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MUSIC AND ARTS MAGAZINE VOLUME 6 ISSUE 2 | OCTOBER 2019 From COMPETITIONS to classrooms M e e t Sara Zeng NARROW Lennon TALKS TO S tella Laura Jane Grace talks FEST…
MUSIC AND ARTS MAGAZINE VOLUME 6 ISSUE 2 | OCTOBER 2019 From COMPETITIONS to classrooms M e e t Sara Zeng NARROW Lennon TALKS TO S tella Laura Jane Grace talks FEST DID WE MENTION WE'RE THE STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF DAVE KOSCIOLEK MUSIC EDITOR WARD HUGHEY GROUND ILEANA ARTIGA SLOUCH CONRAD CENTENO FLAGLER/VOLUSIA ON THE COVER: AMY POWERS Sara Zeng DESIGNER BERNADINE NAÑAWA In the 2018 Miss America Pageant, Sara Zeng WRITERS received a preliminary “Lifestyle and Fitness ADRIANA CABEZAS Award” while representing in the pageant as LOU GRAVES Miss Florida. She also wowed audiences with MANU OSORIO a classical piano performance of Chopin in the talent competition. Now, Zeng has traded in her ART tiara for teaching, currently working as the Choir TIM RILEY and Theatre Director at Indian Trails Middle VAN EGGERS School in Palm Coast. CONTRIBUTOR Zeng talks to Narrow’s Adriana Cabezas prior to her return to the performing stage at Colonial KEVIN CARTER Oak Music Park on Oct. 24. CONTACT NARROW MAGAZINE: Photo credit: Natale Vincenzo Address: POB 3893, St. Augustine, FL 32085 Website: MUSIC EDITOR 04 E-mail: /narrowmagazine #narrowmagazine NARROW RELEASES 06 #thenarrowstaug @narrowmag All Rights Reserved © SARA ZENG 12 Narrow Magazine, 2019 Narrow Magazine is not responsible for any typographical or other errors or omissions. LAURA JANE GRACE 18 Narrow’s liability will not exceed the cost of applicable ad space. LENNON STELLA 21 To contribute content to Narrow, please visit our website. 3 | NARROW 'TIS THE SEASON by Ward Hughey, Music Editor When I was 12 or 13, someone or some- I found myself a fan thing else. Even if it of Garth Brooks. I is just for one night would say he was it can be a fun hands down my experience. favorite musical artist. I listened to It also allows us to him all the time. use our imagination. When he had live TV For artists, whether specials I would musicians or of record them and other mediums, the watch the VHS over imagination is an and over. One thing often used part of that has always oneself. For the rest stuck with me from of us though we one of those was often find our how he described imagination is left himself on stage dormant. We may versus in everyday think of ourselves as life. He said he was not very creative, a pretty low-key guy but in actuality it that lived most of may be we are just his days with a laid back personality. not spending enough time creating. We When he took the stage though he was do not know that side of us. To experi- no longer Garth, but instead GB. GB was ence it would feel like being another a wild man. The high energy stage person. The person inside us that will presence and live stunts like pyrotech- walk through pyrotechnics and sing to nics, flying around on a wire, etc was not the multitudes. Garth Brooks. No, that was GB. The stage brought out someone else. If you are a creator keep creating! Maybe use this month as an excuse to explore a The month of October for me is also medium or content you have not before. about being someone else, or exploring Some musicians have even been known a different side of oneself. Of course, I to play a set as one of their favorite am talking about dressing up for Hallow- artists. If you are of the less creative een. I love this holiday. Some of my persona, like myself, maybe this season costumes as a kid included Optimus you go for it. Find or make a costume Prime, The Rocketeer (that was badass), and enjoy being a whole different per- a ninja, etc. Becoming an adult didn’t son. This is the one time of the year no slow me down either. I have been a one will question you. You may just find Geico Caveman, He-Man and best of all something about yourself you did not a very convincing Ghost Rider. Much like know. And like when Garth would be- how Garth described becoming a differ- come GB, you may find you enjoy it. ent person on stage, this season lets even the most timid of us explore being Above all else, be safe and have fun. 4 | NARROW THE MONTHLY GUIDE TO WHAT’S TRENDING IN THE NARROW UNIVERSE sing out loud festival 2019 was the festival's biggest yet, and dare we say the best? In the past, we've struggled with wondering whether the festival would be better suited over a shorter period of time, but something just worked this year with four full weekends. We discovered new national and local performers we were not familiar with before, the festival made weather-related venue and stage changes ahead of time when bad weather was forecast, and the crowds were the best we have ever seen for SOL. WELCOME BACK RYAN MURPHY How great was it to see Ryan Murphy, the “architect” of the annual Sing Out Loud Festival and so many great shows at the AMP and PVCH, back in town