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OCTOBER // 2019 A MONTHLY PUBLICATION FROM ZOAR LUTHERAN CHURCH | WWW.ZOARLUTHERAN.COM INSIDE ZOAR COURTYARD - ALL SAINTS SUNDAY Gifts Pg. 2 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD 4 PM Pg. 3 On Sunday, November 3, at 4 PM, Zoar members in possession of ashes, have the Worship in October opportunity to place the cremains in the Zoar Courtyard. We understand that often Pg. 4 families are in the care of ashes for many years, for many reasons. This is not a Fall Family Retreat funeral service, but the cremains of each individual will be placed in a biodegradable Pg. 5 linen bag and placed in the ground with a prayer of committal and scripture offered Trunk or Treat by Pastor Tim. 2019 Stewarship Pg. 6 Those who are buried in the Zoar Courtyard will have their names placed on the Pg. 8 Tree of Life, and burial records maintained through the church office. For more Journey to the End of Life information, contact Pastor Tim or a member of the Courtyard Committee. The suggested donation for this All Saints Sunday disposition of ashes is $400. We will Celebrating Stewardship Pg. 9 need copy of a death records for Zoar’s record as well as for ancestral records. from Pastor Tim Senior Pastor pastortim@zoarlutheran.com GIFTS Gifts are always great to receive. Some come at Christmas, We show our gratitude through the use of our gift of our some at birthdays, some at unexpected times. But when talents. From musical gift to mechanical gifts, from baking given with love and generosity, they are precious. Of course, gifts to sit-and-care gifts, from a multitude of God-inspired the best gift you/we have ever received is the gift of God’s gifts we are moved to offer our thanks. Of course, all these love wrapped up in the Babe in Bethlehem, who took the gifts may be used without giving God thanks, but our cross for us, and rose from the grave that we might have life gratitude is multiplied when they are used for God’s glory. in Jesus forever. Best gift! Thank you! So, because of this gift we say at Zoar that we are: AmaZed by God, Energized by We show our gratitude through the use of our gift of our Jesus, this grateful Zoar gathers, grows, and gives. treasures. Money and the accompanying resources are blessings through which we offer our thanks. It’s not so When I receive such a gift from someone I know/love it is much that Zoar needs your offering (although your offering really easy to offer my thanks. I even wish to reciprocate. But supports the amaZing ministries of this congregation). Rather, what if that giver is God. To whom do I offer my thanks? each of us has a “need to give,” a means through which our thanksgiving is expressed. So, sisters and brothers, that’s where the concept of stewardship comes in. We have been blessed with a life, with So, this October, as Zoar explores stewardship may your a living-space, with family and friends, with treasures and eyes be tuned to examine how you are enriched as you give talents, and the way we “steward” those gifts are the ways thanks through your time, your talents, and your treasures. we offer our thanks to our bountiful God. The Commitment Card, may help you in your discernment. Open your heart to see where God is leading you! We show our gratitude through the use of our gift of time, a precious commodity in our society. Time to gather for worship, time in prayer, time caring for a neighbor in need, time working for justice and peace. 2 WORSHIP IN OCTOBER If you have been at Zoar, the month of October in the year of Luke (year C in the three-year series of bible readings our church follows), brings us to familiar territory. It is perhaps not a coincidence that these familiar parables and stories happen to be heard at a time when most churches focus on stewardship and seek to reenergize their membership through engaging visions for ministry and dynamic action plans. Perhaps some of these themes will be known because of their practical and down to earth character. Some of these readings shed profound light on our baptismal vocation, a place where we are called to die to the self every single day. October 5 & 6 The oft quoted and somewhat baffling parable of the mustard seed is at the heart from of the Gospel. The disciples demand, “increase our faith,” and yet Jesus seems to suggest that, as disciples and followers of The Way, “the substance of things hoped Omaldo Cantor for, the evidence of things not seen,” is already part of our spiritual DNA. We are operez@zoarlutheran.com reminded by the psalmist to, “commit your way to the Lord, and see what God will The month of October is always do,” while on 2nd Timothy we hear that the treasures already given to us are faith an exciting time for us at Zoar. and love of the Lord. By the time you read this column, ministries will be in full swing, October 12 & 13 and we will be seeing the familiar The idea of the divine gift in the form of prevenient grace (literally grace “that comes sights of Fall: cooler weather, falling before” or, in other words, freely given and unmerited grace) has