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Santa Monica Police Department Y E A R I N R E V I E W A MESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF In recognition of another year full of challenges, changes and new ideas for improvement, I bring to you the Santa
Santa Monica Police Department Y E A R I N R E V I E W A MESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF In recognition of another year full of challenges, changes and new ideas for improvement, I bring to you the Santa Monica Police Department 2008 Year in Review. As we look back at the sum of events and incidents, hardships and successes for 2008, we can be proud to know that progress is being made. hile great leadership is vital for the success of any organization, so too is the invaluable work and contribution of those who make the organization possible: residents, business owners, families people. Keeping this in mind, we forged ahead with our efforts to foster a community policing model. By focusing on joint work between neighborhood, business and non-profit organizations and the Santa Monica Police Department, we were able to make great strides toward the creation of a department that effectively meets the needs of its people. Last year we revealed our new beat map and plans for the Neighborhood Resource Officer (NRO) Program. In 2008, we delivered. Early in the year, our eight NROs took to the streets to meet local residents and become acquainted with their beats. By establishing a platform for constructive open communication between the public and the department, I believe that we will enhance public trust and surmount the incredible enterprise of creating safer communities together. In order to formulate viable solutions to pressing issues, this model of policing is essential. To support the concepts behind the NRO program, the department also worked on improving customer service standards by developing a new model that will ensure quality service is provided to the public as well as to peers and co-workers at every level. Over the past year, I have challenged the police department to come up with creative ways to meet the needs of our City and address some of its biggest concerns, all while maintaining the safety of our citizens via proactive policing. Though many of the social issues we tackled may have historically been beyond the capacity or expectations of a police department, we all rose to the challenge and addressed these issues in countless ways. We continued to make progress in the area of homelessness, for instance, as we worked with local non-profit organizations to ensure full recovery of individuals to prevent recidivism, rather than focusing on short term solutions. Another one of our continuing endeavors involved gang prevention and eradication, which we aim to achieve by increasing outreach to youth. In 2008, we began looking at every aspect of early intervention/prevention. We explored ways to expand our services to youth by beginning the process of creating a youth citizen academy as well as by amplifying our presence in local schools. To emphasize the value of community partnerships, I often encourage officers to participate in neighborhood organizations and activities not just on the job but off the job as well. In addition to the daily goings-on within the department throughout the year, this Year in Review will also explore all the positive undertakings of our department staff outside of their work duties: coaching youth sports, volunteering for service organizations, and participating in the military reserves, to name only a few. These are the kinds of officers that we aspire to recruit, retain and groom for future leadership of the Santa Monica Police Department. I am certain that you will find value in all that you will learn about these inspiring individuals, and I hope that you enjoy this very special Year in Review. Timothy J. Jackman Chief of Police i Table of Contents A L O O K AT W H AT S I N S I D E City Government 2008 S A N TA M O N I C A C I T Y C O U N C I L A N D C I T Y M A N A G E R i A Message from the Chief 1 City Government Police Department Budget 3 Authorized Personnel Strength 4 Department Organization 6 Mission and Values 8 Strategic Plan Moving Forward with Leaps and Bounds 10 NRO Program One Year Later 14 Out of Uniform How SMPD Officers are Making a Difference 18 TSOs Keeping Santa Monica Moving Safely 22 Safety First, Service Always A New Customer Service Model Year in Review 34 In Full Focus A Visual Recap of Statistics: Crime & Traffic Accidents 38 Public Inquiry Phone Numbers S E AT E D, L E F T T O R I G H T: Bobby Shriver, Robert Holbrook, Ken Genser / S TA N D I N G, L E F T T O R I G H T: Kevin McKeown, Mayor Herb Katz, Pam O Connor, Mayor Pro Tem Richard Bloom City Council Herb Katz / Mayor Richard Bloom / Mayor Pro Tem Ken Genser / Councilmember Robert Holbrook / Councilmember Kevin McKeown / Councilmember Pam O Connor / Councilmember Bobby Shriver / Councilmember IBC Beat Map City Manager s Office On the Cover: Traffic Services Officers in action. P. Lamont