each weekend for the SOL Festival! Ryan is doing his thing now in Alabama (we will hear a lot more in the near future about his exciting new ventures), but we love how Ryan has not only kept supporting the festival, but other issues in town via social media. We hope to cross paths again soon! more flooding Dorian spared much of the First Coast, but the usual flood suspects (parts of Davis Shores, North Beach, Vilano, Downtown) had flooding as usual. We often hear about attempted solutions in other cities, but we hear more about “five year studies” in St. Augustine. Actually, we heard something was done to one street in North Beach earlier this year, but not the other dozen or so. We know it took two years to build that crazy “peanut” circle leaving Vilano, but why can't something, anything be done to the known flood areas. Come on COSA, stop building hotels and work on the damn flooding! GOODBYE CAROUSEL If you've ever been to the St. Augustine area, you've likely seen or ridden the J&S Carousel at the intersection of May and San Marco (at the new behemoth acting as a traffic “peanut”). The owner passed away in September, and per his wishes, the family dismantled the carousel and moved it to Port Orange. Built in 1927, the carousel first opened in St. Augustine in 1993, and moved to the most recent location in 1994. With the last rides happening Sept. 15, the lines were long every day and night leading up to the closing which shows how special this carousel was to so many people. 5 | NARROW Releases What’s new you need to know Uncle Eddie and Robin "“WITH A LOT OF HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS”" We are very excited for our does the song much justice. In friends, Uncle Eddie and Rob- some ways, this Dead Milkmen in, as they release their first cover is a microcosm to the album since being Saint Au- uniqueness and eclectic-ness gustinians. We have always of this duo. They are entertain- said is was West Virginia's loss ing, genuine, and special. when the married duo relocat- ed here, and this new album Other standout tracks include does a great job of better de- their own song, “Count De fining their brand of “Beach- Beans,” which adds a little reg- grass.” gae flair to their beachgrass sound, with some clever lyrics; The album contains 17 tracks, the album's opening track, with about half of them Smilin' Joe Smith's “Dance penned by Ed, Robin, or the Like No One's Watching,” and two of them. Of the others, the songs that deal with environ- one that seems to be the outlier is their cover of mental issues like Robin's song “Mother Jones The Dead Milkmen's “Punk Rock Girl.” But for those Lament.” The environment as an issue that is very who have seen the duo perform the last few years, important to the duo, known by anyone who fol- this song has been a live staple and the recording lows their social media. Vilano "“EVERYTHING'S COPACETIC”" Every time we see the word Narrow offices. Since we have “copacetic” involved with a some NJ Shore transplants on recording, we think of the Lo- staff, we noticed the promo cal H classic “Bound for the photo for that song playing a Floor.” Vilano's sound is much bit off Springsteen for his faster, more pop-punk, more “Greetings from Asbury Park, on the Blink 182 on acid side NJ” album. They self-describe of the scale, but one thing it themselves as “Your mom's requires – you must listen to favorite punk-pop band,” and them LOUD. The beats are they sound more like pop- drum heavy, and it's pretty punk veterans than they do much impossible not to move upstart. This is a high-tempo, your head about a million high-energy effort that needs times during a full six-song to be listened to, and loud. listen. We've had the song Welcome to the St. Augustine “Greetings” on repeat in the music scene! 6 | NARROW Dave Hause "KICK" We wanted to mention this al- live, the latter when he was bum because Philly's Dave joined by SOL performer Raye Hause and his band The Mer- Zaragoza. With songwriting in maid put on one of the most the vain of Springsteen and spirited and passionate per- Tom Petty (who he mentioned formances of last month's Sing as his favorite songwriter of all Out Loud Festival. “Kick” was time during the performance), released a couple of months we even hear some similarities back, and finds a slightly softer (albeit a little edgier and loud- version of Hause while still er) to another former Philadel- keeping with his raw energy. phia pop-rock act from the You also find more of the same 80's, The Hooters. We hope great songwriting. Standout Hause comes back to Florida tracks like “The Ditch,” “Eye again soon. This is a solid col- Aye I,” “Fireflies,” and “War- lection of music that you need paint” played out perfectly to check out. The Conglomerate "“MERGER" We've known about Orlan- had the album in the Top 10, do-based The Conglomerate surrounded by Miles Davis, for a while, even trying to get Chrissie Hynde, Dave Bru- them into the NE for