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AUDIO / VID E O / SHOW CONTROL STAND-ALONE PLAYERS September 2019 O U R CO M PANY Established in 1985, WAVES SYSTEM is a French company Sales whose core activity has…
AUDIO / VID E O / SHOW CONTROL STAND-ALONE PLAYERS September 2019 O U R CO M PANY Established in 1985, WAVES SYSTEM is a French company Sales whose core activity has always been linked to the world of sound. In 2002 the company focused their development on designing and manufacturing interactive audio, video and Support show control players. Key markets are: cultural and leisure engineering & POS marketing. WAVES SYSTEM, through their R&D department, offer expertise and tailor-made solutions. For general enquiries AUDIO VIDEO SHOW CONTROL SPEAKERS DESIGN AUDIO MY MUSIC PLAYER MY MUSIC PLAYER Sensory marketing, background music, informative or persuasive advertising … Delivering news in the public space can take a variety of forms and implies the use of dedicated equipment. Two audio devices from the ID-AL range will meet these needs. Standalone, but also remotely-controllable, MY MUSIC PLAYER and MY MUSIC PLAYER LE both offer the flexibility to combine the playback of local media and online MP3 WAV M3U Flash radios, whilst providing the ability to play Webradio WAV.MP3.M3U Ethernet memory Scheduler pre-recorded message at a specific date and time. MY MUSIC PLAYERLE The contents can be easily managed and updated, allowing fully customisable audio programming. MP3 WAV WAV.MP3 Flash Webradio M3U Ethernet memory Scheduling The ID-AL range of interactive audio players offers reliable and cost-effective all-purpose solutions for the distribution of sound, information and music. MICRO PLAYERMKIII MP3/WAV audio files are automatically played when the device is switched on, according to a time-stamped program or when a dry contact input is triggered. This is the perfect solution for most CHRONO PLAYERmkII audio scenarios: school bell systems, security and safety messages, factory announcement systems or immersive NANO PLAYERBOX soundscapes. The ID-AL audio range is easy to implement and easy to manage via user-adjustable tools. MP3 WAV Flash RS-232 Scheduling WAV.MP3 port Interactive Amplified memory VIDEO MY VIDEO PLAYERVP320 MY VIDEO PLAYERVP330 Headphone UHD HDR 4 GB flash Interactivity Scheduling Connected Synchronization Amplified PLAYER output MY VIDEO The My Video Player range is an unrivaled solution to show video files, play slideshows and audio files. Time-stamped programming, input contacts, «AutoPlay» function, TCP/IP & RS-232 commands and a smart content organization system (where the playback scenario is determined by the naming of files and folders), these players are designed to fulfil a wide variety of projects. Very versatile, they are intended to be used in in-store events, to showcase a piece of art in an exhibition center, to provide informative and persuasive advertising via interactive kiosks, … SHOW CO NTRO L Standalone and interactive player designed to meet the multisensory EVENT VIDEO PLAYER EVP380 needs including pictures, sound, light, and motion. The EVENT VIDEO PLAYER is a show control system managing 4K video, audio, DMX, and output contacts. Whether for an edutainment trail, escape game, theme park, aquatic show featuring musical fountains, special events, experiential marketing or even to showcase Heritage ; the EVENT VIDEO PLAYER will meet the specific needs. Headphone Show control UHD HDR 4 GB flash Interactivity Scheduling Connected Synchronization Amplified output Designed to promote the cultural & natural EVENT PLAYER MKII EP220 Heritage as well as Entertainment venues, the EVENT PLAYER mkII EP220/230 is powerful, reliable and cost-effective. Both players can respond to the constraints of a live show. Versatile and easy to install, these event- managing players can simultaneously handle sound, light and motion through their output contacts. Escape games, Aquatic shows, in-store events… EVENT PLAYER EP220 & EP230 both offer a great potential for sensory and EVENT PLAYER MKII EP230 immersive experiences. Built-in amplifier, RS-232 and Ethernet ports as well as