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MISSION HOSPICE COMMUNITY REPORT 2008 Copyright Photo by Scott Buschman Dwight Wilson Copyright Photo by Frances Freyberg Mary Chigos It is with great pleasure that we present the Mission Hospice
MISSION HOSPICE COMMUNITY REPORT 2008 Copyright Photo by Scott Buschman Dwight Wilson Copyright Photo by Frances Freyberg Mary Chigos It is with great pleasure that we present the Mission Hospice 2008 Annual Report. Mission Hospice provides compassionate end-of-life care and comfort to patients and families in San Mateo County and surrounding communities. We are blessed by the constant support of people who give generously of their time or contribute financially to our charitable mission. We are very proud of our long and rich history of service. I would like to honor several of our most steadfast supporters: Helen Lagen, the co-founder of Mission Hospice; Marian Soss, our 2009 Lotus Award winner; and Juanita Andersen, a direct-care volunteer for the past 25 years. I d like to thank the Board of Directors, led by Chair Mary Chigos, for their valued leadership and direction. Finally, I d like to thank our dedicated staff members who provide the highest quality care to the families we serve. Our motto remains It s About Life. We are here to help our patients live comfortably so that they may enjoy their time, surrounded by friends and family. The stories in this annual report highlight the people of our organization and their commitment to our mission. Once again, I thank each and every one of you who has helped Mission Hospice better serve our community. For 30 years, our Mission Hospice team has provided quality care and compassionate support for patients and their families in and around San Mateo County. The important work that we carry out would not be possible without the support of our donors, volunteers, Auxiliary and friends was a year of growth for Mission Hospice. I d like to recognize our nurses, social workers, home health aides and office staff who have helped us reach our goals as an organization. I d especially like to thank Dwight Wilson for his management, dedication and vision was a year of economic upheaval. We ve all been affected by these challenging times; nonetheless, our donors continue to give generously to our cause, understanding that the cost of our services exceeds our revenue. Some of our patient services rely entirely on charitable donations. Thank you for your support. Our web site (www. missionhospice.org) is available to keep you informed. I encourage you to read about our upcoming activities and learn about our staff, patients and families who have kindly shared their stories. We look forward to seeing you in the coming months. With sincere gratitude and appreciation, Dwight Wilson Mary Chigos Our Mission Mission Hospice is a Medicare-certified, hospice-licensed, nonprofit organization that provides physical, emotional, social and spiritual support for terminally ill patients and their families. We serve San Mateo County and surrounding communities, and we seek to educate professionals, other caregivers and the public about the important role of hospice care. Mission Hospice was founded 30 years ago and is a local, independent hospice structured to meet patients personal needs. We re committed to providing quality care, with a culturally sensitive and individualized approach. Copyright Photo by Scott Buschman About Our Team Mission Hospice employs nearly 30 staff members, including a medical director, full-time and on-call nurses, chaplain, home health aides and social workers. Our staff members are chosen for their special caring qualities. Our VOLUNTEERS Mission Hospice Volunteers are a special kind of people - they are the heart and soul of our hospice work. Our Direct Care Volunteers provide vitally important emotional and social support to our patients and their families. Our Indirect Care Volunteers offer their time and talents in the office, assisting with mailings, special events and administrative tasks. In 