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DESIGN CHALLENGE : 1 BATH, 3 WAYS Rethinking the Kitchen Fearless design decisions that yield amazing results PAGE 24 Kitchen Healthier Installing lighting building…
DESIGN CHALLENGE : 1 BATH, 3 WAYS Rethinking the Kitchen Fearless design decisions that yield amazing results PAGE 24 Kitchen Healthier Installing lighting building glass shower WINTER 2019 NO. 287 strategies materials doors PAGE 38 PAGE 28 PAGE 44 FH287p2.indd 9/9/19 12:51 PM pg 2 - (BlacK) (Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) FH287p3.indd 9/9/19 12:51 PM pg 3 - (BlacK) (Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) FA L L / W I N T E R 2 0 1 9 N O . 2 8 7 FEATURES 24 Rethinking a Kitchen This remodel improves function and flow—and bucks the status quo BY KILEY JACQUES 28 Healthy Kitchens and Baths A guide to products that benefit people and are better for the environment BY ANNETTE K. STELMACK 34 Revamping a 60-Year-Old Bath The decision-making process behind a six-week gut job BY JOHN KELSEY 38 Lighting for the Long Term Good kitchen lighting becomes critical as we grow older, and smart technologies can help B Y D AV I D K . WA R F E L 44 Flawless Frameless Shower Glass A tailor-made solution for truly custom showers B Y M AT T B RYA N T 50 Wood on White Handcrafted accents emphasize the beauty of simple design while keeping this kitchen on budget BY KILEY JACQUES 54 One Bathroom, Three Ways Three architects reimagine the same space to suit different needs BY KILEY JACQUES 62 Add a Laundry Chute Make your life easier with this approachable project BY STEVE PINK AND ASA CHRISTIANA 66 Bathtub Buyer’s Guide Get the perfect tub for any bathroom B Y PAT R I C K M C C O M B E Tablet editions free to subscribers Our new digital editions include all of the magazine’s content, plus searchability and 66 BEST BATHTUBS FOR ANY SPACE a host of interactive extras. Download the app at Access is free with your print subscription or online membership. H287CT.indd 4 9/16/19 10:26 AM 50 BUDGET KITCHEN MAKEOVER 44 INSTALLING SHOWER GLASS 34 BATHROOM OVERHAUL BUILD A LAUNDRY CHUTE 62 H287CT.indd 5 9/12/19 10:20 AM IN EVERY ISSUE 8 f i n e h o m e b u i l d i n g . c o m 10 C o n t r i b u t o r s 12 editor’s note 14 know the code The basics of makeup air Decades of kitchen design 82 18 g r e at i d e a s ▪ On-point en suite ▪ Concealed in the kitchen ▪ Sleek and stylish storage ▪ Wine any time 72 H o u s e s by Design Structure dictates 79 S P EC design ▪ Bringing back the cookstove 72 ▪ Modular bathroom fixtures ▪ Stainless-steel shower shelves ▪ Water-based lacquer ▪ Floating hardwood floor 82 a s - b u i lt The boomers and their kitchens 86 keep craft alive Brandon Patterson, workforce development leader 18 great ideas for your home 79 brand-new products COVER PHOTO: Robert Radifera, courtesy of Aidan Design H287CT.indd 6 9/17/19 8:54 AM FH287p7.indd 9/9/19 12:50 PM pg 7 - (BlacK) (Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) Complimentary design service Handcrafted in New Hampshire No cost job-specific client samples Available direct, nationwide No charge blanket-wrapped job site delivery Industry leading on-time delivery 800-999-4994 Visit our website for these digital exclusives and more 2020 Call for Entries It’s a year away, but we’re already scouting for the next issue of Kitchens & Baths. We’re interested in new or A recently remodeled projects of every style from all over the country. And we’re not looking for big, luxurious kitchens and baths, but rather well-designed, lesson-rich projects. Those built on a tight budget are particularly dear to our hearts. But big or small, luxe or thrifty, they must be supremely functional and beautifully crafted. Send us floor plans, before and after photos, and a brief description explaining which aspects of your project might be interesting to our readers. We prefer online submissions F b at a /kitchen-bath-submissions. I