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THE TOURIST MAGAZINE NATURE WALKS; SECRETS OF PRODUCTION ON YOUR MARKS! ALL THE FLAVOUR MAKING A SPLASH OF A TERROIR BOOK YOUR BREAK FROM TODAY Information, advice, reservations Our advisors are available on 03 81 25 54 55 A MOUNTAIN CARVED IN FOLLOW US… OUR IMAGE! Some people prefer it in winter, but it is from For the latest news, tips and ideas spring to autumn that you can enjoy its loveliest for breaks: colours. In the Jura Mountains, the surprise and contrasts you witness really enhance the sense of wonder: wild yet benevolent landscapes, gentle slopes that are nevertheless steep and dizzying in places, leafy valleys dotted with the blues of lakes and rivers, high balconies with the neighbouring Alps as their backdrop, verdant forests and plains as far as the eye can see…Wonder then gives way Explore and share all the Jura to contemplation and to an array of outdoor acti- vities waiting to be experienced. Mountains photos: du jura A refuge where nature is truly authentic, the Jura #montagnesdujura Mountains without snow are also all about the inhabitants of villages and their warm welcome, about flavoursome local products waiting to be sampled. Simply put, explorers, contemplative souls, hedonists and sporty types will all feel right at home in the Jura Mountains! Follow the main events at the destination every day: 2 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG SUMM ARY Portfolio I 04 Natural I 08 Nature is right at home here I 10 Welcome to the Jura(ssic) I 12 Nature walks; on your marks! I 14 A playground with no limits I 18 Sensational I 20 Refreshing I 22 Back to basics I 24 Making a splash I 26 Fitness and wellbeing I 29 Ingenious I 30 Architectural treasures I 32 A tribute to our famous figures I 35 Seduced by savoir-faire I 36 The secrets of production I 38 Wine & Cheese; the excellence of an authentic savoir-faire I 40 Bon appétit! I 42 The beauty of the massif; follow the guide! I 43 On the doorstep of the Jura Mountains I 46 Try it I 48 Getting here I 50 The other face; winter in the Jura Mountains Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 3 PORTFOLIO LAC DE BONLIEU Picturesque, peaceful, wild… Hidden away in a forest reflected in its clear glacial waters and overlooked by a rocky outcrop, Bonlieu Lake’s appearance changes with the passing seasons to show off its most beautiful colours. 4 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 5 THE GRAND COLOMBIER From 1,534 metres up, overlooking the Rhône Valley and the vineyards of Le Bugey, the Grand Colombier provides an exceptional 360° view across to Mont-Blanc, the Alps and the lakes of Annecy, Le Bourget and Léman. 6 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG THE SOURCE OF THE LISON The source of the Lison is like an incredible aquatic firework in the heart of a rocky world. An opening 90 metres up allows the River Lison to surface. A basin bellow collects the greenish waters of this source that, twenty kilometres further on, will empty into the River Loue. Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 7 From the top of its wall, 1,000 years of military architecture look down upon you! The Château de Joux represents three successive periods of major construction works: the dungeon of the Middle Ages, the fortifications by Vauban and the buried fort from the « Joffre » period. Have fun at the viewpoint trying to spot the chamois that live on the cliff facing the château! 8 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG NATURAL The Jura Mountains are brimming with nature and its lakes, waterfalls, rivers, forests, gorges, green prairies and wild cliffs abound across the heart of a well-preserved environment. They offer a return to the simple things in life that we yearn for and can finally discover right here, in the midst of an unbelievable setting…NATURAL. Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 9 From lakes to waterfalls, from rivers to forests, from peaks to slopes, from hillside meadows to prairies…If there is a LAC GENIN (HAUT-BUGEY) single identifying trait that unites the Jura Mountains, it is the di- versity of its landscapes. NATURE Well-preserved, almost always wild, brimmi- ng with an exceptional flora and fauna, the Jura Mountains make up IS RIGHT AT HOME HERE an ideal destination to admire and contemplate nature in all forms across the living and mineral world. Here the seasons set the pace of life. GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT Head off to discover the elements and explore the formidable land of discoveries that is the Jura Mountains. From the Retord Plateau in the Le Bugey area to the peaks of Mont-d’Or (1,463m) or the Crêt de la Neige (1,720m), and taking in the blind valleys from which rivers such as the Loue, which so inspired Gustave Courbet, spring forth or even the Flumen waterfall and the mid-mountain lakes. These landscapes lend themselves to contemplation and to multiple sporting activities that are accessible to all. Explore a generous massif, easily accessible and brimming with a thousand and one treasures that will astound you along your travels. 