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Brochure Endless POSSIBILITIES Fill your life with fragrance Fall/ Winter US-EN $40 WARMERS (CONT.) $35 WARMERS SC E NTSY FALL / WIN T ER 2019 Discover endless ways…
Brochure Endless POSSIBILITIES Fill your life with fragrance Fall/ Winter US-EN $40 WARMERS (CONT.) $35 WARMERS SC E NTSY FALL / WIN T ER 2019 Discover endless ways to fill your life with fragrance. $150 DIFFUSER,* $140 DIFFUSER,* $120 DIFFUSER,* WICKER G NEW! BLACK FOREST R CHASING COUNTRY DREAM GATHER JANE R LIVE SIMPLY H® $70 SHADE ONLY $60 SHADE ONLY $130 DIFFUSERS,* $50 SHADE ONLY $40 SHADE ONLY 7" tall, 40W ANGEL WINGS H 5.5" tall, 25W FIREFLIES G CANISTER R SPARKLE G TOGETHER R 6" tall, 25W 6" tall, 25W 6.5" tall, 25W 7" tall, 25W 6.5" tall, element 5.5" tall, 25W 6" tall, element $35 WARMERS (CONT.) STARGAZE L ENRICH L AWAKEN L ENCHANT L ENLIVEN L INSPIRIT L REFLECT L RENEW L PROSPER L 8.5" tall 8.5" tall 8.5" tall 8.5" tall 8.5" tall 8" tall 8.5" tall 9.5" tall 8.5" tall LOVE YOUR PEORIA PRAIRIE RUSTIC GARDEN G SEEDLING R SERVICE & SOUTHERN STONE LEAF R NEW! WHOOT G $55 WARMER† $50 WARMERS JOURNEY R POTTERY C PITCHER C 6.5" tall, 25W 7" tall, 25W SACRIFICE G HOSPITALITY 6" tall, 25W WHEREVER I'M WITH 6" tall, 25W 6" tall, 20W 6" tall, 25W 5.5" tall, 25W 6" tall, 25W 8.5" tall YOU H element 3.5" tall, element $30 WARMERS $25 WARMERS FRIENDS AND NEW! ANTLER CRYSTAL ICE G DIAMOND WEAVE FLY AWAY G NEW! NOVA G SPINDLE G STARGAZE G FAMILY G AMBER GLOW G LODGE G 7" tall, 40W - SILVER G 7" tall, 25W GILDED G 6" tall, 20W 7" tall, 40W 6.5" tall, 20W 7" tall, 40W 7" tall, 40W 6" tall, 40W 7.5" tall, 40W 5.5" tall, 20W ALABASTER G ANTIQUE CLASSIC CURVE R CLASSIC CURVE - DIAMOND ETCHED ETCHED RUSTIC LOVE $50 WARMERS (CONT.) $50 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL™ COLLECTION‡ $45 WARMERS 6" tall, 25W CROSS C in Gloss White, Gloss Gray SATIN BLACK MILK GLASS COPPER R CORE G SUNFLOWER R 3.5" tall, element 6" tall, 25W and Gloss Navy 6" tall, 25W 3.5" tall, element 3.5" tall, element 6" tall, 25W 6" tall, 25W 6" tall, 25W Ask your Consultant or visit their website for the complete list of $25 WARMERS (CONT.) $20 MINI WARMERS Major League Baseball™ Collection Warmers. Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights NEW! are used with permission of VINO G WILDLIFE G the applicable MLB entities. AMBER FLUTED CHAMPAGNE G NEW! COUNTRY LIGHT G DISNEY TINKER BELL: BOSTON RED SOX™ FAITH, TRUST & PIXIE DUST 12" tall, 40W 5" tall, 25W Visit MLB.com SHADE G 7" tall, 40W CHARRED G 7" tall, 40W 4.5" tall, element 8.5" tall, 25W 6.5" tall, 20W SCENTSY WARMER‡ G 6" tall, 25W ©Disney MIDNIGHT ZEN ROCK H NEW! $ 45 WARMERS (CONT.) COPPER R 3.5" tall, element ALABASTER G BELIEVE BELIEVE IN YOUR BUCKAROO R BURLAP STAR H CHANTILLY LACE G CHASING 3.5" tall, element 