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Shows, exhibits Keeping heaven & recognition Blizzard woes handy ... page 10-12&15 ...page 9 ... page 17 1990-2015 Old Ti www.TheOldTimes.com 25 me The P.O.…
Shows, exhibits Keeping heaven & recognition Blizzard woes handy ... page 10-12&15 ...page 9 ... page 17 1990-2015 Old Ti www.TheOldTimes.com 25 me The P.O. Box 411 s Sauk Centre, MN th 56378 Anniversary FREE! The Premier Journal of Vintage, Collectible At all the best Antiques Shops and Shows and Antique Wonders in the Midwest Section One Vol. 25 No. 3 • “Vintage, Collectible, & Antique Wonders” • March 2015 udge d her mother, Arlene J Lorinda J udge-Ims an Judge-Im s’s sons, Joe (11), Sam (9) a nd Josh ( 6) Generations of jewelry & more by Britt Aamodt ROGERS, MINN. – Three generations collect in the Judge-Ims family. Lorinda Judge-Ims grew up with a mom who loved to hit flea markets, swap meets, and estate sales. That mom, Arlene Judge, had a passion for junk Generations -- Continued on page 3 2 The Old Times March 2015 n t iQ u e s M i n n e s ot a A Minnesota’s First Mall Established 1979 20% OFF STOREWIDE Saturday, March 21 & Sunday, March 22 Zenith Tabletop Radio $155.00 Only! Red Wing Sponge Band Advertising Bowl $149.00 Moorcroft Pomegranate Vase $950.00 Buddy Straight Razor $48.00 Wyandotte Space Gun $125.00 Sterling Gouda Candle Sticks $499.00 Silver Bell $45.00 S&H Green Stamps Double German Kewpie Ornaments Sided Flange 425.00 $25.00 each Red Wing Vegetable Crock with Lid $254.00 Japanese Satsuma Brooch $110.00 Allan Doll in Box $95.00 Snake Skin Purse $48.00 Mother of Pearl Knife Set Norland Mantle Clock $98.00 Dick Tracy Squad Car $279.00 Snake Skin Purse $48.00 $85.00 Dealer Space starting at $25.00 per month CHECK OUT OUR WEEKLY ONLINE AUCTIONS AT www.AntiquesMinnesota.net 952-894-7200 952-894-7200 ANTIQUES MINNESOTA BURNSVILLE • 191 River Ridge Circle Exit 3A (Hwy 13N) off 35W, 1st Left Nicollett, Left to River Ridge Circle Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM • Sunday 12:00 to 6:00 PM March 2015 The Old Times 3 Generations Cont. from page 1 March Into Spring jewelry. But she also ran an early occasional shop. The shop gave the daughter an inkling that maybe this collecting deal could be more than Sale a hobby. Maybe it could be a business founded on beautiful, collectible, and vintage objects. “The first thing I AMORÉ collected was dolls,” said Judge-Ims. “Even today, I’m a great picker for friends who ANTIQUES collect dolls.” In high school, she wore vintage dresses and fur coats. She borrowed her mom’s junk jewelry. 2008 2nd Ave N She remembers the Anoka, MN day one of her mom’s necklaces broke in school. The beads 763-576-1871 rolled everywhere. Lorinda Judge-Ims with necklace by a favorite designer, Miriam Haskell. Generations Thursday through Sunday March 19th - 22nd Cont. on page 4 (Photo by Britt Aamodt) The popularity of the garter bracelet dates 20% back to the Victorian Era in England, named for the long reign of Queen Victoria from 1937 to 1901. Prince Albert, the German Prince who married the young queen in 1840, gifted Victoria with a garter bracelet and so OFF started a fad. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) All Regularly Priced Items Over $5.00 Refreshments will be served Cover. A Miriam Haskell pearl set. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) ALWAYS Lorinda Judge-Ims’s son, Sam (9), likes to OPEN!! make jewelry out of old watches (above). That’s Mon-Sat: 10 - 5:30 one way he keeps busy when he attends shows with his mom. He also Sunday: 11 - 5 7,800 likes the treats available at the concession stands. At left are a couple of his creations, up close. (Photos by Linda Judge-Ims) Square Feet of JOY! www.AmoreAntiques.com 4 The Old Times March 2015 Judge-Ims says she always treats Victorian mourning lockets with care when she opens them. Often, there is a curl of someone’s hair inside to accompany the tiny portrait. