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Where DIY electronics comes together WHILE STOCKS LAST 3D PRINTER jaycar.com.au NOW FROM 179 ONLY $ SAVE UP TO $100 $ 299 PRICE BREAKTHROUGH GREAT FOR KIDS Finally a…
Where DIY electronics comes together WHILE STOCKS LAST 3D PRINTER jaycar.com.au NOW FROM 179 ONLY $ SAVE UP TO $100 $ 299 PRICE BREAKTHROUGH GREAT FOR KIDS Finally a 3D printer that makes printing affordable and accessible for you and your kids. Also available in red. TL4210 UP TO 160W Prints with Flashforge 1.75mm PLA filament available in 600g or 1kg in HIGH QUALITY various colours from just $24.95 MONOCRYSTALLINE CELLS save with NEW EVERYDAY LOW PRICE better NOW ONLY $ 4995 buys NOW JUST 12V FOLDING ZM9178 PAY NO MORE FROM THE COMPANY THAT'S BEEN SELLING SOLAR PANELS WI-FI RANGE $ 4995 1080P CAR DASH CAM 2" SCREEN SOLAR PANELS FOR OVER 30+ YEARS EXTENDER 300MBPS Quickly eliminate Automatically record the Get free electricity from the sun for your campsite. Supplied with charge controller, 5m power lead dead-spots or provide an incidents on impact, 140° wide with alligator clamps for easy connection and carry bag. High quality monocrystalline cells. access point on your angle lens, suction cup mount, 100W ZM9174 WAS $249 NOW $179 SAVE $70 existing wired network. It charger and USB cable. QV3845 120W ZM9176 WAS $299 NOW $199 SAVE $100 More To suit: 16GB microSD plugs straight into a mains on page 3 XC4989 $19.95 160W ZM9178 WAS $399 NOW $299 SAVE $100 power point. YN8370 ONLY ONLY JUST NOW NOW 1995 3 TIPS INCLUDED $ 29 95 $ 24 95 $ 34 95 $ 119 QUALITY STORAGE CASE $ SAVE $5 AUTORANGING UNIVERSAL SAVE $40 MULTIMETER AIR-CON Exceptional value REMOTE ALARM & for money. Measures NBN SYSTEM both DC and AC CONTROL voltage and current. SUPER PRO TRUE WIRELESS STEREO Replace your BACKUP BATTERY Cat III 600V, 2000 remote or have Avoid being left unsecure or GAS SOLDERING KIT BLUETOOTH® EARPHONES count, backlight, a backup. Suits without internet and comms The big brother of all gas irons in the range. data hold. Includes Great sound for a great price. Features adjustable tip temperature up to over 2000 in case of power outage. test leads. QM1529 • Built-in microphone 580°C, with equivalent power of between 25W models of air Check and replace at regular WAS $24.95 • USB Rechargeable charging case conditioners. intervals. 12V 7.2 amp hour. and 125W. Kit includes 2.4/4.8mm double flat AA2145 AR1731 SB2486 tips, hot air blow, knife tip and air deflector. TS1328 WAS $159 See website for details JUST ARRIVED - GREAT JAYCAR VALUE FROM 199 FORECAST ONLY JUST $ 1995 9995 THE WEATHER $ $ new 02/10/2019 - 13/10/2019 XC0434 WIRELESS WEATHER STATIONS COMPACT SIZE new Stylish new units that let you measure PERSONAL atmospheric conditions to forecast the 5,200MAH new BREATHALYSER weather. The 5-in-1 sensor contains a self-emptying rain collector, anemometer, USB POWERBANK Uses the more accurate wind vane, temperature and humidity internal fuel cell technology sensors and more. 150m range. Charge your phone, tablet and to test and measure 6" Monochrome Display XC0432 $199 other USB devices on the go. on sale alcohol in your breath. Mouthpieces and 1 x AA battery Fits in your pocket. MB3800 7" Colour Display XC0434 $299 supplied. QM7320 More on page 2 Pack of 6 Spare Mouthpieces To Suit QM7321 $4.95 See website for