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THE TOURIST MAGAZINE AVEC OU SANS SKI WHERE THE NORDIC ADVENTURE BEGINS EXPERIENCE WINTER DIFFERENTLY ON THE PISTES! BOOK YOUR BREAK FROM TODAY Information, advice, reservations THE Our advisors are available on 03 81 25 54 55 OTHER FACE OF THE FOLLOW US… MOUNTAIN For the latest news, tips and ideas for breaks: The mountains in winter can be a real headache! With non-stop skiing for grown-ups, gentle initiations for the little ones, wild off-piste skiing for some and « extra- ski » activities for others, it’s impossible to please everyone. There is, however, a destination on our doorstep that brings all of these things together in truly authentic style: the Jura Mountains! Explore and share all Here you can switch from one activity to the next the Jura Mountains photos: without breaking stride. The landscape is tailor- du jura #montagnesdujura made for it! A rounded yet challenging mountain, it reveals some wild and well-preserved scenery with the allure of the Far North. Open your eyes; the adventure starts here! Follow the main events at the destination every day: SUMM ARY Portfolio I 04 Winter season I 08 The Métabief Resort I 10 The Les Rousses Resort I 12 The Monts Jura Resort I 14 L’Espace Nordique Jurassien I 16 A few tips for those taking their first steps on the Jura Mountains I 18 Test I 48 Getting here. I 50 The other face: the Jura Mountains from spring to autumn PORTFOLIO A VIEW OF MONT-BLANC (COL DE LA FAUCILLE) Once you are up there, the incredible spectacle that the Jura Mountains provide across the Alps and Mont-Blanc really takes your breath away. 4 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 5 6 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG NORDIC SPIRIT Step into the snow shoes of a fur trapper, take command of a sled and imagine you are an expert musher, venture beyond the limits of the piste on Nordic skis, slip on your sealskin gear and climb ever higher…Discover your Nordic spirit right here. Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 7 In the Hautes-Combes, with snow shoes on your feet and in the heart of a forest of snow-capped fir trees, learn to appreciate the silence, to awaken the senses, to truly open your eyes, to feel your body come back to life as you make contact with the nature that surrounds and surprises you wherever you turn. 8 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG WINTER THESEASON: Winter in the snow? On a mountain that is gentle, benevolent and accessible? That’s what the Jura Mountains are all about. You will be seduced by the spirit of the mountains, astonished by your own skiing skills as you relax and drink in the surroundings. By the end of your break you will be at one with nature… Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 9 First and foremost a family site, far from the big crowded resorts, THE METABIEF RESORT Métabief is the ideal resort if you want to ski at your own pace whilst enjoying the exceptional panorama provided by the Alps as your backdrop! ON THE PISTES! Situated in the Haut-Doubs, the resort of Métabief combines 6 villages: Rochejean, Les Longevilles, Métabief, Les Hôpitaux Neufs and Vieux, as well as Jougne. A mid-mountain resort, Métabief nevertheless has everything the big boys have! On the slopes of Mont-d’Or, which reaches an altitude of 1,463m, it boasts 37km of pistes spread across the domain’s 3 slopes, all completely interconnected thanks to 19 ski lifts: Métabief, Piquemiette and Super-Longevilles. Everything you need to glide along in perfect serenity! With its 35 pistes for skiers of all abilities, the resort offers a multitude of options: Snow Park, boarder cross, telemark...and provides safe and well-maintained fun zones, including 3 freestyle zones (Easy Park, Bio Park and Snow Park) and 1 area for beginners designed for children: Jurakid’Park. But it also features 167km of cross-country trails, snow shoe trails and multi-activity pistes that are accessible to all. Situated on the Grande Traversée du Jura (GTJ) trail, an itinerary that is unique in France, it offers multiple possibilities for trips out across the massif. 10 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG A MOUNTAIN OF ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG AND OLD ALIKE For sporty types in search of « mountain » activities that are out of the ordinary, Métabief has more than one string to its bow: ice climbing for intrepid souls, fat bike or snow scoot to experience cycling on the snow, DON’T MISS winter potholing for budding explorers, ski jumping on the Chaux-Neuve hill or dog sledding for lovers of wide open snow-covered spaces. Finally, THE NORDIC COMBINED when the lakes freeze over and the ice shimmers, it’s hard to resist the WORLD CUP pleasure of skating across a frozen lake. In January at Chaux-Neuve To really lose yourself in the Nordic spirit, exploring local traditions is an absolute must: visits to farms, workshops, cheese dairies or maturing DOG SLEDDING RACE In February at Les Fourgs cellars in Le Fort de Saint-Antoine. As for fun or cultural days out, here again the resort is brimming with ideas: Parc Polaire (animal park), Coni’fer (tourist train), the nature reserve visitor centre, a visit to Pontarlier and its museum…That’s also what a lovely winter in Métabief is all about! ACCESS TO THE RESORT The resort is accessible by TGV from Frasne station, just 3 hours from Paris. Close to the Swiss border, the resort FUN ZONES & ACTIVITIES: Jurakid Park, Easy Park, Snow Park, Bio Park. is located 20 minutes by car from Yverdon, 30 minutes from Lausanne and 50 minutes from Neuchâtel. Fat bike, ski joering on site, initiation into telemark, handiski. 