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O EAD BER BE E O IN ® R CT L TH D M the hogsty endistrict 10 PY VE CO NO handbook and D OCTOBER 2019 (Issue 164) Going the Whole Hog in Woburn Sands & the…
O EAD BER BE E O IN ® R CT L TH D M the hogsty endistrict 10 PY VE CO NO handbook and D OCTOBER 2019 (Issue 164) Going the Whole Hog in Woburn Sands & the District since 2005 Inside this issue: Recipe - Leek, Aubergine & Tomato Gratins Motoring - The Best Seven Seaters on Sale Baking - Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake Gardening - The Rock Garden is Alive Interiors - Fab Floors Beauty - Fast Fixes plus, Hogsty History loads of Puzzles & much more The Hogsty End Handbook is delivered FREE every month to 4200+ homes & businesses in Woburn Sands, Woburn, Wavendon, Aspley Heath, Aspley Guise, Bow Brickhill & Little Brickhill More details online at www.hogstyend.co.uk and facebook.com/hogstyendhandbook Don’t wait, access specialist Orthopaedic advice and the treatment you need quickly. Joint problems are common, but they don’t have to be something you live with. At BMI The Saxon Clinic in Milton Keynes, we pride ourselves on our patient- centred approach, offering fast diagnosis and individualised treatment. With appointments available within 48 hours of enquiry and flexible payment options we make treatment more affordable and accessible; helping you get back to living your life as quickly as possible. To find out more or to book your consultation, please call 01908 665533 or search ‘BMI The Saxon Clinic’ online. 17693 1482 MKT ADV / 09.2019 2 To advertise call 01908 282312 or visit www.hogstyend.co.uk Please mention the hogsty end handbook when responding to adverts 3 Contents All You Need to Navigate The Hogsty End Handbook! Dear Neighbours, Sudoku 6 Woburn Sands Town Council 8 Welcome to this months edition of The Hogsty End Woburn Sands Business Association 10 Aspley Guise Parish Council 12 Handbook. A big thank you to a close friend for Word Wheel 12 our cover picture this month. It will soon be time Bow Brickhill Parish Council 14 to carve your pumpkins! Wordsearch 15 Gardening - The Rock Garden is Alive 21 Look out for our new advertisers this month. Quick Crossword 25 Hopefully they can offer the services that you are Interiors - Fab Floors 29 looking for. Word Ladder 35 History 38 Finance - Is early repayment right? 41 Huge thank you to the everyone involved in the Cryptic Cossword 45 Band Annual Fayre. It was a lovely day and it was Recipe - Leek, Aubergine & Tomato Gratins 48 great to see the community enjoying this event. Beauty - Fast Fixes 51 Congratulations to the organisers and people Spot the Difference 53 taking part. Looking forward to next year! Baking - Spiced Pumkin Cheesecake 55 Motoring - Best 7 Seaters on Sale Today 57 Our councils have highlighted some interesting Technology - Things that go Bump 60 issues this month. Please take a look and see if you Technology Tip 61 can help in any way. Books for Autumn 62 Travel - Winnipeg 66 Community Page 67-68 Joanne Diary Dates/Useful Numbers Index of Advertisers 69 70 Woburn Sands-based Nationwide  Courier and Light Haulage Service  Any load size up to 7.5 tonnes House clearances Goods storage   ­ € ‚ ƒ„€‚ … „  † ‡ € ‡ ˆ  „ ‡ Call Steve on 07836 644825 ‰ Šƒ€ 4 To advertise call 01908 282312 or visit www.hogstyend.co.uk Please mention the hogsty end handbook when responding to adverts 5 THE SUDOKU CHALLENGES (Easy) (Hard) Each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the numbers 1 to 9 just once. This can be done by applying logic - you do not have to guess. Free quote We will help you pick the right flooring for your space We are a family run business with 20 years of experience. We can supply and fit carpets and all types of flooring in the Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton and surrounding areas. We supply well known brands, types and styles. From budget to luxury we can supply and fit great value flooring to suit your requirements. Contact Lee on 07925 597605 for your no obligation quote 6 To advertise call 01908 282312 or visit www.hogstyend.co.uk Improve your home with Custom Glaze The local, family-run business who have been busy improving your homes for over 38 years. Rely on us to give our best price first time, every time – no gimmicks, no hassle. We are members of leading quality-assurance organisations to give you added reassurance. Visit Our MK Showroom Today a+ Energy rated Windows fitted as standard Many more door styles and colours available oving yo pr 38 Im • COMPOSITE EnTranCE dOOrS ur • COnSErVaTOrIES • WIndOWS • frEnCh dOOrS • PaTIO dOOrS s ho m ar es e fo r 3 8 y • BI-fOLd dOOrS • rOOfLInE Open 7 Unit 8, Denbigh Hall Industrial estate Days a Week: Milton keynes Mk3 7QT Registered Company Call 01908 650140 or visit www.customglaze.co.uk for an online estimate We love ironing so you don’t have to. Are you fed up with spending your free FASCIA / SOFFITS / time behind an ironing GUTTERING / CLADDING board and just want to We are a family run business let off some steam? with over 10 years’ experience in the Property Service industry specialising in Call Maid to Iron the Fascia, soffits, guttering Professional Door to and cladding installations. Door Ironing Service. 