more beck, and others. Pretty heady shows. They have been com- company. Stand out tracks pared to Lettuce and Snarky like “Prez Power” and “Con- Puppy, though the band tells vince Me” make us realize Narrow, “The music is consid- they absolutely belong in this ered jazz... but with generous company with a new, fresh helpings of gospel, soul, funk, sound to the genre. Check and perpetual energy.” Just a them out on all digital outlets, few weeks ago, the band and shows around the Orlan- posted iTunes jazz charts that do area. Ken The Misfit "CRASHING" (SINGLE, OFF UPCOMING EP) When Atlanta musician Ken circles. The song, a petty, post The Misfit answered a ques- break-up ballad, shows Ken’s tion on social media recently, versatile and smooth vocals, to describe himself in three and when performed live adds musicians, he chose Teddy his talents on keys. With lyrics Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, like, “I hope I’m around when and Frank Ocean. After hearing it’s all crashing down/Watch it him perform locally last month, burn to the ground/No love to this is a pretty good place to be found,” the song is more re- start with Ken’s music and tal- latable than many will admit ents. His first single, “Crash- to. With a label (MVMNT Mu- ing,” off an upcoming EP has sic) and team now behind him been released on all digital that has worked with artists platforms, and continues the like Lyfe Jennings and Chante trend of new Atlanta talent to Moore, we are excited for hit national mainstream music Ken’s musical future. 7 | NARROW Lauren Mullinax "“OVER THE MOON" (SINGLE) We last saw Lauren Mullinax her cello and the lyrics were in these parts doing some inspired by two of her favorite cello duo shows with our lo- children’s books, 'Goodnight cal cello master, Sam Shin. Moon' and 'The Runaway This soon-to-be Orlan- Bunny.' This song is part synth, do-based multi-instrumen- part vocals, and most defi- talist, singer and songwriter nitely part cello, which all who plays more than 10 in- come together to take on a struments, just released her pop ambient quality. And new song, “Over The Moon.” speaking of that cello, it takes Lauren tells us the song came center stage to close out the about with a rift created on song. flipturn "“ELEANOR”" (SINGLE) With over 4 million streams on The song portrays feelings of Spotify, flipturn gets attention self-doubt and hiding behind whenever they release new false confidence when facing music. Their new single “Elea- real life. Do catch the hook, nor” was just released, and is which flipturn fans will be their first new release since rocking to, and enjoy this song their acclaimed EP, “Citrona,” that takes the band into a in the spring of 2018. Fans of slightly different direction. the band have eagerly waiting Check it out now on digital for new music, and it's here. platforms. Ramona 5 star verified on Wedding Wire spectacular live entertainment for every occasion ramona the band ramona can get it 352.551.8985 8 | NARROW A Chair In The Sky Some thoughts on Joni Mitchell and Charles Mingus | by Lou Graves J oni Mitchell was famous for never swer, much to many’s chagrin, came fairly tuning her guitar the same way quickly. It was Joni. “Who? That blonde white twice. When asked about this in an girl with the acoustic guitar?” He even la- interview she likened it to having a beled the melodies, as though casting the typewriter with keys that would re- metaphorical die, “Joni I – VI.” arrange themselves every time you sat down to write. Quite abstract and creative for Although he died before the songs someone who was branded at one time as were recorded, Mingus lived at least long just another chick folk-singer. In addition to enough to see the lyrics written and the songs her unusual tunings, and amongst other take form which, owing to Joni’s strange tun- things, she was famous for her promiscuity ings and her lyrical genius, they did beauti- and for her habit of falling in and out of love. fully, and with a unique and masterfully Many a man (some of whom considered complex brilliance. Theirs (Joni and Mingus) themselves ladies-men or playboys) were left was a smoky voodoo jazz; jazz stained with broken hearted and shattered by the pretty whiskey and with an old smoker’s cough. It blonde with the acoustic guitar (Graham was music that was mournful and melan- Nash, David Crosby, and Leonard Cohen to cholic; music that stared broodingly into the name just a few). As one music critic put it abyss; music that broke and then shattered as (who exactly, I forget; was it David Geffen? sexual desire collided with the forlorn lam- Greil Marcus?): “A girl who listened to a lot of entations of lost and abandoned love. The re- Joni Mitchell could probably be talked into cord, called simply “Mingus”, was released in bed but you might regret it later”. This repu- June of 1979 and was, as you might have tation she alluded to, somewhat factiously, guessed (as you might have already