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) ANOKA ANTIQUE SHOPS “Four Unique Shops in One Charming Friendly City.” The BIG White House Left to right, Joe (11), Sam (9) and Josh (6) are regular businessmen. They Antiques & Vintage buy and sell collectibles. They research prices and histories. And they keep their inventory in the basement workshop, where they also do minor cleaning and repairs when necessary. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) A Beautifully Renovated 110 Year Old Historic Mansion filled with great stuff! OPEN: Mon-Sat: 10-5:30; Sun: 11-5 1900 3rd Ave. South, Anoka, MN 55303 (763) 506-0562 AMORÉ www.AntiquesOnMainAnoka.com ANTIQUES Over 50 dealers ALWAYS OPEN! World War I Mon-Sat: 10aM-5:30pM devastated Europe, on two levels! which in many towns Sun: 11aM-5pM wiped out the Open 7 Days 7,800 Sq. Ft. oF JoY! population of 9am to 6pm marriageable men. One Wed & Thurs, 9am to 8pm 2008 2nd Avenue way women made money was by stringing Downtown, Anoka, MN 55303 Czech beads at their 212 East Main, Anoka 763-576-1871 kitchen tables. They (763) 323-3990 www.AmoreAntiques.com were paid by the strand. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) Antiques in Generations Cont. from page 3 “Did you get all of them?” asked the mom. BuffALO, Mn Judge-Ims said she Judge-Ims collected thought so. There might what she could and returned the handful to Generations her mom. Cont. on page 5 Buffalo Nickel Waldon woodS Annie’s Antiques ANTIQUES Attic Welcome to a real Antique Shop! OPEN 10,000 sq. ft. Showroom 15,000 sq. ft. 7 Days A Week Open Since 1972. SHop 7 dayS a week of 10am to 6pm (except HolidayS) From Antiques 1004 3rd St S 10am to 5pm at our two-Floor SHowroom. and Buffalo, MN 55313 763-682-4432 2612 State Hwy. 55 Se Collectibles 763-682-4735 Buffalo, MN 15 1st Ave S (2 mi E of Buffalo Once a custOmer... OPEN Buffalo, MN 55313 or if coming from Mpls. ...always a friend! 7 Days A Week 23 mi W of Hwy 494) Located in 10am to 6pm downtown Buffalo in the (763) 682-5667 One block N. of Lakeview Mall lights ~ Junction OVER Furniture • ArchitecturAl items • Huge Stock oF Stained glaSS Hwys. 25 & 55 50 DEALERS! 7,000 square feet • complete engliSH pubS and decorative pub itemS • SmallS NOW UNDER NEW Over 30 Dealers • collectibleS • a complete Mon.-Sat. 10-6 OWNERSHIP! Selection oF pennSylvania amiSH pine Furniture Sun. 11-6 Like Us On During World War II metal shortages, Trifari LEE & MARIAN WALDON turned to sterling silver to produce its iconic BuffaloNickelAntiques.com Facebook! (763) 682-2818 SOLE OWNERS Crown Brooch. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) (LakeviewAntiques) March 2015 The Old Times 5 In Victorian England, mourners twined a loved one’s hair into wearable jewelry like this brooch. In America, where the Civil War broke out, mourning jewelry took a different slant. Wives wove their own hair into watch chains so their husbands on the battlefield could have a memento of home. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) After Queen Victoria lost her consort, Prince Albert, in 1861, mourning The three brothers have jewelry became popular. A dead loved one’s hair was braided to make the overlapping interests necklace chain. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) when it comes to collecting, so it takes a keen eye—or a mom— *The Antique Cellar in Paynesville, MN regretfully announces to know where one that Nancy and Ron Stebbins will be leaving the store to pursue boy’s collection stops other interests and to spend more time with their grandchildren. and another one starts. The boys keep their They will be selling their entire inventory of high wares on shelves in quality antiques and collectibiles as follows: their bedroom (above and left). (Photo by • March 1st-31st...40% OFF Lorinda Judge-Ims) • April 1st-15th...45% OFF Find Us • April 15th-30th...50% OFF Here! Nancy is seeking parties interested in purchasing her 50% ownership of The Antique Cellar property. For more information call (320) 796-0445 after 6pm Generations Now Open! or (320) 212-0721 between 8am and 5pm Cont. from page 4 Nancy and Ron have always been two of The Antique Cellar’s best dealers, so shop early for the best be a few missing. Open: the 1st & 3rd selection of