Mezcal Amores Philosophy

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Philosophy Mezcal Amores Initiatives Mezcal Amores Philosophy Mezal Amores is a project made with love. We are a Ecological Sustainability Plan group of individuals…
Philosophy Mezcal Amores Initiatives Mezcal Amores Philosophy Mezal Amores is a project made with love. We are a Ecological Sustainability Plan group of individuals in love with our heritage, culture and history. We are following our dreams by shedding light Mezcal Amores / Amaras is committed to assuring the on what mezcal is all about and inviting people to get to preservation of the land and production of mezcal for know it and join our community. This is a spirit born from future generations. We have created an ecologically a philosophy, a spirit with a story to tell. sustainable plan to reach our goals. Objective of Mezcal Amores Philosophy 1. Reforestation Program. Our main objective is to create a win-win situation for Our reforestation program consists of replanting 10 all the parties involved in the process by implementing agaves – of the same species – for each agave we use. a model that benefits everyone at every level of the In 2014, we planted 10,000 Espadín, 10,000 Cupreata Amores project. Mezcal Amores is committed to and 5,000 Tobalá in proper ecosystems where these supporting local communities, maestros mezcaleros, species belong. In 2015 we have planted 35,000 agave growers and the local economies of Oaxaca and Espadín, 30,000 Cupreata, 8,000 Tobalá and 4,000 Guerrero where our mezcal is produced. We provide Tepeztate. high-quality mezcal while preserving the land. The primary goal of our philosophy is to be as sustainable We are meticulous about which variety of agave we as possible in everything we do. We dedicate 15% of plant, where they are grown and how many we plant to our gross profit to improving ecological, economic and make it sustainable. Mezcal Amores works only with social sustainability in the mezcal producing regions. cultivated or semi-cultivated agaves, which means that we choose to not use wild agave for making Mezcal Amores if we don’t have a prior reforestation plan in mind. Mezcal Amores Philosophy This is not a common practice for mezcal brands. An From the process of planting agave to the bottling of the agave can take between 5 to 35 years to reach maturity finished product, we work very closely with the growers, (depending of the species), it is our commitment to maestro mezcaleros and bottlers to respond to their ensure the long-term preservation of the species and needs, achieving goals as a team. its biodiversity to ensure the plant’s future lineage and guarantee jobs for future generations of mezcal 3. No chemicals or additives in our process. producers. The production process is 100% natural and organic. 2. Nurseries. The agaves are roasted for 5 days in a conical stone oven, then they are ground on a horse-drawn Egyptian We aim to have a nursery close to each distillery. We mill, the fibers and the juice extracted from the agave already have two and we are planning to complete plant matter are transferred to open air fermentation construction of three more before the end of the year. vats made of pine where natural fermentation takes The land where we plant the agaves belong to the place. Mezcal Amores does not use any additives or community; this is mutually beneficial to both the local extra yeasts to accelerate the fermentation process. community and Mezcal Amores. The owners themselves This is a common practice, which negatively affects work their lands so they can benefit from the fruits of the final product. After 7 to 30 days, depending on the their labor. season and the climate, the juice converts from sugars to low alcohols; the mash is placed in a small pot still We encourage producers and growers to move from where a double distillation takes place. mono-culture to organic poly-culture according to habits and traditions of each village in order to protect 4. Use of Agave residue the long-term viability of their lands and to not be exclusively dependent on the agave by growing beans, After distilling, the remaining fibers are collected to use pumpkins, chilies and corn in the same fields while the mainly as a compostable fertilizer in the agave fields and agaves are growing and reaching what we internally sometimes as a component for building walls. This entire called the perfect “Milpa”. process creates little to no waste. We are currently working on improvements such as working with 100% We keep close attention to each batch of agave and sustainable wood as well as reducing agave residue the land where we plant to maintain the highest quality. resulting from the distillation. Mezcal Amores Philosophy Economic and Social Sustainability Plan the liquid they commission. Paying the right amount of money for the liquid has a positive impact on the We attempt to achieve economic and social living conditions of everyone who works at the distillery sustainability in the communities and with the producers allowing them to receive higher incomes. we work with by ensuring fair trade of agave and liquid (mezcal). This ensures that the multi-generational 3. Price pact for buying agave producers can grow their businesses without altering their traditional method of making mezcal. In 2014, we implemented the first future price for agave, which means that agave growers are not fully 1. Horizontal Growth dependent on the fluctuation of market prices. Mezcal Amores ensures regular incomes based on a previously agreed upon price range and allows agave growers to We are currently working with 12 producers in Oaxaca have a vision towards the future. Amores was the first and Guerrero. We believe that building community company to implement the future price of agave practice and creating relationships with maestros mezcaleros in Mexico. based on confidence, trust and hard work is the only way to make a real change in terms of sustainability and economic growth. Working with more than one 4.Micro loans for maestros mezcaleros producer exclusively allows a better wealth distribution and also allows producers to respond in a healthy and We provide part of the budget to offer interest free sustainable way to the increasing demand of mezcal. We microloans to maestros mezcaleros who are interested allow each maestro mezcalero to work at his own pace in improving and increasing their facilities with new and at his capacity to preserve his or her traditional equipment such as pot stills, fermentation vats, etc. We process and methods of production. As a result of this, are open to hearing what projects they have in mind so the end consumer can benefit from a unique product we can work on providing loans for feasible projects. As with diverse and distinct terroir from each batch. a result of the microloans, new jobs have been created We have noticed that as a result of building trust with in the communities, allowing the community to grow as the communities and maestros mezcaleros we work a whole. with, some of the family members have come back from the US to work closely with their families in the 5. Future plans production of mezcal because they see a future in the project. Finally, in the near future, when the Amores sustainability plan achieves a predetermined set 2. Purchase liquid at 20% above the market of goals we will shift the plan’s budget to support average the communities in other areas such as education, health and nutrition. The assistance provided will be tailored according to the needs and traditions of each Mezcal Amores pays maestros mezcaleros community. approximately 20% above market average price for
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