time-stamped programming come standard on our two models. EP230 offers a greater interactivity through its input / output contacts. RS-232 Interactive Amplified DMX Scheduling Ethernet port MICRO DMX The Micro DMX is an interface that offers 2 functions : • DMX or RS-232 converter to control electrical devices through 8 mechanical relay outputs • Record DMX or RS-232 sequences into the internal memory and play them to control the relay. This unit, easy to install and use, allows to complete interactive installations. It will control other players, animatronics, lights, pumps or electrovalves, electric engines and electromagnets. The MICRO DMX is compatible with the players from the ID-AL range. MODUL E S & ACCE S S O R I E S AMPLIFICATEURS MICRO AMP1 ID-AL developed a range of amplifiers for loudspeakers and earphones that is compact, powerful and versatile. The Micro AMP range is powerful enough to deliver background music or informative MICRO AMP2MKII messages in exhibition venues, halls, art galleries… They provide high audio quality across the entire bandwidth. The bass is powerful and the treble accurate. Depending on the device, several functions are available: input selector switch MICRO AMP4MKII (eg language selector), independent volume control, sensor-controlled volume, equalizer for audio signal processing or remote control. Due to their small size, they can easily be integrated in a patch bay or a piece of MICRO AMP4/2 furniture. SENSORS & SPECIAL SPEAKERS VIBRO GLASS SENSO PAD and IR PAD are tactile and infrared motion sensors dedicated to proximity detection. Small in size, SENSO PAD they can easily be integrated; and they are powerful enough to provide a multi sensory experience to the audience. IR PAD VIBRO GLASS and VIBRO PAD are special speakers for any material with a vibratory capacity: cardboard, wood, drywall, glass… MONO EARPHONE These transducers sound a piece of furniture, a shop window, a POS-kiosk… The audio rendering is stunning: high VIBRO PAD quality & powerful. E L E CT RO NI C B OA R D S C U S TO M D E S I G N & M A N U FA C T U R I N G ELECTRONIC BOARDS NANO PLAYERMKII Our boards are composed of 2 audio players as electronic boards. Although these tiny boards are packed with technology, they are easy to integrate into your projects: pieces of furniture, kiosks, and various items. NANO PLAYER mkII includes amplified speaker output. NANO PLAYER HEADPHONE with 6 headphone outputs. NANOPLAYER Equipped with input contacts, these two HEADPHONE modules are interactive when connected to sensors or push buttons. WAVES SYSTEM also provide bespoke audio and video solutions: from adaptation to complete design, our technical engineering department is at your service. Relying on their many skills, WAVES SYSTEM design, manufacture, control and package their devices. Their processes meet specific requirements and provide bespoke solutions that match customers’ projects and goals. Our offer covers all the needs, from full product design to mass production. PLAYER PLAYER SPÉCIFICATIONS MY MUSIC VIDEO Characteristics MyMusicPlayer MyMusicPlayerLE VP320 VP330 WAV and MP3 files playback (44,1 / 48 kHz - 16 / 24 bits) MKV / MP4 / MOV / JPEG / PNG / BMP / WAV / MP3 / M4A / OGG files playback Storage devices SD / USB USB 4K ultra HD resolution Autoplay function ✓ ✓ Ethernet: FTP / NTP / TCP/IP Ethernet ✓ ✓ (FTP / web server / NTP / TCP/IP) Timestamped programming Streaming (web radio) ✓ ✓ Autoplay function Timestamped programming ✓ ✓ Playback start synchronization between players Audio output RCA / XLR RCA Storage devices: microSD / 2 x USB Auxiliary audio input RCA - Size: 1/3 rack 19’’ RS-232 control ✓ - 1 headphone output 2 x 6 W 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % Amplified speaker output : 2 × 10 W 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % Amplified speaker output - 2 ×12 W 4 Ω @ THD+N 10 % 2 × 19 W 4 Ω @ THD+N 10 % Content update system ✓ ✓ 1 input contact 8+1 input contacts Size 1/3 rack 19’’ L 141 x P 141 x H 35 mm - 8 output contacts - RS-232 control AU D I O MICRO/CHRONO/NANO PLAYER Characteristics MicroPlayer mkIII ChronoPlayer NanoPlayer Box WAV and MP3 files playback (44,1 kHz - 16 bits) VIDEO Storage devices SD / USB SD / USB SD Autoplay function ✓ ✓ ✓ S H OW CONTROL Input contacts 4 8 1 Output contacts 2 - - Timestamped programming - ✓ - MODULES & ACCESSORIES RS-232 control ✓ ✓ - 2 × 10 W 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % 2 × 10 W 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % Amplified speaker output - 2 × 19 W 4 Ω @ THD+N 10 % 2 × 16 W 4 Ω @ THD+N 10 % ELECTRONIC BOARDS Size 1/3 rack 19’’ 1/3 rack 19’’ L 75 x P 125 x H 25 mm EVENT PLAYER EVENT VIDEO PLAYER MICRO DMX Characteristics EP220 EP230 MKV / MP4 / MOV / JPEG / PNG / BMP / WAV / Relay control: DMX512 and RS-232 MP3 / M4A / OGG files playback WAV and MP3 files playback ✓ ✓ 8 mechanical relays 5 A / 250 V 4K ultra HD resolution Show Control (DMX + Outputs) ✓ ✓ Recording and playback of event sequences Ethernet: FTP / NTP / TCP/IP / Art-Net Autoplay function ✓ ✓ Duration of the sequence from 10 to 218 minutes Timestamped programming Timestamped programming ✓ ✓ Sequence accuracy from 5 to 100 step / second Autoplay function Input contacts 1 8+1 Recording and playback buttons Show Control (DMX + Outputs + RS-232) Output contacts - 8 Playback in a loop function Playback start synchronization between players RS-232 control ✓ ✓ Autoplay function Storage devices: microSD / 2 x USB Ethernet Input and passthru DMX512 ✓ ✓ (FTP / web server / SNTP) Size: 1/3 rack 19" Size: 1/3 rack 19’’ Storage devices microSD / USB microSD / USB 8+1 input contacts + 1 DMX512 input DMX512 output ✓ ✓ 8 output contacts Auxiliary audio input ✓ ✓ RS-232 control Size 1/3 rack 19" 1/3 rack 19" LCD: 2 x 16 characters Amplified speaker output: Other functions LCD LCD / Ext IR / USB-DMX 2 × 10 W 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % 2 × 19 W 4 Ω @ THD+N 10 % 2 x 10 W 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % Amplified speaker output 2 x 19 W 4 Ω @ THD+N 10 % MONO EARPHONE IR PAD VIBRO GLASS1/2 VIBRO PAD SENSO PAD Monophonic Infrared motion sensor Resonant frequency: 500 Hz Audio transducer Capacitif touch switch Bandwidth: 50 Hz - 18 kHz Detection: < 3 m / 100° Impedance: 8 Ω Impedance: 4 Ω Detection: < 10 mm Impedance: 32 Ω Open collector output Max power input: Max power input: 10 W Open collector output 25 / 50 W RMS Max audio power: 250 mW RMS Cable length: 180 cm Weight: 64 g Cable length: 180 cm Size: Ø 77 / 92 x P 40 / 50 mm Size: L 75 x P 55 x H 150 mm Drilling diameter: 16 mm Quick terminal blocks Size: L 24 x P 14 x H 34 mm Weight: 430 g / 1 kg Weight: 304 g Weight: 42 g Weight: 52 g MICRO AMP Characteristics MicroAMP 1 MicroAMP 2 mkII MicroAMP 4 mkII MicroAMP 4/2 RS-232 control ✓ - - - Volume control by contact ✓ - - - Audio output after processing ✓ - - - Stereo headphone output 1 1 4 2x2 Stereo speaker output 1 1 - - Volume control 1 speaker volume and 1 headphone volume 1 speaker volume and 1 headphone volume 1 volume by headphone output 1 volume by headphone output Equalization / Sound processing - - - Stereo panning / Gain Size 1/3 rack 19’’ 1/3 rack 19’’ 1/3 rack 19’’ 1/3 rack 19’’ Amplified speaker output 2 × 10 W 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % et 2 × 19 W 4 Ω @ THD+N 10 % - - Amplified headphone output 2 × 110 mW 32 Ω @ THD+N 10 % et 2 × 325 mW 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % NANO PLAYER HEADPHONE NANO PLAYERMKII WAV and MP3 files playback (44,1 kHz - 16 bits) WAV and MP3 files playback (44,1 kHz - 16 bits) Storage devices: SD Storage devices: SD Autoplay function Autoplay function Audio detector on the input 1 input contact 1 audio input with modulation detector Amplified speaker output: 2 ×10 W 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % 1 input contact 2 ×16 W 4 Ω @ THD+N 10 % 6 headphone stereo audio outputs on mini-jacks Control with IR remote control Volume adjustment Volume adjustment Amplified speaker output: Size: L 70 x P 80 x H 15 mm 2 × 110 mW 32 Ω @ THD+N 10 % 2 × 325 mW 8 Ω @ THD+N 10 % Size: L 77 x P 108 x H 15 mm by ID-AL / Waves System La Ville en Bois 44830 BOUAYE - FRANCE Tel : +33 (0) 2 40 78 22 44 Fax : +33 (0) 2 40 78 00 36 e-mail : Web :
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