1 Altitude 110 snow cannons 167 km 37 km 19 SKI LIFTS 4 ski schools from 950 to 1463 metres (35% of cross-country skiing downhill skiing pistes ESI / ESF slopes covered) pistes Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 11 The name Les Rousses stems from the practice of hunting red creatures (pheasants, foxes…) that the inhabitants of the valley enjoyed in times past; in their own words, « going after the Rousses» Do you feel like having fun and making the most of the snow with all the THE LES ROUSSES RESORT family? Les Rousses offers breathtaking scenery with its unbeatable views of the Alps. The skiing area is perfect for families, with activities dedicated to learners and expert skiers alike. IN THE HEART OF THE HAUT-JURA One ski in France and the other in Switzerland; that’s Les Rousses in a nutshell. In the heart of the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park, the resort regroups 4 villages: Les Rousses, Lamoura, Prémanon and Bois-d’Amont. It offers ski areas that stand at altitudes between 1120 m and 1680m, all spread across four massifs: Tuffes, Serra, Dôle and Noirmont. With a total of 50km of downhill ski runs and 32 lifts, these ski areas surrounded by spruce forests are sure to delight the whole family. From its peaks you can enjoy an exceptional panorama across the Alps, Mont-Blanc and the Léman Valley. You can also set off along the legendary Grandes Traversées du Jura (GTJ) trails on snow shoes or cross-country skis thanks to 180 km of tracks. Along the way you can stop off at the surrounding villages, reputed for their hospitality and their excellent culinary specialities. 12 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG EXPERIENCE WINTER DIFFERENTLY Away from the stress of the more crowded resorts, Les Rousses offers a whole range of nature activities that are ideal for recharging the batteries in the heart of a well-preserved environment: snow shoe trails, dog DON’T MISS: sledding and carriage rides, trying your hand at biathlon and ski joering, THE O’XYRACE TRAIL skating on the frozen lakes or at the Espace des Mondes Polaires centre, In January, A nocturnal trail in getting out in the open air along 200km of cross-country pistes or off the the snow for adults and children. beaten tracks with Nordic skiing… In the resort’s villages, you can warm up in the cosy restaurants, bistros and inns that sit at altitude and welcome you with generosity at a table THE TRANSJURASSIENNE In February, a world class cross- stacked with products of the terroir. country skiing challenge. More To learn more about local savoir-faire, nothing could be better than a quick than 3500 participants. tour around museums devoted to wood turning, stonecutting, skiing and Rousselande traditions, without forgetting the fort of Les Rousses and its Comté cheese cellars that are unique in the world… In this little picture- postcard setting, discover another way to enjoy winter sports! GETTING HERE & GETTING AROUND THE RESORT Leave the car behind and make the most of the Vroom shuttle service upon arrival at the TGV stations of Dole and Dijon to FUN ZONES & ACTIVITIÉS arrive at the resort. Natural boarder cross, Slide Park, air bag, Les Marmousets fun space, luge runs. From the Christmas holidays until mid-March, get around by bus Ski joering, kite-surfing, initiation into telemark and with Skibus in the 4 villages of the Les Rousses resort whenever biathlon, handiski, Baladaski (unique in France). you want to ski, visit the villages or head for the lakes! 1 Altitude Snow cannons 200 km 50 km 40 ski lifts 3 ski schools from 1120 to 1680 metres covering 9 km cross-country skiing pistes downhill skiing pistes ESI / ESF Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 13 Monts Jura offers the perfect blend of « leisure and THE MONTS JURA RESORT nature skiing » just 20 minutes from Geneva! MONTS JURA, THE RESORT THAT RUBS SHOULDERS WITH THE SUMMITS! As its name would suggest, Monts Jura calls to mind the highest peaks of the Jura Mountains. Its ideal position near to the Crêt de la Neige gives it a distinct advantage when it comes to meeting the needs of the most exacting skiers. With 60km of pistes for all abilities, carved with precision through the landscapes of the Haute Chaine du Jura, the resort offers a vast domain in 3 dimensions, looking out across one of the finest views in Europe. Imagine for a minute you are on the slopes or on the balcony of a restaurant at altitude gazing at Mont- Blanc and the very highest Alpine massifs with the immense Lake Geneva at your feet… Within easy reach by TGV (3h from Paris and 1h45 from Lyon), the 3 ski areas of Lélex-Crozet, Mijoux-La Faucille and Menthières boast a wide selection of trails to the delight of the most demanding skiers. Downhill, snowboarding, snow scoot, boarder cross, ski surfing, telemark, Nordic skiing… connoisseurs know best! And the snow? Monts Jura has had this covered for many years, equipped as it is with state- of-the-art snowmaking technology. 