10 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG GOOD TO KNOW A FOREST THROUGHOUT THE AGES A great forest developed around 7,000 years ago across the massif where nowadays 43 forests dot the landscape, omnipresent to such an extent that they inspired its name: Jura actually derives from the Celtic word for « Land of Forests ». It is a land where the spruce is King. THE HAUT-JURA REGIONAL NATURE PARK The Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park offers a multitude of landscapes and atmospheres. It spreads across the limestone massif of the Jura, a natural border with Switzerland, and also boasts some stunning high points, such as the Crêt de la Neige (1,720m), Crêt Pela (1,495m) and Crêt de Chalam (1,545m), before plunging into deep gorges carved out by rivers and waterfalls. It is an area that is truly alive and brought further to life by the energy, traditional savoir-faire and cutting- edge technologies that sit alongside it in perfect respect for the integrity of this land’s environment. Focus on the Maison du Parc centre In Lajoux, the Maison du Parc centre provides an overview of « The Haut-Jura; a living land »; the woods and forests, of course, but also its waters, climate, geology, heritage, architecture, agricultu- re, industry and savoir-faire. Permanent exhibitions and temporary entertainments for young and old alike are offered at the Maison du Parc. MAISON DU PARC IN JOUX (HAUT-JURA-SAINT-CLAUDE) Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 11 WELCOME THE TIME MACHINE Who hasn’t dreamed of travelling back in time? The Jura Mountains are an open-air museum, a place TO JURA(SSIC) that offers a look back 200 million years! Here we can have fun just walking around. Everywhere we go we can let our imagination run wild in areas that once upon a time resembled the Dead Sea, the Great Salt Lake in Utah or, more recently, the Bahamas archipelago right up until the Alps began to rise (35 million years ago) and shook the establi- shed order to its core! DID SOMEONE SAY SPECTACULAR? Here the power of tectonic movement and the whims of water have combined perfectly to carve out some mighty landscapes, spaces where it is still possible to feel and appreciate these forces at work. You simply have to visit sites like Consolation Cirque, the blind valleys (Baume-les-Messieurs, Les Planches-Près-Arbois, Cerdon), the Chapeau-de- Gendarme (Saint-Claude) or even the summits of the Ain, the Doubs and the Jura to be convinced of this. Delving beneath the surface of the Earth is essential for those who want to follow the course of our waters, with a guided visit or a potholing expedition! True gems and the pride of the Jura Mountains, the caves of Baume-les-Messieurs, Moidons, Les Planches, Cerdon, Osselle or even the glacier and chasm of Poudrey reveal well-hidden treasures of astonishing character across the Massif…its other face! WORTH A DETOUR THE SINKHOLES OF THE RIVER VALSERINE IN BELLEGARDE-SUR-VALSERINE Coiserette Canyon, an impassable 1,400m incision carved by the turbulent waters of the Tacon. The Giants’ Cauldron in Pont-de-Poitte. The Jura has given its name The sinkholes of Hautes-Combes, vast to the geological period known as enclosed funnels that are characteristic of the the Jurassic that occurred from erosion of karst soils. 200 to 145 million years ago. The karst trails of Mérey-sous-Montrond. A warm sea partially covered what is now the Jura massif; The erratic rockfalls around Pont des Pierres dinosaurs roamed its coasts and that crosses the River Valserine in Montanges have left their footprints, which or even the sections where the River Valserine are still visible to this day. disappears underground and the rocky labyrinths in these areas. 12 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG THE CHAPEAU DE GENDARME (HAUT-JURA-SAINT-CLAUDE) THE CERDON GROTTO AND PREHISTORIC PARK IN LABALME (PAYS DU CERDON) FOCUS ON DINO-ZOO, PREHISTORIC PARK IN CHARBONNIÈRES-LES-SAPINS (LOUE LISON) LIFE-SIZED DINOSAURS! Located in a leafy 12 hectare setting just a few minutes from Besançon and the neighbouring Poudrey Chasm, the Dino Zoo prehistoric park brings the creatures of the Jurassic age back to life, as well as the very first human beings. You can then head into the giant dinosaur maze in Ney or even the paleontological sites of Loulle, Plagne and Coisia to enjoy a (little) walk in the (great big) footsteps of the dinosaurs! Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 13 WALK TO THE CRÊT DE LA NEIGE (PAYS DE GEX) BREATHTAKING VIEWS! After crossing the spruce forests, the tall grass of the NATURE Alpine meadows where the Montbéliarde cattle roam and then the slopes where the chamois replace them, you find yourself on the peaks that overlook the landscape, which changes according to the season. On the high ridges, close to the Franco-Swiss border, the WALKS; Crêt de la Neige and the Mont-d’Or offer 360° views of the Alps and Mont-Blanc on a clear day. Nothing could be better than enjoying a little walk to admire the panorama from the Four Lakes viewpoint or of observing the marvellous rock formations in the Baume-les-Messieurs ON YOUR MARKS! blind valley. These views are worth the detour… Don’t forget your camera; these snaps will give you the most beautiful souvenirs of your holiday in the Jura Mountains. A ONE-DAY ITINERARY It is on foot that the Jura Mountains IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS will truly reveal themselves to you. Walking in the Jura Mountains is also about taking the With their contrasting and accessible time to rediscover a generous and soothing nature landscapes, they are a dream come in landscapes filled with ridges, forests, rivers and true for those who love walking. waterfalls... Whether it is way up high or on the banks of a lake, a few unmissable itineraries will help you explore all the diversity of this area: the unique seven waterfalls of the Hérisson Valley, a tour of Saint-Point Lake, the third largest natural lake in France, or even the Crêt de Chalam to enjoy an unrivalled view. 14 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG THE FOUR LAKES VIEWPOINT: NARLAY, ILAY, PETIT AND GRAND MACLU (REGION DES LACS) IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SMUGGLERS REACHING THE SUMMITS In the Pays Horloger, the Rover Doubs and the mountains Crêt de la Neige - 1720 m create a border with Switzerland. Since time immemorial, out Crêt de la Goutte - 1621 m of sight, a huge amount of merchandise has illicitly travelled Crêt de Chalam - 1545 m along these spectacular trails. This is a crazy tale that is told Grand Colombier - 1534 m along 4 sign-posted itineraries that are ideal for mountain Mont-d’Or - 1463 m bikers. From 50km to 250km in length, these paths lead us to the Staircase of Death, into the gorges of the Doubs and the Refrain rivers. La Bricotte, Le Colporteur, L’Orlogeur or Les Gabelous; what sort of smuggler will you be? ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME That is the principle behind the Via Francigena. Walk in the footsteps of Sigéric, Archbishop of Canterbury, who in 990 A.D travelled to Rome from Canterbury to meet Pope John XV and receive the investiture of the pallium (an ornament worn on a chasuble reserved for popes, primates and archbishops). This major walking itinerary crosses the region and Besançon, most notably, as well as the Loue Valley before reaching the Swiss border. 10 000 km Of walking trails THE STAIRCASE OF DEATH IN CHARQUEMONT (PAYS HORLOGER) Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 15 HORSE RIDING UNEARTHING THE IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS SECRETS OF THE BOGS A favourite spot for horse riding, the Jura Well-preserved natural habitats Mountains owe their reputation to the quality with a disconcerting charm, blogs play a of circuits available and the beauty of the fundamental role in the balance of our landscapes. Family rides, initiations or even environment’s ecosystems. Don’t hesitate touring breaks, there is no shortage of options to head out along the raised walkways for enjoying equestrian activities to the full. that guide you through the heart of these What is more, horses are the best means of pleasant landscapes that, in every season, transport along the steep trails and allow you to offer an array of perspectives. Towards explore the mountain from a different angle. Frasne, in the Drugeon Valley, or even in Les Rousses you will be moved by these Covering nearly 500km, at altitudes ranging lands of mysterious mists that conceal from 230m to 1,300m, the Grande Traversée some rare species of plant and wildlife. du Jura (GTJ) trail offers an itinerary studded with charming stop-offs, forests and prairies through which raging rivers flow and a chance to cross the Jura vineyards and skirt the banks PLUNGE INTO THE HEART of a lake or the crest of a ridge. OF OUR NATURE RESERVES Specialists in horse riding tours, Jura du Grand At the foot of the Grand Colombier, in the Huit boasts 1,500 km of sign-posted equestrian hamlet of Aignoz, the Lavours Marsh, trails and a whole range of original excursion classified as a « Site Naturel de France », ideas: horse or pony rides, walks with donkeys is located within a 480 ha national nature carrying your bags, trips in a Roulotte caravan reserve. A raised walkway of 2.4km allows or horse-drawn carriage. you to spot rare plants, amphibians and Stop at the Museum-inn of the Comtois Horse reptiles, as well as 200 species of birds and and the Forest in Levier to learn a bit more mammals. about the first breed of French draught horse; a Further north, in the continuation of true symbol of the mountains. Saint-Point Lake, the Remoray Lake visitor centre lets you explore this rich natural heritage. A living backdrop of rare diversity, it combines lakes, marshland, bogs, rivers, prairies, woodland and gravel quarries. 