been at the center leaves, and perhaps, a corn maze of reform movement from the very start. Naaman was cured from his leprosy, and the or two. Zoar has its patterns for Jesus cures ten lepers. So it is with us: we awake in in grace every day we open our October too, which you, if not new eyes and do not even realize it. Which brings us to gratitude, the proper response and to this community, may have seen: attitude for us who call ourselves children of God. The psalm refrain encapsulates the Discipleship, and Reformation Day. message of the day: “I will thank the Lord, with my whole heart.” As we think about Discipleship October 19 & 20 in 2019, let me offer a bit of Prayer can be a funny thing. In modern times, when we imagine people praying, we perspective. Built 1850 by the picture individuals quietly “bowing their heads.” Yet in ancient times people would grace of God and the dedication of lay face down on the floor, spread their arms and make loud intercessions in a pose generations of leaders, Zoar stands that signaled complete surrender. We do not typically think Jacob’s WWF-style throw today at the breaking crest of the down with the angel as a form of prayer, or, for that matter, the nagging insistence wave we call history. I would like of the widow before the judge. However, this week’s readings teach us about the us to consider what God’s open different form and powerful forms we can embody the life of prayer. future looks like, this magnificent dawn from on high which we hear October 26 & 27, Reformation Sunday about in scripture, sermons, and Perhaps we have been brought under the notion that Reformation Day is a time to hymns. What does that look like rally around in support our own denominational garrison. In recent decades, and to you? For me, it means more joy, considering the landmark 1999 document, The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine more smiles, and more musical of Justification, Catholics and Lutherans now share “a common understanding of engagement with the community. our justification by God’s grace through faith in Christ.” This agreement essentially resolves the 500-year-old conflict which was at the root of the Protestant So, if you are free on Friday, Reformation. Therefore, on this weekend, we will honor our tradition by fervently October 11 at 7:30 PM, would praying for unity among all Christians. you come to a concert and help me make a joyful noise? Invite a friend to our sanctuary to hear my dear and gifted colleague, Daniel Schwandt. www.zoarlutheran.com | 3 Z O A R Y O U T H / / FALL FAMILY RETREAT NOVEMBER 22 - 24 The Annual Fall Family Retreat is back for its fourth consecutive year! Thanks to a grant from the Zoar Foundation, the Fall Family Retreat will be held this year at Mohican State Park in Loudonville, Ohio. Taking place the weekend before Thanksgiving, families will enjoy a weekend filled with swimming, hiking, worship and fellowship. The Zoar Foundation has graciously approved a grant to help offset much of the cost of the retreat. Although there is no required cost for families to attend, a suggested donation of $100 to the Zoar Family Camping Retreat can be made for anyone wishing to make a contribution. If you are interested in attending this fun and faith filled weekend please RSVP to Sarah Flores by call, text or email at 419-356-9842 or sflores@hgisteel.com. If you have any questions please contact Sarah or the church office for more information. 4 OCTOBER SCHEDULE October 4TH - 6TH: Fall Into Lakeside Event October 13TH: Monthly Mingle 4 - 6 PM St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Downtown Toledo October 20 : TH Laser Tag Q-Zar-Time: TBA October 27 : Trunk or Treat 6 PM TH // / / / /////////// / / / / / / / / / FALL INTO LAKESIDE from OCTOBER 4TH - 6TH Zoar will be sending many 7th and 8th grade catechism students to the first ever Fall Amanda Director of Youth Ministries Into Lakeside Event (sponsored by the Northwest Ohio Synod) in beautiful Lakeside, arich@zoarlutheran.com Ohio. Participants will enjoy large group worship, recreation, devotions, bible study, Greetings Friends, break out sessions and more! For more information check out: fallintolakeside.com Fall is HERE and it is time to MONTHLY MINGLE celebrate! As the leaves begin to fall, we at Zoar are picking up our boots SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13TH 4 - 6 PM and enjoying the season. Our youth Join us for this month’s monthly mingle at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Downtown events will kick off this month with a Toledo! We will have a meal and celebrate all things fall with our friends from lovely weekend confirmation retreat Woodlane and more! If you can volunteer for this event please sign-up on the youth in Lakeside, OH where will will serve, bulletin board or let Amanda know ASAP! worship and grow in faith together Adult and youth volunteers are needed! All are welcome! with other youth from all over Northwest Ohio. In addition, we will LASER TAG continue with our Fall Monthly Mingle Celebration at St. Paul’s Lutheran SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20TH Church in downtown Toledo, Laser Mark you calendars and join us for an afternoon of Laser Tag at Q-Zar Sunday, Tag and finally Trunk-or-Treat! Are October 20th! Please stay posted for the cost and the time of the event! 