Ewell / City Manager Gordon Anderson / Assistant City Manager Police Department A D O P T E D B U D G E T F I S C A L Y E A R AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL STRENGTH B u d g e t e d S w o r n a n d c i v i l i a n P e r s o n n e l Adopted Budget Fiscal Year Revised Budget Fiscal Year Percentage Change Admin. Services (ASD) Operations (OD) Spec. Enforcement (SED) Criminal Invest. (CID) Animal Control Unit Harbor Unit Total by Rank G E N E R A L F U N D - P O L I C E D E PA R T M E N T Salaries and Wages $59,731,821 Supplies and Expenses $5,296,072 $57,392,717 $4,624, % 14.52% Police Chief Deputy Chief Police Captain Police Lieutenant Police Sergeant Police Officer Capital Outlay $6,936 $6, % Total Sworn Subtotal Department $65,034,829 $62,024, % Civilian Support Staff Fringe Benefits (estimate) $0 $0 n/a Temporary Subtotal $65,034,829 $62,024, % Totals by Division P I E R F U N D - H A R B O R U N I T ASD - Administrative Services Division OD - Operations Division SED - Special Enforcement Division CID - Criminal Investigations Division Salaries and Wages $890,940 $719, % Supplies and Expenses $162,992 $118, % Capital Outlay $0 $0 n/a Subtotal Unit $1,053,932 $838, % T O TA L F U N D S Salaries and Wages $60,622,761 $58,112, % New Officers Adam Buus and Jay Zabate are sworn in June Supplies and Expenses $5,459,064 $4,742, % Capital Outlay $6,936 $6, % Subtotal $66,088,761 $62,862, % OFFICE OF THE Department Organization CHIEF OF POLICE Timothy J. Jackman Chief of Police audit, inspection and intelligence unit I N T E R N A L A F FA I R S S E C T I O N Lieutenant Ray Cooper A D M I N I S T R AT I V E S E R V I C E S DIVISION Deputy Chief Phillip Sanchez Commander O F F I C E O F O P E R AT I O N S Captain Wendell Shirley A dministrati v e S er v ices S upport U nit Commander P olice T echnology U nit C R I M I N A L I N V E S T I G AT I O N S DIVISION Captain Carolin Larson SPECIAL ENFORCEMENT DIVISION Captain Al Venegas Commander Commander B udget & P rocurement U nit R esource D e v elopment U nit SUPPORT SERVICES SECTION O P E R AT I O N S A D M I N I S T R AT I O N SECTION Y O U T H A N D FA M I LY SERVICES SECTION Lieutenant Clinton Muir Lieutenant Darrell Lowe Lieutenant Mike Beautz C ommunity R elations U nit NRO PROGRAM CRIMES AGAINST PERSON UNIT E V E N T P L A N N I N G U nit Y O U T H S E R V I C E S U nit TRAFFIC SECTION Lieutenant Kathy Keane T R A F F I C S E R V I C E S U nit T R A F F I C E N F O R C E M E N T U nit C R O S S i N G G U A R D U nit J ail / C ustody U nit R ecords U nit D AY WA T C H S E C T I O N P roperty U nit Lieutenant Alex Padilla C rime A nalysis U nit CSO II UNIT A nimal C ontrol U nit N I G H T WA T C H S E C T I O N Lieutenant Kenneth Semko C R I M I N A L I N V E S T I G AT I O N S SECTION Lieutenant Daniel Salerno S pecial O perations S ection Lieutenant Doug Theus ROBBERY HOMICIDE UNIT narcotics / v ice unit PROPERTY CRIMES UNIT homeless liaison program unit ( hlp ) FORENSIC UNIT airport & transit ser v ices U nit swat M O R N I N G WA T C H S E C T I O N Lieutenant Calisse Lindsey crisis negotiation team air support unit C O M M U N I C AT I O N S S E C T I O N Lieutenant P.J. Guido L O S A N G E L E S I M PA C T Lieutenant Hector Cavazos DIRECTED RESOURCES SECTION Lieutenant Marianne Fullove PA R K R A N G E R U N I T H A R B O R U nit THIRD STREET BIKE UNIT & CSO I UNIT GANG AND YOUTH INTERVENTION UNIT M O U N T E D U nit Yellow = collateral assignment Mission and Values T h e f o u n d at i o n o f o u r s u c c e s s Mission Our Mission is to provide safety and service. We are dedicated to the reduction of crime and improving quality of life. We are ethical, compassionate and respectful. We are visionary and work together to create adaptive solutions with the community and our public safety partners. As a premier leader in law enforcement, we are committed to this mission. Values H O N E S T Y Fairness and straightforwardness of conduct,adherence to the facts and dedication to truthfulness. I N T E G R I T Y : Soundness, firm adherence to a code of moral values, incorruptibility and completeness. We demonstrate personal integrity and the courage of our convictions. We will not sacrifice principle for expediency, be hypocritical, or act in an unscrupulous manner. T R U S T : Is a result of honest behavior between each other and acceptance of others judgments and abilities. C A R I N G : To be sensitive to the needs of others and demonstrate compassion for all people. R E S P E C T : To consider all people worthy of high regard. We demonstrate respect for human dignity, and appreciation of the privacy and rights of all. We manifest commitment to justice, equal treatment of individuals, tolerance for and acceptance of diversity. L O YA L T Y : Proactively supporting the organization, its membership and its goals, and being held accountable for our conduct as well as for the conduct of our peers and/or subordinates. S E R V I C E O R I E N TAT I O N : To actively contribute to the welfare of the community, and to genuinely care about improving the