3.5" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W DREAMS G 4" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W FIREFLIES G ceramic ceramic 4" tall, 15W ceramic ceramic ceramic 3.5" tall, 15W glass ceramic $20 MINI WARMERS (CONT.) COUNTRY DACHSHUND C NEW! FRENCHIE R GRATEFUL, MENDED G MOSAIC OPEN PLAINS PARLOR G RUSTIC LIVING G 7" tall, element DAINTY DAISY G 9.5" tall, element THANKFUL, 6" tall, 25W MIST G 3.5" tall, element 7" tall, 40W RANCH G 8" tall, 20W 6" tall, 20W BLESSED G 6" tall, 25W 7" tall, 40W 7.5" tall, 25W NEW! $40 WARMERS CRANBERRY CRAZY DREAM IT, GLITTER GOLD G GLITTER SILVER G HAPPY CAMPER G HOME IS WHERE HOME IS WHERE ETCHED CORE G GLASS G HOT MESS G LIVE IT, LOVE IT G 3.5" tall, 15W 4" tall, 15W 4" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W MY CAT IS H® MY DOG IS H® 3.5" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic glass glass ceramic 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic glass ceramic ceramic $20 MINI WARMERS (CONT.) NEW! LITTLE GARDEN H OLIVE BUCKET G PEACE & NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! SWEETGRASS UNBRIDLED G EVERY MOMENT 3.5" tall, element 7.5" tall, 40W PROSPERITY R PEAR-FECT R PRESSED TIN H SERENE G SOUTHWEST BASKET H 6" tall, 25W MATTERS G 7.5" tall, element 7.5" tall, element 6" tall, 25W 6.5" tall, 25W SPLENDOR H 7.5" tall, 20W 6" tall, 25W 3.5" tall, element C = Crackle glaze H® = Hand painted + reactive glaze L=M Final product may NEW! G = Glows when lit ulticolor light display vary from images LILY GARDEN G LIVE SIMPLY H® MORNING SUNRISE G PINK SOUTHERN TEA ROSE G VINTAGE GLASS G WHOOT G SEASHORE G H = Hand painted R = Reactive glaze shown in catalog. 4" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W WATERCOLOR G 4.5" tall, 15W HOSPITALITY 3.5" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W 3.5" tall, 15W glass ceramic glass 4" tall, 15W, glass metal 6" tall, 15W, ceramic ceramic glass ceramic *Requires two half-price items to save 50 percent. Not available for Perpetual Party Rewards. U.S. patent pending. † Cannot be purchased in Bundle & Save. ‡ Cannot be purchased using Host Rewards, Perpetual Party Rewards or in Bundle & Save. $20 MINI WARMERS (CONT.) $50* SCENTSY GO $35* SCENTSY GO $25 WALL FAN DIFFUSERS SCENT KIDS (CONT.) PETS SCENTSY PETS LIMITED-TIME-ONLY SCENTSY BUDDIES Scentsy Buddies are available only while supplies last, so contact your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website to see A fun-loving friend for all, Lenny the which ones are available now. Freshen up your Lamb will be available for purchase WILDLIFE G ROSE GOLD L 5.5" tall SILVER L 5.5" tall SOLID 5.5" tall NEW! SPIN NEW! STACK NEW! STAR NEW! FRAGRANCE ROOM SPRAY SCENT CIRCLE throughout the catalog season STARTING AT $25, INCLUDES ONE SCENT PAK furry f riends! 