14 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG LET INSPIRATION GUIDE YOU AND EXPLORE THE RESORT… Visiting Monts Jura means following in the footsteps of renowned athletes, notably at the Nordic domain of La Vattay, labelled a « Site of Excellence » by Nordic France. DON’T MISS This is a well-reputed and beloved spot for the region’s cross-country skiers… But that’s not all. If skiing’s return to fashion inspires you to join the adventure, the THE FRENCH TELEMARK CUP 4 ski schools will surely provide the best way for a gentle initiation… AND TROLL TOUR 2 classic sprint stages The winter snow also offers a reason to visit beautiful mountain landscapes on foot. (in February) In Monts Jura, it is easy to set out on snow shoes or in the company of a friendly musher aboard a dog sled. In a more relaxing vein and in keeping with the mountain ambiance, a little visit to the THE ROOKIE SESSION Snowboarding competition Abbaye cheese dairy is a must if you’d like to discover how the famous Bleu de Gex® for under 18s. is made (in Chezery-Forens). At the museum of fine and precious stones in Mijoux (in March) you will find out all about stonecutting; one of the Jura Mountains’ oldest crafts. And then, why not do nothing but contemplate the winter scene? Imagine for an instant enjoying a tailor-made welcome and settling in to the cosy comfort of a charming hotel… You’re on! GETTING AROUND THE RESORT The entire domain is accessible: during the winter season, the school holidays and at weekends, FUN ZONES & ACTIVITIES 2 ski busses link the various sites around the resort: 5 playgrounds for children, dog sledding, - in the valley between Lélex/Mijoux/La Faucille/La Vattay 4 luge runs, handiski, Snow Park, boarder cross, initiation into telemark and snow kiting. - on the Lake Geneva side between Ferney-Voltaire and La Faucille/ La Vattay. 1 Altitude 143 snow cannons 160 km 60 km 28 ski lifts 4 ski schools from 900 to 1680 metres cross-country skiing pistes downhill skiing pistes ESI / ESF Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 15 The Jura Mountains invites the fur trapper in THE ESPACE NORDIQUE you to get carried away by the call of the Far North. But heading off the beaten track can espace not be improvised. Thanks to a network of Nordic ski areas across the Espace Nordique Jurassien, WHERE THE NORDIC ADVENTURE BEGINS the traveller yearning The snow forms paths that link the villages, extends our territory and invites us to explore for space and freedom further. With their gentle slopes and snow-capped ridges, the Jura Mountains lend themselves perfectly to a range of Nordic activities: snaking around the Nordic ski trails in the Hautes will find just what they Combes, zipping along on a dog sled in Combe des Cives, setting off on snow shoes over the need to escape. Retord Plateau, skating across frozen lakes, trying out ski joering, relaxing comfortably aboard a horse-drawn carriage or rubbing shoulders with champion ski jumpers on the hills of Chaux- Neuve… Everyone can enjoy a mountain activity in their own way, one that raises a smile and lets you reach even those well-hidden spots. These ideal conditions have allowed great champions, born here in the region to train here: Anaïs Bescond, Vincent Desfrasne, Florence Baverel, Jason Lamy Chappuis… Finally, on your travels, remember to take the time to stop at a lovely village with a pretty bell tower and stock up on local products from a cheese dairy. And if you want to relax after a day in the great outdoors, take advantage of the many well-being centres waiting to welcome you. 16 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG THE GRANDES TRAVERSEES DU JURA TRAILS In winter, the Grandes Traversées du Jura trails can be toured on cross-country skis or snow shoes. The 180km of sign-posted cross- country skiing trails and 140km of trails accessible on snow shoes will bowl over lovers of walking and of wide-open spaces. With ski groomed sign-posted pistes from Christmas until March, the cross-country GTJ offers you a journey into the heart of pristine nature. The gentle and varied landscapes, the beauty of the scenery and the magic of the location will amaze you. Tailored to suit your fitness levels and your requirements, everyone will find their own rhythm. Meditative-type skiers, can enjoy a short trip or loop, of itinerant skiing. Sporty types will need 6 to 8 days to cover the trail’s 180km. Regardless of your level, you will be able to stop off at one of the many accommodation sites along the way. After a lovely day of skiing, make the most of a restful moment by the fireside as you wait to sample a few Jura specialities. NORDIC FUN Conviviality, laughter and games are the watchwords of the 26 fun spaces that are set up across the Nordic skiing areas of the Jura Mountains. 