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Hearing health is crucial to the enjoyment and quality of life. So, get your hearing tested by a physician or an audiologist. And, encourage your friends and family to do the same. To protect your hearing,
Hearing health is crucial to the enjoyment and quality of life. So, get your hearing tested by a physician or an audiologist. And, encourage your friends and family to do the same. To protect your hearing, make sure to wear protective hearing devices so you can continue to enjoy the music. Visit to find a hearing health professional near you and to take a hearing test online. It s Hip to H.E.A.R. Energizer EZ Change is excited to partner with H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) to bring you this valuable information on hearing health. To help support the non-profit organization s education efforts, Energizer EZ Change will make a monetary donation to H.E.A.R Energizer Eveready Battery Company, Inc. 533 Maryville University Drive St. Louis, MO EHA/BR/18675 guide Survival A Lifestyle Guide to Hearing Health Grammy Winner Pat Benatar Wants to Help You H.E.A.R. Hot Hearing Technologies for Boomers How Loud is Too Loud? OFFICIAL MAIL-IN CERTIFICATE VALID 01/01/04 THRU 12/31/04 Rebate (With purchase, by mail) When you purchase 2 Energizer EZ Change Hearing Aid Batteries (Any size) (See reverse side for details) Survival guide Our generation has helped shape American culture, especially since we re the first to be raised on rock n roll. From Aerosmith to the Rolling Stones, our music defines us, but all those years of rockin are beginning to take a toll. As a rock musician, I know firsthand how important hearing health is to one s well being many of my friends in the industry have suffered permanent hearing damage, and my husband Neil and I both take proactive steps to prevent hearing loss. I m excited to team up with Energizer EZ Change, the world s first hearing aid battery dispenser, and Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.), to give you a musician s perspective on the very important, yet often ignored issue of hearing health. Throughout this Energizer EZ Change It s Hip to H.E.A.R. Survival Guide, you ll find the latest and greatest technology to enjoy your music, and important information on hearing loss. We ll also give you helpful tips on hearing loss prevention, as well as sources for help if you re already experiencing symptoms. We hope you ll find It s Hip to H.E.A.R. 4-6 How Hip is Your Hearing Awareness? Feature Story 7 Noise in Our Everyday Lives 8-9 Who is H.E.A.R.? Kathy Peck s Story 10 Signs of Hearing Damage 11 Hot Hearing Technologies The Latest Products to Help You Enjoy Music and Protect Your Hearing How Loud is Too Loud? Decibel Levels and Your Hearing 15 The EZ Change Innovation Pat Benatar Grammy Winner and National Spokesperson Energizer EZ Change It s Hip to H.E.A.R. Program cover photo Astor Morgan 2003 survivalguide HOW HIP is Your Hearing Awareness? Americans facing hearing loss earlier, affecting life at home, work and play The voice on the phone is frantic. I ordered 90,000 units, not 9,000. Now we can t meet our sales projections and it s all your fault. It just can t be. You remember the meeting and are sure the order was for 9,000 units. But, the sales manager confirms your worst fears. Didn t you hear him? He said 90,000 loud and clear. Mistakes and misunderstandings are not only embarrassing, but may be costing you or your company a lot of money. Do you find it more difficult to communicate with people lately? Are others getting frustrated when you ask them to repeat what they said? The problem may be your hearing. Today more than 28 million Americans have hearing loss, and more than half of them are Baby Boomers born between 1946 and If you believe only seniors can suffer from hearing loss, you are wrong. There are more baby boomers aged with hearing loss (10 million) than there are people over the age of 65 with hearing loss (9 million). Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. Hearing Loss at an Earlier Age Hearing loss is becoming more and more common among people in their middle years from ages 39 to 57. The reason for this is fairly simple: Baby Boomers were trendsetters for their generation and they continue to play hard, work hard and lead active lifestyles. In short, they enjoy activities that can put their hearing at risk. More and more people in their 40s and early 50s are coming into my office complaining about difficulty understanding their boss, co-workers, wife, etc., reports Dr. Ronna Fisher, an audiologist with the Hearing Health Center in Chicago. Baby boomers are more proactive about their overall health in general. However, when it comes to hearing loss, the issue is often overlooked. 