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FOIA REQUESTER SERVICE CENTER] NSA FOIA / PA Appeal Authority (P132) Nationality Security Agency 9800 SAVAGE ROAD STE 6922 FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MD 20755-6248 [Heirs…
FOIA REQUESTER SERVICE CENTER] NSA FOIA / PA Appeal Authority (P132) Nationality Security Agency 9800 SAVAGE ROAD STE 6922 FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MD 20755-6248 [Heirs and Assigns] I Am that I am LaWanda JH-Bey and All Variations thereof In Proprio Persona Sui Juris, In Proprio Solo And In Proprio Heredes At All Times I Am Aboriginal Indigenous Moorish American National AA222141 And I Am Exercising All Of My Rights At This Time And At All Points In Times. Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent** Notice to Agent is Notice to***Principal*** I come to you noncombative and in peace I have done some extensive research on the matter of executive order 12333 and indeed this is what I have been dealing with and in fact it has escalated to being kidnapped and unlawfully detained by CORPORATE DEPUTIES after being followed by 3 of many cointelpro individuals whom interrupted my peace by calling 911 while I was conversing to a fellow Noble by video phone. These CORPORATE DEPUTIES proceeded to trespassed on our private domicile by without administrative process for permission to enter the property. Then without probable cause then converted me into the corpus delicti accosted and physically assaulted me because of heresy of a 3rd party interloper. This matter along with my honorably performing administrative process to prevent a unlawful foreclosure of my mother’s domicile both of which are 2 sides of the same coin. So I bring this up because of their trespass to force me to contract with then I have to follow up on some matters of commerce. All crime are of commerce in nature so I need more information on this matter so the correct parties can be brought to justice for blatantly violating not on the Treaty of Peace and Friendship but also federal, Common and International Laws.  Policy enforcers like police, sheriff’s here in Richmond County and any other military forces. Which both agencies have been monitoring my movements showing up where ever I go. What gives them the authority to encumber me like that? Also I need information about any database where initial booking reports so if anything has been changed or augmented it can be located.  CLEAT because of the assault I endured blood as wiped by a clinician and may have been kept along with my print by Threat Duress and Coercion.  Any inquiries to health and human service, university hospital in Augusta Georgia or any where here my personal blood dank health records may have been violated.  My cell phone for it has been mirrored before the number is 1 1. Both have been monitored by who I do not know. Metro PCS and T-Mobile.  I want information of any and all agencies that do background checks on the nom-degerre TM and variations thereof and I want the name of who have done so. 1  I want the FARA records of the so called governmental corporation of the body of AUGUSTA RICHMOND COUNTY/CITY and its agents.  I want any information of certified securities and uncertified securities they have attached themselves to in the matter of Regarding Case Number: 2019 , Incident 2019- , Clerk number 2019 3, Solicitor number 197RI05405 and the previous National title of copyright LaWanda Jeaneen Bey©TM  I also need information of fraud on my mother Annette L Hollins in a matter of a fraudulent foreclosure where an instrument has been created to put a debt on her and her property and it administrative process has been ignored and acquiesced so MERS would be a good start in this matter. I bring this up because we are dealing with 2 sides of the same coin to keep me from moving forward with living Allodial and exercising my inalienable and unalienable rights and taking full possession of her home which I am qualified to do. This matter may have also implicated the VA Administration they were the guarantees of her loan and the deed has been accepted in which we hold.  I need information on any surveillance devices in our domicile .i.e. cable service Internet of things devices, viewing devices, and I also want information of any close by a neighbor who have either participated in the invasion of privacy or has by acquiescence stood to the side. If someone is witness of fraudulent schemes and does nothing they themselves are implicated of the same crime.  