2008, these volunteers together gave more than 4,200 hours of their time in support of Mission Hospice patients and families. John R. Akin Lorre Allison Juanita Andersen Terilyn Anderson Peggy Andrews Gail Arena Anne Audouin-Danet Sandy Bainbridge Julie Bagneschi Rick Barrelier Tomoko Beebe Libby Begovich Janise Belson Irene Boczek Howard Bott Julie Brody Nicole Bruce Suzanne Bruce Mel Buchanan Darlia Clerico Marge Cloherty Rita Cody Mary Connelly Anne Coogan Chris Davis Frank De Martini Lena Driscoll Curtis Elsbernd Rose Finney Nancy Flowers Chuck Fontenot Jerry Forbes George Fulvio Carol Gable Kellee Gilbert Ann Goulding Jim Goulding Rosalie Guillen Jackie Harris Will Holsinger Vivian Hsu Wendy Jeansonne Sue Kane Marilyn Karansky Judy Karlsen Helene Koenig Suzanne Koonce Mary Latham Irene Lee Cynthia Lem Robert Lindberg George Louzensky Curt Luck Patricia Matthews John McGhee Rob Roy McGregor Natalie Mills Diana Morro Joan Morton Donna Nelson Amy Newman Sally Oken Jammel Jojo Palmiery Susan Parkinson Mark Rojas Karl Rothe Sharon Schauer Padma Shri Jason Smith Paul Smith Jane Tan Linda Tidwell Lill Tremaroli Kathryn Tsushima Cathryn Tuley Jeanne Weir Audrey West Ann Will Grace Yoshida Members of the Auxiliary to Mission Hospice The Auxiliary to Mission Hospice is a dedicated group of volunteers that raises funds and increases awareness of Mission Hospice services. Through special events like the annual Bridge Tournament and Oktoberfest, as well as through their gracious help in the Mission Hospice office, Auxiliary volunteers are indispensable to our organization. Left to right: Mary Chigos, Karen Beainy, Glenda Carney Copyright Photo by Frances Freyberg Executive Committee Active Members Glenda Carney, President Mary Lehmkuhl, Co-President June Field, 1st Vice President Lillian MacKenzie, Co-1st Vice President Joan Norcross, 2nd Vice President Margaret Flynn, Recording Secretary Grace Squire, Corresponding Secretary Sandy Dennison, Treasurer Patricia Avanessian Karen Beainy JoAnne Bertram Glenda Carney Mary Chakos Joan J. Connolly Sandy L. Dennison June Field Alice Flynn Margaret Flynn Marilyn Hagberg Michiko Ibuka Barbara Keller Mary A. Lehmkuhl Barbara Leonard Lillian MacKenzie Martha Melton Joan Norcross Roberta Smith Grace Squire Standing Committees Sustaining Members June Field, Parliamentarian Martha Melton, Auxiliary Social Events Grace Squire, Acknowledgments Alice Flynn, Director of Funding Karen Beainy, Publicity Mary Chakos, Historian Grace Squire, Telephone Margaret Flynn, Liaison to the Mission Hospice Board Gail Anderson Ruxton Eileen Behling Yolanda Crosby Florence Glatt Shirley Hamil Carol Herz Polly Jackson Esther Johnson June Kentzler Julie Marty Carol Moye Joan F. Schmitz Barbara Snedeker Marian Soss Evelyn Spiegelman Florence Thom The Voice of Hospice Copyright Photo by Frances Freyberg Irene Kanturek The receptionist at a hospice program has to walk a fine line never appearing too cheerful but exuding an aura of sensitivity and professionalism to people who may be having one of the worst days of their lives. Irene Kanturek, Mission Hospice receptionist since December, 2007, has made a life-long career out of answering the phone with skill and genuine caring. I learned years ago that the first person answering the phone is the one projecting what the company is like, she said. The people who call in a lot of times they re despondent and if you are someone who can project a kind voice at the other end, you can brighten their day. Kanturek has worked the phones since she was 16 and got her first job out of high school as a long-distance operator for PacBell. Later, she worked at General Electric in San Francisco and St. Luke s Hospital, where she was chief operator for 16 years. Kanturek credits her time at St. Luke s for giving her training in dealing with people in distress, as well as busy professionals. She left telephone work to have her second daughter and a son but returned later, working for the Hoover Company and APCCO, which designs cooling systems for wineries. When