6 TYPES OF ACTIVITIES Each one is different, so there is sure to be something to suit all tastes: Cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, dog Nordic Skier Cross with descents and elevated turns, luge runs or snow sledding, biathlon and Nordic combined, tubing, wellbeing workshop tours, laser biathlon or even a few jumps, bumps, the GTJ, Nordic ski touring. tunnels or slaloms...Skiers of all ages will love it. 21 Nordic areas 3000 km 230 itineraries 13 sites labelled 26 fun spaces Nordic ski pistes For walking / snow shoeing Nordic France (skating and classic) 1000 km Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 17 A FEW TIPS FOR THOSE TAKING THEIR FIRST STEPS ON THE JURA MOUNTAINS 01 Do you want to enjoy a splendid view? Delight your taste buds? Pamper yourself? Here is a selection of unmissable addresses to help IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF CHAMPIONS you experience the essential Jura Over four decades, it has become the iconic Mountains. Skiing in well-preserved challenge of the Massif, attracting several nature, visiting a museum, sampling thousand athletes from all over the world local products, enjoying some genuine every year. The longest cross-country skiing and friendly encounters…We’re not challenge in France, the Transjurassienne is a very popular gathering with an ambiance short of ideas when it comes to making that is 100% Nordic. Share in the euphoria of the most of the winter season. thousands of fans that ring their cowbells to encourage their champions. This is a festive moment that should not be missed! 02 CLOSER TO THE ANIMALS At the Parc Polaire in Chaux-Neuve, deer, chamois, yacks, reindeer, bison, Konik Polski horses and Mouflon sheep make themselves right at home…another thing we have in common with the Far North! At the heart of this walking safari with a decidedly polar feel, accompanied by a guide-carer as you step into the enclosures, you can delve into the intimate lives of Eurasian wildlife to the wonder of young and old alike. 18 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 03 DISCOVERING THE « FAR NORTH » What better environment could there be than the Jura Mountains for really getting closer to nature in the midst of landscapes that come straight out of the pages of a Jack London or Nicolas Vanier novel? Budding explorers can set off in the footsteps of Paul-Emile Victor, the famous adventurer from the Jura and a pioneer of modern ecology. The ambiance of the pack ice and the great snowy expanses, surrounded by icebergs, polar bears, penguins and Arctic terns and the Aurora Borealis all lie in wait at the Espace des Mondes Polaires in Prémanon, a site all about the famous French explorer and the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is here that leading scientific expeditions take pride of place and scientists, artists and political figures explain the many challenges facing the planet. REDISCOVER THE SPIRIT OF YOUR CHILDHOOD We still don’t know where Father Christmas comes from, but it is clear that he loads up his sled here in Moirans-en- Montagne. The home of wooden toys, as this is where half of the toys in France are made; a remnant of a past in which wood turners and artisans created spinning tops, dominos and other wooden toys here. Nowadays, nearly 3,000 toys from across the entire globe are brought together at the Musée du jouet. museum. It is one of the finest collections in Europe. 04 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 19 05 IN SEARCH OF SANTA CLAUS The Jura Mountains come alight and pull out all the stops to delight adults and children during Christmas and New Year. It is definitely family orientated, but also the perfect place for gourmets, epicureans and lovers of authentic pleasures. Here, the festive season is an invitation to explore the area and reflect on the character of a region that has maintained its spirit of childhood wonder. The weekend before Christmas, the French toy capital of Moirans-en-Montagne comes to life with street performances, Christmas markets and entertaining workshops to the delight of children who can create their very own pretty wooden toys. Also not to be missed, Montbéliard, the former principality of the Dukes of Wurtemberg, becomes a city of « Christmas Illuminations » for the entire month. You will find a Christmas market here with products of the terroir and artisan items, street performers, elves’ workshops...but also Santa Claus and Aunt Airie, the Pays de Montbéliard’s good fairy. MEETING THE MOUNTAIN FOLK In the heart of the Jura Mountains, savoir-faire is often understated…Set off to meet the mountain folk that will offer you a warm welcome and gladly show you the traditions that they keep 06 alive. Open the doors to the many workshops, Tuyé farmhouses, ch
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