STX is the new line of devices dedicated to the treatment of excessive fat tissue, cellulite, anti-aging, detoxification, and circulatory and

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by What is the STX? STX is the new line of devices dedicated to the treatment of excessive fat tissue, cellulite, anti-aging, detoxification, and circulatory and muscular deficiences. How does it work
by What is the STX? STX is the new line of devices dedicated to the treatment of excessive fat tissue, cellulite, anti-aging, detoxification, and circulatory and muscular deficiences. How does it work and why 4 different colour codes? Each equipment has a colour codes STX RED Radiofrequency STX GREEN Duel Frequency Ultrasound STX BLUE Electro stimulation (Drain&Tone) STX BLACK - Ultrasound You can use STX in 2 different ways. 1) a hands-free solution with xgreen OR xblue If you have in your business 2 treatment room and have an STX in each room xgreen & xblue you can take 2 clients in intervals of 15mins. Only one staff is necessary, cutting down your overheads. The slimming treatment protocol also includes cosmetics such as Caolise (slimming gel) and Veinolise (circulatory gel) it also offera diet follow-up based on the analysis of the body composition with Aminostats BIO-ZM and the prescription of food supplements of the Nutrisvelt systemic line. 2) a man-operated solution xred OR xblack This is a personal service, allowing you to spend time with your clients, introducing them the others products and get to appreciate and understand their requirements. Or Alternatively if you having a xgreen or xblue you could combine the hand-free solution with a man-operated STX; this offer your clients a tailor-made programme to suit their needs and for your business 2 income in the same session. STX : 5 steps for turnkey modular solutions 1- HYDRATION / xred The vascularization of the treated area favours the action of ultrasound on fat tissue. 2 - LIBERATION / xgreen or xblack The action of ultrasound favours the natural lipolysis, freeing fatty acids into the circulatory stream. 3 - CIRCULATION / xblue The activation by waves of the circulatory systems brings free fatty acids to muscle cells. 4 - CONSUMPTION / xblue The metabolic activity of muscles enables the consumption of free fatty acids. 5 - RECONSTRUCTION / xred The constant and elevated diathermy stimulates the reconstruction of collagen fibres and tones flabby skin. + CELLULITE Combination ultrasound + electro-activation: Dual action of xgreen or xblack on fibrosis networks and fat cells Circulatory activation of xblue on treated areas Actions that can be strengthened by: xred: Subcutaneous hyper-vascularization Caolise and Veinolise: Slimming and circulatory gels Multidrain, Lipolicine and Neurolicine: Food supplements for drainage. lipolysis, circulation and anti-stress THE STX GREEN USED AFTER A VIBRATING PLATE CAN BRING FASTER RESULTS WHEN FIGHTING CELLULITE USING A VIBRATING PLATE AFTER ULTRASOUND HOW DOES IT WORK? The Myotatic Reflex is defined as the reflex contraction of a muscle in response to its own stretching. The myotatic reflex (or stretch reflex) informs the central nervous system on the change of length and speed of the muscle length. As soon as a muscle stretch is noticed and reported, the response is a muscular contraction that enables to keep the initial position. This muscular contraction is fuelled by glycogen stored in the muscles and by circulating energy, fatty acids. MAIN BENEFITS strengthens muscles increases basal metabolic rate favours fat loss fights osteoporosis activates micro-circulation fights cellulite eliminates toxins after each ultrasound session uses up fatty acids liberated by the ultrasound EFFECTS ON CELLULITE Scientific studies on cellulite have shown that the use of a vibrating plate significantly reduces effects of cellulite more rapidly than other treatment methods. A vibrating plate is the ideal support to the Nutrisvelt Slimming Program, based on analysis, nutritional follow-up, food supplements, ultrasound treatment and drainage. ANTI-AGE DETOX XRed, state-of-the-art multipolar resistive radiofrequency for skin rejuvenation: Wrinkles reduction Skin re-pulping and re-hydration Regenerated collagen fibres Tensing and reconstructive effect Facial muscular activation Detox effect through the stimulation of the immune system Actions that can be strengthened by: Lift X7: Food supplement with 7 active ingredients, including Hyaluronic acid and Q10 xblue: Detoxification through circulatory activation Physiodrain et ARL: Cleansing and antioxidant food supplements MUSCLE TONING REHABILITATION xblue, innovative and patented electro-activation technology: Simultaneous and selective action on several muscle groups Alternate action on antagonist muscles such as biceps and triceps Simultaneous multi-action: Muscular stimulation, venous and lymphatic circulatory stimulation Actions that can be strengthened by: CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): Food supplement favouring the increase of muscle mass and the elimination of fat A revolution in your daily practice of aesthetic treatments Thanks to the tablet screen-touch functions, you can drive your treatment from the tip of your fingers with an extreme ease of use through an innovative, entertaining and pedagogical graphical interface based on navigation with explicit icons and symbols. Main characteristic from our touch screen tablet Client follow-up and treatment history Training and promotional videos in streaming Diagnosis and custom recommendation of treatment protocols Photo shoot before and after treatments taken directly from the tablet and automatically saved in the patient file Automated calculation of personalized proposals Appointment planning Analysis and monitoring of the body composition Nutritional analysis and diet follow-up with prescription of food supplements Monitoring and recommendation of physical activity Profitability calculation Tele-maintenance with remote Tele-assistance by video Control of the tablet Automatic updates via the Internet Rental system with pay-per-use of the tablet Access to over 300 predefined programs seamlessly. Get assistance from images and videos to perform your treatments. Create your own programs with our expert tool. Perform your treatments with great case. WHY HAVING AN STX IN YOUR BUSINESS IS SO IMPORTANT? - It offers your clients a new, innovative, accurate and technically advanced state of the art equipment; - This advanced equipment will certainly impress your clients, generating more income through its reputation and instant results, - Increase revenue/turnover, - It will offer your business that little something extra and set you apart from your competitor. IF YOU WANT TO EARN EXTRA INCOME AND OFFER OTHER SERVICES; WHY NOT FOLLOW OUR CONCEPT? SLIMMING Aminostats BIO ZM II This is the first and only device on the market to have built in diet rebalancing software driven by MBI. A nutritional report is given to every individual for their diet with a list recommendation for foods and food supplements which would be of benefit. You can analyze the body composition of your clients first and advise them on what type of treatments would be of benefit to them individually. Also, following the test you can offer to your clients a weight loss programme increasing revenue/turnover. For more information contact: David Monsellier Exclusive Nutrisvelt distributor UK W:+44(0) M:+44(0)
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