16 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG THE GTJ THE LAND OF THE TRAIL In order to step into legend, try your With its vineyards, lakes and hidden valleys, the hand at one of the Grande Traversée du Jura Mountains lend themselves perfectly to Jura trails (GTJ to those in the know). A the joys of the trail, transporting you on little treat for walkers on tour, who can take escapades from the Bresse Doloise to the highest the illustrious GR5 and GR9 trails, in total summits of the massif. there are nearly 400km to negotiate Attracted by the technical trails, undulating over 20 days and 150 accommodation and with serious gradients to negotiate, the providers waiting to offer you a warm greatest trail runners come and train at one of welcome all along the route with their the two stations or one of the three trail areas, tables laden with regional treats. also taking part in the many renowned races, Accessible to the widest range of visitors, such as the Transju’trail, the summer version of the GTJ can also be enjoyed with the the Transjurassienne, the Trail du family thanks to short sections that take With more than Mont-d’Or, popular because of its in the most beautiful paths of the Jura 5,000km of sign- panoramic views of Switzerland, the Mountains, leading from leafy valleys posted trails, the Alps and Mont-Blanc, or even the Trail to the most stunning balconies of the Jura Mountains have So Bugey, a tortuous trail amidst the massif. Modest yet rugged peaks, they all the necessary waterfalls and dizzying viewpoints. offer their rounded summits to lovers of characteristics for trail This is also the birthplace of Xavier every type of climb. running Thévenard, triple Ultra Trail du Mont- Blanc (UTMB) champion and, near OTHER LEGENDARY ITINERARIES close to Besançon, two other specialists proudly OVER A FEW DAYS represent the massif: Thibaud Baronian, elite trail With thousands of kilometres of sign- runner and short-course, steep climb specialist, posted trails, the Jura Mountains and Sange Sherpa, a native of Nepal who fell have enough to satisfy even the most in love with the Jura Mountains, whose gentle demanding walkers! From the Zed bends also offer less frightening options for more Jurassien to the mythical and sporty timid souls who are nevertheless aiming to push GR9, and including the Echappée themselves and enjoy some genuine thrills. Jurassienne or the spiritua Via With more than 5,000km of sign-posted trails Francigena, you can flit between adapted for runners, workshops, events and typical villages and wild landscapes with reception areas, the Jura Mountains transform reinvigorating scenery. your « trail » experience into an exceptional moment in the heart of some grandiose scenery. Montagnes du Jura LE MAG 17 A PLAYGROUND WITH NO LIMITS MOUNTAIN BIKES ON THE PEAKS OF MONT-D’OR (HAUT-DOUBS) 18 Montagnes du Jura LE MAG Believe us when we say that the Jura Mountains are tailor-made for mountain biking and cycling tourism, whatever your ability. Secret landscapes, constantly renewing themselves, different types of terrain, difficulty GENTLY DOES IT levels adapted to suit all- LEGENDARY TRAILS comers. An exceptional What could be lovelier than heading Let your pedals lead you along the quality and quantity of sign- out into the fresh air for a day of illustrious circuits that criss-cross cycling, exploring villages with posted trails, maintained by the Jura Mountains! Aside from the character, pine forests and flower- enthusiastic locals, guarantee notable Grande Traversée du Jura filled meadows? Come and take some unforgettable escapes (GTJ), itineraries that are equally advantage of the cycling routes and into well-preserved and wild famous attract cycling enthusiasts. Greenway trails, including the Voie nature that is waiting to be (re) The cyclist who is keen on culture des Salines that links the Great discovered. So, what are you will find what they Salt Works of Salins-les-Bains and waiting for? are looking for by following the the Royal Salt Works in Arc-et- Via Salina Touristique. Those who Senans (listed as World heritage 5 enjoy border hopping might like by UNESCO), The Voie PLM that to take the ViaRhôna on their way climbs up to the plateau from Lons- le-Saunier to reach Champagnole 5 good south. Sporty types, yearning for a challenge, can set off to tackle via the lake at Chalain, l’EuroVelo6 that skirts the former towpaths that reasons for the Grand Colombier and its 1,262m of climbs. As for those who love a run alongside the River Doubs from Montbéliard and passes Baume-les- pedalling variety of landscapes, they can cut through the vines, gorges around the Dames, Besançon and Dole. and pretty towns along the 124km Zed Jurassien. Jura Mountains OVER SEVERAL DAYS Whatever your ability level, your time constraints and the distances you wish to tackle, the Grandes Traversées du Jura (GTJ) trails MAXIMUM SENSATIONS offer safe and sign-posted itineraries, For keen downhill mountain bikers, in summer and in winter, from the the Jura Mountains offer 6 FFC/ Pays de Montbéliard in the Doubs TAKING CARE OF FFCT listed sites. For those who right up to Le Bugey in the Ain. These ALL YOUR NEEDS love technical descents and big trails account for 400 km on foot, Whether you need to hire or repair t
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