4" tall, 15W 5" tall 5" tall 5" tall FLOWER $8 $3 LENNY THE LAMB and beyond. glass $16 $25 SCENT (CONT.) LAUNDRY KIDS (CONT.) BLANKIE BUDDIES $20-$24 NEW! NEW! SCENTSY SCENTSY SCENTSY OIL SCENTSY PODS TRAVEL TIN BOO EVA THE MOE SCENT PAK SCENTSY BAR CAR BAR $10-$24 Pack of 2, $10 $5 DRYER DISKS LAUNDRY SCENT SOFT ZOE $7 $6 CAR BAR CLIP Pack of 2, $7 LIQUID 32 fl. oz., $16 THE BEAR ELEPHANT THE MONKEY THE UNICORN $6 Pack of 2, $9 in JAMMY TIME in JAMMY TIME in JAMMY TIME 20 fl. oz., $16 in BERRY FAIRY TALE LAUNDRY (CONT.) CLEAN SCENTSY BODY ACCESSORIES $1 5 CO RD - CO N C E AL I NG $1 0 WARM E R WARM E R STAN D S STAND S Stylishly showcase your warmer while keeping any Protect surfaces in style. unused portion of the cord hidden. WASHER WHIFFS ALL-PURPOSE BATHROOM COUNTER DISH SOAP SCENTSY BATH BOMB BODY CREAM 16 oz., $12 CONCENTRATE CLEANER CLEAN 16 fl. oz., $10 FRESH 5.3 oz., $8 8 fl. oz., $13 48 oz., $30 24 fl. oz., $18 16 fl. oz., $8 16 fl. oz., $10 16 fl. oz., $12 BIRCHWOOD BRANCH ROUND 1.5" tall 1.5" tall SCENTSY BODY (CONT.) THE DISNEY COLLECTION‡ NEW! NEW! NEW! BEST BUD SUDS FRESHEN UP PUP DOG NO KNOT SPOT DOG PET SHAMPOO DEODORIZING SPRAY DETANGLING SPRAY STENCIL TIN TRACKS 1.5" tall 1.5" tall 1.5" tall SQUARE 16 fl. oz., $15 8 fl. oz., $10 8 fl. oz., $10 M I NI WARM E R TAB L E TO P B AS E S $1 5 for ceramic and metal for glass mini warmers Display your glass, ceramic or metal mini mini warmers SCENT CIRCLE SCENT PAK SCENTSY BAR warmer on any flat surface. NEW! $3.25 $7.50 $6.50 BODY WASH FRAGRANCE MIST† HAND CREAM HAND SOAP LOTION SCENTSY SOAK 7.7 fl. oz., $9 4.2 fl. oz., $9 2.7 fl. oz., $9 7.7 fl. oz., $6 7.7 fl. oz., $11 2 lbs., $12 To shop the full selection of Disney fragrances, see page 34 of the catalog. ©Disney L I G HT B U L B S Eligible for Scentsy Club! Ask your Consultant for details. THE DISNEY COLLECTION‡ (CONT.) WARMERS $55 SCENTSY BUDDIES (includes one Scent Pak) SCENTSY SIDEKICKS $24 EACH DISNEY TINKER BELL 15-WATT 20-WATT 25-WATT 40-WATT GREEN ORANGE RED YELLOW BULB BULB BULB EDISON 25-WATT 25-WATT 25-WATT 25-WATT FAITH, TRUST & 1 - $2 1 - $2 1 - $2 BULB BULB BULB BULB BULB PIXIE DUST SCENTSY 3-pack - $5 3-pack - $5 3-pack - $5 1 - $6 1 - $2 1 - $2 1 - $2 1 - $2 WARMER G NEW! NEW! $50 § 6" tall, 25W MICKEY MOUSE MINNIE MOUSE MICKEY MOUSE MINNIE MOUSE DONALD DUCK DAISY DUCK NEW! NEW! BAMBI in THUMPER in CLASSIC CURVE H 8" tall, 25W CLASSIC CURVE H 8.5" tall, 25W $40 $40 $35 $35 GOOFY $35 PLUTO $35 TWITTERPATED TWITTERPATED S C E NTSY G O WRAP S $ 5 From Sept. 1, 2019, to Feb. 29, ©Disney 2020, Scentsy will donate Express yourself with vibrant decals that adhere right to your Scentsy Go or Scentsy Go Solid. Choose the designs $7 from the sale of each KIDS that most speak to you, then swap them out when Disney Tinker Bell: Faith, you’re ready for a change! Trust & Pixie Dust – Scentsy SIDEKICKS $20 EACH SCENTSY FRIENDS $40 (includes one Scent