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Year Country Section and thematic Page  L’Édition of 2019 France Research – Chemistry, energy, environment 16 l’université 11 Issue paris-saclay september…
Year Country Section and thematic Page  L’Édition of 2019 France Research – Chemistry, energy, environment 16 l’université 11 Issue paris-saclay september Section Page  Section and thematic Page  Research – Chemistry Training 04 and theranostics 10 Title   PARIS-SACLAY’S “EXCELLENCE LABS” OFFER A BROADER RANGE OF TRAINING SOLUTIONS Section Page  Section and thematic Page  Section Page  Business & Innovation – Science outreach 06 Chemistry at Université Paris-Saclay 12 Seen from abroad 19 Title   Title   CURIOSITAS TSUYOSHI KAWAI, FESTIVAL: OF NAIST, LOOKING BEYOND JAPAN APPEARANCES Section and thematic Page  Section and thematic Page  Section Page  Research – History of science Research – Theoretical and ethics in chemistry 08 chemistry 14 Campus Life 20 Title   ICE, A BUILDING FOR CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Address Website Espace technologique, Bât. Discovery – RD 128 – 1er étage, 91190 Saint-Aubin – France universite-paris-saclay.fr Section AWARDS AND PRIZES RESEARCHERS PROJECTS/STARTUPS CHIMACTIV, an interactive website co-developed by AgroParisTech, ENS Paris-Saclay and © LSCE Université Paris-Sud offering digital educational resources relative to the chemical analysis Catherine Kissel, a researcher at the Laboratory of complex media, won a 2019 Digital Learning for Sciences of Climate and Environment (LSCE – © CEA-Didier Touzeau Excellence Award in the “Education” category. CEA/CNRS/Université Versailles – Saint-Quentin- Davide Audisio and Frédéric Taran, researchers en-Yvelines), received the Petrus Peregrinus at the 14C-Labelling Laboratory, part of the 2019 Medal from the European Geosciences CEA Saclay Molecular Labelling and Bioorganic Union (EGU) for “outstanding contributions Chemistry Unit, received the 2019 research in paleomagnetism, applied to understanding prize for chemistry for their work on “click and the Earth’s magnetic field, paleoclimate, release” approaches to chemistry. paleooceanography and the geodynamic evolution of the Mediterranean margins”. Néolithe, a startup supported by AgroParisTech Jan Borm, managing vice-president in charge and École Polytechnique, won the Next Startupper of international relations at Université Graham Noctor, a researcher in plant biology Challenge at VivaTechnology 2019. It has come de Versailles – Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, was at the Institute of Plant Sciences – Paris-Saclay, up with an innovative fossilisation process presented with a PhD degree honoris causa by has been appointed senior member of the to convert non-recyclable waste into building the University of Lapland in Finland. French University Institute for the exceptional materials. quality of his research. STUDENTS Spin-ION Technologies, co-founded by Dafiné Ravelosona of the Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology (CNRS/Université Paris-Sud), won the 2019 i-Lab Grand Prix for its revolutionary process solution to increase the storage density © HEPHAISTOS-Pharma of digital memory. Martine Caroff, an internationally reputed specialist on endotoxins and longtime head of a research team at the Institute of Genetics IUMTEK won the 2019 i-Lab competition in the © UPSud and Microbiology, now known as the Institute for field of Chemistry and Environment. Specialised Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC – CNRS/ Audrey Fels, a student at the Faculty of Medicine in industrial optical instrumentation in harsh Université Paris-Sud), won the 2019 EU Prize for of Kremlin-Bicêtre (Université Paris-Sud), won environments, it designs and manufactures Women Innovators for her startup LPSBioScience. the gold medal at the 2019 national university real-time in situ analysis equipment based on championships for judo. LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) technology. Aurélie Dudézert, a researcher at the economics EVerZom, HEPHAISTOS-Pharma and Zi Surfaces and management lab specialised in the study The women’s soccer team from the Department (Zero Surface Interference) won in the field of networks, spatial issues and globalisation of Sciences and Techniques of Sports and of Pharmacy and Biotechnology. EVerZom aims (RITM – Université Paris-Sud), won the Prix EFMD- Physical Activities at Université Paris-Sud placed to produce and engineer “tailor-made” FNEGE 2019 for the best book on management third in the Elite 8 of the national university extracellular vesicles for the pharmaceutical in the “Essay” category in honor of her book championships. and veterinary industries. HEPHAISTOS-Pharma “La transformation digitale des entreprises”. is developing ONCO-Boost, an innovative immunostimulator to boost immunotherapy strategies in oncology. Zi Surfaces provides an innovative surface chemistry for biochips and enters the biosensor market. HD Rain and Teratonics won in the field of Electronics, Signal Processing and Instrumentation. HD Rain is developing a precipitation mea- surement and forecasting solution for precision agriculture and insurance. Teratonics markets a non-destructive testing solution based on ultra-short terahertz (THz) pulses. © CentraleSupélec © Inria-Photo G Scagnelli Aviron CentraleSupélec Paris proved itself François Fages, a senior researcher at the to be the best student rowing club from national research institute for the digital sciences a “Grande École” at the 2019 national university (INRIA) at Saclay, was honoured with the 2019 championships. Research award in the “Information Sciences” category for his work on analog computation in natural and engineered biochemical systems. 