60% of the inductees The first indications of hearing loss are often subtle and usually ignored. Difficulty following conversations in a noisy environment, a feeling of fullness or pressure in the ears, and a highpitched ringing or buzzing in the ears are some of the warning signs that something is wrong. The symptoms may appear for no apparent reason and may be temporary at first, but may become permanent with repeated exposure. Sounds that can result in hearing loss include live rock concerts, chain saws, power mowers, and other noisy recreational activities. The reason why? Loud sound first destroys the hair cells in the inner ear that respond continued on page 6 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are hearing impaired Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. survivalguide 4 5 How Hip is Your Hearing Awareness? (continued) to high pitches. These are the sounds that enable you to distinguish one word from another, says Dr. Fisher. If you lose the high frequencies, you may not be able to differentiate throw, from flow or show. Unfortunately, we live in a very noisy world. The traffic in downtown Chicago is loud enough to cause hearing damage, Fisher says. Unlike regular eye exams, hearing is rarely checked until permanent symptoms appear and then it s too late to undo the damage, says Dr. Fisher. There are many new developments in hearing protection to help lessen the effects of early hearing loss. Our hope is that some day people will use ear protection just as they use sunglasses to protect their eyes. It is possible for you to enjoy an active lifestyle and protect your hearing from damage. While many everyday activities generate enough noise to cause hearing loss, with a little awareness and reasonable care, most people can expect to maintain their hearing throughout their life. Exposure to noise causes hearing damage and it s almost always preventable. Don t ignore the symptoms, says Dr. Fisher. Get your hearing tested at the first sign or symptom of hearing problems, and discuss hearing protection with your audiologist or physician. Everyone should have a baseline hearing examination in their 30s, and be aware that noise exposure is cumulative, permanent and irreversible, Fisher says. Noisein Our Everyday 7:30 a.m. Catch train into City for audiologist appt. 10:30 a.m. Get CDs over to Julie s for birthday party Noon Lunch with the girls - The Patio s sidewalk cafe 2 p.m. Errands: Mow lawn Buy new cell phone Buy Mom EZ Change battery dispenser 6:30 p.m. Pick up DVDs at movie store; drop kids off at baby-sitter 8 p.m. Rolling Stones concert! Reminders: Shop for noise-canceling headphones Earplugs for concert Set volume levels on stereo system Lives The traffic in downtown Chicago is loud enough to cause hearing damage Violins and violas can be sufficiently loud to cause permanent hearing loss. American Hearing Research Foundation survivalguide 6 7 Tami De Sellier Photography Kathy Peck Executive Director of H.E.A.R. After President Bill Clinton was fitted for hearing aids, more than 1 million other baby boomers identified themselves as experiencing hearing loss. Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. Who is H.E.A.R.? Kathy Peck s Story A As a former bass player and singer for the San Francisco rock band The Contractions, Kathy had suffered hearing loss while playing a set at the Oakland Coliseum in l984. Repeated noise exposure caused a ringing sensation in her ears (tinnitus), and she experienced a decreasing ability to hear. Eventually, Kathy lost most of her hearing. She was helped with two hearing aids, lip reading and sign language to understand simple conversation. Of the 28 million Americans with hearing loss, nearly half are the result of damage from excessive noise. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Ten years later, an operation helped her middle ears, but the tinnitus and some hearing loss remained. At first, her hearing loss was devastating. In addition to the personal and professional setback, Kathy couldn t understand why people in the music industry weren t openly discussing the damaging effects of loud music. Hearing loss provided the incentive for Kathy to throw her energies in a new direction. After her friend flash gordon md suggested an outreach program to educate people about the potential damage of loud music, Kathy and flash launched Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.) to do just that. About H.E.A.R. Founded in 1988, H.E.A.R. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of hearing loss and tinnitus among musicians and music fans through education and grassroots advocacy. With support from Energizer EZ Change, the music industry, musicians, audiologists, physicians, hearing health organizations, health manufacturers and individual donors, H.E.A.R. is helping to raise awareness of the real dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels from music. To take a self-hearing test online or find an audiologist in your area, log onto survivalguide 8 9 Signs of Hearing Damage Hot Hearing TECHNOLOGIES 1 Some of the common symptoms of hearing damage from noise or music exposure include: a feeling of fullness in the ears, temporary or permanent ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and loss of the ability to hear speech sounds clearly. The risk of hearing damage from music depends on (1) how loud the music is (2) how long you are exposed to the music (3) your own personal hearing ability and history (previous noise exposure, hearing loss and your genetic predisposition to hearing loss). Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Damage 1Ringing in your ears, and/or sensitivity to loud noises. Difficulty hearing others when there is background noise People sound like they re mumbling or talking too quickly. You need to turn the volume on the TV or radio higher than others. You hear the telephone better with one ear than the other. If you have any of these symptoms, get your hearing checked by a hearing professional. To prevent more damage, wear earplugs! Energizer EZ Change Energizer EZ Change, the world s first hearing aid battery dispenser, allows hearing aid users to insert their batteries precisely every time. 2. Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones The revolutionary Bose headphones dramatically reduce ambient noise on planes, trains, buses and city streets. Runs for 35 hours on 1 AAA battery (included). 