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Endless Fill your life POSSIBILITIES with fragrance Fall/ Winter US-EN Impossible things happen every day. TABLE O F CO N T E N TS Leaves shouldn’t be at their…
Endless Fill your life POSSIBILITIES with fragrance Fall/ Winter US-EN Impossible things happen every day. TABLE O F CO N T E N TS Leaves shouldn’t be at their most vibrant and lovely just before they fall from the trees, but they are. The promise of Brownie Batter (page 27) shouldn’t make our chocolate-loving hearts skip a beat, but it does. And when a sick child’s wish to meet Mickey Mouse is granted, it shouldn’t be enough to help him get better — but it can. This season, we offer more ways to fill your life 04 We Are Scentsy with fragrance, from the organic beauty of our new Fragrance Flower (page 10) and our first-ever line of 05 Charitable Cause Product products for your pets (page 56), to our Disney 06 Start Here with Scentsy Tinker Bell: Faith, Trust Pixie Dust – Scents y Warmer, designed to support Make-A-Wish (page 5). 08 Whiff Box Because even though fragrance shouldn’t have the power 09 Scentsy Club to bring families together, help forge new friendships and actually change people’s lives — it does. 10 Fragrance Flower Friends, anything is possible. 12 Warmers Tomorrow is always a new day. 26 Wax Love, 34 The Disney Collection 38 Kids FPO 40 Fan Diffusers & Scentsy Pods eidi and Image of H d over Orville tape letter. 41 Wall Fan Diffusers 44 Diffusers 46 Oils 48 Scentsy Body TH E 52 Laundry OU R 54 Clean MISSION VALU E S 56 Pets To bring value to the world by From the fragrances we make 58 Host a Party! providing an industry-leading, with love to the extended family-friendly business family we’ve cultivated, 60 Join Scentsy opportunity selling creative, everything we do is guided by artistic, high-quality products three core values: 62 On-the-Go Fragrance that WARM THE HEART, SIMPLICITY, GENEROSITY and AUTHENTICITY. 64 Fragrance Grids ENLIVEN THE SENSES and INSPIRE THE SOUL. 66 Bundle & Save SCENTSY 3 GENEROSITY We believe in generosity CH ARITABL E CAUSE For us, generosity is more than just a word. It’s a way of life. We think beyond ourselves, and happily give our time, talents and resources to our community and others. Imagine a world where your wildest, most fantastical wish can come true. From the beginning, we’ve Make-A-Wish® brings that special kind of magic to life every day — always focused on contributing for children who need it most. Because we believe happy, more than we take. healthy families build vibrant communities. Whether it’s to our amazing Consultants and employees or the community we love, we choose to leave the world better than we found it. DISNEY TINKER BELL FAITH, TRUST & PIXIE DUST SCENTSY WARMER G $50* 6" tall, 25w From Sept. 1, 2019, to Feb. 29, 2020, Scentsy will donate $7 from the sale We’re proud of the impact of each Disney Tinker Bell: Faith, we’ve made so far: Trust & Pixie Dust – Scentsy Warmer to Make-A-Wish, with a minimum $10 million+ donated to guaranteed donation of $100,000. global charities since 2010 WISH.ORG Changed lives in 12 countries around the world No. 35 among the employee-voted Forbes 500 best midsize employers in America Your purchase helps:  Follow us and become part of the community! #ScentsyLife GRANT WISHES GIVE