details More on page 6 Note: Readings taken with these devices are for reference only. the perfect gift idea, guaranteed! gift Gift cards can be purchased in increments of $20 to $500 card Conditions apply - see page 7 for full T&Cs BUY TWO, POWER & TECH FOR GET ONE YOUR HOME AND OFFICE FREE* *Buy 2 x of the same product to recieve a 3rd for free. BUY MORE SAVE MORE: POWERBOARDS, ADAPTORS & LEADS PS4154 FROM IDEAL FOR TRAVEL FROM 24 595 MS4061 ONLY $ 95 $ $ 24 95 EA 1m PS4153 $5.95ea EA save 2 FOR $10 SAVE $1.90 PIGGY BACK EA SURGE PROTECTED 3m PS4154 $9.95ea EXTENSION LEADS 2 FOR $15 SAVE $4.90 POWERBOARDS Provides you with a socket so Powerboards with MS4063 you don’t “use up” an outlet individual switches where you’re plugging it in. that protect your save Genius! SMART WI-FI PLUG home, office or 4 Way MS4061 $24.95ea MS4104 $19.95ea Easily manage your household electronic work-site electronics against surges or 2 FOR $40 SAVE $9.90 save 2 FOR $35 SAVE $4.90 DUAL POWERBOARD WITH 4 USB PORTS devices using your Smartphone. Control via app 6 Way MS4063 $29.95ea energy spikes. 1m lead. 2 FOR $50 SAVE $9.90 Features 2 x mains power or voice command. 240V 10A rated. MS6106 Note: Smartphone not included. JUST MS4104 outlets & 4 x USB ports $ 1995 FROM (3.4A) to charge up to 4 USB FROM $ 14 95 24 HOUR devices at the same time. EA $ 9 95 EA MAINS TIMERS MP3455 EA Automatically switch your appliances on USB MAINS CHARGERS USA/UK PP4027 $9.95ea INBOUND ONLY save $ 995 and off at particular Charge your USB powered devices. 2 FOR $15 SAVE $4.90 TRAVEL MS6114 times. 240VAC to 5VDC. 1.0A single port and USA/Europe/Asian/South EA ADAPTORS Mechanical Timer 2.1A dual port options. American PP4050 $9.95ea SET AND Convert 2 or 3 pin plugs and FORGET A-N Switch 2 FOR $15 SAVE $4.90 adapts to Australia and New MS6113 $9.95ea 1.0A Single MP3455 $14.95ea Zealand from Asia, Europe, South Automatic with LCD save 2 FOR $25 SAVE $4.90 MP3459 America, UK, and the USA. Display 2.1A Dual MP3459 $24.95ea PP4050 PP4027 MS6114 $19.95ea 2 FOR $40 SAVE $9.90 ONLY 3995 10,000MAH FROM MAINS new $ 19 THREE PORT POWERBANKS $ 95 EA MP3663 FROM DUAL USB 9 POWER METERS Charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. EA Measure your $ 95 CAR CHARGERS Features 2 x Type A, & 1 x Type C USB ports. appliances running EA Charge USB devices Supplied with 1 x Type-C and Micro-B charging costs and track the as you drive. 12VDC cables. Black MB3802 White MB3804 MS6115 total power being to 5VDC. 2.4A to 4.8A. used. 10A max rating. MP3667 REPLACEMENT FROM 5995 SIMPLE $ Standard MS6115 LAPTOP POWER SUPPLIES TO USE $19.95ea 2.4A Combined MP3663 $9.95ea Replace your lost or broken charger With Extendable save 2 FOR $15 SAVE $4.90 without having to buy the expensive LCD Display MS6108 4.8A Combined MP3667 $14.95ea branded replacements. From 65W MP3321 $29.95ea 2 FOR $25 SAVE $4.90 up to 144W. MP3321-MP3476 TECH FOR THE HOME, OFFICE OR UNI FIXED LINE PHONES AND ACCESSORIES NOW FROM 5995 NOW $ ONLY YT9036 $ 29 95 $ 34 95 FROM 6995 DECT 1015 SAVE UP TO $20 $ SAVE $5 CORDLESS DIGITAL VOICE RECORDERS PHONE Great for dictation, recording USB 2.4GHZ Cordless compact lectures for notes, meeting minutes WIRELESS LASER POINTER handset with base WI-FI FRIENDLY etc. Ultra compact size. Control your slides and use the pointer YT9042 station featuring CORDLESS PHONE 