quality of life of those we serve. OUR VALUES we actively contribute to the welfare of the community. Strategic Planning M o v ing F orward with L eaps and B ounds I n harmony with good leadership practices the Santa Monica Police Department s executive team, which includes the Chief, Deputy Chief and Division Commanders, decided to begin 2008 differently than in years past. With the ongoing successes of previous projects, such as the Neighborhood Resource Officer Program, the goal for leadership shifted from short term planning into long term planning. The eagerness of the executive team to act on these successes and focus on long term approaches resulted in a three phased strategic plan that would be designed to constructively transform the current status quo into actionable solutions that would benefit the department for a substantial period of time. SMPD Staffing Plan and the foundation was set for the following phases. The second phase of the strategic plan informally took place in the interim between the Staffing Plan and the formal executive level strategic planning conference which took place at Pepperdine University in September During the informal sessions, many new ideas surfaced regarding leadership structures within the department and the core foundation of the mission, vision and values that guide police employees during their daily duties. To more thoroughly renovate these ideas into practical solutions, the executive team openly discussed these topics and ideas at the formal strategic planning conference which resulted in many significant steps forward, including the development of a new mission which will serve to guide the police department in this new era: Included in this process will be the need to focus on the development of employees within the organization, budgetary processes and philosophical approaches which guide leadership and department conduct. applicable changes to compete with the always evolving environment that surrounds us all. The Strategic Plan will be the light along the path which aids the department along this vital journey. These prove to be dynamic times for the Santa Monica Police Department. With all change comes growing pains but in the long term the rewards will be great. The department has proven time and again that it is willing and able to make the Our Mission is to provide safety and service. We are dedicated to the reduction of crime and improving quality of life. We are ethical, compassionate and respectful. The first of these three phases took place early on in the year when a select team of employees researched and subsequently produced a 5-Year Staffing Plan that above all, outlined the critical staffing shortages that the SMPD currently faced. The shortages in positions ranged from sworn peace officers to jailers and community service officers. These positions not only faced a current deficit in regards to the quantity of work which needed to be completed, but it also indicated that these areas would be significantly understaffed as workload and expectations increased over time. In March of 2008, the City Council approved the We are visionary and work together to create adaptive solutions with the community and our public safety partners. As a premier leader in law enforcement, we are committed to this mission. The third and final phase of the strategic plan is culminating at the team building workshop that is taking place at the beginning of the New Year in Lake Arrowhead. At this workshop, both the executive and command teams, which includes the department s section commanders, will take four days to identify and rectify the most pressing long term problems that face the police department. NRO PROGRAM O N E Y E A R L AT E R I n January 2008, the Neighborhood Resource Officer (NRO) Program was launched and rapidly became the signifying mark of a new era in Santa Monica policing. The current trends in law enforcement and crime supported the SMPD s development of a strategy that was based around the concept of community policing and collective involvement. This joint effort between the citizens of Santa Monica and their government thus far, has proven to be remarkably successful. At the forefront of this new community policing strategy is the Neighborhood Resource Officer Program. These are just a few examples of the great work being done by the eight dedicated NROs and their Sergeant during this past year. from the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff s Department and the Beverly Hills Police Department. In addition to these tactics, NRO Williams worked with Community Relations and the Neighborhood Watch to develop and implement a strong media campaign so that Santa Monican s were armed with the proper knowledge regarding the current dilemma. After all of the preparatory measures were taken, units of plain clothed and uniformed police officers were positioned at predetermined locations with the intent to observe and ideally apprehend the perpetrators of these burglaries. On the second day of the sting operation, four individuals were arrested and