2 Section EDITOR’S LETTER Whether awaited, criticised or coveted, this list of the 500 best institutions in the world mobilises each year around August 15th the attention of higher education and research stakeholders. The very good results of Univer- sité Paris-Sud, ranked 37th in the world this year, 9th in Europe and 1st in France, confirm its position as an intensive research univer- © UPSaclay sity of international standing. They naturally raise many expectations for Université Paris- This beginning of the 2019-2020 academic Saclay 2020, which will replace it, enriched by year is under the best auspices for Université other higher education and research institu- Paris-Saclay, its students, its partners and all tions – most of them were also present in this the staff of its member institutions. ranking with a positive dynamic – and partner On July 10th, 2019, the new statutes of the uni- organisations. versity were approved with a large majority But until then, on the campus of Université by the ComUE’s board. This was done after Paris-Saclay, other projects are starting or similar votes by the boards of directors of all delivering their first results. In this issue, you parties, i.e. Université Paris-Sud, which will will discover the new Institute for Climate and merge in a few months’ time with the current Environmental Sciences (ICE), the new Agro ComUE Paris-Saclay, the four schools (Agro- Paris-Saclay campus dedicated to agronomy ParisTech, CentraleSupélec, ENS Paris-Saclay, and agrifood, the 28 laboratories that bring Institut d’optique Graduate School) which will together more than 1,500 key players in che- become component institutions of Université mistry and a few noteworthy works on theore- Paris-Saclay, and Université of Versailles Saint- tical, molecular and ethical chemistry. Chemistry Quentin-en-Yvelines and Université d’Évry, the two associate member universities which will This issue is the last published under the aegis also merge in 2025. The six partner national of Université Paris-Saclay in its current ComUE research organisations (CEA, CNRS, INRA, status. INRIA, INSERM, ONERA) and IHES did not The next one will come to you in January, have to formally vote on the statutes. However, as it has been for the past four years, and we some have done so with a comparable positive will once again have many great initiatives to result. report and results to illustrate. From now on, and after the final stages of Thank you for your commitment. I wish you prior validation or consultation, the decree of a very good beginning of the university year. creation will be published within two months, See you soon. paving the way for the regulatory and admi- nistrative process that will lead, in January Sylvie Retailleau, 2020, to the effective birth of the new Univer- President of Université Paris-Saclay sité Paris-Saclay. In other words: “here we are”. Summer is also the time when the Shanghai ranking (ARWU, Academic Ranking of World Universities) is published by Jiao Tong Univer- sity. This publication has become an annual indicator of world-class research universities. Members of Université Paris-Saclay 3 Section Keywords TRAINING Summer school – Chimactiv – Training day for secondary-level teachers Title Paris-Saclay’s “excellence labs” offer chemistry doctoral students a broader range of training solutions Playtime at the LERMIT LabEx summer school. © R. Diaz Lopez – UPSaclay The Laboratories of Excellence taught a two-hour class on their area of study. For an enlightened view (LabEx) of Paris-Saclay have The pleasant seaside setting made the lear- on pharmaceutical development set up and/or funded summer ning experience even more enjoyable. Fifteen Another recurring event is the “Drug Discovery” schools, tutorials and other types oral reports and a twenty-poster session roun- summer school programme, held annually of additional training for university ded out the scientific side of the programme, since 2012 by the Laboratory of Excellence in doctoral students. which also included a tour of a cider farm and Research on Medication and Innovative The- a special dinner. “The number of participants is rapeutics (LERMIT). This year’s three-day ses- Doctoral students from the CHARMMMAT limited, which encourages discussion and allows sion (July 10-12) took place at the Domaine LabEx (Chemistry of