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W elcome to the Vapour Magazine! As usual, we have crammed this issue with news and features that surround the wonderful world of vaping. As you all know, the vaping…
W elcome to the Vapour Magazine! As usual, we have crammed this issue with news and features that surround the wonderful world of vaping. As you all know, the vaping industry took quite a blow in recent weeks, with the news headlines stating that vaping was a cause for the recent deaths of several individuals who had consumed THC within a vape device in the USA. This of course was aimed directly at the vape industry with no profound evidence, which resulted in propaganda headlines from leading news channels that misrepresented the information to an “all out” blame on e-cigarettes. Thankfully, we are an industry that can fight back with the expertise to challenge any such misinformation, as this was dealt with by the much respected John Dunne, the UKVIA and Evapo’s Andrej Kuttruf. The level of commitment put in by John and Andrej has now lead to the industry to become more relaxed after realising that the press have again merely had a hopeless and unintelligent stab at the industry. The damage was minimal and our mission of encouraging smokers to switch to a safer alternative is not hindered in any way, shape or form. It is hard to believe that we are already in the third quarter of 2019, with so much action from the expo scene and still more to come. The Hall of Vape was a legendary addition to the success of the organiser’s portfolio, as they gear up for the second instalment of the show for 2019. The CBD and Hemp expo’s second instalment was a huge success, 180 brands exclusively showcased their products in Europe’s largest dedicated CBD event. I would personally like to congratulate the CBD and Hemp expo team for a great job on both the event and the magazine they produce to represent the fast growing genre. I was very pleased to attend and report on a very sophisticated product launch at the British Grand Prix, as Vype launch their new e-pod and also to mark their celebration of partnering with the McLaren F1 racing team. I sure hope you enjoy that particular article as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you would like further information on any aspect of the industry, feel free to get in touch with us and we will of course be happy to provide factual information on regulation, compliance, science product safety and event information. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to contact me directly vai my contact details below: Paul Blythe Editor In Chief T: 01924 760124 E: 4 Vapour Magazine NEWS UKVIA Response to the Announcement on Vaping by President Trump By Dan Marchant Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar meets with President Donald Trump to announce plans to ban most flavoured e-liquids in the USA ensure those smokers stay switched. At black-market marijuana products (THC Dan Marchant - UKVIA the same time, there is no evidence of oils). Products such as these are illegal in T: 0203 267 0074 any link between flavours and youth the UK, which is why there have been no Media Enquiries: vaping; in the UK recent stats show that similar cases reported here and why there W: rates of vaping amongst young people is no link to the flavoured, nicotine based remains at less than 2% and vaping products smokers are using to Dan Marchant, UK Vaping Industry is almost exclusively confined to those quit. Public Health England have rightly Association spokesperson, said: youths who regularly smoke. drawn a distinction between the situation ‘It is a shame that the US President has in the USA and the UK; in the UK there is been poorly advised on the facts; this As an Association, we want to ensure that a rigorously regulated market overseen decision is based on misleading rates of youth vaping remain very low but by the Medicines and Healthcare information and will only serve to deter we are also clear that any move to ban Products Regulatory Agency. This means smokers from making a life changing flavours is not the way to do this. That’s that vapers and smokers looking to switch switch to a far less harmful alternative. In why we will continue to work together as to vaping can therefore have the the UK, we are proud to be a standard an industry to take the responsible steps confidence that the products they are bearer for a consumer-driven industry necessary to prevent access to vaping by purchasing are of a high standard and which has already helped millions of young people without deterring adult safe. people across the world stop smoking. smokers from using a less harmful We will continue to work with the public product. Our code of conduct insists on As a trade association, the UKVIA will health community in the UK to spread the robust online age verification methods, a continue our discussions with the public facts about vaping, which Public Health challenge 25 policy in-store and sets a health community to help share best