Pak) BUDDY CLIPS $15 ABSTRACT NEW! Warmer to Make-A-Wish, HADDIE THE COLLIE in SUNKISSED CITRUS with a minimum guaranteed donation of $100,000. CALYPSO THE UNICORN in BERRY FAIRY TALE BLOOM EXPLORE FARAH THE FLAMINGO in CRAZY COCONUT NEW! NEW! DILLY THE DOG DIVA THE UNICORN CAPRI & CALYPSO EMILY & ELIZA SIERRA & NEW! HOBO THE CAT in SUNKISSED CITRUS #WarmTheHeart & FINLEY THE FROG in BERRY FAIRY TALE THE UNICORN THE ELEPHANT SWEETIE PIE THE LAMB ©Disney §Cannot be purchased using Host Rewards, Perpetual Party Rewards or in Bundle & Save. in CANDY CRAVE ZIP in CANDY CRAVE RELAX SCENTSY SPIRIT *Cannot be purchased in Bundle & Save. † Does not ship to APO/FPO or Guam. Cannot be purchased using Host Rewards or Perpetual Party Rewards. ‡ HONEY PEAR CIDER FRESH LAVENDER COTTON MYSTERY MAN SC E N TSY CARAMEL VANILLA DELIGHT SPICE MAPLE APPLE BOURBON The scent of pure Find your magical Warm WHITE CEDAR, spice fresh 15 mL EACH VANILLA ICE CREAM, autumn bliss — fresh, moment in PURPLE green VERBENA and JUICY RED APPLE and liquid CARAMEL and a JUICY PEAR and sweet LAVENDER, SOFT citrusy BERGAMOT in Crafted from the finest natural ingredients around the globe, our oils offer an elegant fragrance RICH MAPLE get in the splash of WHITE RUM. HONEY together with COTTON and DAISY a perfectly spiced, holiday spirit with a subtle hints of SPICES. BLOSSOM. experience in everything from singular scents to more complex blends. SPLASH OF BOURBON. sensual fragrance. CHURRO, CHURRO! ALOE WATER & CUCUMBER NEWBORN NURSERY N ATU RAL O IL B L E ND S Scentsy-exclusive blends of naturally derived ingredients and pure ESSENTIAL OILS 100% ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS PERFECTLY POMEGRANATE PORCH PUMPKIN essential oils. Recommended for fragrance lovers and those who want to branch out.  pure essential oils.  Recommended Pure essential oil blends. Recommended APPLE & CINNAMON STICKS PUMPKIN CINNAMON SWIRL BAKED PASTRY sprinkled with ALOE WATER, FRESH, CLEAN and Take to the top step for essential oil lovers who like things pure for essential oil lovers who want a more Dark and juicy CUCUMBER PEEL, POWDERY, this dreamy Fresh PUMPKIN CINNAMON SUGAR PALM FROND and with FRESH-PICKED and simple. intricate fragrance. APPLE PEEL, SPICED POMEGRANATE with a scent evokes memories garnished with captures that heavenly PINEAPPLE NECTAR are PUMPKIN, ACORN and WHITE PUMPKIN and a sweet BERRY finish; of cradling your little ALOE GERANIUM GRAPEFRUIT BLOOD ORANGE EUCALYPTUS 100% PURE CALM touch of OAK. CINNAMON STICK and a dollop of churro charm. this is a classic. oh-so-mellow. ones. AUTUMN AIR. Soothing ALOE WATER and GERANIUM Paradise found! Tropical ZESTY LIME plays with PINK GRAPEFRUIT and ESSENTIAL OIL Unwind with comforting GINGER whipped ICING. AMAZON RAIN NOW & ZEN brightened by a subtle splash of GRAPEFRUIT. $10 and bright