2GB 27HR Recording XC0387 in your presentations too! Features enhanced talking NOW $59.95 SAVE $10 next/previous slide functionality, screen range and are Wi-Fi & ANSWERING MACHINES 4GB 69HR Recording XC0389 blanking option and more. Up to 10m network friendly. Ideal for high density environments, with great talking XC0387 NOW $79.95 SAVE $20 range. XC5409 WAS $34.95 YT9042 range and a digital duplex speakerphone for easy Also available: With hands-free communication. NBN Compatible. Answering Machine Twin Handsets YT9036 $69.95 ONLY 10M RANGE JUST 29 YT9044 $44.95 3 Handsets YT9038 $89.95 $ 95 $ 2995 ACCESSORIES WIRELESS FROM REPLACEMENT BRING IN YOUR OLD 12 MINI WIRELESS KEYBOARD USB KEYBOARD & MOUSE Features a touchpad for mouse control, full $ 95 CORDLESS PHONE BATTERIES BATTERY TO FIND YOUR REPLACEMENT Full size keyboard with USB receiver QWERTY layout. Ideal for media PC, server, We carry a wide range of replacement and media hotkeys. XC5136 Arduino® or Smart Television. XC4951 batteries suitable for Panasonic®, Uniden® and others. SB1634-SB1654 NOW NOW 24 995 ONLY $ 95 $ 595 JUST JUST $ SAVE $5 SAVE $2 RJ12 6/4/C $ 7 95 $ 895 REPLACEMENT SMARTPHONE REPAIR KIT SMART TEST SCREWDRIVER MODULAR DOUBLE RJ12 6P/4C Designed to repair a variety of brands of Locates broken wire and instantaneously HANDSET CURLY CORD ADAPTOR WALL PHONE mobile phone from iPhone® to Samsung®. checks AC power. Batteries included. 4P/4C US modular plugs. 3m. YT6047 YT6056 BRACKET YT6062 TD2118 WAS $29.95 TD2055 WAS $11.95 gift the perfect gift idea, guaranteed! 2 card Gift cards can be purchased in increments of $20 to $500 Conditions apply - see page 7 for full T&Cs UPGRADE YOUR HOME NETWORK & ENTERTAINMENT ZONE CONNECT VIA WI-FI COVERT SURVEILLANCE ANDROID ONLY 69 JUST NOW $ 95 79 $ 3495 microSD cards to suit 16GB XC4989 $19.95 $ 95 4K UHD 32GB XC4992 $36.95 64GB XC4993 $69.95 SAVE $5 ONLY $ 3995 STREAM TINY SIZE IN 4K UHD USB DUAL BAND 23mm x 23mm WI-FI DONGLE 4K WI-FI HDMI MIRACAST DONGLE MINIATURE Equip your old pc or laptop Stream HD content from your Smartphone, Tablet or PC to your TV. Plugs into the HDMI port. Works with ultra fast Wi-Fi. Compact 1080P VIDEO CAMERA with Google Home. Supports Miracast, AirPlay® size. 433Mbps. AC600. Mount this tiny camera just about and EZMira. AR1924 YN8334 WAS $39.95 anywhere - your skateboard, bike,or even the dog - and capture all the IMPROVE YOUR HOME NETWORK action even in low light. Records to 4K COMPACT ETHERNET SWITCHES microSD card (sold separately). QC8100 new FROM 29 Also available: With Wi-Fi and $ 95 YN8388 Easily create and expand your wired network from speeds of 100Mbps up to superfast Waterproof Case QC8102 $79.95 1 Gigabit (1000Mbps). Power supply included. ONLY 8995 8 Port 10/100Mbps YN8388 $29.95 5 Port 10/100/1000Mbps YN8384 $39.95 $ ONLY 42MM DIA 8 Port 10/100/1000Mbps YN8386 $59.95 MINIATURE 1080P 4K ANDROID NETFLIX & YOUTUBE ONLY NETWORK CABLE RECHARGEABLE WI-FI IP CAMERA MEDIA PLAYER STREAMING Browse the web, run Android games and apps, or watch your $ 3995 TESTER WITH POE FINDER Detect missing or disordered wiring, and open or short circuits. The Power- Stream and record video in HD with this tiny camera even when mains power is not available. Motion detection and infrared night vision. Records favourite media in stunning 4K resolution. Connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or