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Ashfield Fall Festival Oct 12–13 A N A L L - V O L U N T E E R N O N - P R O F I T M O N T H LY N E W S PA P E R S I N C E 1 9 7 6 VOL XLIII NO 10 OCTOBER 2019…
Ashfield Fall Festival Oct 12–13 A N A L L - V O L U N T E E R N O N - P R O F I T M O N T H LY N E W S PA P E R S I N C E 1 9 7 6 VOL XLIII NO 10 OCTOBER 2019 FREE TO RESIDENTS GREG RUT H Fall Tradition Broadband 50 years of festival history Back on Track by jody hall New contractor ready to start Fall Festival started in 1969 as the “October 4 by david kulp Fair” — the same weekend as Conway’s three-day (8th annual) Festival of the Hills. In an unexpected turn of events, Ashfield There were clear skies and a nip was in the air. signed a new contract with a construction St. John’s Vestry minutes record little other contractor at a lower price than the previous than a request in September for “balsam contract with an immediate start date. needles to stuff pillows in preparing for the On August 14, the telecommunication October 4 Fair” — the first fall fund-raising company Infinigy backed out of its contract event of its kind in Ashfield. The Fair netted a with Ashfield. The company had been hired whopping $911.64 ($6,373 in today’s dollars)! to build the fiber-optic distribution network According to the minutes it was “an exclusive for $1.1M. St. John’s enterprise” and deemed “very The town immediately advertised for bids successful.” for a new contract. Ashfield received four bids These were the years when the two on September 18, the lowest from Sertex LLC churches shared occasional services, a Sunday for $1,065,000. The company is prepared to School, facilities, a minister and housing for begin the project immediately. the minister and family. For the most part, Surprisingly, Infinigy bid again on the new each church had its own fundraiser, with the contract, but it ranked last at $1.53M. exception of an occasional joint auction. The Sertex has over twenty years of experience Ladies’ Circle minutes of the First Church in the telecommunication industry and record its main fundraiser in the late 1960s expertise building fiber-optic networks. The and into the 1970s as its Annual Fair in July, company has finished or is nearing comple- the profits of which in 1969 were $340.45 tion of network construction for the towns of KEN KIPEN ($2,380 in today’s dollars). Rowe, Otis and New Ashford and is under Not surprisingly, St. John’s repeated the contract with Leyden and Washington. fair in 1970, calling it this time alternately Fall Festival evolved from a small church fair in 1969 to a community-wide event by the mid-1970s. The Select Board “Autumn Festival’ and “Fall Festival.” It was authorized the advertised for the first time in the Greenfield contract on Septem- A bid at a lower Recorder (9/23/1970) as “Autumn Festival” to be held on October 3rd and 4th in lower Town Hall — events listed: attic treasures and Fall Festival Invests in Youth ber 30. A kick-off meeting for the project is planned price than the previous closet clutter (Mrs. Robert Shepard), books Annual event fosters Izaya Romer (10) plans to give 10% of the for the second week contract with (Clayton Craft), homemade food featuring community spirit, arts, fun, profits from his Festival cork gun game to the of October. Con- an immediate apple pies (Louise Harriman), apples and Town. “Have you heard about the Scholarship struction is required start date. Vermont cheese (Philip Dater) and snack bar food, entrepreneurship Fund?” I ask. He hadn’t. Most ten-year-olds to be completed in (Marian Gray). St. John’s invited the Grange aren’t thinking much about college. I explain six months. and the Ladies’ Circle to participate — they by jody hall that the money he donates to the Fund will The town is under contract with Palmeri offered a food sale and gift and attic treasure help pay for education beyond high school. “I Electric in Shelburne Falls to renovate a tables respectively. St. John’s netted $595.75. Fall Festival raises scholarship funds for don’t know anyone in college now, but my portion of the library basement to house the In 1970, two developments emerged that Ashfield residents to pursue higher education brother Quinton will be going in a couple of network hub. That project is being managed would set the course of Fall Festival’s evolu- and continuing education. In addition to years,” he says. by Roy Brown Architects in Wilbraham and tion. Reporting about St. John’s successful scholarships for individuals, Ashfield organi- Tristan Romer, his son Izaya and I are has been slow to start since the award on weekend at a late fall Ladies’ Circle meeting, zations can seek funds for educational sitting at a table in their woodworking shop September 3. A substantial delay in that Ruth Craft, president of St. John’s (ladies’) activities that benefit Ashfield residents. The off Spruce Corner Road. “Somebody said that renovation could delay the project. Guild announced that the fair included an funding of scholarships