known), with an album entitled “Don Juan’s Reckless a masterpiece; the songs intercut with audio Daughter". Needless to say she was not only recordings of Mingus laughing and joking misunderstood but vastly underestimated; with friends about his funeral and where he she was far more complex and brilliant than would like to be buried. “There are things I even those near and dear might have thought. wish I’d done, some friends I’m going to More than just a pretty face, as they say, more miss, beautiful lovers I never got the chance so than anyone knew; more so than even she to kiss.” Charles Mingus had died the previ- herself might have imagined. ous January; ascended, as poetically immor- talized by Joni, with his wheelchair into the The jazz musician Charles Mingus, sky. Or, as she both wrote and sang: confined to a wheelchair after being given the proverbial six months to live, let it be known that he had six pieces of music writ- “But now Manhattan ten that were in need of a lyricist. Word spread and soon enough the question on the holds me street was to whom would he give his final to a chair in the sky.” melodies? To whom would he gift the plea- sure of finishing and recording his last six songs; his swan songs, so to speak. The an- To Joni and Mingus. Cheers. 9 | NARROW UPTOWNSWINERY.COM SOUTHERN PUBLIC HOUSE WEEKLY LIVE ENTERTAINMENT HOME OF "ELI'S ROOM" ST. AUGUSTINES ONLY HAUNTED CHEF'S TABLE 904-824-6202 45 SAN MARCO AVENUE ST.AUGUSTINE M e e t Sara Zeng By adriana cabezas Singer, songwrit- da, Zeng works as er, teacher, the choir and the- p h i l a n t h ro p i s t atre director at and Miss Florida Indian Trails Mid- 2017 – just a few dle School in of the many titles Palm Coast. Sara Zeng carries. “Teaching is one “Being Miss Flori- of those things da is many great where you never things—you wear know what's go- many hats. Basi- ing to happen cally, you're kind that day. It's kind of like a princess, of exciting. Kind but you're a prin- of keeps you on cess that helps your toes,” she people, and said. “But my fa- you're an ambas- vorite part about sador for your teaching is that state and for the light bulb mo- o r g a n i z a t i o n ,” ment when your Zeng, 23, said. student finally understands the In 2017, after win- material or even ning the title of Miss Florida, Zeng put all just the little victories where a student says, her plans on hold to fulfill the responsibili- ‘this class really made my day’ or ‘I had a lot ties of holding the title. Zeng spent the of fun in your class.’” whole year as Miss Florida traveling all over the state being part of charity and philan- Zeng wishes to transmit confidence to her thropy events with organizations like the students through music. Everglades Foundation. “My hope is that when they leave my class After her term as Miss Florida ended, she at the end of their two years, they're more began to pursue her calling — teaching. confident in themselves,” she said. “I think Two years after being crowned Miss Flori- that is something that's very special about 12 | NARROW Photo by Champion Elementary, Daytona music. It creates confidence, boosts your A woman of many, many talents, Zeng is self-esteem and you aren't afraid to be in also a songwriter and prides herself on front of people anymore. When I hear that writing her own music. She hopes to one from my students, I know I've done my job, day be able to release her work to the and it's definitely the most rewarding part.” world. Music has always played a central role in Sara Zeng will be performing live in the Co- Zeng’s life. She started playing piano when lonial Oak Music Park on Oct. 24. Make sure she was 5 years old, and throughout the to stop by and support this incredible local years, she’s learned how to play other in- talent that’s taking Florida by storm. struments, including the guitar, the ukulele and the flute. She has also been singing since she can re- “Humans are literally member, but for a very long time, she re- hardwired to understand fused to sing in front of people. That all music, and there's no changed when Zeng took a class in college which required her to sing in front of her other species in the uni- whole class without musical accompani- verse that is like that. ment. Human beings are just so “Immediately I had to get over my fear [of unique in that way. Our singing in public] or not get a good grade,” brain was made to un- she said. “So, I started singing and playing, and I just realized, like, ‘why have I spent 18 derstand how music years of my life being afraid to sing?’ Be- works and to be able to cause it's something that I love so, so enjoy it.” much.” 13 | NARROW ART Tim Riley has been creating Sci-Fi & Horror creatures for t-shirts, magazines, and comic books for many years. Check out more of his work at c 2019 Tim Riley Artist: Van Eggers "I was given hands that could NOT draw, but an iron will to be an artist. I
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