wired network, and your TV using HDMI. Includes over-Ethernet finder indicates power loss. to microSD card (sold seperatley). QC3862 infrared remote, mains power adaptor, and HDMI lead. XC6012 XC5084 ONLY 74 1080P PEN CAMERA NOW $ 95 99 Tiny camera and microphone NOW $ 79 FROM ONLY to record up to 70 mins of $ 325 $ 2995 $ SAVE $20 95 SAVE $20 quality audio and video. Records to microSD card (sold seperately). QC8202 POWERLINE Not to be used in areas where there is DUAL BAND WI-FI ETHERNET EXTENDER an expectation of privacy. RANGE EXTENDER Extend your Ethernet network connection CAT5E LEADS HEAVY DUTY CRIMPER, 1200Mbps. Quickly eliminate over already installed mains power Suitable for most Ethernet STRIPPER & CUTTER dead-spots or provide an access connections up to 300m away. Speeds up SAVE 25% and LAN applications. RJ45 Strip all types of cable from point on your existing wired to 500Mbps allow HD streaming, fast file ON ANTENNAS to RJ45. 0.5m to 30m. AWG 10-24 gauge network. It plugs straight into transfers, and more. YN8355 WAS $119 YN8200-YN8232 (0.13-6.0mm). TH1827 an available mains power point. Also available: With Wi-Fi YN8357 Improve your TV reception for less YN8372 WAS $99.95 NOW $119 SAVE $30 with these 3 popular models NOW JUST ARRIVED $ 3295 AR1692 USE WITH LATEST PORTABLE DAB+ SMARTPHONES AR1690 FM RADIOS SAVE $12 FROM ONLY $ 2995 $ 1995 43 ELEMENT UHF ANTENNA AA2150 FROM ONLY 59 $ 95 new Ideal for metro/medium signal reception areas. 2-IN-1 LIGHTNING™ Built-in filter for 4G/LTE network signals. 13dB EARPHONES WITH 3.5MM AUDIO ADAPTOR gain, 21-69 channels, 4-5 bands and 470MHz to Listen to your favourite tunes digitally broadcast in high quality TYPE-C OR LIGHTNING™ 862MHz frequency. LT3181 WAS $44.95 sound and the FM band when outside normal broadcastareas. Connects your favourite wired CONNECTIONS earphones or headphones to These come packed with features such as 20 station presets, NOW 5495 Great sound with in-built your iPhone® or iPad®. Listen $ microSD playback and more. UHF PHASED microphone and volume control to music and to charge at the AAA Battery Powered Pocket Size AR1690 $59.95 Rechargeable with Bluetooth® AR1692 $99.95 With Type-C Connector (Android) same time. 5VDC up to 2.4A. ARRAY ANTENNA AA2148 $29.95 WC7767 SAVE $20 Ideal for problem digital See digitalradioplus.com.au for more info With Lightning™ Connector (Apple) Note: Not compatible with volume reception areas. Capable on DAB reception areas AA2150 $34.95 control functions. of receiving either horizontal or vertical signals by DON'T OVERPAY TO REPLACE AND INSTALL changing the orientation FROM 34 of the mounting bracket/ $ 95 FROM U-bolt assembly. The LTE $ 1995 filter provides protection XC5240 FROM 2995 SAVE $5 against 4G/LTE telephone AFFORDABLE $ communications. LT3154 CW2867 WAS $74.95 AWESOME REPLACEMENT TV MOUNTING NOW $ 109 BASS REMOTE BRACKETS CONTROLS AR1737 AR1955 AR1962 AR1954 We have a HUGE XC5236 We stock a wide range of universal remotes to suit range of WATERPROOF popular makes and for Pay TV. SAVE $40 high quality BLUETOOTH® SPEAKERS Suits Pay TV AR1737 $19.95 brackets to suit 27 ELEMENT VHF/UHF Perfect for the outdoors. 