is a core purpose of Ashfield kids think Fall Festival is the next In early September a WG&E subcontractor “Art Exhibit,” some of the profits of which the countless hours of volunteer work needed best thing to the December holiday season. placed a conduit box underground and bored would be the start of a Citizens’ Scholarship to mount a two-day event for thousands of What do you think?” I ask Izaya. “It’s better. a hole into the basement foundation in for local students. It is Mimi Pieropan who visitors. All participating vendors, food I’ve kind of grown out of Christmas. At the preparation for the hub renovation and fiber deserves the credit for setting in motion these concessions, artists, craftspeople, service fair I get to interact with people and roam installation. A heavy rain immediately two long-lasting keystones of the Festival. organizations and businesses are asked to around freely with my friends. This year I’ve following that work caused substantial Many years later, in 2009, David Fessenden contribute 10% of their gross income, from got my own business — before this I worked continued on page 10 videoed a panel of early Festival leaders in $100 to $1,300, to the Ashfield Citizens’ on my brother’s — and can put even more which Ruth Craft states that Mimi introduced Scholarship Fall Festival Fund. Visitors money in my savings account.” I ask Izaya the idea of showing arts and crafts. “Norm parking their cars in the Meadow Lane lot are what he’s learned in being part of a small Pike was a woodworker and I was a painter,” Mimi said, “and we had a lot of friends who asked for donations. All contributions are welcome. As a result, from 2014 to 2018 Fall business. “I used to be shy but I’ve learned how to interact with other people. Now it’s Park Forum did art and craft.” At some point in the early Festival contributed each year an average of enjoyable.” Public Meeting About Town Beach And Park 1970s, Norm and Mimi moved the arts and $11,810 to the Fund. continued on page 6 October 16 7 p.m. crafts to the upper Town Hall. The idea for a scholarship fund came during the 1970 Mohawk graduation, when Mimi noticed there were no scholarships going to Ashfield graduates; they went to graduates from other towns. Residents Mull Senior Needs broadband, buildings, bridges, and highway and emergency equipment. Forum participants spoke about numerous Over the course of the next few years, as Tepid support for Senior expand the Senior Center. Such an expansion concerns of the town’s aging population, often the fair solidified as Fall Festival and grew by is likely to cost Ashfield at least $350,000 and referring to their own predicaments or those leaps and bounds, exhibits of arts and crafts Center expansion probably much more, according to Carter. of close friends or neighbors; frequently an and money raised for scholarships emerged as by david kulp The forum was intended to assess residents’ audience member would respond to a the core of the Festival. St. John’s role in Fall priorities for Ashfield’s senior citizens, concern with information about an existing Festival became equivalent with the many About fifty residents attended a public forum particularly in light service already available through the three- organizations and community groups who to discuss the needs of Ashfield’s aging of the town’s many town Senior Center. joined the action. The first issue of The residents and the prospect of funding the “Capital other capital Ashfield News in 1976 noted its growth from a construction of a new Senior Center in projects. Transportation priorities are small church fair to a community-wide event. Shelburne Falls. “Capital priorities A senior expressed concern about transporta- The 1976 festival was “a financial success, According to the forum moderator, Tom like black flies are like black flies in tion to appointments if she could no longer yielding The Citizen’s Scholarship Fund well Carter, the meeting was called because in June.” June,” said Carter as drive. Carl Satterfield said, “There is a over last year’s $600.” ($2,800 in today’s Ashfield’s Senior Center advisory group is —  Tom Carter he enumerated other five-step method to get almost anywhere. Take dollars). feeling frustrated after four years of effort to needs, including five steps to the phone. Press seven numbers [for the Senior Center] and they will arrange transportation for you.” PITTSFIELD MA 01201 Sally Yates said that her doctors are at the U.S. POSTAGE PAID INSIDE Berkshire Medical Center, and Doug Field PERMIT 137 PRSRT STD clarified that FRTA transportation contracted FILMFEST PARKS ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION through the Senior Center is only available in And the Boat Roundup Sanderson Franklin County. Tiertza-leah Schwartz spoke in favor of expanding transportation services Winner Is... Removal Protest The school year has begun and the Local Educational outside of Franklin County. Check out the winners of The season is drawing to a Concerned citizens are According to the Senior Center