CHILDREN STRENGTH SPREAD JOY Every day, more than 50 Wishes have proven physical You are uniting families in children with critical illnesses and emotional benefits life-changing moments that are waiting for a wish that will that can give children with help them cope and create help give them confidence critical illnesses a higher positive memories that will and hope. chance of survival. last a lifetime. #WarmTheHeart 4 ©Disney *Cannot be purchased using Host Rewards, Perpetual Party Rewards or in Bundle & Save. SCENTSY 5 AUTHENTICITY We believe in authenticity START H E RE WITH SCE N TSY Life is a series of moments. Right now, in this moment, something about Scentsy is drawing you in. Maybe it’s the beauty of our products or the promise of new friends. You might want a discount on your warmers and wax, or dream of START SHOPPING. START SHARING. START THINKING building a business around the fragrances you love. These pages are filled Share Scentsy products BIGGER. with new ways to fill your with your family and Earn extra money or replace No matter what, we welcome YOU. Wherever you are. Whatever life with fragrance, but friends, bring your Scentsy a full-time income.* Meet we really spoil our best Consultant along — even if new friends or make deeper you need from us. customers. Check out it’s just online! — and get connections with a team. Scentsy Club on page 9. amazing rewards. Learn Travel the world, or work more on page 58. exclusively at home in your PJs. Scentsy is what you make it. See for yourself on page 60. Start here, with Scentsy. The possibilities are endless, but the path is up to you. It’s changed our whole family dynamic in more ways than we can describe.” – ANGELA, SUPERSTAR DIRECTOR, USA *Consultants earn 20 percent (or 10 percent through Scentsy Club) on the first 1,000 points Personal Retail Volume (PRV) and 25 percent (or 15 percent through Scentsy Club) on all sales after that, plus up to a 9 percent bonus on Personal Wholesale Volume based on rank and a 5 percent sales award when monthly sales exceed 2,000 points in PRV. They may also earn leadership bonuses based on downline sales. Qualification for incentive trips is determined annually. For a detailed look at Scentsy’s compensation plan, including what the average Consultant earns, visit scentsy.com, click Join, then click Benefits. 6 SCENTSY 7 We believe in simplicity WH IF F BOX & SCE N TSY CLUB WHIFF BOX A simple way to explore new scents and surprises every month!  Want a fresh assortment of products to explore on the regular? We make it easy! Each month, we put together a Whiff Box filled with new, trending and seasonal products for you to discover. And what’s inside is always a surprise! Fragrance on your schedule SCENTSY WHIFF BOX $30* Keep your favorite Scentsy products well stocked! Includes a variety of samples and full-sized items, like Body, Clean Scentsy Club is a monthly subscription service that lets you and Laundry products, Scentsy Bars schedule regular shipments of Scentsy consumables (aka the stuff and more! All for less money than that runs out), so your favorites are always on hand. purchasing the products individually.  Exact items will vary; for representation only.  