360° Single Universal AR1955 $29.95 virtually all TV X-TYPE COLINEAR ANTENNA surround sound. Up to 8 or 12hr SUITS MOST POPULAR Universal Big Button AR1962 $29.95 screens at Ideal for metropolitan areas. Can be battery life. 2 models. TV BRANDS FROM 8-in-1 Universal AR1954 $39.95 affordable prices. 23”- 100” mounted vertically or horizontally.Receives 5WRMS Mini XC5236 NOW $34.95 Band 3, 4, and 5 (Channel 6-12 and 28-69). 8.6WRMS with True Wireless LT3195 WAS $149 See our full range online and in-store Stereo (TWS) XC5240 NOW $64.95 3 NOW $ 199 SAVE $30 YOUR DESTINATION FOR 4.3” LCD WIRELESS AUTO TECH ONLY REVERSING $ 199 QM3840 ONLY 3G GPS/GSM 49 CAMERA KIT $ 95 VEHICLE TRACKER 2.4GHz for clear video. Expands up to Locate and track your 2 cameras. 12/24VDC. Easy to install vehicle in real time and use. QM3840 WAS $229 HEAD-UP DISPLAY SPEEDOMETER via the internet on a Also available: Spare Wireless Camera WITH GPS & OBDII DATA computer or Smartphone. Built-in movement to suit QM3854 NOW $99 SAVE $10 QM3854 View your vehicle speed, RPM, fuel consumption, sensor to control GPS, on/off to extend battery battery voltage etc. conveniently from your life. Area and speed alert. LA9026 windscreen. LA9036 GSM sim card and carrier required, available at any reputable phone reseller. ONLY NOW ONLY 44 4995 ONLY $ $ 129 $ 95 SAVE $20 NOW 5995 SAVE $5 SAVE $20 AUTOMOTIVE MULTIMETER OBD2 BLUETOOTH ® AUTOMOTIVE MULTI-FUNCTION $ INSPECTION CAMERA Excellent for inspecting or Perfect for the workshop as an 4.0 ENGINE CODE READER CIRCUIT TESTER SAVE $5 locating objects in tight spaces. an engine analyser as well as Diagnose your cars problems. Simply connect to WITH LCD 2.4” LCD. QC8710 WAS $149 basic multimeter. Full dwell angle the OBD2 port, pair it to a Smartphone, laptop or Tests voltage and polarity of a circuit or Also available: measurement and tacho. Max/ Tablet and use the supplied app to monitor an array whether it’s short or open, solenoids, lights data hold and bright backlit LCD. See website 2m Gooseneck Extension of engine parameters such as fuel consumption, and more and locates misfiring cylinders. QM1446 WAS $49.95 for details QC8702 $79.95 mass air flow etc. PP2145 WAS $69.95 12/24V system. QM1494 WAS $64.95 2 FOR ONLY JUST 89 $ 39 95 $ 895 ONLY $ 90 SAVE $10 SL3937 SL3935 $ 14 95 EA ZD0732 QC CRIMP 300 PIECE 5 WAY LED CONNECTOR 2,272 LUMEN LED VEHICLE FLOODLIGHTS INTERIOR GLOBES CRIMPING Stunningly bright lights. 9-36VDC. Available in round or PACK square options Waterproof. Stainless steel mounting High brightness replacement globes. TOOL Includes bullet, hardware included. Square SL3935 Round SL3937 $49.95 ea CANBus system compatible.12VDC. ring, fork, spade Cuts and strips T10 Wedge ZD0760 and joiners in wire. Can also cut Also available: 6,300 Lumen Driving Lights See website E10 Screw ZD0732 various sizes and bolts with dia.up Combination (Flood/Spot) SL3920 Spot SL3921 $159 ea for more info BA9S Bayonet ZD0734 colours. PT4536 to 5mm. TH1828 or 2 FOR $298 SAVE $20 UHF IN-DASH RADIOS NOW 199 BUNDLE & UHF ANTENNA + BASE BUNDLE $ SAVE $10 DC3076 + DC3066 SAVE $50 ONLY $39.90 ONLY $ 329 5W IN-DASH Compact size for BASE WITH CABLE 5W IN-DASH STARTER KIT under-dash mounting. EXTERNAL ANTENNA Enables you to add a larger Super compact, powerful ,clear sounding and easy to Long transmission range up to 20km. Channel scan, 5-6dBi. 477MHz. For use with antenna such as our DC3076 for use. Features 80 channels, digital signal processing, repeater access, CTCSS, and signal strength meter. our DC3066 antenna base. better range. PL259 connection. dynamic volume control and more. Kit includes UHF Microphone, lead and mounting bracket included. 