This is the Calomel link for my public notices and administrative processes. I started them on Classified ads.com but the metadata was altered to prevent me from sharing and continuing my right to public notices https://www.calameo.com/accounts/5939429  And since we have brought up Executive Order 12333 I want the parties’ responsonsible for the harassment and invasion of our privacy which is a violation of the Bill of Rights. So… D.A.R. foreigners who control immigration and teach these foreigners how to escheat the estate of the moors, any of the Knights of Columbus, Prince Hall, Rosicrucian, Jesuits, Knights Templar's, Free Masons and gatekeepers and any others who operated dishonorably on this land and commit heinous crimes, and sanction the gang stalking activities that I and other of my fellow Nobles and Noblesse’s, especially if they took oaths to protect and serve the Constitution. They are forcing subrogation (a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and UNDRIP among many others) and The Supremacy Clause was put to the Constitution for a reason and I am a target because I will not go along with the mere fact of letting these culprits who are committing a “Act of War and High Treasonous Acts” against a Moorish American National, and should be held accountable.  International Monetary Fund, Treasury Direct, Social Security domestic and international, Treasury Department, Uncitral, G.A.P., Fidelity Net Benefits, Wells Fargo, Internal Revenue Service for I have requested fiduciary compensation for my birthright-theft but no prevail. I want all accounts in my Ex- Rationale / misnomer or assumed names in different variations before I nationalized and changed it to LaWanda JH-Bey©TM{LJHB©TM}, Variation LaWanda Jeaneen Bey©TM which has been hypothecated by [AUGUSTA RICHMOND COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT] by colorable law. LAWANDA J HOLLINS and ALL variations thereof all of which are copyright and intellectual property. my appellation name LaWanda JH-Bey©TM {LJHB©TM}, and any and all variations which might be out there somewhere in different variations and derivatives, transmitting, cusip numbers, account numbers, EIN numbers, social security numbers, British social security numbers on the back of the 2 social security card, Social Security bank, federal reserve numbers, bank account numbers like Logix Federal Credit Union, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, bonds and Gmei Utility.  Pierce County Washington Recorder of Deeds, Alamance Hugh Webster County Recorder of Records  I requested reports on all means of transport from Department of Transportation nationwide, all airlines, private planes, boats’ sailboats corporations high-end anything that has wheels, motors and axles. And I still want these parties and any securities they have produced.  All properties through real estate corporations nationwide and worldwide. Corporations like but not limited to Keller Williams, Rodeo Realty, Berkshire Hathaway, etc…  All furniture stores high-end nationwide like Z Gallerie, Bombay, Italy 2000 etc…  The United States Post Office for I have had several letters and parcels usurped I do not know if they were ever delivered due to not receiving my green return card back or being able to utilize the informed delivery at the time because their computer system was down and or because it was not giving me a option to retrieve that information. I have several claims in with the USPS and I will be pursuing a tort claim soon. All letters and parcels were sent certified so there is no excuse for me not getting the green card back. Moorish Americans use tax perque because we are the law and Government and since this is our ancestral land we get postage pre-paid.  Trans-union, Equifax and Experian all reports bearing any names I listed or not.  Chex-systems business and personal all account numbers and names. I am LaWanda JH-Bey©TM{LJHB©TM} proclaimed National AA22141 Truth A1 have been faced with blatant attacks and disruption of my ability to earn an honest wage, constant attacks of my mother’s and my home and many other colorable violations to deprive me of my birthright estate such as International, Human, Constitutional rights and Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1786/ 1836, UCC 7- 103 and 9-311 for the supremacy of treaties in commerce, Declarations of Independence, United Nations Declarations of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, STATUES AT LARGE, and Articles of Confederation which you took oaths to honors. Again I will not be liable of any purchases involving any form of transportation when I haven’t done so personally. I have rescinded ALL signatures/autographs© from other means yet the violations continue and all foreign 14th amendment unlawful and illegal entities are to be stricken from the record using ANY and ALL of my intellectual property vessel and re- conveyed to me along with a list of who is using such information so they can be turned over to our Article III Judiciary. I thank you for your cooperation I am/A/ :lawanda jh-bey©TM {LJHB©TM} All Rights Reserved and Retained W/O Prejudice Ucc1 308/ 3
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