We are also happy to 4 receive email submissions C at fhcallforentries@taunton p .com or hard copies of your S materials, which you can send f to Kitchens & Baths, Fine f y Homebuilding, 63 S. Main St., t Newtown, CT 06470. ENTRIES DEADLINE FEBRUARY 18, 2020 $ c P 7 N c B C a M N Ep. 177: Three P Kitchens by Design design solutions SPEC online Design editor Kiley Jacques takes an up-close Get the backstory about the bathroom- Browse through our online collection of look at the details that go into the design of design challenge featured in “One Bath- featured products and materials to find the exceptional kitchens. Visit FineHomebuilding room, Three Ways” on pp. 54-61. details you need to create your next project .com/kitchendesign. at FineHomebuildingMagazine @finehomebuilding fhbmagazine @fhbmagazine finehomebuilding 8 FINEHOMEBUILDING.COM Photos: top, Ciro Coelho; bottom left, Milan K Photography courtesy of M Prevost Design; bottom right, courtesy of Home Refinements H287OW.indd 8 9/12/19 10:22 AM H287OW.indd 9/12/19 10:18 AM pg 9 - (BlacK) (Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) Editorial Director Justin Fink Creative Director Rodney Diaz Digital Brand Manager Rob Wotzak Video Director Colin Russell Deputy Editor Matthew Millham Design Editor Kiley Jacques Senior Editor Patrick McCombe Managing Editor, Samantha Maver Copy/Production Administrative Assistant Maureen Friedman Art Assistant Melinda Sonido Video Assistant Jessica Chaloux Manager, Video Studio Jeff Roos Editors at Large Kevin Ireton Charles Miller Editorial Adviser Mike Guertin Contributing Editors Asa Christiana Sean Groom Michael Maines Joseph Lstiburek Contributing Writers Scott Gibson Glenn Mathewson Scott McBride Executive Editor, Books Peter Chapman Editor, Brian Pontolilo Green Building Advisor Fine Homebuilding: (ISSN: 1096-360X) is published bimonthly, with a special 7th issue in the spring and a special 8th issue in the fall, by The Taunton Press, Inc., Newtown, CT 06470-5506. Telephone: 203- 426-8171. Periodicals postage paid at Newtown, CT 06470 and at additional mailing offices. GST paid registration #123210981. Subscription Rates: U.S., $37.95 for one year, $65.95 for two years, $93.95 for three years. Canada, $40.95 for one year, $71.95 for two years, $102.95 for three years (GST included, payable in U.S. funds). Outside the U.S./Canada: $55 for one year, $98 for two years, $141 for three years (payable in U.S. funds). Single copy U.S., $7.99. Single copy Canada, $8.99. Postmaster: Send all UAA to CFS. (See DMM 707.4.12.5) Non-postal and Military Facilities: Send address corrections to Fine Homebuilding, PO Box 37610, Boone, IA 50037-0610 Canada Post: Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to Fine Homebuilding c/o Worldwide Mailers, Inc., 2835 Kew Drive, Windsor, ON N8T 3B7. Printed in the USA fall/winter 2019 9 contributors THE VOICES OF EXPERIENCE Publisher Renee Jordan Associate Publisher/ Noelle Kennedy Advertising and 203-304-3530 Marketing Director ANNETTE K. STELMACK (“Healthy Kitchens and Senior Account Manager/ Kelly Ames Smith Baths,” pp. 28-33), founding principal of Inspirit-llc, Integrated Media 203-304-3840 is a LEED-AP BD+C and WELL-AP interior designer Northeast who is a nationally recognized sustainability leader, Senior Account Manager/ Robert Reed Integrated Media 630-460-2585 educator, and author of Sustainable Residential Midwest/Northwest Interiors. Annette innately guides clients and proj- Brand Marketing Cara Zenga Director ect teams with passion and expertise for healthy, Sales and Marketing Kelly Kingston high-performing interiors, and specializes in creating Coordinator spaces that are ‘healthier by design.’ Director of Digital John Maher Advertising Operations Digital Advertising Erin Nikitchyuk Operations Specialist ARTHUR “ART” PEYCHEV is a designer and builder based in Sacramento, Calif. Having pursued his pas- VP, Customer Acquisition Erica Moynihan sion to create from an early age, he has accumulated and Engagement a decade of experience by taking the self-taught Audience Development Sara Springborn Manager route. Over the years, Art has cultivated a fixation Senior Marketing Matthew Ulland with functionality and aesthetic details, which can be Manager seen in his work. “Wood on White” (pp. 50-53) fea- Marketing Manager Danielle Shpunt tures his budget-friendly kitchen remodel, complete with unique custom elements. Single Copy Sales Member MATT BRYANT (“Flawless Frameless Shower Glass,” BPA Worldwide pp. 44-49) is a third-generation glazier with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He started work- ing with his father at age 14 in their shop in New Milford, Conn. After his father retired, Matt started his own company in 2014. Located in Bantam, Conn., Independent publishers since 1975 Bryant Glass & Shower Doors is a full-service residen- Founders, Paul & Jan Roman tial and commercial licensed glass company special- izing in shower doors. President & CEO Dan McCarthy CFO Mark Fernberg CTO Brian Magnotta VP, Human Resources Carol Marotti JOHN KELSEY (“Revamping a 60-Year-Old Bath,” SVP, Group Publisher Renee Jordan pp. 34-37) is a principal at Wilson Kelsey Design, a high-end residential interior design firm located in the Publishers of magazines, books, videos, and online Fine Woodworking • Fine Homebuilding Boston area. The firm has created a niche renovating Threads • Fine Gardening • Fine Cooking older, ocassionally historic, homes. A strong spatial thinker and problem-solver, John’s passion is creating classically inspired traditional interior architecture, and preparing construction documents and specifications for these projects. write an article Fine Homebuilding welcomes articles from our readers. We’ll acknowledge all proposals and return any we can’t use, and we’ll pay for any articles we publish. For details, check our website at 10 FINEHOMEBUILDING.COM Photos: bottom, David West/Born Imagery courtesy of John Kelsey; all others, courtesy of the contributors H287CN.indd 10 9/12/19 10:28 AM FH287p11.indd 9/10/19 11:40 AM pg 11 - (BlacK) (Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) The most satisfying shower ends when you want it to end! SoftPlan version 2020 available now And not before. S endless hot reset button water adjustable temperature No venting design | 3D | materials lists Made in Germany fixed or accurate temperature time “... you guys got this right, the program is awesome… flex pipe SoftPlan is the best and I have used them all..” Andrew Bozeman, Montgomery, AL S Tempra® Plus endless hot water pigtail supplied with Advanced Flow Control™ adjustable Endless hot water. Always at the set temp. temperature SWITCHABLE POWER OUTPUT mounts up or down S INCE 1988, Stiebel Eltron tankless electric water heaters kW kW have had Advanced Flow Control™ that ensures the hot water temperature asked for... is always delivered with no fixed or accurate temperature 12 14.4 time 12 14.4 unexpected cold kW kW water “surprises.” kW kW Efficiency Invented 12 14.4 by and only available from Stiebel Eltron. kW kW Awarded German patent DE 3805441 C2 and others. SoftPlan remodel kitchens | baths | additions | $985 SWITCHABLE free trial: or 1-800-248-0164 POWER OUTPUT FW-FH-FC 1/2v ad 22p1.5 x 58p6 800.582.8423 kW kW 12 14.4 12 14.4 editor’snote The view from my desk Thinking ahead I believe it’s fair to say that a growing number of residential designers are planning homes with the distant future in mind. The terms “aging in place” and “single-floor living” are popping up with new regularity. In fact, given the age and size of the baby-boomer generation, it’s not surprising to learn that market demand for one-story homes is on the rise. All that is to say, homebuyers, designers, and builders are thinking ahead. David K. Warfel is one such designer. Author of “Lighting for the Long Term” (pp. 38-43), Warfel lays