LEMONGRASS. Notes AUTUMN HEARTH GINGERBREAD DONUT RED CEDAR & SAGE BLOOD ORANGE. $10 Derived from the leaves of of VETIVER and PETITGRAIN add PRICKLY PEAR & AGAVE Set off on a rainforest SUNNY GRAPEFRUIT AWESOME APPLE EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS for its balance and serenity. $24 WELCOME HOME Heavenly GOLDEN romp swirling with balances CALMING Run free through RED A golden HONEYCRISP APPLE sprinkled with JASMINE WHITE TEA green, herbal qualities. This bold oil creates a bracing, cleansing Cue up a classic! APPLE, CINNAMON and Warm and welcoming GINGERBREAD, SPICED DONUT and PRICKLY PEAR and AGAVE are sweet as a desert sweet notes of MELON, ORANGE ZEST, CHAMOMILE in a yin CEDAR, SAGE and fresh FOREST GREENS. SUGARCANE and fresh-ground CINNAMON. $12 Long revered for its romantic leanings, and yang kind of love JASMINE sets a sensual mood while fragrance. $12 CLEAR TONKA are all about fall. with CINNAMON and SPICES. VANILLA BEAN. sunset behind a dreamy veil of SHEER PETALS. COCONUT MILK and sultry night-blooming story. LEMONGRASS, MANDARIN and Sharpen your senses with cleansing CEDARWOOD PINE BERGAMOT softly brighten the edges. $10 EUCALYPTUS and cooling AUTUMN SUNSET HUG IN A MUG JASMINE. SHEER LEATHER Explore a wooded wonderland lined with LAVENDER 100% PURE PEPPERMINT as balmy LAVENDER SEA SALT & AVOCADO BY THE SEA PERFECT PEPPERMINT Slip into something LAVENDER LIME ESSENTIAL OIL BAKERY CEDARWOOD, PINE and fresh FIR BALSAM. $12 and refreshing FIR NEEDLE bring APPLES, PUMPKINS, fall more sensual, like Curl up with You do you, while PINK Cooler than most. bakery Loads of LAVENDER with a twist of LIME clarity and breezy freshness. $16 leaves and SPICES — a The scent of OCEAN air BERGAMOT, Classic LAVANDULA CHOCOLATE, SEA SALT, Valencia PURE PEPPERMINT is top-10 fragrance. wafting through dewy, CHERRY BERRY CHAMOMILE and hints of FIR NEEDLE and SANDALWOOD. $10 ANGUSTIFOLIA is known for its HAZELNUT and COOKIE DOUGH. ORANGE and creamy SEASIDE GRASS. the popular kid you’ll love to love. a subtle HINT OF LEATHER and HEIRLOOM PEACH, sweet CHERRY and MIXED BERRIES mellow out with ROMAN exquisite perfume. The essence of calm and relaxation, it is equally DASH AVOCADO keep your spirit in flight. SANDALWOOD. LEMON LAVENDER RAIN Crisp LIME purifies the spirit, BLOOD ORANGE SPICE APPLE BUTTER FROSTING MOCHADOODLE PINK COTTON CHAMOMILE. $10 floral, sweet and herbaceous. $22 while tart LEMON ZEST and fresh CLEAN BREEZE VERY SNOWY SPRUCE LEMON and LAVENDER splashed ORANGE put a skip in your step. $12 This sweet-tart trio A heartwarming SNOWBERRY Find your fantasy on CINNAMON CHERRY VANILLA with fresh DEW DROPS. $10 LEMON 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL of CANDIED APPLE, medley of CINNAMON- Delicious roasted COFFEE BEANS and Luscious blend White FLORALS with a touch of spring; this