their great antiques weekend of each month and collectibles! Her mom drove to Thursday, Friday & Saturday the school and with the 9:30am - 6pm custodian looked in the Sunday 11am - 5pm The Antique Cellar 305 Augusta Ave. bins and in corners until 407 Elm Ave Paynesville, MN 56362 she had every last bead. Featuring: Waverly, MN 55390 320-243-7605 Eventually Judge- Crystal, Dishware, Primitives, Located in the old Waverly Bank Vintage Cameras, Collectibles, Ims moved to Glassware, Furniture & Housewares building Minnesota, fell in love, got married, and had www.Facebook.com/BehindTheMoonAntiques The Prairie Potholes Eden Valley Generations ANTIQUES & COUNTRY LANES 08-11-08 Antiques Trails Lost & Found Cont. on page 6 200 State St. N (Highways 55 & 22) An Old Times Antiques Trail 23Map 4 Richmond Belgrade 22 in Cold (320) 453-5678 22 Spring LitchfieLd, 71 Paynesville Mon-Sat 9:30 - 5:30 It’s Worth The Drive! Waverly Mn 9 9 55 Watkins Paynesville Benson Eden New 4 Valley 104 London SIBLEY ANTIQUES 12 27 Spicer 10 10 3 3 The Antique Cellar 100 N Sibley Ave • Litchfield, MN Long Lake Antiques 22 305 Augusta Ave 320-693-7335 (320) 243-7605 Willmar 12 Litchfield 7 Days/wk: Mon-Sat 10-5; Sun 12-5 Tues.-saT. 10-5 22 Closed Mondays Jan-Apr. We Buy! sunday noon-5 • Raymond 71 Closed Mondays 59 Montevideo 23 Spicer 7 Clara City 25 DEALERS Belltower Antique Mall 118 Lake Ave N S Open Wed thru Sat, 9ish -5 pm STAY HOP & (320) 22 796-5515 Allegedly, Halley’s Granite 4 FOR Falls Mondays & Tuesdays by chance LUNC Mon-Sat 10-5; Sun 12-5 H! comet blazed the Crick at et Me 212 25 Dealers. heavens at the birth of Tea R adow author Mark Twain in 1835 and again at his Very Vintage oom Granite Falls 212 Willmar 109 Sibley Avenue North Prairie Mercantile L&J’s Antiques Long Lake Antiques death in 1910. It also 110 E U.S. 212 • (320) 564-9094 614 Benson Ave SW 8879 Long Lake Road inspired this Litchfield, Minnesota 55355 7 Days/wk: Mon-Sat 10-5; Sun 12-4 (1 Blk N of Hwy 12 and 7th Street W.) (Off County 27 - 5 mi. N of Willmar) Edwardian pin. (Photo 320-593-0888 FLEA MARKETS: May through September (320) 894-4869 For Appointments (320) 235-1322 by Lorinda Judge-Ims) Like Very Vintage on Facebook! 2nd Sat. & Sun. - NO CHARGE to set-up Open Saturdays - 10:30 -5:00 Tues-Sun 10am-5pm; Closed Mon 6 The Old Times March 2015 Generations and histories that gave Cont. from page 5 rise to these sought- after objects. three boys. She Her boys got into renewed her interest in collecting because in vintage jewelry— true family tradition costume, junk, fine— their mom took them and got heavily involved in researching Generations the designers, materials, Cont. on page 7 World War II consumed the raw materials of everyday things people took for granted. Most people would not see a new car until after 1945. Jewelry maker Miriam Haskell got around metal shortages by fashioning wooden bead necklaces. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) Spend A Day 3 in the Country 4 SHAKOPEE, MN 6 1 • 12 Lester How Quaint Antique • Vintage • Primitive Prairie 952-465-3887 www.How-Quaint.com 4 Open 4 days a month - 12 dealers under Hopkins Inset Map 1/16/09 one roof and a yard packed full! 16 • Mar 19, 20, 21, & 22 • 14 Savage • Apr 16, 17, 18, & 19 • • Open EARLY at 9:00am Thurs - Sat Cologne Thurs: 9-7 • Fri: 9-6 • Sat: 9-5 • Sun: 11-4 15 714-1st Ave E (Hwy 101) • Shakopee 13 Come in to the 67 Treasure Chest . . . 17 TREASURE CHEST 18 19 ANTIQUES Antiques • Collectibles • Primitives Nine Unique Shops Glassware & Lots of Treasures Open: Mon-Thurs: 10:30-1 • Fri-Sun: 10-5 located within a very short drive of the metro... 115 1st Street E. • Jordan, MN 55352 There’s noT a b e T T e r way T o “s p e n d a d ay !!” (952)492-5005 Radio Tubes & Tube Testing • Dennis & Rose 1 The 2 Na-Na’s Unforgettable 4 8 Treasure Shed NOW Treasures 1170 Hwy 7 E • Hutchinson, MN 55350 OPEN 1842 HWY 7 IN OUR NEW (Corner of County 9 & Hwy 7) OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 5,000 SQ. FT. Lester Prairie, MN 55354 952-467-2626 Mon. - Sat. 10-5 • Sun. 12-5 LOCATION! COME VISIT! 