How it works: 1 2 3 PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY OR GET IT THROUGH SCENTSY CLUB. Ask your Consultant about joining Scentsy Club to get a new Whiff Box shipped to you on a regular basis. SIGN U P AN D CHOOS E HOW ENJOY PIC K YOU R OF TEN YOU YOUR PRODU CTS . WANT IT. FAVORITES ! ALWAYS GET MY BAR If we discontinue a Scentsy Bar that’s in your subscription, we’ll keep making it just for you (as long as you keep it in your order)!   Share your unboxing moment with Ask your Consultant to learn more. #HappyWhiffing Already set up? Share your #ScentsyClub faves!  8 *Cannot be purchased using Host Rewards or Perpetual Party Rewards. SCENTSY 9 Our elegant new Fragrance Flower releases INTRODUCING THE beautiful scent while looking lovely in any space. F RAGRAN CE FLOWE R Just set it out and enjoy — no plug, no problem. Fragrance Flower It ’s that simp l e. Flower is handcrafted of natural material, so no two are exactly alike! Absorbs and holds fragrance oil for gorgeous scent that lasts up to 60 days. Simple, elegant design complements any décor — no outlet required. Perfect for nightstands, desks, vanities and FRAGRANCE FLOWER other small spaces. $16 (7" tall) Includes everything you need: flower, glass jar filled with fragrance oil and a decorative cap. Share your photos with FRAGRANCE GRID #ScentsySnapshot. 1 = NEW FRAGRANCES ALOE WATER & CUCUMBER 1 AVAILABLE IN THESE AMAZON RAIN 1 MUCH-LOVED SCENTS! LUNA 1 It's an entirely new way to experience SCENTSY CLUB SEA SALT & AVOCADO 1 10 Scentsy fragrance. Add the Fragrance Flower to your subscription! See page 9. SCENTSY 11 WA RME RS & WAX GET T H AT WARM E RS Play up your personal style, while safely filling your life with fragrance — minus the flame, soot or smoke. FO UR SIMPLE STEPS , SO MANY POSSI BI LI TI ES 1 PICK YOU R 2 PI C K YO UR 3 ADD WAX WAR M ER F RAG RA N CE LIFETIME WARRANTY! SPINDLE G $50 MENDED G $45 VINO G $50 7" tall, 40W 6" tall, 25W 12" tall, 40W Over 100 designs — both with Over 80 available fragrances, so Break off as many cubes as or without illumination — to there’s something for everyone. you like and drop them in suit every taste and décor. the warmer dish. Fragrances are arranged into Featuring high-quality families to make it easy to find materials like ceramic, glass your favorites. and metal, all handcrafted by artisans around the world. Rigorously tested to ensure premium-quality fragrance that lasts. 4 ENJ OY ! ALABASTER G 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic $20 ALABASTER G 6" tall, 25w $30 PINK WATERCOLOR G $20 4" tall, 15W, glass Turn on your warmer to melt the wax, then experience the lush, layered fragrance. BUNDLE & SAVE Love it? Stock up with a bundle! PRESSED TIN H $40 See page 66. 6" tall, 25W FRIENDS AND FAMILY G DIAMOND MILK GLASS Angel Wings, p. 19 $55 * $30 7" tall, 40W 3.5" tall, element 12 Find inspiration with #ScentsySnapshot *Cannot be purchased in Bundle & Save. SCENTSY 13 Find inspiration with #ScentsySnapshot WARM E RS Feels like WHEREVER I’M WITH YOU H $35 3.5" tall, element UNBRIDLED G $40 GRATEFUL , THANKFUL , OLIVE BUCKET G $40 6" tall, 25W BLESSED G $45 7.5" tall, 40W 7.5" tall, 25W CRANBERRY GLASS G RUSTIC GARDEN G $35 BURLAP STAR H $20 COUNTRY LIVING G $45 $20 6.5" tall, 25W 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic 8" tall, 20W 3.5" tall, 15W, glass WRITE YOUR OWN MESSAGE WITH CHALK! Includes one piece of chalk and a holder in the back. LIVE SIMPLY H® $35 LIVE