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1. Evaluation Ewan Wild 2. Production Process Evaluation 3. Research My research had both strengths and weaknesses to it, but I think all in all it was quite strong. A…
  • 1. Evaluation Ewan Wild
  • 2. Production Process Evaluation
  • 3. Research My research had both strengths and weaknesses to it, but I think all in all it was quite strong. A strength of my research is that all the techniques I researched were useful to me and areas that I wanted to do myself. For example, my research on Baby Driver was useful to me as they did actions to the beats of music, just like I needed to do. It helped my product as these examples gave me an idea of how to use the different techniques I wanted to use, and so it contributed to making my video better. A weakness however, is the fact that I used two movies for my research. Although they gave me good techniques that I could use, the fact that they’re movies might have different conventions to music videos. This could have potentially hurt my video, and make it more like a short film than a music video. Next time, I could stick to doing research on other music videos of a similar genre, then I know the conventions of my research will be similar to mine. In turn, that will improve my video and make it more realistic in contrast to other music videos of a similar music genre.
  • 4. Planning Planning was the first part of my music video that I did. My initial plans were first, and then later was pre-production, more in depth planning on my final piece. My biggest strength was that I had three strong ideas for different music videos. It helped because I wasn’t set on just one idea, I had a variety that I was happy with, and any would’ve made a good final video. Another strength was the detail I went into for my shot list when planning my final idea in pre-production. The shot list allowed me to know exactly what I was doing, which made filming a lot quicker, as well as giving me more than enough footage. A weakness of my planning was the mind maps I made. I didn’t include very much detail in them, and after making them I just didn’t use them at all as they were no use to me. Next time I will put more work into the mind maps and so they will be useful to me after I’ve finished them, as every bit of information I make and use is useful to me. I feel like my final idea would’ve been more intact and solid if I had a better mind map, and so my pre- production work would have had a more clear image of my final piece.
  • 5. Time Management Time management was probably one of the things I handled best when making a music video. All my powerpoints and other bits of work were all finished in time, and I was never running late to finish anything. However, with extra time I feel like I could’ve done more to improve my grade, but I believe there’s always room for improvement. One of my weaker areas during my projects is research, so if we had more time I would mainly focus on this part, but more time to film would have also been a big area for me, as I felt slightly rushed due to the fact I only had one day where I could film it.
  • 6. Technical Qualities - camera These two shots are both similar and at the same time, very different. My video use the door to show how she is close off. The fact that it isn’t perfectly straight shows how her life isn’t balanced, and everything is a bit off. This shot from the my blood video shows how the two are separated, completely different in personalities and every other way. Using background objects to portray a message is a very good thing to have in a music video. I think it adds detail to a story, something that couldn’t be done in any other way as these are limited for time and sounds. It is by far the best way to portray emotions other than the actor and does it in a different way to what is seen as normal in a story.
  • 7. Technical Qualities – editing/post Both of these transitions are done through good editing after the video was shot. Although they are slightly different, they are done in the same way. In the top one, they use a wall to stop as the cutting point, then they use a different scene and make it look like the same one. Mine on the other hand transitions to a different time, when the curtains are closed everything goes black, and then it rises out from the keyboard. The difference between the two is that the top one tries to show it as the same shot whereas mine doesn’t, although both use a block in an attempt to transition smoothly, the top using the wall and mine using darkness.
  • 8. Aesthetic Qualities The aesthetic qualities that I like are ones that meant something. For example the shot I made to the left shows emotion without using words or facial expressions of the actress. I think that this was a more creative way of portraying feelings and is one of my favourite shots in my music video. A weakness of the aesthetics was any shot where I had to use the camera with just my hands. I was too shaky when doing this and it made the shot not nearly as good as it could as been. Next time I will either get someone else to do the camerawork or get a shoulder mount to make a more steady shot
  • 9. Audience Appeal I think it did appeal to my target audience. The main part that appeals to my audience, as said on my proposal, was the fact that it isn’t just a music video, it’s a story. Not just that, but it can be viewed in different ways. People can have different opinions on what the music video means. As I said in my proposal, my music video would more be tailored to males as there are parts with blood. I followed this and still added parts with blood, making my audience more male than female.
  • 10. Peer Feedback
  • 11. Feedback 1 • What did you like about the product? • It told a story well • Had a wide variety of shots • What improvements could have been made to the product? • More stable camera. (When doing the camera by hand, make it less shaky next time)
  • 12. Feedback 2 • What did you like about the product? • There’s a wide variety of shots that each tell something different • What improvements could have been made to the product? • The colour is sometimes off and doesn’t look natural • Some cuts are slightly out of time to the song
  • 13. Feedback 3 • What did you like about the product? • The shots were good. There was a lot of different ones and they meant more than just showing the position of the camera • What improvements could have been made to the product? • The lip synch towards the end is slightly out. • Make the camera a bit more still
  • 14. Peer Feedback Summary • What do you agree with from your peer feedback? • I agree with most of the feedback I got. Everything that was said had a reason for being said and I have taken it all on board and will take everything into account. I wasn’t great with the camera and next time I will be more careful in keeping it still. • What do you disagree with from your peer feedback? • I think the colours I made in editing were fine. They weren’t amazing, however they did a good job of putting the point across that it is night time. However, everything else on my feedback is fair and correct, both the good areas and the bad
  • 15. Peer Feedback Summary After listening to my feedback, I know what changes I would make. I would take more time on the shots to try and get the camera more still, as at times I was careless and that led to some shots being more shaky than I wanted them to be. I would also try to do a better job on the lip synching, as the final one I went with was weak and could have been drastically improved. Finally, I would take more time to edit my project, so I can make the colours look better as well as the cuts, and give them a more natural feeling.
  • 16. Action Plan for future development In the future to fix these problems I have come across, I will make more use of the tools I have. For example, next time I will also book out a shoulder mount which will hopefully in turn make the camera more still when I have to move with it. I will also use more help for the editing if I need it. If I am unsure of something I will find a way to do it, instead of doing it a different way. This can be applied to the colours as there could be a better way of changing the colours of a shot which will look better than the way I did it.
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