763-221-3845 18 3rd Avenue SE • • 55+ Dealers • • Wed: 5pm - 8pm ~ Hours ~ Norwood Young America, MN 55397 LOTS OF Where there’s a treasure for everyone! GREAT Thurs-Sat: 10am - 5pm DEALER Sun: Noon - 5pm Tues - Sat A wide selection of Antiques, Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Primitives. vintage items, glassware, antique tools, 10am - 5pm beer SPACE Vintage, Retro, Antiques, Collectibles collectibles, and repurposed furniture (320) 587-7770 AVAILABLE! New / Used / Repurposed at affordable prices! Facebook.com/TreasureShed SheriMoore@centurylink.net Follow us on facebook and visit: www.TheOldeMillHouse.com Keep up with the latest 3 Plato Pines-n-Tiques 5 Norm's Antiques An old-fashioned multi-dealer shop 69 Vintage & Collectibles 421 Louisa St., • Hamburg, MN Antiques news and views! An intriguing assemblage of wares - We buy, sell and consign (Located 1/2 block S of Baseball Park SUBSCRIBE TODAY! MODERN - ANTIQUE - RUSTIC 1-1/2 blocks N of the Post Office) Member Minnesota Antique Network www.minnesotaantiquenetwork.com REFINED - SALVAGED for just $20/year is in the BARN! (952) 467-3527 Interesting and informative articles! The most up-to-date antiques information. (320) 238-2579 Spring Open HOuSe ~ Open ~ The best MAPS to antiques shops in the 9676 Babcock Ave. S. FEB 20 - APR 19 • M-Sat. 9-5; Sun. 12-5 Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm (1 mi S of 212 on Cty 81) Pottery: Roseville (over 300 pieces) Upper Midwest! Plato, MN 55370 •Hull • McCoy • Shawnee • Weller • 218 Water St. Kathy: 612-916-9467 Call Paul at (320) 351-6399 or email him Wed.-Sat. 11-5, Sun. 12-5 • Depression & Carnival Glass • Jordan, MN 55352 Chris: 612-669-8818 at: Paul@TheOldTimes.com Saundra Schaitberger • Beer & Bar Collectibles • (Located in LB Antiques) “Like” us on facebook pinesntiques@embarqmail.com Other Antiques & Collectibles. March 2015 The Old Times 7 Judge-Ims’s parents, Larry and Arlene, still live in Illinois. But they travel north to visit their daughter and hang out with her and the boys by the glass cases containing her jewelry at the Antique Mall of Rogers in Rogers, Minn. That’s Maggie sitting on Arlene’s lap. The Depression Era forced jewelry manufacturers to re- think fashion in more affordable terms. Pot metal appeared in a lot of colorful brooches, which cheered up an otherwise hard-luck decade. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) Generations Cont. from page 6 along on buying and Consignments Wanted! selling trips to shows. We are looking for ColleCtibles, fine art, About four years ago, when Judge-Ims silver, gold, Coins, JeWelry, bronzes, had a store in Osseo, rare books, Quality antiQue furniture, Minn., the middle boy, and other interesting eCleCtiC items..... Sam, 9, took an interest in tinkering with the odd broken piece of i • Two Auctions Monthly. i When Judge-Ims was a jewelry or watch from • Low commissions, kid, she went to her his mom’s inventory. • Reasonable reserves accepted second grade teacher (on items over $200.) Out of those pieces he and told her how much i i she loved her triple- strand Miriam Haskell created necklaces. He still watch Bernstein’s necklace. The teacher was floored. But Judge- makes them and has added refrigerator Auction Ims spent her weekends magnets made from 705 Mainstreet • Hopkins, MN 55343 with Mom, who rooted 35E earrings to his output. up junk and costume 94 That act of creation Call for Information - (612) 600-8617 jewelry at flea markets 494 694 or email: Alexander@BernsteinsAuction.com and swap sales. 169 (Photo 94 Generations by Lorinda Judge-Ims) 100 Cont. on page 8 All Appointments are Complimentary! 694 March on over to 35E 394 94 94 HOPKINS 7 7 35W St. Paul 494 HOPKINS Minneapolis AMs 494 169 100 35W 535EGreat Antique Stores.... plus so much more! We L VE Our Customers! ~ ANTIQUES ~ VINTAGE ~ RETRO ~ Antiques on Blake Antiques Surprise Me! HOPKINS Mainstreet QUALITY ANTIQUES ANTIQUE MALL Antiques • Vintage & More 913 Mainstreet (downtown Hopkins) 952-931-2144 untie & COLLECTABLES frOm 1850-1950 • Jewelry • Sterling • Art Pottery • Vintage • Clothing • Furniture • Decorative 68 Dealers With 10,000 Sq. Ft. On 2 Levels 1008 Mainstreet, 1019 Mainstreet Hopkins, MN 55343 • Arts • Dolls • Cottage Hopkins, MN 55343 An eclectic mix of antique, Tuesday-Saturday 40 Dealers Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11-6; Sun. 11-5 952-582-4655 vintage & collectible treasures. 