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Ja n u a r y 2 0 0 4 6,500 100% 35% $33 27 22 Shareholders RRSP Eligible Tax Credits Million Raised to Date Investment Transactions Saskatchewan Growth Companies #1 Selling Labour Fund in Saskatchewan R E C E I V E A 3 5 % TA X C R E D I T One of the most unique features of Golden Opportunities Fund is that investors receive generous tax savings by way of tax credits and tax deductions due to the Fund’s RRSP eligibility. Investors receive a 35% tax credit while ensuring your funds remain at wo
   January 2004 SampleTotal TaxTaxableMarginal35% TaxRRSP TaxSavingsYourIncomeTax RateCredit 1 Savings 2 & CreditsNet CostBased on a $3,500 Investment$ 25,000 27%$ 1,225$ 945$ 2,170$ 1,330$ 35,000 35%$ 1,225$ 1,225$ 2,450$ 1,050$ 65,000 39%$ 1,225$ 1,365$ 2,590$910Based on a $5,000 Investment$ 25,000 27%$ 1,750 $ 1,350$ 3,100$ 1,900$ 35,000 35%$ 1,750$ 1,750$ 3,500$ 1,500$ 65,000 39%$ 1,750$ 1,950$ 3,700$ 1,300 One of the most unique features of Golden Opportunities Fund is that investors receive generous tax savings by way of tax credits and tax deductions due to the Fund’s RRSP eligibility.Investors receive a35% tax credit while ensuring your funds remain at work inSaskatchewan companies. Investments of $3,500 and $5,000 are used for examples only.Investors may invest any amount up to $5,000 a year for maximum tax credits. 1 Tax credits equal to 35% of the amount of your investment are available whether or not you hold your investments in an RRSP. 2 Estimated tax reduction from a contribution to an RRSP for individuals with different levels of taxable income,as shown.RRSP tax savings are not unique to this investment. RRSP Tax Deduction $2,200  SaskatchewanTax Credit  $1,000  Federal Tax Credit  $750  Your  Net Cost  $1,050 Calculate your own Tax Savings  A $5,000 investmentcould cost you aslittle as $1,050. RECEIVE A 35% TAX CREDIT  Assuming a marginal tax bracket of 44%and a $5,000 deposit to an RRSP plan.   6,500Shareholders100% RRSP Eligible35% Tax Credits$33 Million Raised to Date27Investment Transactions22 Saskatchewan Growth Companies #1 Selling Labour Fund in Saskatchewan   Your investment into Golden Opportunities Fund ensures that your money stays at work at home in Saskatchewan. Todate, Golden Opportunities Fund has completed 27 investment transactions into 22 Saskatchewan companies. TheFund ’ s investment has reached maturity, and it has exited, two of these investments and currently holds a portfolio of 20Saskatchewan growth companies diversified across 9 strategic industries with business activity in every corner of theProvince. Some examples of the companies in our portfolio include:   INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO  Please visit our website www.goldenopportunities.ca for a complete listing of the Fund ’ sportfolio of 20 Saskatchewan growth companies. Oil & Gas  Saskatchewan oil & natural gas drilling rates were at record levels in 2003,the 5th year in arow for record natural gas drilling rates withproduction up 9% over 2002. Health Care  Saskatchewan has the oldest workforce and the highest concentration of seniors in Canada. Biotechnology  Saskatchewan is ranked 4th highest among biotechnology and biomedical R&D centres around the world. Weyburn Inland Terminal Ltd. Since its start in 1976, the Weyburn Terminal has been atthe forefront of change in the industry, leading the way tohelp improve the overall efficiency of Canada ’ s grainhandling system, and is one of the largest independentgrain terminals in Saskatchewan. Golden Health Care Inc. This health company takes pride infocusing on the development of long-termcare facilities for senior residents in key markets throughout Saskatchewan. Romulus Exploration Inc. Romulus is a private oil and gas company underthe direction of a proven management team thatpreviously built and divested of Empire Energy Inc. in which Golden Opportunities Fund realizeda 60% capital gain.  Avalon Resources Ltd.  Avalon is a private oil and gas company withactivity based in northeastern Saskatchewan.Their 2003 drilling success and subsequentfinancing of $3million has the company poised forfuture growth. Philom Bios Inc. Philom Bios is a world leader in the research,development and marketing of plant inoculantssuch as N-Prove, JumpStart and TagTeam. Phenomenome Discoveries Inc. Phenomenome has become a world leader ingenomics research through the development of aninnovative metabolic profiling technology for usein the agriculture, biotechnology, pharmaceuticaland nutraceutical industries. Trinidad Drilling Ltd. Trinidad, an Income Trust, provides oilfielddrilling services to customers throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.Trinidad is currently ranked as one of the topperforming Income Trusts in Canada.  