she applied for the job at Mission Hospice, she admits she was drawn because it s located near her home. She s never driven and has always either walked or taken public transportation to work. Then, when I got here, I saw familiar faces, she said. That s when she realized that Mission Hospice had helped take care of her mother before she died in 2006 at age 89. My mother had a long, good life, she recalled. It was very important to my mother to be in her own home. When her doctor at the hospital told me there was nothing else he could do for her, he suggested I take her home and call Mission Hospice. Karri Kaiser was the social worker and Jane Tobin was the nurse. They were wonderful. Kanturek, a self-described homebody, enjoys gardening and spending time with family, including her four grandchildren. What I really enjoy is getting up in the morning and going to work, she said. I love talking to people and I especially adore elderly people. That's why I'll never retire. Copyright Photo by Frances Freyberg Left to right: Kay Stickney, Kevin Stickney, Regina Malaspina, Suzanne Bruce, Nicole Bruce Hospice - A Family Affair Mission Hospice mother/daughter volunteers Suzanne and Nicole Bruce know that when co-workers mention the great spirit of a San Bruno patient, the person in question can only be their grandmother/great-grandmother, Regina Queen Malaspina. At 95, Regina also known as Reggie still lives in the home she and her husband bought in When you tell her how old she is, she just says 'No way,' says daughter Kay Stickney, her mother s primary caregiver. They don t make em like me anymore, agrees Reggie, who also is under the watchful eyes of her longtime neighbors. The man next door comes over every morning to have coffee with her and make sure she s up. It s too bad he s too young for me, remarks Regina, who also has a caregiver later in the morning. Someone from the family spends the night and Kay and her husband, Kevin, spend Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Reggie s Mission Hospice volunteer, Rosalie Guillen, also is a good personal friend who visits three days a week. Reggie says she never has a minute to herself. We re all doing the best we can because we love you, Kay tells her mother. Reggie was born in Philadelphia but raised in Italy before returning to the U.S. in her 20s. She and her sister worked for a posh dressmaking firm in New York where they modeled hats and shoes. Reggie even made dresses for former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Her husband, Angelo, was born in San Francisco but the couple met and married in New York. They later moved back to California, and Angelo became a lathe operator at Ampex in Redwood City. They raised two sons and daughter Kay in San Bruno, where other family members also settled. We re from a strict Italian family, said Kay. We didn t leave this home until we were married. My mother has been a caretaker most of her life. Suzanne and Nicole, who are Kay s nieces, became hospice volunteers about two years ago. Nicole, who at 22 is Mission Hospice s youngest volunteer caregiver, said she thought it would be good experience for a nursing career. It s really opened my horizons, she said. I don t view death as a bad thing now, but something everyone has to do. Suzanne wanted to support Nicole and also explore her own nursing instincts. But when she suggested Reggie start hospice care, the rest of the family got a little upset. We thought it meant she was going to die, Kay said. Now, I realize it just means she s living with more people caring for her. Copyright Photo by Frances Freyberg Left to right: Glenda Carney and Mary Lehmkuhl Co-Presidents Lead Auxiliary When Glenda Carney was invited to join the Mission Hospice Auxiliary in 1999, the retired optician thought it would be another way to connect with other women and help provide an important community service. She never imagined that just a year later, her husband would need hospice care for a terminal brain tumor. You do not know the extent of these services