website, Council reports on multiple there is also a volunteer network available the 13th Film Festival. close and all boats must be challenging the use of creative programs being when the FRTA is not able to provide trans- Read about the African removed from the lakeside by glyphosate by Eversource. initiated at the school. portation. Volunteer drivers are reimbursed documentary, Sambene!, October 31! New state legislation is and the panel discussion that being considered to curb for mileage. followed the showing. herbicide and pesticide Health Services usage. Evelyn Resh spoke of the value of per- son-to-person health care provided in town. continued on page 11 PAGE 5 PAGE 6 PAGE 10 PAGE 10 2 THE ASHFIELD NEWS OCTOBER 2019 L E TTER S The Ashfield News Dear Editor: Dear Editor: Dear Editor: An all-volunteer, non-profit Shorter days mean a lot of things, like the end Having a seed lending library in town is I write in response to the September Ashfield newspaper published monthly by: of summer harvest, cozy nights, and also Outta-this-World-Awesome because: News article describing the overwhelming The Ashfield News, Inc. more car travel in the dark. As we enjoy less 1 It promotes equal access to healthy food problems now confronting the Park Commis- PO Box 181, Ashfield MA 01330 light, consider being mindful of the animals for all sion at the Ashfield Town Beach. editor who are now crossing our paths more. 2 It supports seed sovereignty in our Because it is governed under the General David Kulp On this past fall equinox I stopped to community Law of Great Ponds, the public must be able layout and design move a barred owl that a car hit and was 3 It’s beyond rad to grow your own food for to access the lake for boating and fishing. Diane Sibley killed. I keep a small shovel in my trunk to FREE Because Ashfield does offer a boat launch move animals when there is time. Mostly I area, it is my understanding that the Town of copy editor As we harvest our gardens this year — veggie, move them because it protects carrion-eating Ashfield is now in compliance with the Great Kit Nylen fruit and flower — please think about saving birds from also being hit by cars while they Pond regulation. (There are also several places Bill Hall some seeds to donate to the seed lending scavenge, but this time I did it because the where non-Ashfield persons can enter the lake reporters library located in the rear entrance of the owl was too beautiful to leave, and I don’t for swimming.) Jody Hall Belding Memorial Library. We are accepting think the Migratory Bird Act prohibits When it comes to the Milo M Belding, Jr. Bill Hall all types of organically grown seeds (unless moving something off of the road. It was Memorial Park, the following stipulation of you grew multiple varieties of squashes, photography fairly early in the morning, and I imagine that the Milo M. Belding, Jr. Trust applies: because they can cross pollinate and yield Gregory Thorp the owl was hunting in the lightening day. “It being a condition of this transfer and weird crosses in years to come) and we will David Fessenden Last winter, just before the spring daylight dedication of such park to public use that no store them through the winter in a dark, dry savings time change, I saw far more birds hit part thereof…shall [be used] in any way that banner artwork and cool environment until next spring. The in just a few days than ever, because their will impair its beauty or interfere with its free Greg Ruth library has many books and resources on seed schedules don’t change like ours do. and uninterrupted use as a pleasure resort for bookkeeper saving and you can start with the easy seeds The day after this equinox, though fall is the inhabitants of the town.” Megan Perry such as beans and peas. Donate a seed, or two coming on, there was a hatch of snapping If the Town Beach continues to be overrun or twenty. Many of us live in this community subscriptions turtles, and quite a few casualties in neighbor- by out of town persons, most certainly that because we love being self-reliant and helping Anna Fessenden hood streets, though speeds are posted slow influx of people is interfering with “the free our neighbors, so let’s make the second year enough to avoid them. and uninterrupted use” of the beach/park by circulation of our seed lending library better than the What can we do to protect the animals Ashfield town residents. David Kulp first. I look forward to seeing where we take it Anna Fessenden whose paths we cross? Keep our eyes open and The issue is whether or not the free speech next year. Larry Parnass slow down a bit. I too am often running late and assembly ruling noted by Town Counsel to work, and feel the need to make up the Peace and Ever Loving Seed Saving, supersedes the stipulations of the trust. for information including advertising contact time, but higher speeds significantly reduce Esther Coler I am not a lawyer and have not reviewed David Kulp 413.628.1045 reaction time, and they don’t really get me cases related to our