Golden Opportunities is the Labour Fund of Choice in Saskatchewan! Quartile QuartilePerformance% IncreaseFundataRanking RankingRankin Share valueRating**YTD*2002* (Based on 3yr Return) *(Since Inception)* Golden Opportunities Fund11#1 in Canada27%A All Statistics as of December 23,2003,Sources:* www.globefund.com and** www.fundata.com Growth of the FundInvested Capital 2003 HIGHLIGHTS  Impacting the Saskatchewan Economy. The impact of Golden Opportunities Fund is being felt across the province. The Fund ’ s investments have supported the creation andmaintenance of hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars of economic activity within the province. “   As a shareholder in Weyburn Inland Terminal,Golden Opportunities Fund is helping to support Saskatchewan agriculture as our company focuses on providing innovative products,services and information to help our customers farm as efficiently and productively as possible. ”  Rob Davies,CEO,Weyburn Inland Terminal Ltd. “  Golden Opportunities Fund has supported our management team in past ventures through their investment in Empire Energy Inc.Our new company,Romulus Exploration,has had a successful summer and is set to be another winner for the Fund. ”  Les Guzowski,President & CEO,Romulus Exploration Inc. “  The investment climate within Saskatchewan could be characterized as  “  conservative to pessimistic  ”  at best.The investment made by GoldenOpportunities Fund has encouraged our company that venture capital financing is plausible today.Investment into small companies like Prairie Plant Systems is critical to realize new opportunities presented by the combination of advancing technologies and new markets. ”  Brent H.Zettl,President & CEO,Prairie Plant Systems Inc. Strong Performance Rating. Golden Opportunities Fund has been among the top performing labour funds since its inception in 1999. It is the only labourfund in Canada to receive a 1st quartile ranking for the past two years from Globefund. (Ranking as of December 22nd 2003. Globefund is an independent rating source.) Growing Momentum. The Fund has raised more than $33 million since inception withan increasing amount of capital being raised each year. In 2003,the Fund raised $10.5 million of investment capital, an increaseof more than 45% over that raised in 2002 accounting forapproximately 50% of the market share. More than 1 in every 100Saskatchewan taxpayers is a Shareholder in GoldenOpportunities Fund. Solid Investment Pace. Since inception, the Fund has completed 27 investmenttransactions in 22 Saskatchewan growth companies and is two years ahead of investment pace requirements. In 2003, the Fundcompleted 8 investment transactions totalling more than$7.75 million.  INVESTMENT RISKS AND CONSIDERATIONSINVEST WISELY.Golden Opportunities shares are subject to a mandatory eight-year hold period.Commissions,trailing commissions,and expenses all may beassociated with mutual fund investments.Mutual funds are not guaranteed,their values change frequently,and past performance may not be repeated.Soldby prospectus only.Copies of the prospectus may be obtained through Investment Dealers,participating Mutual Fund Dealers and Credit Unions.Please readthe prospectus before investing.Wellington West Capital Inc.is a member of CIPF (January 2004). For more Information on GoldenOpportunities Fund Inc.,please contact your Financial Advisor. INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE INVESTING IN SASKATCHEWAN Tax Credit Analysis  Golden Opportunities FundFederal Labour FundsInvestment Amount$ 5,000 $ 5,000Federal Tax Credit$ 750 $ 750Provincial Tax Credit$ 1,000 $ 525Total Tax Credits Available$ 1,750 $ 1,275 One of the main differences between Golden Opportunities Fund and Federal Labour-sponsored Investment Funds is the value of theprovincial tax credit. The net difference of purchasing Golden Opportunities compared to a Federal Labour Fund, based on a $5,000 investmentis $475 as a result of the difference in the provincial tax credit. “Golden Opportunities Fund was established in 1999 to make a difference in the venture capital climate in Saskatchewanby providing investment capital for strategic growth companies within the province.In the past four years,the Fund has made great strides in achieving the goals it set out:It has been about investing at home and making a difference,and Golden Opportunities Fund is making a difference.” Grant Kook CEO/Chairman MEETING OUR GOALS GREATER TAX CREDITS FROM GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES FUND  ã To become the “Labour Fund of Choice in Saskatchewan”.ã To ensure proper capitalization of Saskatchewan’s FirstProvincial Labour Fund.ã To maintain a timely investment pace into strategicSaskatchewan companies.ã To maintain a diversified investment portfolio for risk management.ã To provide valuable capital to growth oriented companiesacross the Province of Saskatchewan.ã To create and sustain job opportunities at home.ã To become a key economic influence in moving Saskatchewan forward.ã To maximize shareholder value over the long term.ã To operate in a professional and ethical manner withintegrity and honesty.
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