SIMPLY H® $20 COUNTRY CANISTER R PRAIRIE PITCHER C $35 GATHER TOGETHER R PEORIA POTTERY C $35 6" tall, 25W 3.5" tall, 15W $35 5.5" tall, 25W $35 6" tall, 25W ceramic 6.5" tall, element 6" tall, element 14 SCENTSY 15 Kick up WARM E RS HOW IT’S MADE Turquoise-like accents bring SOUTHWEST color and SPLENDOR H $40 contrast to a 3.5" tall, element silver base. BUCKAROO R $20 4" tall, 15W, ceramic Authentic, rust-like finish may OPEN PLAINS $45 COUNTRY LIGHT G $45 ANTLER LODGE G $50 vary. Not made with 3.5" tall, element 7" tall, 40W 6" tall, 40W RUSTIC RANCH G $45 actual barbed wire. 7" tall, 40W Looks great unlit! CHASING FIREFLIES G CHASING FIREFLIES G LOVE YOUR JOURNEY R BLACK FOREST R $35 WILDLIFE G $20 WILDLIFE G $50 $35 $20 $35 5.5" tall, 25W 4" tall, 15W 5.5" tall, 25W 7" tall, 25W 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic 6" tall, 20W glass 16 SCENTSY 17 WARM E RS Features DREAM SPARKLE G $35 BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS G authentic, 5.5" tall, 25W $20 hand-shaped 4" tall, 15W, glass wire lettering. EVERY MOMENT MATTERS G $40 6" tall, 25W BELIEVE $20 DREAM IT, LIVE IT, LOVE IT G 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic $20 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic ANGEL WINGS H $35 6.5" tall, 25W AMBER FLUTED SHADE G LOVE $25 $45 3.5" tall, element 8.5" tall, 25W JANE R $35 ANTIQUE CROSS C $30 6" tall, 25W 6" tall, 25W 18 SCENTSY 19 EMBELLISH a little WARM E RS HOW IT’S MADE Real leaves are harvested and individually electroplated for a beautiful gold finish. PEAR-FECT R $40 ETCHED CORE G $30 ETCHED CORE G $20 7.5" tall, element 6" tall, 25W 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic MAKE YOUR OWN statement. SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY PARLOR G $45 PEACE & PROSPERITY R DACHSHUND C $45 $35 $20 7" tall, 40W $40 7" tall, element 8.5" tall, element 6" tall, 15W, ceramic 7.5" tall, element AMBER GLOW G $50 CLASSIC CURVE-GLOSS CLASSIC CURVE CLASSIC CURVE CLASSIC CURVE 7" tall, 40W WHITE R $30 SATIN BLACK $30 GLOSS NAVY R $30 GLOSS GRAY R $30 6" tall, 25W 6" tall, 25W 6" tall, 25W 6" tall, 25W 20 SCENTSY 21 Find inspiration with #ScentsySnapshot WARM E RS of HOW IT’S MADE FLY AWAY G $50 WICKER G $40 STONE LEAF R $35 7" tall, 25W 7" tall, 40W 6" tall, 25W Our first metal mini warmer SEASHORE* G $20 features an 4.5" tall, 15W, metal etched coastal design that casts fun patterns when lit. When on, light *Uses the ceramic Mini Warmer Tabletop Base on page 67. shines through the hand-applied beads for a gorgeous effect. SEEDLING R $35 MORNING SUNRISE G 7" tall, 25W $20 3.5" tall, 15W, glass CHANTILLY LACE G $20 SWEETGRASS BASKET H TEA ROSE G $20 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic $40 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic DAINTY DAISY G 7.5" tall, 20W $45 6" tall, 20W Tracks Cord-Concealing Warmer Stand RUSTIC SUNFLOWER R LITTLE GARDEN H $40 ZEN ROCK H $25 p. 67 $30 3.5" tall, element 3.5" tall, element 6" tall, 25W 22 SCENTSY 23 GO FOR THE WARM E RS Glow HOW IT’S MADE Pieces of mirrored glass are applied to the warmer and then flame-treated to get the look. SERENE G $40 6.5" tall, 25W CHARRED G $45 6.5" tall, 20W CRYSTAL ICE G $50 STARGAZE G $50 MOSAIC MIST G $45 CHAMPAGNE G $45 GLITTER GOLD G $20 GLITTER SILVER G $20 7" tall, 40W 6.5" tall, 20W 6" tall, 25W 