England continue to advise is 95% less clear expectation that products are only practice and advice. As always, we advise harmful than smoking and is the most to be marketed towards adult smokers, consumers to only purchase their vaping effective way for UK’s remaining 7 million vapers and consumers of other nicotine products from reputable retailers where smokers to quit.” products." they can seek expert advice if they require it. But it is important to On flavoured vaping products: On US reports of illnesses linked to remember that the advice from Public “Flavours play a hugely important role in vaping: Health England remains the same – encouraging smokers to switch to a less "Whilst details remain unclear, it appears vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking harmful product, and crucially that the incidents in the USA are linked to and it is the most effective way for UK’s in providing enough consumer variety to people using illegal liquids, most likely remaining 7 million smokers to quit.” Vapour Magazine 5 NEWS VAPING BRAND BLU BRINGS COLOUR TO THE CAPITAL Above: Leicester Square, London Right: The Great West Road, London I nnovative vaping brand, blu, has announced the launch of a new marketing campaign from 3rd June that will tap into key social moments this summer and bring some colour to the capital to raise consumer awareness of vaping and encourage adult smokers to switch. September and aims to engage city syntactically. Featuring its own unique smokers with my blu as a less harmful language, the campaign uses strap lines, Marketing masterminds from London alternative to cigarettes. such as “iblu do you?”, “you blu too? who based agency, Come the Glorious Day, knew?”, and a modern graphic illustration have created a new stand out above-the- The campaign creative offers vapers their style to encourage its audience to line (ATL) campaign that will run until own blu world, both visually and recognise and connect with both 8 Vapour Magazine NEWS subtle motion billboards. This allows the ATL campaign to fully capitalise on all the outdoor advertising opportunities available to elevate consumer awareness of the brand and drive sales in those adult ‘smoking moments’ relevant to their audience. The work will be featured over 3,000 site locations throughout the city, including Westfield's London Shopping Centres in Stratford and Shepherds Bush. Activity will also extend into other key cities across the UK & Ireland, including Leeds and Dublin. Alongside the outdoor advertising, blu has collaborated with brand experience agency, Hyperactive to develop a strategy Two Towers, London to further normalise vaping at social occasions. The integrated activations will run at various sponsored events and venues across the UK this summer and will include an activation platform– an immersive, hedonistic, vaping nirvana experience – which will feature at a number of major UK festivals. Seeking to expand the vaping universe further still, blu has secured some lucrative partnerships with leading venues across the UK to bring the immersive experience to the masses with new indoor vaping permissions and engaging consumer activations. With growing scientific evidence in favour of vaping and a focus on encouraging consumers to switch, this is a big move for blu as the first major vaping brand to secure partnerships, including pro-vaping indoor vaping policies, with venues of this It's true, we blu calibre. Blackman continues: “As the weather themselves and each other, using blu as warms up, more people are out and the glue to these social moments. about socialising. Smoking often plays a part in these summer occasions and we Pete Blackman, Brand Planning Manager want to take-over those social moments at blu UK comments: “Vaping culture has and put blu front of mind. With a heavy grown rapidly in the UK, with many presence of outdoor advertising and vapers considering themselves to almost brand activations taking place across be in the know on something new and cities nationwide, our aim is to get the different and as a result, part of a special nation to stand up, take notice and take club. This campaign plays on that idea by Its true, I blu action by switching to something better creating a unique language and identity with blu. Retailers should stock up now that resonates with vapers, while making on the full myblu range and stay stocked the club open to everyone looking to Partners and uses a variety of different up throughout the summer and beyond switch.” formats such as store proximity roadside, to take full advantage of the increased large format premium digital, full branded awareness generated through this major The campaign was planned by MSQ bus and taxi wraps, as well as full and marketing campaign from blu.” Vapour Magazine 9 EXHIBITIONS HALL OF VAPE Stuttgart May 31st - June 2nd H all of Vape is going from strength to strength. Rising visitor numbers are consolidating its position as a leading global event for suppliers to the vaping industry. Many of the exhibitors