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee & Up to 20 year product guarantee Competitive rates and high quality finish 100% Satisfaction Guarantee prepared in a clean and fresh environment. Friendly Efficient Service Skilled Tradesmen Free Collection and Delivery at your FREE quotations available home or workplace. Coat hangers and 7 days a week at times convenient for YOU garment covers included. Call Samantha on 01908 282666 or 07702 369900 Tel: 01908 631676 www.maidtoiron.co.uk Email: info@homefixmk.co.uk | www.homefixmk.co.uk We cover all of Milton Keynes and surrounding villages. (Based in Woburn Sands.) Please mention the hogsty end handbook when responding to adverts 7 WOBURN SANDS TOWN COUNCIL CORNER Tel: 01908 585368 www.woburnsands.org.uk l.stapleton@wstc.org.uk Remembrance Sunday: your help is urgently Town Clerk (Details above) if you are able to needed. We have recently purchased a new contribute to this fund. PA system and it needs setting up before the service at the Memorial Green. Full instructions If you want a pumpkin for a Halloween will be given and we would appreciate your celebration, buy it at Woburn Sands help in this and more helpers to oversee the Convenience Store (Station Road opposite road closures. Please contact the Town Clerk the Recreation ground). The pumpkins and (details above) if you can be of help on the squashes which will be on sale there from mid morning of Sunday 10 November. October have all been grown in our local allotment and donated free. So, all the We are pleased to announce a defibrillator is receipts from sales will go to the charity now installed at the Institute (Library) on the Afghan Connection which raises money to side wall facing Chapel Street. This device assist education, currently for a school for 500 gives a high energy electric shock to the heart girls in Rustaq, Afghanistan. of someone who is in cardiac arrest and can be a life saver. Anyone can use it and there Many young people will be going off to are clear instructions with it. It will assess the University courses or starting apprenticeships heart rhythm and will only tell you to now. Did you know that the George Wells administer a shock if it’s needed. This device Charity can offer small grants to reimburse has been joint funded by the Town Council them for essential books and equipment for and the generous donation from local their courses? Full details of who is eligible and company Storm Solutions. We are now how to apply is on our website, funding raising for a second device to be www.woburnsands.org.uk under Our installed on the new sports hall being built next Community, and click on student grants. to the Summerlin Centre. Please contact the 8 To advertise call 01908 282312 or visit www.hogstyend.co.uk RICHARDSONS ESTABLISHED 1944 SPECIALISTS IN THE REPAIR AND RESTORATION OF ANTIQUE CLOCKS, WATCHES AND BAROMETERS For three generations, we have been dedicated to the repair and restoration of antique clocks, watches and barometers. Our specialist workshops ensure your treasured possession receives the care and attention it deserves. Our expert staff are available to provide you with information on the history of your item, as well as the work that needs to be carried out, keeping you informed every step of the way. BURGOINE BUSINESS CENTRE 117 CLOPHILL ROAD MAULDEN MK45 2AE For enquiries and appointments please call 01525 403474 www.richardsonsclockrepairs.co.uk Please mention the hogsty end handbook when responding to adverts 9 “When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO We set up businesses for many reasons – to provide a service, to sell a product, to do something that has always been done a certain way differently – but all businesses share the common need to generate a profit. There is no getting away from the fact that the bottom line matters. But the best businesses are about more than making money. The Woburn Sands Business Association (WSBA) was set up in recognition of the fact that great things happen when like-minded people come together in the pursuit of common goals and aspirations. We are a diverse group of local business owners, from bakers to designers, from owners of large, long-established companies to entrepreneurs just starting out. As a group, we seek to buoy one another up, to share ideas, to celebrate successes, and to commiserate failures. Our members meet regularly to share their experiences and, where possible, work together to meet the needs of their customers and achieve their business aims. We also seek to promote and support our local community. In our global world, it can be easy to forget to celebrate the local, but we all benefit when we invest in and enrich the communities in which our day-to-day lives play out. In coming together and supporting one