out the reasons why effective lighting is increasingly important as our eyes age and our balance wanes. Focusing on the kitchen, he illustrates the details of a lighting-design plan based on years of industry research. His claims are compelling, as are the ways in which he manipulates smart technologies to support human health and well-being. Aging-in-place specialist Holly Hall is one of three designers selected to tackle the remodel of a problem bath. Given her expertise, Hall planned the space for an older couple facing the prospect of compromised mobility. Architect Paul DeGroot was tasked with a redesign suitable for a young couple with room to grow, and Kathryn Rogers satisfied the criteria of a single professional looking to up the resale value of her home. “One Bathroom, Three Ways” (pp. 54-61) teases out the big-picture moves and nuanced selections made in response to these fictionalized needs. The results are sensitive, thought-provoking, and wildly transformative. United States Green Building Council (USGBC) educator Annette Stelmack pro- vides guidelines for choosing ethically sourced building materials that produce healthy, durable interiors. With 40 years as a sustainability consultant to her credit, Stelmack is expert at vetting products with proven environmental performance; she routinely specs finishes and furnishings that meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification requirements. In “Healthy Kitchens and Baths” (pp. 28-33), she makes recommendations for verifiable brands of flooring, counter- tops, cabinetry, and tile. Of course, no Kitchens & Baths issue would be complete without a remodel-on- a-tight-budget story. Next-generation builder Arthur “Art” Peychev takes on the ever-popular task in “Wood on White” (pp. 50-53). For just $19,000, he manages to vastly improve a kitchen’s functionality and add custom details that make the space sing. The first of his own designs to come to fruition, it is a study in the efficacy of simplicity. The following stories are intended to be multigenerational in their appeal. No matter the client, no matter the budget, no matter the room, it’s always smart to design with longevity in mind. —Kiley Jacques, design editor 12 FINEHOMEBUILDING.cOM Photo: leslie santarina H287EN.indd 12 9/11/19 3:41 PM H287EN.indd 9/11/19 3:59 PM pg 13 - (BlacK) (Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) Shingle for BEAR CREEK LUMBER The Last Time ! (800)597-7191 Cl as Western Red Cedar O s LY EC 4 D ha EN Made in USA Douglas Fir I il FR pr To contact us: oo since 1976 Alaska Yellow Cedar f Fine Homebuilding 402-768-7251 63 South Main Street Port Orford Cedar Newtown, CT 06470 The World's Finest Metal Shingles ! NATIONWIDE Send an email: Guaranteed To Never Blow Off ! DELIVERY Visit: WWW.REINKE SHAKES. COM To submit an article proposal: Write to Fine Homebuilding at the address above or Call: 800-309-8919 Newly Re-Engineered for Serious Performance Fax: 203-426-3434 Email: To subscribe or place an order: Visit TM or call: 888-304-6044 9am-9pm ET Mon-Fri; 9am-7pm ET Sat To find out about Fine Homebuilding products: Visit To get help with online member services: Visit To find answers to frequently asked questions: Visit Venting Never Looked Better To contact Fine Homebuilding customer service: Email us at To speak directly to a customer service professional: Call: 888-304-6044 Excellent. Improved. 9am-9pm ET Mon-Fri; 9am-7pm ET Sat The quality you’ve come to expect from the DryerWallVent just got a To sell Fine Homebuilding in your store: major boost. Deep-draw manufacturing and a solid collection of new, Call us toll-free at 866-452-5179, or email us at patent-pending features take this vent to a higher level of excellence. To advertise in Fine Homebuilding: Visit today to learn how advanced Call 800-309-8953, or email us at features like the gravity-assist damper Mailing list: and integrated magnets deliver We make a portion of our mailing list available to reputable firms. If you would prefer that performance improvements we not include your name, please visit: that have made a great or call: 888-304-6044 product even better. 