4.5m long. DC3066 REG $29.95 DC3076 REG $19.95 radio, bracket and antenna mount. DC9014 DC1122 WAS $249 AFFORDABLE 80CH UHF RADIOS Keep in touch 2W MID RANGE 80CH UHF RADIOS at the campsite, worksite or FROM $ 109 DC1108 during your road new FROM trip. See website for $ 49 95 DC1102 full specs. FROM NOW 2W 24 149 DC9050 $ 95 $ 80ch. Compact and lightweight with up to 14hrs battery UP TO SAVE $40 life. Flexible and 0.5W 6KM RANGE detachable antenna, UHF RADIOS HANDS FREE power/volume 1W HANDHELD control. Charge via Fun for kids and around the FUNCTION home or on holidays. Up to RECHARGEABLE UHF RADIOS USB (mains adaptor 1km range. Built-in LED torch. CTCSS. Backlit LCD. Features hands & lead included). Single DC1102 $24.95 free function, voice encryption for 5W HANDHELD UHF RADIO Single Twin DC1103 $39.95 private conversation plus LED torch. Remarkable range and clarity. DC9048 $109 Each requires 4 x AAA batteries Mains adaptor with dual USB ports Rugged design, up to a 20km range, Twin Pack (sold seperately). included. two power settings, CTCSS and DC9049 $209 To suit: AAA Alkaline Single DC1106 $49.95 more. Recharges via the included Quad Pack See website or in-store Batteries 4pk. SB2413$2.95 Twin DC1108 $89.95 cradle. DC1068 WAS $189 DC9050 $399 for full details gift the perfect gift idea, guaranteed! 4 card Gift cards can be purchased in increments of $20 to $500 Conditions apply - see page 7 for full T&Cs ASK ABOUT OUR FRIDGE & COVER BUNDLES AUTO POWER & ACCESSORIES FROM $ 299 DUAL ZONE ONLY 22L SD - $299 5995 $ PORTABLE 12V ADAPTORS POWER UP TO 7 DEVICES GREAT FOR new CARAVANS & FRIDGE/FREEZERS JUST MOTORHOMES Keep your food and drinks cold or frozen on the ONLY $ 2495 $ 2995 trip. Superb energy efficiency. Powerful compressor and electronic control module. 12/24V or 240VAC. new 3 YEAR COMPRESSOR WARRANTY! TWIN USB 3 WAY 22L GH1624* $299 | 36L GH1640 $399 | 50L GH1642 $449 PANEL OR CIGARETTE 12V 60L GH1644 $499 SURFACE MOUNT OUTLET LIGHTER SOCKET 1080P HD SET TOP BOX WITH USB & VOLTMETER Watch all the common free-to-air channels UP TO HALF THE PRICE OF BRAND NAMES Get rid of your messy cigarette lighter car Features 3 x cigarette lighter in high definition. Record onto USB memory. chargers. 5V 3.1A output shared between 12/24V ADAPTOR INCLUDED. * sockets, 2 x 2.4A & 2 x 1A USB Includes remote control. Ideal where mains both ports. MP3616 240V MAINS ADAPTOR SOLD charging sockets. PP2120 power is not available. XC4937 SEPARATELY. ONLY FROM ONLY $ 2995 44 NOW $ 95 $ 9 95 $ 2495 JUST EA SAVE $5 $ 4995 MP3575 MAINS GH1399 TO CIGARETTE LIGHTER SOCKET CIGARETTE LIGHTER 12V 1L For powering 12V equipment such as car SOCKET TO BATTERY CLIPS KETTLE coolers and camping fridges from a mains 12V CAR FANS 12V PORTABLE STOVE This lead simply clips onto car Features a water level window, AC power source. battery terminals and has a On/off oscillating switch. auto-shut off and a boil dry Cook/warm food up to 149°C 7.5A MP3575 $44.95 cigarette lighter socket on the Suction Mount GH1399 WAS $29.95 protector. Boil time 20min for perfect for long trip. 3L 12.5A MP3573 $119 other end. PP2007
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