another, we build a strong and mutually beneficial network, we improve our local economy, and we solidify relationships and partnerships. At a time when it can feel as though our towns and sense of community are being eroded, the WSBA seeks to retain feelings of fellowship and familiarity. So, we invite you to engage with us, the WSBA – whether through becoming a member, supporting local business, or offering your local nous to help us direct and improve our efforts. Together we can do great things. If you have a business based in Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise or Aspley Heath, joining is easy! Just head to our website - www.wsba.co.uk ENGRAVING Trophies ▫ Awards ▫ Medals ▫ Tankards ▫ Hipflasks ▫ Gifts ▫ Crystal Corporate ▫ Schools ▫ Clubs. Any event, occasion or celebration 4, Aspley Hill, Woburn Sands, MK17 8NJ, 01908 583583, www.trophytoo.co.uk Open Monday to Saturday 10 To advertise call 01908 282312 or visit www.hogstyend.co.uk Please mention the hogsty end handbook when responding to adverts 11 Aspley Guise Parish Council News www.aspleyguiseparishcouncil.gov.uk clerk@aspleyguiseparishcouncil.gov.uk Tel: 07579 809474 It’s a Girl: We would like to congratulate our Councillor Tamsin and her husband on the birth of their baby daughter Evie. Bench Replacements: The two new benches have been installed. One in Church Street next to St Boltophs church and one at the junction of West Hill and The Mount. Playground Repairs: The repairs to the play areas at Townlands and the Recreation were expected to take place in August, however this has now been pushed back to October and possibly later due to staffing issues with the contractor. Exact dates will be published on our FB account as soon they are known. Defibrillator: Councillor Hawley and her daughter Jo have been fund raising for defibrillators for the village. It is hoped to install two at key locations, one being in the micro library phone box at the junction of Spinney Lane and Mount Pleasant and one in the Square. Currently they have raised enough money to purchase one, and the Council are in the process of engaging with an electrician to ensure it can be fitted within the old phone box. Once we have the defibrillator on order, we hope to run an awareness course on how to use this life-saving equipment and will post details on our Facebook page and in later newsletters. Councillor Vacancies: We still have 3 vacancies open on the Council. If you have lived within 3 miles of Aspley Guise for a minimum of 12 months and would like to support your local Council and the decisions made for the good of the village, please get in touch with clerk@aspleyguiseparishcouncil.gov.uk Oxford to Cambridge Expressway: if you would like to be kept informed directly about updates on the proposed Oxford to Cambridge expressway, you can register for updates from Highways at https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKHIGHWAY/subscriber/new?topic id=UKHIGHWAY 2453 After creating an account, please select updates for the Oxford to Cambridge expressway under the East of England road projects section. The webpage is the main area to access public information and is updated periodically as the project moves forward. Alternatively. the PC will you keep you updated via the FB account, website or latest newsletters. Budget 2020/2021: In the coming months the Council will start to consider next years budget. If you have any ideas for improvements to the village or things you’d like to see your money spent on that will benefit the community, please let us know by emailing clerk@aspleyguiseparishcouncil.gov.uk Allotment Survey results: in April we carried out a survey on the interest of allotments within the village. Apologies for the late update, but the results have now been accumulated and a summary can be seen below. The detailed results will be published on our website in September. The Allotment site working group will be now investigating to see if there are any potential locations and will report back to the council in due course. In summary: • 95% of villagers who responded wanted allotments in the village, 68% wanted an allotment themselves, Of those people, 59% want an allotment immediately and 28% within 2 years, 68% want an allotment within 1000 metres from home. CROFT CARS BUILT ON EXCELLENCE WORDWHEEL Using only the letters in the Wordwheel, you have ten minutes to find as many words as possible, none of which Executive Travel may be plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. Each word must be of three letters or more, all must contain the central Airport Runs letter and letters can only be used once in every word. There is at least one word that uses all of the letters in the wheel. Corporate Travel TARGET Excellent: 26 or more words Good: 20 words Fair: 18 words Long / Short Distance N D Air Conditioned Vehicles Friendly, Professional & Licensed Drivers L M A We Pride Ourselves on Our Level of Customer Service Tel: 01908 331818 R F A croftcars@aol.com Credit Cards Accepted Advanced