who attended the exhibition over the 3 days were looking for new opportunities which this exhibition offers. The 2019 edition saw a record number of exhibitors, with the Hall of Vape organisers having to compile a waiting list to cope with demand. Taking place in Stuttgart from May 31st - June 2nd 2019 at Messe Stuttgart, Hall of Vape has always been considered a must-attend event for buyers and retailers looking to explore new brands and take on the latest lines as well as consumers looking for the next big flavour or must have device. Hall of Vape incorporates various showcases including conferences hosted by industry professionals, interactive free giveaways from exhibitors and live casts from reviewers. Hall of Vape exhibition is now in its 3rd year of and the second hall was mainly e-liquids. The Hall Above: The Stuttgart offering both exhibitors and visitors a great venue of Vape is now expanding to 2 exhibitions per year weather did not with the most up to date devices and e-liquids with the second location now been confirmed as disappoint the huge crowds with available. Due to the popularity and the demand of Hamburg in November 2019. temperatures close to 30 this exhibition, the June 2019 edition was set in 2 degress. halls, one of the halls mainly represented devices From the perspectives of the exhibitors of the Hall 10 Vapour Magazine EXHIBITIONS Above: Visitors of Vape 2019 it was a very successful exhibition. were entertained There were two main reasons for this. First the whilst waiting for quality of the visitors and the international spread the doors to open. reflected among them has further increased. And second is the fact that the exhibition halls set out additional exhibition space from a visitor perspective and thereby further developed the unique world of product themes covered by Hall of Vape. Right: The Eco Vape team attended Hall of Vape for the first time. Vapour Magazine 11 EXHIBITIONS From left: Phil Busardo, Graham McGee (Vapour Magazine), Dirk Oberhaus (Youtube channel “Obi’s Dampher Sofa”), Dimitris Agrafiotis aka the Vaping Greek well known guest speakers including Phil Scheck (Philgood), Phil Busardo and Dimitri Agrafiotis, Konstantinos Forsalinos and Jacques Le Houezec to mention but a few. Leading the table of exhibitors from outside Germany were from the UK, USA, China, France, Italy and Malaysia, there were also visitors from Australia, Latvia and Canada. Paul Blythe, Editor of Vapour Magazine, has been attending vaping exhibitions since their conception.“It’s a good opportunity to reconnect with people and network. We always get a good amount of business from exhibitions and we’ve usually done a bit of business for the event too,” he said. This year the Hall of Vape was sponsored by in Taste, Dinner Lady, Air Factory, Chubby Gorilla, Dr Vapes, Fair Vape, Feal and PJ Empire. There was a rich mix of 12 Vapour Magazine FEATURE World No Tobacco Day: It’s Time to Go Beyond Quit or Die M ore than 30 years organisations and universities to ago, the World Health collaborate on tobacco control solutions, Organization launched with an emphasis on the low- and middle- World No Tobacco Day income countries - where most of the (WNTD) to raise awareness of the world’s smokers live. devastating health effects of tobacco use. Every May 31, smokers are urged to Dr. Derek Yach, who is the President of abstain from smoking for 24 hours as the Foundation, speaks about the Dr. Derek Yach proof that quitting is possible. As we importance of WNTD and the commemorate WNTD every year, we Foundation’s work. He has been an anti- face the harsh reality that there are still smoking advocate for over 30 years and is Dr. Derek Yach, a global health more than 1 billion smokers worldwide. a former WHO director and for no expert and anti-smoking advocate communicable diseases. for more than 30 years, is the Clearly, despite best efforts of many president of the Foundation for a people and organisations, more needs to Smoke-Free World. Throughout be done to eradicate cigarette smoking his career, he has supported and and its deadly impact. It’s not enough to led smoking cessation research acknowledge the global health epidemic and policy development and has that is smoking for just one day. Especially been a strong proponent of harm- since quitting success rates are at most reduction policies, calling for a between 12%-23%. greater emphasis on harm reduc- tion as early as 2005. He is also a More than a 100 researchers grants are passionate advocate of health now working to advance knowledge promotion and disease preven- expansion in multiple smoking cessation tion, and is advancing his career’s and harm reduction areas through work at the Foundation for a Foundation for a Smoke-Free Tobacco smoking is responsible for the Smoke-Free World. World grants. These grants will help vast majority of the world’s 2.1 million support several leading health research lung cancer cases 18 Vapour Magazine FEATURE partnership between those addressing tuberculosis (TB) and smoking. There has WNTD