11am-6pm Sunday 12pm-5pm 7,500 Sq. ft. of Quality Ample parking in the Tuesday-Saturday: A Wonderful Mixture Antiques back with a back Monday - Saturday 10:30-5:30 10:30 am-5:30 pm entrance... Sunday 12:00 -5:00 of Antiques & Collectibles Sunday: Noon-5 pm Coffee’s always on! 911 Mainstreet Artwork • Books • Ceramics Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am to 6pm Hopkins, MN Gift Certificates Available • We Accept Visa/MC Clothing • Jewelry • Furniture Sun: 12 to 5pm 952-933-1144 952-930-0477 (952) 931-9748 Lighting • Old Time Candy & Much More! email: AntiquesMainstreet@yahoo.com 901 Mainstreet • Hopkins, MN www.HopkinsAntiqueMall.com www.facebook.com/antiques.on.mainstreet 8 The Old Times March 2015 The Victorian garter bracelet was so-called because of its resemblance to the garters used to keep hose, individual leggings, from gradually inching their way down the legs and pooling at the ankles. Thus the garter bracelet made a somewhat risqué, suggestive reference to a lady’s legs. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) John’s Antiques Celebrating 45 Years! (since 1967) English archaeologist Howard Carter Specializing in Lamps & Lamp Repair discovered Egyptian pharaoh We Buy and sell Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922. The rich and Antiques varied grave goods, • opulent with gold, were We Conduct Estate reflected in 1920s jewelry. Miriam sales Haskell updated the • concept with this set in Appraisals the 1970s. (Photo by • Lorinda Judge-Ims) Chandelier Cleaning available Generations Cont. from page 7 spurred Sam’s brothers, who, said Judge-Ims, “realized they could do something with this business.” The oldest, Joe (11), delved into action figures. He loved comic books figures. When he wanted to upgrade his John remackel stock, he did what adult Phone: (651) 222-6131 sellers did. He sold what he had and used 261 Fort Road (West 7th) the money to buy up. St. Paul, MN 55102 One of his biggest Hours: Mon. 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. This Trifari sterling silver Lucite “Jelly Belly” Tues.-Fri. 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. • Sat. 10 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. swan brooch was made from windows of WWII Generations fighter airplanes. (Photo by Lorinda Judge-Ims) Cont. on page 10 INTRODUCTORY HALF-PRICE OFFER! Selling Antiques in a High-Tech For Old Times Website Advertising. World! Attention Shop Owners, Show Producers and Antique Dealers... website An Ad tile can drive traffic to your or Facebook page and target Triple Sized tech-savy new customers! Tiles are only $ 150 per Year! (Only 41¢ a day! Single Sized Tiles are only $ 90 per Year! Call Paul Today (Less than 25¢ a day! to Set Up Your 21st Century Double Sized Advertising! Tiles are only 320.492.6399 ***Over 2,000 people visit $ 120 per Year! Or email www.TheOldTimes.com each month! (Less than 35¢ paul@TheOldTimes.com a day! www.TheOldTimes.com - Your Best Source for Midwest Vintage, Collectible and Antique Wonders! March 2015 The Old Times 9 by Joan Sween If this is a blizzard, it must be March going and often was in out, TMIM had arrived breath. and packing. Finally The Man I Married would not let me drive danger of getting from Oronoco to Rochester and was telling us to wrap it up, and we were Finally the lady and her husband came up to Dealer’s we got everything added up, got the the car to the mall for my workday. He via Milwaukee, but he didn’t say anything. raring to get home. But there was one the counter, arms loaded with collectibles. Choice payment, and smiled them out the door. insisted on driving me No doubt he was doing couple still shopping. It looked as though our “Okay!” said there in his truck and his bit to save his The l
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