Bookings Only FARMLAND 12 To advertise call 01908 282312 or visit www.hogstyend.co.uk Has your double glazing steamed up? Cloudy2Clear Are A ... Which? Trusted Trader All Glazing Backed By Our 25 YEAR GUARANTEE Priority Freephone 0800 61 21118 www.cloudy2clear.com Broken Or Damaged Windows? Faulty Locks, Handles, Hinges? Please mention the hogsty end handbook when responding to adverts 13 BOW BRICKHILL PARISH COUNCIL https://bowbrickhill-pc.gov.uk | clerk@bowbrickhill-pc.gov.uk Proposed Developments Cyclists on Church Road The Oxford-Cambridge Expressway Unfortunately we have seen in recent days a cyclist severely injured going down Church Road because the bike’s braking capability vs the intense gradient didn’t work out as intended. Not only was the cyclist hurt, but two vehicles were also damaged. Once again, even though we are in the tail-end of light evenings, BBPC asks cyclists to use the road responsibly and for pedestrians to keep their wits about them. All too often bicycle bells are not utilised to alert those close to an The Parish Council remains concerned that the proposed impending bike, invariably being operated at speed with little Ox-Cam project could wipe out Station Road, at best leaving time to react. only the Southern side of it intact. This is yet another challenge facing Bow Brickhill, and could destroy a thousand Roadworks/closures years’ of history. Villagers are strongly encouraged to sign this petition: The works at the A4146 southbound from the A5 roundabout continue apace and now includes a 30mph https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/264401 speed limit. This will continue until January 2020. And also keep up to date via social media: Certain footpaths linking in and out of Little Brickhill are also scheduled to be closed. This is linked to the A4146 works to https://www.facebook.com/pg/noexpresswaygroup/ create a signalised junction for a proposed housing https://twitter.com/no expressway development.    • FULLY TRAINED & DBS CHECKED TEAM MEMBERS • 24-HOUR MANAGEMENT SUPPORT • SHORT TERM OR PERMANENT SERVICE AVAILABLE Home Care Preferred – Providing a real alternative to a care home • DEMENTIA CARE • PALLIATIVE CARE • PERSONAL CARE & COMPANIONSHIP • LIVE-IN CARE “Thank you for arranging such a pleasant, attentive & caring carer to support mum” Registered & regulated with For an information pack or to speak to a member of our friendly team call: Tel: Tel: 0 20 01908 836 299170 4 3670 Email: info@homecarepreferred.com Email: info@homecarepreferredmiltonkeynes.com www.homecarepreferred.com www.homecarepreferred.com/miltonkeynes 14 To advertise call 01908 282312 or visit www.hogstyend.co.uk FIND THE NAMES OF THE Search VEGETABLES IN THE GRID AND THE REMAINING LETTERS WILL SPELL OUT A RELATED PHRASE VEGETABLES l Artichoke l Pea l Aubergine l Peppers l Bean l Potato l Beetroot l Pumpkin l Broccoli l Radish l Carrot l Shallot l Celery l Spinach l Kale l Sprouts l Marrow l Sweetcorn l Onion l Tomato l Parsley l Turnip l Parsnip kit c F DO YOU DREAM OF A NEW KITCHEN? Vi he rom sit n m t ou a he by simply replacing the doors and worktops Est. 1999 r s ke UK ho ov ’s wr er #1 oo ex m pe no rts Before w . • FROM SIMPLE DOOR REPLACEMENTS TO COMPLETE FITTED KITCHENS • FULLY INSTALLED BY LOCAL PROFESSIONALS IN JUST A FEW DAYS FREE SINK & T • CHOOSE FROM A T AP his Month LARGE SELECTION OF DOORS, WORKTOPS AND APPLIANCES • 84 SHOWROOMS CALL US NOW FOR A FREE ESTIMATE: NATIONWIDE 01234 852151 VISIT OUR SHOWROOM: 9.7/10 73 High Street, Kempston, See what our customers have to say Bedford, MK42 7BT www.dreamdoors.co.uk Please mention the hogsty end handbook when responding to adverts 15 10 YEARS OF KITCHEN INSPIRATION F&D Kitchen Solutions 10th Anniversary SALE: 25% OFF Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm Sat 10.30am-3.30pm Sun Let us help plan your dream kitchen By appointment Call 01908 282831 Visit our showroom to see our brand new displays: The Granary, Deethe Farm, Cranfield Rd, Woburn Sands, MK17 8UR (free parking) Email: info@fdkitchensolutions.co.uk www.fdkitchensolutions.co.uk *On new orders booked in October 2019. Terms & Conditions Apply 16 To advertise call 01908 282312 or visit www.hogstyend.co.uk Home Counties Loft Ladders, Quality You Can Trust! These days most watchwords are Quality, - that simply wouldn’t every installation we homeowners suffer from Integrity and Value. happen if we didn’t carry out!’ a lack of storage space. Quality in the materials adhere to our overriding So many precious items that we use for all our principles. So, if you want to make that need to be kept installations and the fact use of your loft space, – but where to store it that all our loft packages At the end of the day the call Jamie free on 0808 all? That’s where Home are fitted by time served old adage that happy 301 9558 and he’ll be Counties Loft Ladders tradesmen, so our customers lead to more happy to pop round and come in. customers are assured happy customers is t
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