is a cloud of CLEAN Breathe in fresh forest air: BALSAM, SPRUCE CHERRY and CINNAMON sweeten up rich LOTS O’ LEMON Crisp, rejuvenating CITRUS LIMON BLOOD ORANGE SPICED APPLES and COCOA, balanced with of LOGANBERRY, the scent of fresh, COTTON swirled with and CEDAR BRANCHES BUTTERY NOTES. $10 LEMON and LIME mingle with BERGAMOT keeps your senses sharp. $10 REST PUREE and CINNAMON STICK will satisfy your decadent VANILLA SUGAR, CARAMEL and STRAWBERRY, PEPPERMINT and clean LAUNDRY. fruity PINK BERRIES embrace the warmth of Drift into a relaxing state with BUTTERCREAM. HEAVY CREAM. and VANILLA SUGAR. amber and woody PINE for an invigorating blend. $10 autumn obsession. zesty CINNAMON. CLEMENTINE HUCKLEBERRY calming LAVENDER and sweet PUMPKIN ROLL CLOTHESLINE CONES. PEPPERMINT 100% PURE ORANGE BLOSSOM while APPLE CHERRY STRUDEL VERY MERRY CRANBERRY SILVER BELLS Sweet, citrusy CLEMENTINE and fresh MARSHMALLOW BUTTERCREAM ESSENTIAL OIL MANDARIN and ELEMI help soften Creamy PUMPKIN Crisp GREENS, ORANGE WEATHERED LEATHER HUCKLEBERRY spiked with SUGARED PLUM. $12 Cloud nine calls from layers of your environment. $24 CHRISTMAS COTTAGE GRANNY SMITH, PIE filling surrounded Lush, red WINTER FLOWER, creamy MINT CANDY CANES Uplifting, cooling peppermint infuses VIOLET and white and WINTER PEAR Step into an old- MARSHMALLOW FLUFF, WHIPPED CHERRY and VANILLA with YELLOW CAKE, BERRIES pop against enveloped in a blanket COCOA ESPRESSO MINT BUTTERCREAM and COZY VANILLA. $12 a room with clarifying freshness. Our MENTHA PIPERITA is A cozy, inviting blend of VALENCIA ORANGES, DRIZZLE insist on PECANS, BUTTER and a backdrop of snow- wicker basket will let you savor the scent of of CARAMEL and fashioned saddle shop brimming with DARK A great perk-me-up! DARK CHOCOLATE RASPBERRIES, CLOVES dessert first. SPICE. covered CEDAR, VANILLA SUGAR. SUEDE, TOOLED loved for its aromatic just-washed LAUNDRY. and PEPPERMINT with a caffeinated kick of VANILLA. $10 PASSION FRUIT BAMBOO FLOWER qualities. $16 and SPICES. creating a lovely winter landscape. LEATHER and vintage BAMBOO FLOWER gets pumped up by CIDER MILL BAKED APPLE PIE STROOPWAFEL DELIGHT COZY CARDIGAN VANILLAMINT saddles over a backdrop of OAK. COCONUT SUGAR PASSION FRUIT and RED GUAVA. $12 TEA TREE 100% PURE A cozy twist on a WINTERBERRY APPLE TEA Find bedded bliss in WINTERGREEN FROST COCONUT SUGAR, CREAMY VANILLA Brings together fresh Flaky crust, APPLES and traditional Dutch layers of SOFT SUEDE, sparkles over VANILLA with a swirl of BING CHERRY. $10 RED CURRANT RASPBERRY ESSENTIAL OIL APPLES, crushed SPICES combined in a treat made with WINTER TEA cozies BLUSHING ROSE and and FROZEN CITRUS. Rich, earthy PUMPKIN and strong scent. creamy VANILLA, rich up to CRANBERRY, AMBER SILK. RED CURRANT, RASPBERRY and a touch COTTON BLOSSOM TANGERINE of STAR ANISE are a little tangy, a little MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA simmering SPICES for a cozy autumn treat. MELTED BUTTER and CINNAMON. APPLE and HONEY. Breezy COTTON BLOSSOM gets a sweet fruity and all bliss. $10 soothes and BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE ESKIMO KISS WOODS TANGERINE touch. $12 refreshes. $18 CINNAMON BEAR SUGAR COOKIE BLACKBERRY JAM, TWINKLE TWINKLE CITRUS woods EUCALYPTUS LAVENDER MINT Let CHAMOMILE, EUCALYPTUS and Thick, rich NY Warm, sweet blend caramelized BROWN citrus Crisp, spicy CINNAMON CHEESECAKE with a SUGAR, VANILLA Soak in a fragrant whirlpool of relaxing of BUTTER, sugar and LAVENDER soothe them to sleep. $10 with a touch of CLOVES. light GRAHAM CRACKER and AMBER in a softly LOVE & KISSES, MINNIE new releases LAVENDER flower, uplifting MINT, energizing CREAMY VANILLA. crust and delicious romantic scent. EUCALYPTUS and encouraging NUTMEG. $10 VANILLA CINNAMON CLOVE BLUEBERRIES. VANILLA BEAN The sweetest girl is the FIG VIOLET Settle into the welcoming warmth of VANILLA CINNAMON VANILLA BLUEBERRY PANCAKES BLUE GROTTO FIDDLE LEAF FIG BE MERRY one you never forget. Earthy CASSIS joins FIG and VIOLET for perfumed by aromatic CINNAMON and spicy BUTTERCREAM A botanical haven Joy abounds in PINE And this fragrance, bursting with bright CLOVE in this nurturing natural scent. $10 Inviting blend of Run away with fresh the perfect fusion. $10 BLUEBERRY and Decadent brimming with WILD BOUGHS dotted with RED BERRIES, FRESH BLOOD ORANGE SPICE GRAPEFRUIT & GRENADINE VANILLA BEANS, CINNAMON, COCONUT BUTTER accord over BUTTERCREAM frosting TROPICAL notes, FERN, MISSION FIG HOLLY LEAF and APRICOT and CREAMY sweet CITRUS and LIGHT MAPLE make the made with the freshest and hints of CRUSHED CASSIS. VANILLA, captures her HOLIDAY This sweet-tart trio of Splashes of SPARKLING and CASSIA. LUSH BOTANICALS. mood. butter whipped with ROSEMARY and everlasting charm. CANDIED APPLE, BLOOD GRAPEFRUIT and JUICY holiday CANE SUGAR and COCONUT WATER. ORANGE PUREE and POMEGRANATE are CEDAR CIDER CLOVE & CINNAMON BREAKFAST BLEND VANILLA extract. COCONUT LEMONGRASS S C E N TSY CINNAMON STICK will satisfy your autumn garnished with ZESTY ORANGE PEEL in the Classic scent of Get buzzed on the Creamy, tropical FRENCH LAVENDER An autumn medley of the reddest APPLES, MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS FRUITY obsession. ultimate merry mocktail. COCONUT and sunny, Pure, HERBAL fragrance CINNAMON STICKS and CINNAMON STICKS pure scent of rich, This medley of wax and fragrance bright LEMONGRASS. of WILD LAVENDER VANILLA BEANS nestled fruity fused with CLOVES. Celebrate everlasting BE MERRY PERFECT PEPPERMINT BROWNIE BATTER HUCKLEBERRY WREATH JUST-BREWED from the hills of France. among fragrant WHITE friendship with a delivers multilayered sc
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