3. The Delphi XM SKYFi Audio System is the first completely portable satellite radio. The unit delivers high-quality digital music anywhere, from your car to your home or office, and is powered by an A/C adaptor or six D batteries. 4. Colors of Clarity ER-20 High-Fidelity Earplugs These one size, low-cost earplugs offer the highest fidelity available in a non-custom earplug. Reduces sound approximately 20 db at all frequencies. Case included. 5. SlicSound Ear Buds SlicSound is a unique add-on device that dramatically improves the sound quality of in-ear headphones and earpieces for music players and hands-free mobile phones. 6. Nokia LPS-4 Inductive Loopset The portable Nokia Loopset turns t-coil equipped hearing aids into a wireless headset, allowing hard-of-hearing people to use a mobile phone. The Loopset is worn around the neck, and connects to most Nokia phones survivalguide 10 11 How Loud is TOO LOUD As technologies continue to advance, our stereos, home theater systems, power tools, cars and motorcycle engines keep getting bigger and better, putting our hearing health at greater risk. Americans are increasingly exposed to noiser lifestyles. But how loud is too loud? The following chart provides loudness information, as measured in decibel levels (db), for common everyday occurrences. Anything above 90dB has the potential to cause damage to your hearing, especially during frequent or lengthy exposure. As a result of the aging population, between 1990 and 2050 the number of hearing-impaired Americans will increase at a faster rate than the total U.S. population. Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. PEOPLE WITH HEARING LOSS WAIT AN AVERAGE OF SEVEN YEARS BEFORE SEEKING HELP. Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart Environmental Noise Normal conversation at 3-5 ft Dial tone of telephone City traffic inside car 1983 OSHA monitoring requirements begin Subway train at 200 ft. Power mower Power saw, dance clubs, headphones Car stereo, band practice Pain begins Jack-hammer, rock concert Jet engine at 100 ft., gun shot Decibel Level db 80 db 85 db 90 db 95 db 107 db 110 db 120 db 125 db 130 db 140 db survivalguide 12 13 I just used an EZ Change for the first time! I just wanted to let you know how much I love it! What a nifty little device! When I first heard about it, I thought that it would be useful for older people who have trouble handling small items. I didn't know if it would be something that I would appreciate. Well, I was wrong! When I was using it, I was distracted by one of the babies, I fumbled, but the magnetic tip caught the battery! And though this may sound like a small thing I love not having the little stickers to throw away!. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I think the EZ Change is wonderful for all ages! Anything to make our crazy, hectic lives a tiny bit easier is greatly appreciated! Cheryl M. Mom and EZ Change User It s Hip to H.E.A.R. with the Energizer EZ Change The Energizer EZ Change dispenser is the first hearing aid battery innovation in more than 30 years. The advanced design holds the battery in place and eliminates the need to handle hearing aid batteries and tabs. The all-in-one dispenser system works with every style hearing aid. Join the thousands who are already enjoying the convenience of the Energizer EZ Change. It changes batteries and lives. Turn Push Insert For musicians, getting a hearing test every year is the single best weapon in the fight against hearing loss. For everyone else, getting a baseline hearing test from an audiologist in early adulthood is a necessary step in the process to protect against hearing loss later in life. Michael Santucci, MS, F-AAA President/Audiologist, Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation Most people don t realize the hearing damage they can suffer from loud music and other everyday noises, and how it impacts their quality of life. I m dedicated to spreading the message of awareness, prevention and treatment. Pat Benatar, Grammy winner and national spokesperson for the Energizer EZ Change It s Hip to H.E.A.R. program survivalguide 14 OFFICIAL MAIL-IN CERTIFICATE VALID 01/01/04 THRU 12/31/04 Save $5.00 (with purchase, by mail) on two (2) Energizer EZ Change (any size) To receive your cash rebate by mail please complete and mail this certificate with the original store identified cash receipt dated between 1/1/04 and 12/31/04 with purchase price(s) circled and the original proof-of-purchase symbols from two (2) Energizer EZ Change Hearing Aid Batteries (sizes: 10, 13, 312 or 675). MAIL TO: Energizer EZ Change It s Hip to H.E.A.R. Offer P.O. Box 5150 Young America, MN Name Address City State Zip (Required) Limit one (1) cash rebate per official certificate. Limit one (1) rebate per household or address. This certificate must accompany your request. NO DUPLICATION OR REPRODUCTION OF THIS CERTIFICATE OR UPC SYMBOLS WILL BE ACCEPTED. No certificates submitted by groups or organizations will be honored. Allow eight (8) weeks for shipment. Offer good for residents of USA only. Requests without zip codes cannot be honored. Offer rights not transferable. Not valid in combination with any other offers. Fraudulent submission could result in federal prosecution under mail fraud statutes. Void where prohibited, licensed, taxed, or restricted by law. Request void if check is not cashed within ninety (90) days of check date. Requests must be received by 12/31/04. OFFER ENDS 12/31/04. Cash value 1/
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