproofing approved by GRT * for waterproofing that is not root-resistant or with 8 Roof deck with thermal insulation water-ponding setup. Doing Things Right At First Understanding the Laws of Nature is understanding Chemistry, Physics and Biology - All are the same on Earth. QUALITY CONTROL MATERIAL SELECTION BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICE FULL SIZE TESTING, MOCK-UP TECHNOLOGY CERTIFICATION FLL®, DIN/EN®,LEED® APPROVED FIELD DATA PERFORMANCE 9 RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT 10 Residential Green Roofs Arizona FROM GREY TO 11 GREEN GREEN ROOFS Selected Signature and Landmark Projects 12 City Hall Chicago 13 Sanctuary California 14 15 Retail Palm Beach 16 Solar Garden Stuttgart 17 Self-Sustaining Residence Green Roof + Natural Pool 18 Retail Chicago 19 Living Bridge, Disney Orlando 20 21 Vertical Forest Milan Milwaukee Stuttgart 22 Shopping Center Geislingen 23 Urban Farming, Vine Yard Urban Farming, Wisconsin Professionalism Leading technology at any stage of the project Electronic Leak Detection (Active or Proactive) Pneumatic Conveyance of Materials Innovative Design Integrated Safety Systems Hydraulic Conveyance of Materials Warranty Support 24 Residential Green Roof 25 Commercial Green Roof Stuttgart Residence Miami 22 26 Mobile Green Roof in All Climate Zone for 12 years
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