Multifunctional Molecular them to get to know each other. The feedback de Saint-Paul in Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, Architectures and Materials) had been eagerly has been excellent and some doctoral students southwest of Paris. The class, limited to thirty, awaiting this year’s summer school on catalysis. have signed up for several editions. For them, the included doctoral students, young researchers Every two years since 2015, a three-day session summer school is a golden opportunity to talk to and researchers from pharmaceutical com- of lectures and classes given by internationally world-famous researchers and get valuable advice panies. Half of the class came from LERMIT- reputed catalysis researchers has been held. regarding their thesis. In fact, one 2017 attendee affiliated labs. Participants reviewed the The third edition ran from March 31 to April 3, steps involved in drug development (e.g. is now doing postdoc research at the lab of one identification of the therapeutic target, toxi- 2019 in Cabourg, Normandy and was attended of that year’s guest lecturers,” observes Xavier cology, addressing, pharmacokinetics, animal by 34 doctoral students from the LabEx. Accor- Guinchard, who co-organised the event. modelling, clinical trials and commercialisa- ding to Arnaud Voituriez, a researcher at the The summer school on catalysis, fully fun- tion). They also discussed the socio-economic Institute for the chemistry of natural substances ded by the CHARMMMAT LabEx, was free implications of therapeutic innovation for the (ICSN) of the French National Centre for Scien- of charge for students from affiliated labs. regulatory environment, pharmacovigilance, tific Research (CNRS), “the idea is to expose Open to internationals, the programme was the health economy and the organisation of students to the latest international findings on taught in English, the summer school’s offi- the pharmaceutical industry, then tested their catalysis, one of the LabEx’s main areas of study, cial language. “This year, eight Chinese doctoral knowledge by playing a game (“L’Odyssée du along with materials.” students signed up,” notes Arnaud Voituriez. Médicament” – The Drug Odyssey). “Our sum- Mission accomplished! This year’s four guest Completion of the summer school programme mer school provides a cross-cutting overview of researchers, specialised respectively in organo- gives doctoral students credit for twenty hours pharmaceutical development and allows parti- metallic catalysis, photocatalysis, biocatalysis of training. All eyes are already turning to the cipants to build up their professional network,” 4 and organocatalysis, each gave a lecture and 2021 edition! says Raquel Diaz Lopez, scientific project manager for LERMIT. Many research collabo- Federation of Physical Chemistry of Paris- innovation relying on chemical principles (e.g. rations got their start thanks to this type of Saclay, the chemistry department at Univer- “no-cook” scrambled eggs, sugar-free orange training programme. sité Paris-Saclay, the Research Institute on marmalade and coffee in a flask frozen with Complex Atomic and Molecular Systems and liquid nitrogen). In her closing remarks, As for the twenty or so guest lecturers, half the French Centre for Atomic and Molecular Marie-Pierre Fontaine-Aupart expressed the came from the pharmaceuticals industry and Computing, not to mention the Institute for intent behind the event: “Chemistry is a fas- the private sector and most had direct expe- Development and Resources in Intensive cinating field of investigation. We’re ready to rience with product development. “The focus Scientific Computing (IDRIS) and the Maison work with you in hopes that your students will is on case studies about successful molecule deve- de la Simulation. According to Fabien Cailliez, choose careers in science and come work in our lopment projects and startups, tracing innova- “minimising the cost to participants was a prio- labs.” During the afternoon, small groups of tions from discovery to clinical application and rity. Their accommodation and meal expenses teachers toured the sophisticated laboratories all the way to the patient,” explains Raquel Diaz were covered almost entirely.” Aurélien de la and installations at ICMMO and the Physical Lopez. Completion of this programme, funded Lande concludes on this note: “We think it Chemistry Laboratory (CNRS/Université by LERMIT (participants are only charged a vital to inform the younger generation about Paris-Sud), and talked to the researchers token amount), gives doctoral students credit there. According to teacher feedback, the this quantum chemistry programme, one of the for twenty hours of training. “LERMIT will to content of the training day was varied and most effective to be found, whose potential is cease to exist at year-end 2019, but we’d like to see enriching, a source of inspiration for interes- often underestimated.” the summer school become a permanent fixture ting experiments to do in class. http://www.charmmmat.fr/fr/charmmmat/ of the new