situation in Ashfield. anywhere faster. Perhaps the smaller animals However, I strongly believe that it is a sad day ad rates are not of concern to everyone, but the rut is when conditions of public trusts are violated, $6.50 per column inch coming up, which should have us all watching overruled by case law or otherwise $5.50 with 12-month the roadsides carefully as we go along our way. overlooked. commitment billed quarterly $5.25 with prepaid Megan Perry Gail Abbott 12-month commitment out-of-town yearly subscriptions M ILES TO NES us: $15 Please send all ads, articles, and correspondences to She was a member of the Ashfield Histori- cal Society, the Horse Draw Association, and Facebook: @ashfieldnews the First Congregational Church of Ashfield. She was active in the church and also served ashfield news board of directors as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts troop leader in David Kulp, chair her earlier years. In her free time, she enjoyed Larry Parnass camping and traveling to visit family and Diane Sibley friends. Faye Whitney-Lussier She is survived by her son Russell A. (Judith) Roberts, 10 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and several great-great grandchildren. The submission deadline Hilary Sloin Memorial for the November issue is October 27. Join The Western Mass Recovery Learning Dorothy Roberts Community in Greenfield on Saturday October 19 from 1–2 p.m. at 1 Osgood Street 1920–2019 in Greenfield for a Celebration of Life for Hilary Sloin. We will have pizza and water Peter Elenois EASY MATH ANSWER ON PAGE 10 EZ Math! © We7 2019 Dorothy “Dot” (Harrison) Roberts, 99, of 349 Haydenville Road, formerly of Ashfield, died during the event. This will be a space for folks to share memories and have space read from 1934–2019 Place all the numbers in the top area DIRECTLY Friday, September 20th, at her home. her book if wanted. DOWN into one of the rows so that the four She was born in Boston, January 22, 1920, For more information contact aj@ Peter Elenois, the only child of Peter and the daughter of Thomas and Catherine Theresa Elenois, was born in Johnson City, a simple mathematical equations are accurate. (Beaton) Harrison. Dot married Gilbert suburb of Binghamton, New York. His father 2 3 1 1 4 4 1 0 0 9 “Gibby” Wesley Roberts in 1939. They was born in Turkey in 1891, but was a Greek 9 5 5 2 6 6 6 1 3 enjoyed 60 years of marriage, until his death citizen and a Merchant Marine Sailor. Peter’s 7 9 7 8 3 3 in 2000. mother was born in Czechoslovakia in 1892, 9 In addition to her beloved husband, she in what was then the Hapsburg Empire, and 5 1 + 4 8 = 9 9 was preceded in death by her son, Gilbert went into service for the family of a minor 7 9 6 6 = 1 3 Wesley Roberts, Jr, daughters, Marianne Craft nobleman in Vienna. She eventually became ‫ן‬ 2 5 x 2 4 = 6 0 0 and Judith Provost, and grandson, Wes responsible for all the servants in that 9 3 1 ÷ 7 = 1 3 3 Roberts. household. She and Peter’s father met in New Dot was a bookkeeper for the family York City and moved out to Binghamton. business, Roberts Brothers Lumber Company Theresa died of cancer when Peter was only and also owned and operated the In-Glen five, and his father, mindful of his son’s need Dress Shop, both in Ashfield. for care and stability, quickly remarried. Peter’s stepmother, Elizabeth, gave birth to Peter’s half-sister, Barbara, when Peter was seven. While Peter’s father was Greek Ortho- dox, the family became involved with the local Episcopal Church, All Saints. Peter’s love of the Liturgy seems to have developed in those years. He graduated from Tufts University in Mollie Tobey and 1955, and went right into the Religious Life, becoming a member of the Society of St. John Nicholas Marscher the Evangelist, a community of a dozen or so members at the time, and taking the name in Hilary Ince of Greenfield and Ashfield, Robert religion, Brother Philip. The Monastery is Tobey of Greenfield, and Steve & Emma located just off of Harvard Square in Cam- Marscher of Greenfield are delighted to bridge, MA. The Order had been founded in announce the engagement of their children, England during the previous century and Mollie Delena Tobey and Nicholas Stephen consisted primarily of Priests living by a strict Marscher. Mollie graduated from Fitchburg Rule of Life, whose primary work involved State University in 2016 with a Bachelors of leading Parish Retreats and Quiet Days. The Science in Nursing, and has worked as an RN American Congregation followed this pattern, at Boston Medical Center and Brigham and but there were a few Lay Brothers in the Women’s Hospital in Boston. She recently community whose main work was the accepted a position at Baystate Franklin running of the household for the benefit of Medical Center. Nicholas graduated from the the priests who were often away carrying out University of Massachusetts in Lowell with a their work. The Father Superior at the time Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016,
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