7" tall, 40W 4" tall, 15W, glass 4" tall, 15W, glass HOW IT’S MADE Hand-placed mosaic tiles create a mixed medium look. VINTAGE GLASS G $20 NOVA G $50 LILY GARDEN G $20 DIAMOND WEAVE- GILDED G $50 3.5" tall, 15W, glass 6" tall, 20W 4" tall, 15W, glass SILVER G $50 5.5" tall, 20W 7.5" tall, 40W 24 Find inspiration with #ScentsySnapshot SCENTSY 25 new releases WAX And be sure to check out what’s new! Our wax fragrances are arranged into categories — or families — so you can CANDIED find the scents you love, faster. BLOOD ORANGE BROWNIE FIDDLE LEAF CRANBERRY SPICE BATTER FIG FRUITY IF YOU LIKE ONE FAMILY, PECAN CHECK OUT ITS NEIGHBORS! This sweet-tart trio of Rich, heavenly notes of Classic CRANBERRIES and A botanical haven BAKERY CITRUS CANDIED APPLE, BLOOD BAKED BROWNIE, COCOA PECANS are sweetened by brimming with WILD FERN, ORANGE PUREE and POWDER and VANILLA SUGARCANE and a ribbon MISSION FIG and hints of CINNAMON STICK will BEAN will set the stage for of BRANDIED PLUM. CRUSHED ROSEMARY and satisfy your autumn some serious cravings. COCONUT WATER. obsession. SPICE FLORAL SCENTSY BAR $6 Add this medley of wax and fragrance to a FIRST DAY GRAPEFRUIT HUCKLEBERRY I’M SNOW WOODS FRESH Scentsy Warmer to experience multilayered scent OF FALL & GRENADINE WREATH OVER IT HOLIDAY that unfolds beautifully over time. holiday All the best parts are here: Splashes of SPARKLING For the holidays or any You know you love it! JUST-PICKED PUMPKIN, a GRAPEFRUIT and JUICY days: CRIMSON RED SAGE, WHISPERING breath of AUTUMN WOODS, POMEGRANATE are CURRANT and a handful of PINE and CEDARWOOD But first, get in a merry mood! GROUND NUTMEG and a garnished with ZESTY HUCKLEBERRIES brighten bursting with BRIGHT spicy DASH OF CINNAMON. ORANGE PEEL in the a wreath of FROSTED FIR. BERRIES will rekindle your ultimate merry mocktail. winter romance. CHRISTMAS ESKIMO HOMESTEAD MAPLE APPLE STROOPWAFEL BE MERRY COTTAGE KISS HOLIDAY BOURBON DELIGHT AVAILABLE AS SCENTSY BARS, ROOM SPRAYS AND Joy abounds in PINE A cozy, inviting blend of BLACKBERRY JAM, BLOOD ORANGE and JUICY RED APPLE and A cozy twist on a SCENT CIRCLES! BOUGHS dotted with VALENCIA ORANGES, caramelized BROWN CINNAMON freshened by RICH MAPLE get in the traditional Dutch treat See page 64 for fragrance availability. HOLLY LEAF and CASSIS. RASPBERRIES, CLOVES SUGAR, VANILLA FIR NEEDLE. holiday spirit with a made with creamy and SPICES. and AMBER in a softly SPLASH OF BOURBON. VANILLA, rich MELTED BUNDLE & SAVE romantic scent. BUTTER and CINNAMON. PI C K 3 F R AG R A N C E — S AVE $1 3 Scentsy Bars $18 $17 B UY 5, G E T O N E F R E E PERFECT VERY MERRY VERY SNOWY 6 Scentsy Bars $36 $30 SILVER BELLS PEPPERMINT CRANBERRY SPRUCE SCENTSY CLUB Add fragrance products to your subscription! Cooler than most. MINT CANDY CANES and Lush, red WINTER Breathe in fresh forest air: See page 9. PURE PEPPERMINT is WINTER PEAR enveloped BERRIES pop against a BALSAM, SPRUCE and the popular kid you’ll in a blanket of CARAMEL backdrop of snow-covered CEDAR BRANCHES embrace love to love. and VANILLA SUGAR. CEDAR, creating a lovely the warmth of amber and winter landscape. woody PINE CONES. 