5th - 12th you costume ready for the occasion? Grade youth are invited to attend! We can’t wait to see the awesome costumes and trunks! TRUNK - OR - TREAT Sending you all prayers for a warm, cozy, pumpkin filled October! SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27TH 6 PM On October 27th, grab your friends, put on your costumes, and join the fun! There Blessings, will be food, games, and treats for all. Decorate your vehicles and prepare to pass out Amanda Rich candy for all the kids. Festivities begin at 6 PM. / / / / / /////////// / / / / / / / / / LOOKING AHEAD TO NOVEMBER YOUTH LOCK IN / LOCK OUT NOVEMBER 15TH - 16TH SAVE THE DATE- 2nd Annual Zoar Youth Lock IN/Lock OUT- November 15TH - 16TH! Come for an evening of service, fellowship, worship, prayer and more! All 7TH - 12TH grade youth are invited to attend! www.zoarlutheran.com | 5 TIME | TALENT During the weekends of October 6TH, 13TH, and 20TH, Zoar will celebrate the gifts God has given us. Gifts of Time, Gifts of Talent and Gifts of Treasures. During this stewardship emphasis, held at each of our four worship services on these three weekends we will explore these gifts, and how our loving God blesses us abundantly. At the center of Zoar’s DNA is the concept, “AmaZed by God, Energized by Jesus, Zoar Lutheran Church gathers, grows, and gives.” This is who we are, aware of God’s bountiful gifts, surrounded by the love of our God, and called by the Holy Spirit to gather in celebration, grow in faith, and give as generous disci- ples. Even when we talk about our generosity, or our giving, it’s really all about God and God’s abundance. Everything is centered in the One who created the blessings of this world, who gave God’s self for us on the cross and out of the empty tomb, and who continues to breathe through us in love. All we can do is give thanks and show that gratitude in our use of our time, our talents, and our treasures. During October 5TH and 6TH, the call is to examine time, that precious commodity. There are a set min- utes in each day, and in each life. How are these minutes given for us to live as people of grace, of joy, of service, of gratitude? And from the very beginning God gives the gift of “sabbath,” a time to rest, to re-encounter God’s grace, to hear God’s Word. How are you using the gift of time? On October 12TH and 13TH, we will discuss the gift of talents and abilities and Gods call to share the talents with others. What is it that makes you different than others? Where do you see God working in your life? How can you use the Holy Spirit’s gifts of music, or forgiveness, or leadership, or baking, or handiwork, or hard-work, or clerical work, or…for God’s glory? 6 T | TREASURES Then during October 19TH and 20TH, the gift of our finances comes into play. In our culture and time mon- ey is a symbol of success. Yet even that which we “earn” is truly a gift from God. In the bottom of all of this is the concept of gratitude. How do you express your thankfulness to our loving God through the way you keep, invest, and give of your financial resources? You should be receiving an envelope in the mail soon from Zoar’s Stewardship Committee containing a commitment card, a letter and a return envelope. We ask that you prayerfully examine your stewardship and giving through Zoar and reflect that on the commitment card. On October 19TH and 20TH we will hold an in gathering of commitment cards during Worship. After Worship on the 20TH we will be Celebrating Stewardship: Time, Talent & Treasures. All are invited to a catered meal from 12 – 2 PM. We are planning to have the congregation gather for this meal to give a joyous celebration for God’s gifts. So, there will be a magician with us, who will provide entertainment. You are welcome to come at no cost for meal, magician, celebration, and conversation. Please RSVP to this celebration by October 13TH, reservations can be made by calling the church office at 419-874-4346, stopping by during office hours Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, or there will be a volunteer collecting reservations during worship on October 6TH and 13TH. An additional emphasis we will have will occur during the Sunday School hour on these three Sundays, as we explore our stewardship of our own bodies, and our end-of-life decisions. It’s all connected and wrapped in God’s grace and love! GATHER/GROW/GIVE THE JOURNEY TO THE END OF LIFE Faith, Science and Technology is a group that meets to discuss a variety of topics of mutual interest that touch on the intersection of faith and scientific inquiry. Over the past year these have included genetic engineering, beginning and end of life issues, cosmology, and how to integrate faith and science. The group generally meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month 8 AM at the Bob