9am-9pm ET Mon-Fri; 9am-7pm ET Sat For employment information: Visit Powder Coated The Taunton guarantee: If at any time you’re not completely satisfied with Fine Homebuilding, you can cancel your subscription and receive a full and immediate Deep Drawn refund of the entire subscription price. No questions asked. Galvanized Steel Copyright 2019 by The Taunton Press, Inc. No DWV4W 888-443-7937 reproduction without permission of The Taunton Press, Inc. fall/winter 2019 13 knowthe code MASTER THE RULES OF HOME BUILDING B Y G L E N N M AT H E W S O N The basics of makeup air B uilding codes are chock- exhaust fan that depressurizes tion of exhaust fans, kitchen ven- with the operation of appliances, full of instances in which a building can cause conven- tilation systems, clothes dryers makeup air shall be provided.” requirements for a cer- tional fuel-burning appliances and fireplaces shall be considered But these excerpts still don’t tain assembly or feature are laid to backdraft into the house, fill- in determining the adequacy of provide any insight into when out in great detail, but the thing ing it with harmful gases. This a space to provide combustion makeup air is required and itself isn’t actually required. It’s concern hasn’t changed, as air requirements. how to provide it. usually not explicitly stated that these code snippets indicate: 2018 IRC, G2407.5—Makeup Because kitchen makeup air the feature isn’t mandatory, just 1971 CABO, M-1210— air provisions: “Where exhaust is related to kitchen exhaust noted that it has to be done a Exhaust and ventilation systems: fans, clothes dryers and kitchen air, it’s appropriate to address certain way when it’s included. Air requirements for the opera- ventilation systems interfere kitchen exhaust and how it Not surprisingly, this approach leads to occasional misunder- standings—some widespread. A great example of this is the Makeup-air Exterior wall intake domestic kitchen range exhaust, more commonly known as a range hood. While some believe differently, there has never been Ceiling register a model code requirement to Range hood provide a kitchen range exhaust Damper (must in any American dwelling. be accessible) There are, however, plenty of code requirements that address kitchen exhaust when it’s installed—so many require- ments, in fact, that I’m going to focus on just one: makeup air. Makeup air has gotten some attention in recent editions of the International Residential Code, but interestingly, the pro- visions about kitchen exhaust are pretty similar to the 1971 Council of American Building Officials (CABO) code where they first appeared. Code writ- ers back then realized that mechanically exhausting air MAKEUP AIR FOR KITCHEN EXHAUST from a kitchen could compete In homes with naturally drafted fuel-fired appliances like a boiler inside the envelope, kitchen with the natural venting of range hoods that exhaust more than 400 cu. ft. of air per minute require makeup air so they don’t fuel-burning appliances. An depressurize the home and draw combustion gases from the appliance into the living space. 14 FINEHOMEBUILDING.COM Drawing: John Hartman H287KN.indd 14 9/12/19 10:29 AM FH287p15.indd 9/10/19 11:39 AM pg 15 - (BlacK) (Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) SU P P LY, FABRICATION A ND INSTALLATION DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED SOAPSTONE FOR DIY COUNTERTOP RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS PR O GRAM SOAPSTONES.COM 877·478·8170 W E S H I P N AT I O N W I D E S H O W R O O M L O C AT I O N S NEW JERSEY | VIRGINIA DENVER | SAN FRANSISCO Dust Barrier system 800-718-2255 Do it right. Start every job with ZipWall . ® Sets up in just
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