is the day for all smokers to been scant progress since then. Tobacco commit to end smoking. Most smokers smoking is responsible for the vast will need the strong support of their majority of the world’s 2.1 million lung family and friends to succeed. And each cancer cases, as well as being the leading smoker needs to determine what works cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary best for them, knowing that for some, disease (COPD). Declining smoking rates nicotine replacement therapies will work. in the developing world believe the fact For others, e-cigarettes or other reduced- that globally, respiratory disease (lung risk products, strong additional cancer, COPD, TB) deaths attributable to behavioural support from a trusted smoking have actually increased 28% doctor, or an interactive app will help. since 1990, with TB’s links to smoking still not eliciting serious attention. Healthy lungs and healthy lives start by ending smoking. May 31st – World No A decade ago, Farnoosh Hashemian and I Tobacco Day – is a great day to start! (both at Yale School of Public Health) carried out studies in many countries with high TB prevalence and showed that most patients with TB have a history of Each year since 1989, World No Tobacco smoking. Yet, we couldn’t find a single Day (WNTD) is observed on May 31st. major program aimed at supporting WNTD serves as a reminder of the tireless patients with TB to quit smoking or use efforts to raise awareness about the reduced-risk products. dangers of smoking around the world, and specifically to encourage and support The implication? Many patients will die smokers to quit or switch. So, 30 years from smoking after being treated for TB. after the first WNTD, where do we stand? This is an unacceptable reality in 2019 despite massive investments in TB control The overall smoking rate worldwide has through The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, decreased, but population growth has led Tuberculosis, and Malaria. to a greater number of smokers. There are now more than 1 billion smokers Lung health starts with never smoking. worldwide, over 80% of whom live in the For people who do smoke, better access developing world. More people die of to effective cessation programs and the smoking-related disease than ever before full range of reduced-risk products will (more than 7 million annually!). decrease their chances of developing major lung diseases. And for people with The world needs innovative, effective, early signs of lung disease, be it COPD or and compassionate solutions to chronic bronchitis, smoking cessation and accelerate an end to this global epidemic. harm reduction will slow the progression WHO run advertising campaigns This year’s WNTD theme was tobacco and and severity of lung disease well into their every year to encourage lung health. Twenty years ago, I called for 60s. smokers to quit Vapour Magazine 19 Vapour Magazine 3 FEATURE “WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND FLAVOURS BETTER” A scientist’s view on the top priorities for e-cig research, and differing views on vaping in hospitals...ECigIntelligence surveys some of the latest developments affecting the UK vapour scene. BAT Clinical Research Scientist James Ebajemito I ndustry must continue investigating the science of vaping required on e-liquid flavours through robust scientific research to satisfy regulators’ concerns and build trust, according to conducted by the industry, academic institutions and research a senior scientist at British American Tobacco (BAT). organisations.” Clinical research scientist James Ebajemito told ECigIntelligence E-cigarettes have only been on the market for about 15 years – the toxicological risk of ingredients used in e-liquid flavours was a and popular for a much shorter time – which means there’s a particularly pressing concern. lack of long-term epidemiological studies on their impact. “There are concerns raised by regulators and third parties on This is a significant issue for the industry when it comes to flavours,” Ebajemito said. “I believe more understanding is building trust. 24 Vapour Magazine FEATURE way. An eBook version of the report is available. Ebajemito believes speaking the language of the public is an achievable challenge. He says much harder ones sometimes lie in the detail of performing meaningful research into e-cigarettes. “Speaking from the perspective of clinical research, one of the biggest challenges we face is compliance in clinical studies, that is, asking smokers to switch completely to ENDS. If smokers do not completely switch, this could potentially obscure the effects of ENDS on exposure to chemical toxicants and human health. Consequently, this may affect data obtained and interpretation of results “There are concerns raised by regulators and third parties on flavours,” Ebajemito said. from these studies.” “I believe more understanding is required on e-liquid flavours through robust scientific research conducted by
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