26 SCENTSY 27 SPICE spice BAKERY bakery WAX FIND YOUR FALL-WEATHER Gives a sense of warmth and comfort. FAVES! An ode to edible, delectably sweet goodies. Includes notes like cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper. Includes notes like vanilla, caramel, cocoa and pie crust. APPLE & AUTUMN AUTUMN BLOOD ORANGE APPLE BUTTER APPLE CHERRY BAKED BLUEBERRY CINNAMON HEARTH SUNSET SPICE FROSTING STRUDEL APPLE PIE CHEESECAKE STICKS APPLE PEEL, SPICED Cue up a classic! APPLES, PUMPKINS, fall This sweet-tart trio of A heartwarming medley GRANNY SMITH, CHERRY Flaky crust, APPLES and Thick, rich NY CHEESECAKE WHITE PUMPKIN and a APPLE, CINNAMON and leaves and SPICES — a CANDIED APPLE, BLOOD of CINNAMON-SPICED and VANILLA DRIZZLE SPICES combined in a with a light GRAHAM touch of OAK. TONKA are all about fall. top-10 fragrance. ORANGE PUREE and APPLES and decadent insist on dessert first. strong scent. CRACKER crust and CINNAMON STICK will satisfy VANILLA BUTTERCREAM. delicious BLUEBERRIES. your autumn obsession. CHRISTMAS CINNAMON CINNAMON BLUEBERRY BREAKFAST BROWNIE BUTTER CIDER MILL COTTAGE BEAR VANILLA PANCAKES BLEND BATTER PECAN A cozy, inviting blend of Brings together fresh Crisp, spicy CINNAMON Inviting blend of VANILLA BLUEBERRY and BUTTER Get buzzed on the Rich, heavenly notes of If fall had a flagship fragrance, VALENCIA ORANGES, APPLES, crushed PUMPKIN with a touch of CLOVES. BEANS, CINNAMON, accord over LIGHT MAPLE pure scent of rich, BAKED BROWNIE, COCOA this blend of CANDIED RASPBERRIES, CLOVES and simmering SPICES for COCONUT and CASSIA. make the mood. JUST-BREWED POWDER and VANILLA PECAN and MAPLE folded and SPICES. a cozy autumn treat. COFFEE. BEAN will set the stage for with BUTTER would be a some serious cravings. strong contender. CANDIED CARAMEL GINGERBREAD CLOVE & COZY FARMSTAND FIRST DAY CHURRO, CRANBERRY VANILLA DONUT CINNAMON FIRESIDE PUMPKIN OF FALL CHURRO! PECAN DELIGHT Classic scent of Warm SPICE notes Indulgent notes of fresh All the best parts are here: Classic CRANBERRIES and VANILLA ICE CREAM, BAKED PASTRY sprinkled Heavenly GOLDEN CINNAMON STICKS with zesty GINGER APPLE, CINNAMON STICK, JUST-PICKED PUMPKIN, a PECANS are sweetened by liquid CARAMEL and a with CINNAMON SUGAR GINGERBREAD, SPICED fused with CLOVES. and CINNAMON. PUMPKIN and CARAMEL. breath of AUTUMN WOODS, SUGARCANE and a ribbon splash of WHITE RUM. captures that heavenly DONUT and GROUND NUTMEG and a spicy of BRANDIED PLUM. churro charm. VANILLA BEAN. DASH OF CINNAMON. PUMPKIN HOMESTEAD MAPLE APPLE WELCOME PUMPKIN STROOPWAFEL CINNAMON HUG IN A MUG MOCHADOODLE HOLIDAY BOURBON HOME ROLL DELIGHT SWIRL BLOOD ORANGE and JUICY RED APPLE and Fresh PUMPKIN garnished Warm and welcoming Curl up with Delicious roasted Creamy PUMPKIN PIE A cozy twist on a CINNAMON freshened by RICH MAPLE get in the with CINNAMON STICK with CINNAMON CHOCOLATE, HAZELNUT COFFEE BEANS and filling surrounded with traditional Dutch treat FIR NEEDLE. holiday spirit with a and a dollop of and SPICES. and COOKIE DOUGH. COCOA, balanced with YELLOW CAKE, PECANS, made with creamy SPLASH OF BOURBON. whipped ICING. SUGAR, CARAMEL and BUTTER and SPICE. VANILLA, rich MELTED HEAVY CREAM. BUTTER and CINNAMON. Decadent BUTTERCREAM SUGAR Warm, sweet blend VANILLA BEAN frosting made with the COOKIE of BUTTER, sugar and CREAMY VANILLA. BUTTERCREAM freshest butter whipped with CANE SUGAR and VANILLA extract. 28 Available as Scentsy Bars, Room Sprays and Scent Circles. For more ways to experien
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