Université Paris-Saclay”, she adds. actualites/150-edec-2019 www.labex-lermit.fr/fr/formation/ecole-d-ete Title A tutorial on digital simulation www.19thdemondeveloperswk.u-psud.fr/index.php/ This year, the annual deMon developers registration/tutorial/ CHIMACTIV : workshop was accompanied by a new tuto- online self-study rial at the Maison de la Simulation at the CEA Saclay research centre from May 20 to Title for experimental 25, 2019. The purpose was to familiarise par- work ticipants with deMon2k and deMonNano Secondary- software programmes used for density func- level teachers get tional theory (DFT) calculations to simulate the dynamics of atoms, molecules, clusters updated on Chimactiv is an interactive website offering digital educational resources for the chemical and solids. “When it comes to calculation chemistry research analysis of complex media (e.g. food, drugs or speed, deMon is one of the best DFT programmes biological media). It is intended for students around,” says Aurélien de la Lande, a resear- in master’s degrees, engineers and pharma- cher at the Physical Chemistry Laboratory cists, chemistry and biochemistry teachers (LCP – CNRS/Université Paris-Sud) and a of these programs, and trainees and doctoral member of the tutorial planning committee. students in chemistry research laboratories. “In addition, it’s free of charge for academic It was conceived and produced by a group of researchers.” The 23 tutorial participants – i.e. thirteen faculty members from three of the local or international master’s or doctoral stu- institutions that make up Université Paris- dents and researchers – all had a background Saclay, namely AgroParisTech, École Normale in chemistry or physical chemistry. Supérieure Paris-Saclay and Université Paris- Presentation by Raphaël Haumont. © VM-UPSaclay Sud. The project is a good illustration of the The tutorial gave equal emphasis to lecture open science culture in which Université Paris- courses, the execution of small applicative On April 3, 2019, the French National Centre Saclay firmly believes. tasks on computer and a short, guided project. for Scientific Research (CNRS) held a trai- It ended with a presentation of the projects ning day in scientific culture in chemistry at This website helps students prepare better for the Orsay campus for secondary-level tea- lab sessions and therefore make the most of done during the week by teams of two or three. their lab time and interact more effectively “Informed of the subjects ahead of time, parti- chers. The CNRS partnered with the Maison with teachers. What they learn on their own cipants could choose what they wished to work d’initiation et de sensibilisation aux sciences is subsequently reinforced during lab sessions. on,” explains Fabien Cailliez, a researcher (MISS), where the lectures took place. Marie- The idea is to have students propose metho- at the Physical Chemistry Laboratory and a Pierre Fontaine-Aupart, a researcher at the dologies, do experiments, discuss/interpret member of the organising committee. “They Orsay Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISMO results and apply critical thinking skills in were asked to complete a short scientific assign- – CNRS/Université Paris-Sud), shed light checking the validity of results. ment, e.g. to calculate the magnetic properties on key advances in the chemistry of energy, or absorption spectrum of molecules, or study The website has just received a Digital Lear- materials, environmental science and health. the thermodynamic parameters of a chemical ning Excellence Award in the Education cate- Raphaël Haumont, a researcher at the Orsay reaction.” gory. This year’s judges liked several things Institute of Molecular Chemistry and Materials about the site: its rich content, graphics, “open The tutorial received support from a num- (ICMMO – CNRS/Université Paris-Sud), told to all” approach and the English version for ber of institutions, including PALM (LabEx some thirty local teachers how to cook up a internationals. on physics, atoms, light and matter), NEXT storm using chemistry. Declaring that “there’s http://chimactiv.agroparistech.fr/fr (nano, extreme measurements & theory pro- nothing more molecular than cooking an egg!”, ject), the national agency for research, the he examined various possibilities for culinary 5 Section Keywords SCIENCE OUTREACH CURIOSITas – Mendeleev’s table exhibition – Competition: memories of our university Title Title CURIOSITas festival: Building the memory of looking beyond the university: surprising appearances treasures await! of the stars and to go back in time to past cli- mates… Plays and dance performances will also await you, dotted about the town. In the act of co-creating, scientists and artists were able to change their perspective on their research topics, question themselves and, often, enrich each other’s understanding. Ultimately, they have more in common than © Inra you would think. On the occasion of this anniversary year of A wide-scale publi
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