Evans Restaurant on Route 20. In October, Faith Science and Technology will be holding a 3-week series in October on End of Life issues. Three of the four sessions will be held at Zoar. END OF LIFE DECISIONS: A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE PASTOR TIM PHILABAUM AND SHAR COOK SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 9:45 AM In what ways does our faith inform and guide us in approaching personal and public decisions about death and dying today? This session will introduce some of the challenges around end-of-life decisions. We’ll hear the stories of those who have grappled with these challenges and acquaint ourselves with the ELCA statement on end of life decisions. ETHICAL DECISION MAKING AT THE END OF LIFE JAN C. HELLER, PHD SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 9:45 AM We may find ourselves facing unexpected challenges when the time comes to make end-of-life decisions in an ethically responsible way for ourselves or for our loved ones. These unexpected challenges stem from several sources: first, many of us in our culture find it all too easy to deny death, and the highly-touted medical technology often used at the end-of-life often feeds this denial; second, the increasingly industrialized and impersonal environment (hospitals, nursing homes) in which most Americans die can be very foreign, intimidating, and hard to negotiate, especially when we are feeling particularly vulnerable; and, third—and perhaps surprisingly—our traditional ethics may leave us inadequately prepared for the decisions we may have to make, especially in the face of medical uncertainty often associated with the end-of-life. In light of these challenges, we will discuss some of the ethical “tools” available to guide decision makers in the face of such challenges. Prior to his retirement in 2015, Jan Heller served as a bioethicist and as a priest in the Episcopal Church. He holds an AB in Chemistry from The King’s College, an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a PhD in Ethics and Society with a specialization in bioethics from Emory University A second session of Ethical Decision Making at the End of Life will be held at Way Library on Tuesday, October 15 at 7 PM. PLANS FOR THE END OF LIFE DEACON CAROLE BOHN SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 9:45 AM Given that death will come to all of us, how do you want to die? What a scary thought. What most of us fear is not so much death itself, but rather what we might have to go through as we approach our death. Most of us would prefer to die peacefully at home; yet two thirds of us will die in a hospital. When do we have the right to say enough – let me go? In this session, we will talk about making out a living will and durable power of attorney for health care. We will discuss what each document means, and when that document takes effect. We will also discuss having the necessary conversations with our family as to our wishes. 8 CELEBRATING STEWARDSHIP: THANKING THOSE WHO SERVE Social Hour Food Donations Mary Ann Abke Robin Maxwell Marcia Amstutz Leigh Ann Meinecke Deb Buker Heidi Meyer Elaine Cutcher Connie Miller Sally Dupke Linda Miller Carol Easterwood Rick Rettig Cindi Fish Lida Ryan Sharon Schadek Jeanette Gleason from Pastor Cindy Linda Hagedorn Jane Schroeder Margie Iserman Carolyn St. Meyers Maureen Jacoby Sandy Toeppe Interim Associate Pastor Nadine Johnson Jane Tomko pastorcindy@zoarlutheran.com Kathie Kleinfelt Cheryl Tremblay Iquias etus doluptust aute quis Anne O’Brien Carolyn Vajen quaecus mil maxime volupta as Karen Mathison Jennifer Wideman eum et, ut quideli busante ctectem Social Hour Set Up & Clean Up es most, que comnisi volore, ut Marcia Amstutz Tom Iserman occae pra volor restia quo volupti Arlene Hustwick Vicki Karnes onectis asperor emquis sincien Shar Cook Sue Todt tionseq uodiaturere doluptatecti Jennifer Wideman Pam Kwasniak dis reptatem nesedi tem faccusam Carol Easterwood Jim Kwasniak ero blam, con rehentus doluptatur Tom Easterwood Leigh Ann Meinecke aceatem olorioresci doloreius, Margie Iserman Ken Meinecke quuntec estiisc ipiendit atem rectestius earunt omnit lab inverum Nursing Home Volunteers et quae a dollendipiet poria cum Joyce Grimshaw Shannon Weaver core, nonsequatias quosam ex Linda Hottinger Sandi Hawk et voluptas exeria velendit pra Margie Iserman Karen Lundholm seressitius et quibusdae. Illaborem Jo Moulton (deceased) Connie Teare ea sam sum doluptatibus eribusc Jane Schroeder Carolyn Vajen idelliqui adipsunt. Ficto exerita quaturio. Itatis simagnam cuptae expe pra corit, We thank you for volunteering and serving Zoar and the community. If we have quid quunt, sum voluptia quos missed anyone in this list, we humbly apologize and ask your forgiveness. Please magnime nem aris moloribus quam contact the church office so that your name and service can be recognized. lacepediciur arum in con non pos nestibust, sam, quasper esectot PANCAKE BREAKFAST aeptate moluptate et as invent et accaborrum quatusant rempos maio SUNDAY, OCTOBER
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