several search warrants were issued, which eventually led to the recovery of stolen merchandise from previous Santa Monica crimes. All in all the net effect from this collaborative effort was dramatic. Burglaries in the affected area dropped to nearly zero percent and confidence was restored. On the other side of the City, in Beat 5, NRO Adam Gwartz had his hands full trying to actively resolve the dispute that had erupted around 4th Street and Adelaide Drive. For many years exercise enthusiasts found the steps and street median at 4th Street and Adelaide to be the quintessential gem for outdoor activity. With the scenic backdrop and challenging incline of the steps, it would be hard to find anyone that would choose the dreary ambiance of the franchise gym over the majestic qualities of 4th and Adelaide. However, some residents of this neighborhood had a different view. The waking sounds motivating mantras a.m. proved to be, beginning the long of exhausted runners and the of personal trainers at 4:30 to some, the final straw. Thus standing dispute between the use of the public land and the rights of all parties affected. Fortunately, Adam was up to the challenge and along with other City government entities, the issue is now being resolved peacefully. Beat 3, which lies in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, also faced its fair share of challenges this past year and with perseverance and creativity, NRO Jeff Glaser spearheaded many efforts to address one of Santa Monica s key priorities, positively affecting issues surrounding community livability and homelessness. To do this, Jeff coordinated many livability operations with SMPD Patrol Officers, the ever present SMPD Homeless Liaison Program (HLP) team and the SMPD s civilian partner, West Coast Care. National Night Out. During the summer, Beat 7, which encompasses the southeast portion of the city, was plagued by a dramatic increase in residential burglaries during daytime hours. NRO Artis Williams identified this disconcerting development and responded with immediate action. In collaboration with the Santa Monica Crime Analysis Unit, patterns were identified and forecasted and the targeted area was identified. To garner even more support and resources, NRO Williams attended regional briefings which included officers and detectives 10 NRO Adam Gwartz and Park Ranger Joanne Bonham search for solutions to the Adelaide dispute. 11 Specifically addressing the continually increasing patterns of homeless activity in Reed Park became one of Jeff s most primary concerns. Along with the HLP team, Jeff conducted a lengthy observation operation which resulted in numerous arrests and citations. This operation was then followed by the extended hand of West Coast Care which specializes in uniting homeless individuals with family and services. This joint effort has substantially affected Reed Park for the better, and disruptive activity in the park has decreased dramatically. To exercise a different strategy towards policing, the NROs developed a community beautification program, going hand in hand with the roots of community policing, which James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling s describe in their Broken Windows concept. In short, this concept describes how small issues manifest into large issues and if NRO Richard Carranza and members of the traffic division from City Yards erect signs near the beach to improve pedestrian safety in Beat 1. who need them the most. One NRO described his experience with utter enjoyment, the warm, bright eyed smiles that we receive, when we walk into their homes to deliver a hot meal, makes this assignment a pleasure to do. police can positively address small issues, the big issues will disappear. Through community beautification the NROs are actively addressing Santa Monica s small issues. On a weekly basis, NROs pair with Solid Waste Management and clean the streets, thoroughfares, and alleys of their respective beats. The return on this program has been unimaginable. For the citizens, visitors and employees of this city to see the police working along side other city entities, completing the common goal of cleaning up the streets, both literally and figuratively, has been invaluable. and these officers are well on their way to making the quality of life in Santa Monica not only safer, but better than ever before. The list of the NROs great deeds goes on and on. From implementing their newest strategies of community involvement to adhering to a high level of demand and standards, the NROs have truly developed into a key component of effective SMPD operations. This year has proven that this program NRO Glaser hard at work. Naptime, anyone? Along the same lines as community beautification stands the overarching strategy for the NROs which is community and police involvement and interaction. To ensure this interaction and involvement remains high, the NROs have continued to patrol their respective beats on foot, participate in school activities, and atte
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