until you have them yourself, she said recently. It s almost impossible to tell the kind of comfort it gives a caregiver to have hospice. It takes some of the worry and responsibility off your shoulders. The relief was the biggest help of all. Today, Carney is co-president with Mary Lehmkuhl of the auxiliary, which supports Mission Hospice through fundraising activities and occasional office assistance. I m not the hands-on volunteer caregiver type, Carney said. That s the nice thing about the auxiliary there s so many ways to be involved. Lehmkuhl, who is retired from a computer tax service, knew about Mission Hospice due to a friend who received hospice care. When an auxiliary friend invited her to join, it sounded like a good idea. So many other causes deal with animals and children, she said. I figured I wanted to do something different. She says the organization keeps her mentally and physically active while providing a group of supportive friends and a way of contributing to the community. Glenda and Mary are the first co-presidents of the auxiliary, which was started in The two plan agendas for the monthly meetings - usually held in members homes. By sharing the presidency, they have plenty of time for their other interests. Glenda travels and plays bridge. Mary is a golfer who loves visiting ElderHostels with her husband. The auxiliary has 20 active members and 16 sustaining members. Together, they hold two main fundraisers an annual bridge tournament and Oktoberfest dinner and auction (Oct. 9 this year). Every function we have has a particular purpose, Mary explained. One year, we furnished computers for all the nurses. This year, we re raising money to help pay for care for uninsured hospice patients. The co-presidents say the auxiliary is always looking for new members. You don t need an invitation to join, Glenda said. All you have to do is call Mission Hospice and they ll put you in touch with us. Our DONORS Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Mission Hospice continues to provide compassionate end-of-life care to residents of San Mateo County and surrounding communities. Donations help support patients not covered by insurance or Medicare, or when insurance doesn t cover the actual costs of delivering quality care and service. In 2008, that difference was approximately $65 per patient per day. Donations also power a number of critical, non-funded community programs such as the Transitions Program, Bereavement and Grief Support, and Educational Forums. Individual Donors $1-499 Ms. Edna Acri Mrs. Sandra Adger Frank Agius Nathan Agresti Guido Alasia Mrs. Catherine Albini Ms. Joanne Aldridge Ms. Seelochanee Alexander Charlene and Floyd Alfson Ray and Janet Allara Ms. Amy M. Andrew (multiple gifts) Nancy Good Appling Jorge A. and Shirley Archila James Arena Ms. Karen Seiko Arimoto- Peterson Maria Arnal Mr. Roger Arnal Alfred J. Arnolfo Mr. Albert Artoux Ms. Ursula M. Arturi Ms. Gayle Ascher Ms. Mary A. Asip Karen and Larry Atkinson Jean S. Atkinson Robert Lee and Martha Avey Nancy Bachtold Michael Badet Lou Badet Jerry J. Bagnani Berylee Baker Lydia Baldanzi Frank A. Baldanzi Barbara Ballarin Ms. Annette S. Barbier Mr. Steve Barizon Mr. Geoffrey S. Barker Ms. Carol Barmeier John Barnard Betsy Barnes Mr. Raymond C. Barranti Laverne Barrett Gino and Doris Bava Ms. Georgette Beainy S. Beainy Harold and June Beal John and Pauline Beare David Beatson Janelle Becerra Mrs. Margaret Behrendt Mrs. Shirley Beitch Fran Bell Ms. Cynthia Belnick Janise Belson Alvira Belvini Lucile Benedetti Ms. Jean K. Bennett Bob and Wanda Benson Robert A. Berger Michael Berger Barbara Bergero Sallie K. Bernstein Left to right: Mrs. Marian Soss and Reverend Linda Sidall Marion M. Berringer Albert and Lois Bertagna Ms. Frances D. Bibbes Helen D. Bigelow A. Bigley Richard A. and Grace Billman Ouida Black Mrs. Patty Bloom Ms. Marilyn Boggeri Edward E. and Doris A. Bohn Richard Bona Mr. David J. Bonelli Mr. Donald Bongi Gene and Gloria Bordegaray Mr. Leland Boucher G. Donald Brandt Dick and Kate Breaux Billie Bria Paul W. and Lois F. Briley Wilfred and Hattie Brogden Ms. Lynda Brothers Kathleen M. Brown William and Clare Brown Ms. Gay Brownlee Joanne E. Bruggemann Joe and Alberta Bruno Mr. Randy D. Budde Ms. Gene H. Bundgaard Carolyn Burgess Ms. Marian Burgett Ms. Phyllis J. Burkey Ms. Shirley B. Burt Ms. Nalisce Cabitac Tom Caddell Bruno Cadona Florine Cafferata Zoe Ann Caires Patricia J. Cala Evelyn Calhoun Arlene D. Callaghan George Cammas Minnie and Arthur Campos Ms. Angela Y. Canepa Ms. Amelia Caprini Ms. Eva Caprini Mrs. Julie Carlos and Family Elizabeth Carlson Sten and Betty Carlson Adele Carney Ms. Jeanne Carney Kim Carney Glenda Carney Denise Carrade Bernard C. Casazza Copyright Photo by Scott Buschman Chet and Jean Cash Eddie Cassens Val Cassidy Ms. Judy G. Caviezel Alfred and Jean Chamberlain Mr. William D. Chard The Maureen Chenette Family Mr. John Chiappe Deborah Chinn Roger Chinn Ms. Livia Chodrick Ms. Stephene Christo Marianne Christopher Ms. Margaret Chuh Ms. Lillian M. Ciarasso Ms. Mary Clancy Ann H. Clark Sidney Clarke Ms. Janet Clausen Peter W. Cleaveland John Jr. and Patricia Cockcroft Diane Cohen Elaine and George Cohen Harry Cohn and Judy Siegel Cohn Anne Patricia Colby Mildred and James Cole Mr. Paul C. Coleman Mr. John Colla Anne Collins R. Frank Coltart, Jr. Mr. Robert Commins Ms. Carolyn Connant Ms. Pat A. Conner Jack and Cecilia Conway John and Linda Sue Cook Nancy Copeland Ms. Gloria L. Corda Stan Cordes Susan and Michael Corsetti Adolph and Sandra Coruccini Patricia Costantini Diana F. Costanzo Lorraine Covack Jack and Norma Cowan David and Nancy S. Crabbe Mr. Chester Cracchiolo Clarence Cravalho Jeanne Cresci Joe and Judy Crosetti Gordon Crum Debbi Curran Stephen and Kathleen Curran James Jr. and Barbara Curry Mary Elizabeth Cygan Glenn C Dalton Dennis D Amico Ms. Diane Daniels Arlene Davies Ms. Elizabeth Davis Mrs. Barbara J. Davis Francis T. Davis Mr. Richard M. Davis Ms. Darlene Rose De Maria Mr. Stanley De Passos Hing Dear Betty Deardorff Mrs. Dianne Del Grande Ms. Antoinette F. Delauff Robert Delucchi Janet and Don Deming Reid W. and Margaret E. Dennis Ziazan Der Manuelian Dudley Desler Gene Devencenzi Ron Devincenzi Robert C. Devincenzi Ms. Virginia DeVoto Kathryn Diamond Mavis Dianda Mr. Frank DiGrande Ms. Mary Ann DiMatteo Ms. Joan Donar James Donovan Margaret Donovan Charles Dowd Gerald and Sylvia Dowd Bard and Mitzi Dowse Steven Dreith Claire and Jerry Drozd Sandy Duffy Mr. Fred Dunn F. Homer Eaton John and Concha Edmundson Mrs. Dimitra Efstathiou Carol Egan Howard Eisenberg Ms. Dorothee Eisler Mr. Robert Ellis Ms. Lynn Ellison Curtis A. Elsbernd Jan Epstein Ms. Helen L. Erickson Manuel Esteves Steven J. and Jo Ann Evans Mrs. Lois Almen Everett Ms. Marion Fau Bob and Carole Ann Feiler Michael Felix Lillian Fenech Marian Fennone Rose Marie Ferrando Pam Ferris Mrs. Linda Ferroggiaro LaCampagne Hal and Nancy Fick Mrs. June Field Dorothy A. Fifield Mrs. Susan Filereto Elaine M. Flaherty Ms. Lucia R. Flaherty Mr. Timothy M. Flaherty Leonard and Deborah Flaherty Margaret M. Flynn Duane and Susie Fong The Foresters Mr. Robert V. Formea Robert Forrest Mr. Richard J. Forster Ms. Lisa Forstrom Dorothy H. Forsythe Jim and Jackie Fosberg Diletta S. Foss Devra Foster Kenneth Fowler Nancy Levy Frank Verna T. Freed Ms. Susan Freyberg Phyllis Friday Bill Fritz Mrs. Robin Fujinaka Phil Gaal Tamara Gaffney George P. Galloway Bob and Carol Gallucci Linda Garrison Patricia Garzoli Hildegard and Eric Gattman Norm Gatzert Carolyn and Bill Gaul Ms. Lois Gazis Mr. John S. Geich Charles Geraci, MD Suzanne Gerson Ms. Jane Giannini Dr. Avraham Valentino Giannini Catherine E. Giannoulis Patricia and Glenn Gilbert Robert A. and Barbara Gilmartin Mrs. Alyce G. Gilmore Bob and Patricia Giorni Maurice and Beverly Giroux The Giusti Family Mrs. Iris Givens Nancy Glasson Clarence S. Goldfinger Janice A. Goo Serra High School volunteers participate in the Light Up a Life service Copyright Photo by Scott Buschman Andrew Goodman Jack B.
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